: Learning to Sail

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  1. Cleat hitch
  2. When to take friends sailing
  3. To capsize or not!
  4. My First Sailboat
  5. Use of whisker pole.
  6. Wow! That Was Fast!
  7. Opinions on windsurfing/kitesurfing
  8. Recommended Reading for an aspiring cruiser...
  9. Places to crew in SF bay
  10. Boomvang needed or not
  11. Our accelerated ASA 101 - 104 experience
  12. Any private lessons on Lake Erie?
  13. New to sailing - Sunfish for $250?
  14. free help and boat maintenance
  15. Help!!!!! No Control!!
  16. Sailing Skills
  17. How much experience before...
  18. how to get back into mooring by myself
  19. How do I dock singlehandled?
  20. Want to get back into sailing, but on saltwater.
  21. Experiences on learning to sail
  22. Good first boat?
  23. Holy Bleeeeeeepppp!!!!
  24. Sailing lessons?
  25. thunderstorms
  26. How can I keep my Job/Genoa from beating up my boat?
  27. What's the shallowest keel/draft on a 30 foot boat?
  28. Single Hand City!
  29. Ideal 18
  30. Is it ok waves splash up on the genoa?
  31. First SOlo Sail
  32. Help in choosing first sailboat
  33. I'm walking Chicago docks On weekends. Help!!
  34. Annapolis Boat Races
  35. UKSA, BOSS or Hamble
  36. Dinghy Sailing
  37. "Walking the docks"
  38. Not Enough Wind for a Novice
  39. L.A. to Portland, Or
  40. Sailing school recommendation for NW FL
  41. Sailing from Bristol to Queens - City Island area
  42. magazines?
  43. Attach docklines to Pilings
  44. Rounding Up - sail trim advice?
  45. Newbie will be on Lake Havasu for a week
  46. Overnighting in the Ocean
  47. Single Handing a 27' as a first boat?
  48. Mono vs Cat for purposes of learning/teaching...
  49. Crew or a Membership
  50. Take ASA classes or buy sunfish/small sailboat
  51. Need Sailing class,North Carolina May13-15, 24ft boat.Ideas where to go-NEW SAILORS!
  52. Practice on land?
  53. Dinghy Classes in New York City Area
  54. Fair Winds Sailing Course BVI
  55. any Tampa Bay sailors?
  56. replacing halyard
  57. night sailing question
  58. Another good lesson story.
  59. When to reef?
  60. Depowering sails - when reefed main and smallest jib aren't enough, what next?
  61. how necessary are lessons?
  62. Diesel engine course in SF bay
  63. ASA instructor clinic experience
  64. First time skipper (and feeling good)
  65. Beginner Chart Reading Question
  66. Seeking input to go from Scratch to Captaining
  67. What is a safe anchorage?
  68. Share your experience with Ontario sailing schools and CYA Basic Cruising course
  69. Gaining skipper skills (asking for my wife)
  70. sailing lessons new orleans
  71. Dingy to Cruising?
  72. Catalina 22 sailors!
  73. Online Tests for Seafarers
  74. Sailing School choices on Chesapeake
  75. Newbie: Centerboard / Swing keel distinction
  76. Getting my Sea Legs on Lake Erie
  77. Sailing School in South Florida
  78. Recommended ASA Certification schools in Annapolis?
  79. First boat
  80. SW Florida Sailing Schools?
  81. classic or modern yacht?
  82. Tips or Pointers for a Beginner?
  83. Thinking of Sailing - Learn about Anchoring
  84. Choosing a sailing school
  85. Re-Learning to Sail in Stuart Florida
  86. Would this be a good dinghy for an old guy to learn on...
  87. Say I had 2 or 3 months...
  88. Fairwinds sailing school
  89. Lake Erie Sailing Lessons
  90. Blue Water vs Fair Winds vs Reef Runner
  91. help with santana 22
  92. Help Selecting a Sailing School
  93. Do navigation lights move faster when near ?
  94. Where can I sail in Naples, FL?
  95. Boat Displacement
  96. Single handed wharf pickups
  97. Sailing School Scam?
  98. Accelerated learning
  99. Sailing School in March: Where?
  100. Good small boat for learning?
  101. Good weather?
  102. Single-handed anchoring
  103. learn 2 sail gold coast
  104. Sailing lessons in December?
  105. Where can I learn to sail in Maryland?
  106. what makes a good sailbag?
  107. Chesapeake Bay Schools & Charter Companies
  108. Lake waves
  109. Books for kids
  110. Sheet attachment to A-spinnakers
  111. DVDs - How to sail
  112. I used to crew, then moved... hmm..
  113. need information on sailing!
  114. I've got no clew.
  115. I've got no clew.
  116. First sailing trip! Solo for 4 days!
  117. The sharp end of a rope.
  118. How should I tail this winch?
  119. Recommended Sailing Schools
  120. Learning to sail: Puget Sound
  121. Suggestions on shaking out a reef
  122. Choosing a sailing school in Houston
  123. Spinnaker thread
  124. older copy of th Chapman Book of Piloting and Seamanship
  125. Difference in schools
  126. Sleeping at sea
  127. Women's Sailing Seminar- Bay Area 10/9-10
  128. Hanking Jib Question
  129. Delusions of Grandure
  130. Sailing Schools: St Thomas vs. Tortola?
  131. 32ft+ too big to learn?
  132. Foot of main when reefed?
  133. Diesel Engine repair
  134. Sailing in the DFW area
  135. Challenging ASA ratings?
  136. Assym, Jibs, and rounding-up
  137. Couples wanting to learn to cruise
  138. Caribbean Sailing School recommenadations?
  139. Sailing schools Victoria, British Columbia
  140. Is it easy to learn how to sail on your own?
  141. Fair Wind Sailing School Lake Erie
  142. Spinnaker pole height: no downhaul, no adjustable height
  143. Hove-to in tidal current?
  144. What type a boat to get?
  145. Severe lee helm in light wind on Hobie One 14 - why?
  146. Asymmetrical Warfare
  147. Buccaneer 18 centerboard ?
  148. Who taught themselves how to sail?
  149. Learning in San Diego
  150. I am not overpressed with sail
  151. What's the best way to get started?
  152. I want bad weather!
  153. Learning, the hard way...
  154. What do you tell guest?
  155. Worst forecast, best lessons..
  156. Teaching friends how too sail?
  157. what would you have done?
  158. First time out solo and off a mooring...
  159. Holder 14 to learn on?
  160. Practice makes perfect
  161. Any reviews of Don Guillette's "Sail Trim Chart" or "Sail Trim User's Guide"?
  162. RYA vs IYT
  163. junk rigging is it complicated
  164. in a storm... good or bad idea to...
  165. Need Experienced Sail Boat Owners around the Chesapeake
  166. Single handing skills
  167. I love to learn the hard way!!!
  168. Anyone sail an Oday '27 (1975 or so)?
  169. Sailing for All? Really? $$$?
  170. Sailing Schools Cape/South Shore/Maybe Boston?
  171. Fast cat hull speed and overpowering
  172. Without A Mast
  173. first time sailing
  174. Sailboat School Informantion
  175. Wouldn't Sail with out.
  176. Is relaxing a possibility?? :)
  177. Is relaxing a possibility?? :)
  178. Learning CN
  179. Tips on lowering sails
  180. Identify this boat please
  181. docking procedures
  182. Really "learning to sail"
  183. Rehoboth beach DE Sunday & Monday
  184. First boat (help choose)
  185. rough day sunday
  186. looking to get started
  187. North Jersey crewman willing and able
  188. Heaving to
  189. A question about balance
  190. A question about lines
  191. Humbled and Excited but not totally discouraged
  192. Beginner: Sailing Lessons and Certifications
  193. WooHoo! But some questions....
  194. Name that Rigging
  195. Welp...I'm learnin'!
  196. How do I read my chart scales?
  197. How to setup the cunningham - J24
  198. How to store?
  199. Racing vs Cruising boat control
  200. Jib luff types
  201. Stuff vs. Fold?
  202. Starting out questions
  203. Beginner questions
  204. Total noob
  205. anybody sailing a binks 25
  206. How long a pennant ... ?
  207. silly question about roller furling
  208. Downwind cruising
  209. Tips for a new race team member
  210. I'm racing!
  211. Reverse is an adventure
  212. 1st Sail
  213. Engineless?
  214. sounds silly, but how do i start my boat
  215. ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat and the "Plan"
  216. Lee Shore
  217. Anchoring
  218. M.O.B. Drill, followed by the real thing..
  219. A message from God?
  220. Start on a dinghy or a keelboat?
  221. where would i find a manual on my sailboat to learn how to sail her on my own
  222. Charter/learning in Daytona area?
  223. Do I tip the instructor?
  224. Lost in the reefs
  225. need help sailing in hampton, va
  226. First Day of Sailing - Gear?
  227. Getting some good sailing time!
  228. ASA Cerification jitters
  229. Marine navigation & value for money
  230. CA sailing school for the whole family..??
  231. It's nice to know...
  232. I'm colour-blind, is this going to be an issue?
  233. Sailing With A Centerboard
  234. A really stupid question
  235. Took the new main out for a test drive
  236. Learning to sail near West Palm Beach, FL
  237. what are the disadvantages of the canoe stern ?
  238. Live Aboard Classes?
  239. 2 questions, simple for all but me
  240. Forestay tension = pointing
  241. north ga. sailors?
  242. Do I need insurance or a boating license??? for 25ft sailboat
  243. Anyone familiar with Tradewinds In SF Bay?
  244. From LFS to BFS- Another day sail lesson
  245. 10 year old wants sailing lessons LBI
  246. rigs: gaff, cat, sloop
  247. Please explain a boat's upwind performance...
  248. What is "hobbyhorsing"?
  249. Can someone recommend a good book/DVD on how to sail ?
  250. Worldwide question LEARN TO SAIL DINGHY IN AUGUST