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Search: Posts Made By: fordo
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 04-15-2014
Replies: 9
Views: 1,354
Posted By fordo
Re: Paint v. Gelcoat

The problem with gelcoat repair on the topsides is matching the color, a tricky (if you do it yourself) or expensive (if you hire someone) process. Plain White, if there is such a thing, may be...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 04-15-2014
Replies: 12
Views: 1,036
Posted By fordo
Cape May Canal;Kent Narrows

I haven't been cruising in the Chesapeake for a few years(8) and I am planning to go from Raritan Bay this summer. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is shoaling around the ferry terminal...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 01-26-2014
Replies: 19
Views: 1,423
Posted By fordo
Re: anchor and boat design ? Why anchor the bow.

I have anchored by the stern when there was light wind and no current. There are two reasons to do it; the boat won't sail around the anchor and the companionway acts like a wind scoop, airing out...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 03-29-2013
Replies: 13
Views: 862
Posted By fordo
Re: DC/AC grounding

Only the secondary ground (Green wire) should be grounded aboard the boat. The primary ground goes back to the AC power source. This is different from house wiring, where the primary and secondary...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 02-20-2013
Replies: 24
Views: 3,014
Posted By fordo
Re: Replacing standing rigging

You can't replace the standing rigging unless you climb the mast and detach the shrouds and stays. You can hold the mast upright with a tightened halyard secured to the toerail but do you really want...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 02-20-2013
Replies: 22
Views: 2,026
Posted By fordo
Re: 19 foot Oday for crusing

A daysailor, like the Oday, is designed to be bailed if water comes aboard. Cruisers, no matter how small, are designed to shed water that comes aboard; that is why the cockpit sole is above the...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 02-10-2013
Replies: 56
Views: 3,927
Posted By fordo
Re: very strange yacht protuberance

Is this for a remake of the "African Queen"?
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 01-02-2013
Replies: 25
Views: 1,509
Posted By fordo
Re: Pressure cooker meals on board

I bought a 2 liter Hawkins pressure cooker online for about $20. Works on the Origo alcohol stove. It is small so I can stow it easily. It is an Indian (south Asian) design and manufacture and comes...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 11-15-2012
Replies: 37
Views: 3,572
Posted By fordo
Re: Retrofitting Tiller to Wheel Steering

I agree with SlowButSteady. I have a Tartan 30 that a PO converted. The only advantage of the wheel is that guests think it's easier to manage because "it steers like a car".(Nonsense, of course.)...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 11-11-2012
Replies: 5
Views: 902
Posted By fordo
Re: Rigging a Trimaran

The jib sheets should be rigged inside the shrouds, at least upwind. The traveler is for the main, not the jib and appears to be rigged. Does this boat have two masts? Never seen that on a Tri...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 10-24-2012
Replies: 257
Views: 40,516
Posted By fordo
Re: Can I sail to the Bahamas with NO experience?

The OP stopped posting on this thread 3/7, the first day. Anyone know what happened?
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 10-22-2012
Replies: 31
Views: 1,421
Posted By fordo
Re: Chain measurement

No, but its easier than a hacksaw. A skilsaw with a metal cutting blade will work.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 09-11-2012
Replies: 10
Views: 2,022
Posted By fordo
Re: Building a daggerboard trunk

To start, what does the dighy look like? Was it designed for rowing with a fairly narrow transom or does have a broad stern to carry a small outboard? If it was designed for an outboard it probably...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 09-08-2012
Replies: 48
Views: 3,910
Posted By fordo
Re: Alcohol stoves in use?

The PO replaced the pressurized stove with an Origo. At first I planned to convert to propane but the installation would have been really difficult, retro-fitting a thirty foot Tartan. As I started...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 08-09-2012
Replies: 18
Views: 1,079
Posted By fordo
Re: pointing

How old are your sails? Are they stretched out at all? A baggy jib will prevent you from pointing well.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 07-30-2012
Replies: 19
Views: 1,251
Posted By fordo
Re: Family sailing report with photos and embedded questions

Congratulations on a great sail! You have acquired a great boat for the Chesapeake and you should have a great time with it

If the roller furler line is old (ie. came with the boat) replace it....
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 05-18-2012
Replies: 21
Views: 1,514
Posted By fordo
Re: Wooden sailboat suggestions please

Lightning. Make it a single class race rather than a handicap event. First over wins. An old one can be bought cheap and restored. Since this is fiction it would be competitive with the new...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation 05-15-2012
Replies: 12
Views: 3,390
Posted By fordo
Re: What went wrong while sailing downwind?

Matt, if you're following this older post, if you can't reef, I would generally let the sail(jib) billow to depower downwind. If you tighten up you depower only on that point of sail. If you head up...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 05-06-2012
Replies: 31
Views: 3,148
Posted By fordo
Re: Is this SAFE? - Propane tank

What kind of alcohol stove did you have? When I bought my Tartan 30 I looked into putting in a propane stove and ran into the same issues you have. I decided to "put up" with the PO's Origo for a...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 04-19-2012
Replies: 36
Views: 1,895
Posted By fordo
Re: America's Cup - anyone else interested?

I was repelled by the conflicts in the last AC series. It seemed that the lawyers made more money than anyone else. But I watched the races and was awed by the beauty and speed of the boats. A 100...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 03-16-2012
Replies: 5
Views: 1,566
Posted By fordo
Re: Catalina 30 Stove Replacement

I have an Origo 4000 and I would recommend it. It cooks the the food about as fast as propane without all the plumbing. Mine is over 10 years old an is fine. Just be sure the canisters are cool when...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 03-16-2012
Replies: 9
Views: 806
Posted By fordo
Re: Pipe to hose to muffler

Since you have a gasoline engine, get a carbon monoxide detector and mount it in the cabin. Its cheap, less than $30 on Amazon, and it's great insurance for anyone napping below. The smartest thing I...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 03-15-2012
Replies: 8
Views: 881
Posted By fordo
Re: Bristol 27's in Baltimore/Annapolis?

Congratulations on the Cal. I used to charter one in the Chesapeake and had a great time. (Weatherbound in Tilghman Creek on my wife's birthday one month after our wedding. Pasta primavera, champagne...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 03-09-2012
Replies: 17
Views: 1,614
Posted By fordo
Re: Broken sail slides

Experience has taught me to replace the sail slides and the batteries when you buy a used boat. Slides are cheap but not always easy to get and, as you discovered, alot of them break at once. Your...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 02-19-2012
Replies: 51
Views: 4,046
Posted By fordo
In response to your question as to whether the...

In response to your question as to whether the shroud provide most of the mast's support they do, When the boat is sailing and the wind is on the beam. If the boat is sailing down wind the backstay...
Showing results 1 to 25 of 142


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