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Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-12-2015
Replies: 11
Views: 1,022
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Noobie--Just purchased my first boat: Holder 14

My first boast was a Holder 14 (I think they're actually made or designed by Hobie). Lot's of fun, wish I'd of kept it. The only thing I didn't care for was mine was older with a dagger board that...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-12-2015
Replies: 139
Views: 7,898
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Good Small Boat for Older, Fatter Woman to learn on

Surprised no one has mentioned the Flying Scot. It's tag line is "stable and safe", but also is well mannered and reacts like a sailboat should.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-22-2014
Replies: 1,282
Views: 96,904
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Is flying a pirate flag lame?

For all those who thinks it lame I say...Off With their Heads! Off course unless you really are a pirate in which case I think you shouldn't be letting everyone know.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-21-2014
Replies: 30
Views: 1,580
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Journey or the Destination

Somebody please help me out here. The last few times I've posted, it's been the last post of the thread. I'm getting a I the thread killer?
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-21-2014
Replies: 30
Views: 1,580
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Journey or the Destination

Being a lake sailor I often change my destination based on the wind and for me it's the journey.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-18-2014
Replies: 389
Views: 40,366
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Advice From Young Punks

Please elaborate on what this picture is...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-18-2014
Replies: 389
Views: 40,366
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Advice From Young Punks

Yea, this is one I've been trying to figure out. Please elaborate on the hotspot solution (I get cell phone reception). This is gonna eatup my data minutes though, right? FYI, I also use my cell for...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-15-2014
Replies: 102
Views: 15,616
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Worst Sailboats Ever!

can't we...can't we all just get along...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   08-28-2014
Replies: 29
Views: 2,219
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Worse than a garage... I may need help

I keep old parts too, how can you not? After-all, it was working when it was taken out (or at least plugging a hole), just needed to be upgraded. You never know when the upgrade may fail and the...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   08-18-2014
Replies: 20
Views: 1,857
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Sailing Clothing

You're supposed to wear clothes for sailing? I thought it was all about the freedom...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   08-08-2014
Replies: 63
Views: 7,280
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Interesting little video

Makes me wanna shed my corporate chains...

The Pros and Cons of Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean - The Atlantic (
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   07-11-2014
Replies: 27
Views: 2,336
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Etiquette for boat sale

This is why I use a broker. He deals with all of this, not me.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-23-2013
Replies: 41
Views: 4,837
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Sailing is better than sex...

There are no Sailing-transmitted diseases.

...but sailing can lead to alcoholism...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-07-2013
Replies: 33
Views: 2,349
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Does a first sail ever go as planned?

Like everyone stated, sounds like a normal day of sailing:
There's always something else you could be fixing/maintaining/upgrading at the dock...
Conditions are good, going sailing instead...
Forum: Living Aboard   10-07-2013
Replies: 27
Views: 4,072
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Real Cost be in my 20's again and think 40's is old and a good age to "slow down" and retire in. Love the Porsche idea (nothing off about that to me)...but if you have those kind of tastes you better...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-22-2013
Replies: 50
Views: 5,052
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: the Silliest question you've ever been asked?

I was once asked which ocean was used to measure sea level from. When I explained all the oceans were connected and therefor all were at the same natural elevation they didn't believe me stating...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-18-2013
Replies: 14
Views: 1,270
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Wafi

Because they have stars on their bellys and we don't...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-17-2013
Replies: 90
Views: 17,539
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Hat recommendations

But of you loose a Tilley they will replace it for free...
Forum: Boat Review and Purchase Forum   03-14-2013
Replies: 43
Views: 3,937
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Boat Finders Fee!

Some Beneteau 35's & 36's (probably 38's & 40's) have a vee birth and twin aft cabins. But you'll have to almost double your budget for one in excellent shape.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   03-01-2013
Replies: 23
Views: 2,404
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: What do you keep in your Dock Box?

Everything I don't need on the boat on a daily basis and/or don't need to have when I leave the dock.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   02-23-2013
Replies: 10
Views: 2,794
Posted By CapnSantiago
Priming you water pressure pump

I have an issue with getting my water pressure pump to reprime.

When I winterize I empty all the water I can from the tank (so the pump loses prime) and then add of couple of gallons of...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   01-12-2013
Replies: 99
Views: 13,324
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Black or off coloured Yachts? Opinions......,

Hey, it's a nice looking power boat (although it may not be for you)...I can see it covered w/nubile ladies wearing nothing but a thong and some old man in bermuda shorts and a hawaiian shirt (me)...
Forum: Boat Review and Purchase Forum   01-03-2013
Replies: 16
Views: 2,328
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: another "which one is better for us?" thread: H25, Catalina 25, S2 28...

FWIW...4-5 people will be a tight fit on the boat sizes you're looking at with people crawling over each other and someone or two likely settting on the low side under may want to look for...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-12-2012
Replies: 102
Views: 8,371
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: How did you get the money for your first sailboat?

The old fashioned way...I earned it (well, that and good credit)...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   11-12-2012
Replies: 25
Views: 4,181
Posted By CapnSantiago
Re: Why does my diesel not rev when in gear?

While I've not solved everything completely it is working much better. Turns out there were several contributing issues and I've sorted most of them out.

The local mechanic noted that the exhaust...
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