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Search: Posts Made By: Minnesail
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 2 Weeks Ago
Replies: 57
Views: 3,682
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Dinghy theft protection

I just don't understand some thieves. The city keeps two 15' fiberglass rowboats as tenders at my lake so we can row out to our boats. Someone stole one this summer. They're too big to put in the...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 2 Weeks Ago
Replies: 908
Views: 65,352
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Is flying a pirate flag lame?


At anchor one evening my wife baked a whole bunch of mini-cupcakes. A friend and I put on silly hats and we dinghied around giving out fresh cupcakes to the whole bay.

And you...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 12-29-2014
Replies: 24
Views: 1,620
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Chapman's 67th Edition

There's a new edition, the fourth, that came out last January. I have two copies of the third edition and one of the fourth...I may have a book problem...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 12-19-2014
Replies: 69
Views: 4,057
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Some people's children...

You don't have pants-optional Thursdays at your office?
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 11-26-2014
Replies: 45
Views: 2,340
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Best place to mount a Turkey Fryer on a boat

Wasn't there a thread a bit back about people who left their halyard clanging against the mast?

I suggest mounting the turkey fryer on their boat! :)
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 10-23-2014
Replies: 5
Views: 494
Posted By Minnesail
Partial eclipse photos

This isn't terribly sailing related, except that the pictures were taken over the lake that my boat was on.

Anyway, it was amazing! Not quite as cool as 1979 when my dad pulled me out of school so...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 10-23-2014
Replies: 14
Views: 1,351
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Vocabulary help - Two Years Before the Mast

Does this help?

From The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia of 1889:
guess-warp, n. 1. Nautical, a hawser coiled in a boat, and carried from a vessel to any distant object for the purpose of...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 09-30-2014
Replies: 82
Views: 6,604
Posted By Minnesail
Re: possible to buy a seaworthy sailboat under $20000 that requires very little fix?

That sounds like the premise for a great horror movie. Dead Calm II, maybe.
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum 09-25-2014
Replies: 200
Views: 16,354
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Chucking my propane stove, what to replace it with

If I were you I'd pull it and replace it with a depth sounder.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 09-09-2014
Replies: 31
Views: 2,023
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Sleeping Accommodations --- is there a thread?

We did this on our Catalina 22 just last weekend! (Minus the queen air mattress.)

We dropped the table and I cut some boards to bridge the table to the starboard settee. We used the dinette...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum 08-17-2014
Replies: 134
Views: 14,364
Posted By Minnesail
Re: So where the heck do you shower???

It was rainy here today, but I jumped in anyway. I had a brush and scrubbed away some of the waterline scum. Does that count as a shower? Probably not, since I started the day without algae in my...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 08-06-2014
Replies: 34
Views: 2,306
Posted By Minnesail
Re: single-hand: best time raise/lower jib?

Well, back on track then :)

On my little 22' boat for raising/lowering the main I point head-to-wind, either by tying the bow to a buoy or the leeward side of the dock, or by motoring into the...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation 08-04-2014
Replies: 31
Views: 1,959
Posted By Minnesail
Elevator method of COB recovery mixed results

On Sunday we tried the elevator method for crew-overboard recovery where you cleat a line at the bow and run it back to a winch, leaving a loop in the water for someone to sit or stand on.

Forum: Learning to Sail 07-14-2014
Replies: 19
Views: 1,035
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Do the Cat 22s, and the S2 26 footers, etc., use spinnakers?

My Catalina 22 came with a spinnaker and pole, and is rigged with blocks for the uphaul, downhaul, and spinnaker sheets.

I haven't used it yet. I'll need to buy a bunch of line, and I'll need to...
Forum: Boat Review and Purchase Forum 07-02-2014
Replies: 74
Views: 4,253
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Advice For Good Boat To Learn On

Yeah, go look at 'em both! It's fun to look at boats.

Take pictures and make a list of what comes with each boat.

I bet you're going to find that you like the '86 better. That newer layout...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 07-02-2014
Replies: 1,314
Views: 450,308
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Low buck projects- Let's see 'em!

At $75 it's something like 1/20 the cost of roller furling... I think it will be nearly as convenient.

And the boat came with four hank-on head sails and I want to be use them all.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 06-11-2014
Replies: 4
Views: 582
Posted By Minnesail
Pictures of trailer launch, and a surprise

On Friday I launched my my first boat.

I was expecting a total clown show. I haven't towed a trailer in over twenty years, I've never backed down a boat ramp, I've never raised a mast, I've never...
Forum: Boat Review and Purchase Forum 06-02-2014
Replies: 49
Views: 2,733
Posted By Minnesail
Re: First boat advice - Mpls to Great Lakes

Yeah, people do that. I hope to. There are places to duck out on the south shore, I'm not sure how it is on Lake Michigan.

Also I looked at those ads again, I think the Hunter for sale is a 23,...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 05-30-2014
Replies: 43
Views: 3,537
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Most Exhausting Delivery thus far

RockDude, we all understand. You're awesome and so are your kids. Anyone who isn't as awesome must suck. All Americans make 70k right out of college, and if they don't it's their fault. Got it.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance 04-01-2014
Replies: 300
Views: 10,595
Posted By Minnesail
Re: safe cooking

So what I've gathered is that, done right, propane and alcohol are both very safe. The danger of a fire or explosion from either of them is a small fraction of the other dangers involved in boating....
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 03-21-2014
Replies: 6
Views: 610
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Any Catalina 22 owner have measurement for..

OK, I just measured mine (again, 1974 model).

It's 24" across and 35.75" wide on the fore edge and 38" wide on the aft edge.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 03-04-2014
Replies: 2,670
Views: 214,626
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Voyaging on $500 per month

I am interested in canning, but haven't gotten started. In my research I've found that our local university has some great info on canning. Not based on family histories of what won't kill you...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation 02-12-2014
Replies: 27
Views: 2,819
Posted By Minnesail
Re: ASA Coastal Nav Exam - HELP

I'm at work now so I don't have my book and notes, so I can't remember if this was one of them, but....

There are a couple typos in the book we used. I took 105 a year ago and if I'm remembering...
Forum: Engines 01-30-2014
Replies: 99
Views: 4,451
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Ethanol in gasoline questions

If it came to that I'd drink the rum myself and paddle the boat!
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related) 01-30-2014
Replies: 2,670
Views: 214,626
Posted By Minnesail
Re: Voyaging on $500 per month

I have dried meat for backpacking. I drain the fat off when cooking and drying, then when reconstituting it I add some olive oil to replace the fat that was earlier lost. Olive oil transports well...
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