: Learning to Sail

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  1. Single-handed sail on Lake Michigan
  2. Why not the GWB?
  3. Seattle Learning to Sail & Willing to Crew
  4. Docking with an outboard
  5. wind on the nose
  6. One Week Courses
  7. jibing correctly?
  8. Few Albacore questions
  9. Docking Troubles Causing Doubt
  10. Moving Up (Apprehensively)
  11. Sailing opportunities for Wounded Vets???
  12. Newbie here
  13. Power boater looking to learn to sail
  14. BOSS Sailing School - St Vincent & the Grenadines
  15. From Zero to Sixty...
  16. ASA105 & ASA107 Classes
  17. Sailing Schools - Boston
  18. We did it!
  19. Trouble tacking
  20. Luff in the luff of main sail
  21. Essential knots?
  22. how to use vang?
  23. PNW Instructor Recommendations?
  24. I want to learn how to sail and then eventually start to race...
  25. Watkins 27 Second First Boat
  26. What should i practice next?
  27. Best Dinghy for a Sailing School?
  28. Delaware River or Barnegat Bay?
  29. Close quarter maneuvering in a swift current
  30. Dinghy sailing - tacking
  31. learning to sail
  32. taking kids out in summer
  33. Reducing leeway
  34. Looking for a small boat to learn on
  35. Looking for a dinghy
  36. Examples of good sailing dinghys for shallow areas?
  37. Puget Sound vs Lake Washington
  38. American 14.6 questions
  39. Western MA sailing spots
  40. Can I Take It Into The Ocean?
  41. sailing schools
  42. Poor tacking on a Hobie
  43. Confusion: spinnaker, gennaker?
  44. New to sailing. Practicing today!
  45. Outhaul question re: a Catalina 22
  46. looking for instructor OPTIMIST Lago Maggiore Italy
  47. New sailors iso private instruction Pasadena, MD
  48. Switching from close reach to beam reach on 20 knot winds
  49. Ever hear of True Blue Sailing School?
  50. Sailing Schools in the Kemah/Clear Lake/Seabook/Houston Area
  51. Caught air on the foredeck
  52. Where in the world to learn in August?
  53. Jib trimmed but main luffing?
  54. flying the asymm
  55. Check Lists
  56. Roller reefing
  57. Sailboat terminology
  58. What is this?
  59. I've never sailed in my life... talk me into it.
  60. Hobiecat Catamaran
  61. Sirocco 15 daysailer a good first "real" boat?
  62. Sailing Associations - Ex Hylas
  63. western port bay round French island
  64. Delaware/Chesapeake Bay sailing
  65. Looking for a "coach" dry sailing from Brickyard Cove in SF Bay
  66. optimum heeling angle
  67. ASA Certifications
  68. Learning to Sail near Tampa
  69. Got my ASA-103 with East Carolina Sailing
  70. Boat Sim
  71. Tacking in heavy winds
  72. question about dinghy sailing
  73. ASA101 lesson - Negril, Jamaica
  74. Dropping the Main Running Down Wind
  75. Learning in Baltimore vs Annapolis
  76. new to sailing buying a 27 Catalina
  77. finally took the first step
  78. Pentagon / JWorld / Maryland / Chesapeake
  79. ASA and clubs?
  80. Sailing J22
  81. Vang on a dinghy
  82. Thoghts on a San Juan 24'?
  83. Boat for Single-Handed
  84. How do you sail a cat?
  85. Gemini 105 Catamaran - Is this the "right" craft??
  86. new to sailing
  87. Catamaran sailing lessons (on my boat) - tampa bay
  88. First time ever from India-certification and sailing school advice!!
  89. Why is beam reach (or near to it) the fastest point of sail?
  90. Private Instructor wanted for refresher in USVI
  91. I would like to learn too! Bradenton FL.
  92. Seeking Sailing instructor to teach on my boat
  93. ASA 101 course or challenge?
  94. San Juan Sailing School
  95. Wing on Wing
  96. on deck sailing school
  97. Sail Choice
  98. Will learning to sail on a Cat ruin me forever?
  99. Learn to Sail in South East Michigan
  100. Learn to sail in Melbourne Florida
  101. can only tack close reach, can't close-haul
  102. Anybody in central FL need a hand sailing?
  103. New to sailing in Orlando
  104. What to take to sailing school?
  105. Any good recommendations?
  106. Winch safety
  107. Better to buy a Dingy or Sailing Lesson?
  108. What size lines to use on my sailboat?
  109. Refresher Course/ Annapolis
  110. Opinions on Bonneville School of Sailing in Utah?
  111. looking to refresh sailing experience.
  112. Inexperienced crew members who want to sail
  113. First sailboat purchase
  114. Hello World!
  115. New Guys
  116. newbie
  117. vertical bow motion
  118. bay area sailing -kemah ,tx
  119. Sailing Beginnings
  120. Having a Blast
  121. ASA Certification, San Diego
  122. Looking for a boat
  123. Navigation Class
  124. Single-handed spinnaker
  125. ASA104 in December. Where to go?
  126. Dinghy or Yacht Sailing First?
  127. bareboat certification
  128. RYA, CYA, ASA Equivalants
  129. sailing a C30 is just like a Sunfish, right?
  130. Newbie
  131. First sail - awesome!!!
  132. Lessons in Mazatlan
  133. ASA 103 Course this weekend. Bonus/ Americas Cup in town.
  134. Question about mainsail troubles.
  135. Youth Sailing Lessons
  136. RYA vs US Sailing certifications and conversion
  137. When should I..
  138. New to sailing, a few choices but hard time deciding
  139. heavy weather sailing
  140. Learning to sail at Oriental NC
  141. First Time Sailing My Boat
  142. Open Water anxiety
  143. Points of Sail...is this right???
  144. On Line Sailing School
  145. Vancouver area : What to know ?
  146. Common formulas and rules
  147. Cruising and Sailing Videos
  148. Thinking about buying my first boat. Am I crazy?
  149. I guessing we should've reefed or ?
  150. Free or low cost GPS navigation software?
  151. better sailing dinghy to learn to sail?
  152. Lesson Learned: Mast caught in tree limbs
  153. RYA Day skipper onshore course and general advice needed
  154. etiquette?
  155. Passed Basic Cruising Practical Test
  156. Sailing Books
  157. Sailing my cat, am I missing something?
  158. How far can I heel over? Will I tip?
  159. Newish to Sailing, Any clubs near Jordan Lake NC?
  160. Port tack faster than starboard tack, same point of sail?
  161. sailing schools on Florida West Coast
  162. Looking for NJ Sailing Club
  163. Jib Furling Question
  164. tacking challenges
  165. Jib vs shaking out a reef
  166. Looking for sailing partners in Denver, CO, USA
  167. Trimming jib down wind
  168. New to sailboats needs purchasing advise from the Pros.
  169. Just put an offer in on my first Sailboat, link to pics
  170. Sailing without an Engine
  171. Overwhelmed, but happy...
  172. Places around Providence to start Sailing
  173. ASA 101. Hell yes.
  174. Singlehanded Tips Book Major upgrade
  175. How is capsize risk best understood?
  176. Looking for a prime sailing city (or town)
  177. Australian Sailing Qualifications
  178. Questions before I embark on my great sailing journey.
  179. Identifying windward boat
  180. genoa cars and travellers
  181. Jib sheet position
  182. Questions about new purchase
  183. "Is everybody on the boat?"
  184. Sail Trim Question
  185. Staying onboard at the bow
  186. Cleat hitch
  187. When to take friends sailing
  188. To capsize or not!
  189. My First Sailboat
  190. Use of whisker pole.
  191. Wow! That Was Fast!
  192. Opinions on windsurfing/kitesurfing
  193. Recommended Reading for an aspiring cruiser...
  194. Places to crew in SF bay
  195. Boomvang needed or not
  196. Our accelerated ASA 101 - 104 experience
  197. Any private lessons on Lake Erie?
  198. New to sailing - Sunfish for $250?
  199. free help and boat maintenance
  200. Help!!!!! No Control!!
  201. Sailing Skills
  202. How much experience before...
  203. how to get back into mooring by myself
  204. How do I dock singlehandled?
  205. Want to get back into sailing, but on saltwater.
  206. Experiences on learning to sail
  207. Good first boat?
  208. Holy Bleeeeeeepppp!!!!
  209. Sailing lessons?
  210. thunderstorms
  211. How can I keep my Job/Genoa from beating up my boat?
  212. What's the shallowest keel/draft on a 30 foot boat?
  213. Single Hand City!
  214. Ideal 18
  215. Is it ok waves splash up on the genoa?
  216. First SOlo Sail
  217. Help in choosing first sailboat
  218. I'm walking Chicago docks On weekends. Help!!
  219. Annapolis Boat Races
  220. UKSA, BOSS or Hamble
  221. Dinghy Sailing
  222. "Walking the docks"
  223. Not Enough Wind for a Novice
  224. L.A. to Portland, Or
  225. Sailing school recommendation for NW FL
  226. Sailing from Bristol to Queens - City Island area
  227. magazines?
  228. Attach docklines to Pilings
  229. Rounding Up - sail trim advice?
  230. Newbie will be on Lake Havasu for a week
  231. Overnighting in the Ocean
  232. Single Handing a 27' as a first boat?
  233. Mono vs Cat for purposes of learning/teaching...
  234. Crew or a Membership
  235. Take ASA classes or buy sunfish/small sailboat
  236. Need Sailing class,North Carolina May13-15, 24ft boat.Ideas where to go-NEW SAILORS!
  237. Practice on land?
  238. Dinghy Classes in New York City Area
  239. Fair Winds Sailing Course BVI
  240. any Tampa Bay sailors?
  241. replacing halyard
  242. night sailing question
  243. Another good lesson story.
  244. When to reef?
  245. Depowering sails - when reefed main and smallest jib aren't enough, what next?
  246. how necessary are lessons?
  247. Diesel engine course in SF bay
  248. ASA instructor clinic experience
  249. First time skipper (and feeling good)
  250. Beginner Chart Reading Question