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: Learning to Sail

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  1. Need a Sailing and Swewming School
  2. Found my sailing school
  3. What is...........
  4. suggest a vacation sailing school?
  5. Weather Helm vs Lee Helm
  6. Why reef at all...?
  7. Flying a Symetrical Spinnaker
  8. Hurricane Box
  9. Learning to sail, My initial observations of Sailing Associations
  10. Sea Sick
  11. My Story of Learning
  12. Brand New Sailor, Couple of Questions
  13. Stupid Question About Dinghies
  14. Sailing Schools in Metro Detroit
  15. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
  16. Pilotiing and Navigation Class - Just finished
  17. Sheet rubbing on rigging
  18. Learn to sail for 30 dollars and don't even get wet!
  19. A few questions before I really get started
  20. Wouldn't go to starboard
  21. What is a spring line, and how do I tie it?
  22. Car Battery & Tipping the Boat
  23. Too fat?
  24. Advice requested
  25. Question about daggerboards
  26. Looking for a captain
  27. learning to sail?
  28. Experience with an Albacore?
  29. Best way to learn?
  30. Sailtime Annapolis
  31. Difference between RYA and AYF certificates?
  32. Charter with a crew or do a weeklong 'school'?
  33. How do I work up to a charter on the Chesapeake
  34. San Diego Sailing Academy - Classes?
  35. Chapman School of Seamanship
  36. so what would stop a guy from...
  37. Teach me to sail -- Newport Oregon
  38. First Lessons
  39. The fine art of dumping a sunfish!
  40. Wranglin' the old girl
  41. stepping up, stepping back in. If you had the options...
  42. what kind of sails?
  43. Picked up our new boat this weekend....
  44. Looking for manual 1973 Catalina
  45. I need a drink.
  46. Tie off the bitter end of the main halyard
  47. need advice on my first sailing
  48. New Vanguard 15 issues
  49. Advice on ordering NOAA charts
  50. New at This
  51. First solo sail tonight
  52. Heaving to off the wind
  53. need help
  54. Boat sex
  55. Looking for off season Instruction. NC Coast.
  56. Buying a boat
  57. Where to take Dinghy lessons in the Naptown/Balt area?
  58. Blue Water Sailing School
  59. Fantastic sail today
  60. Proper name for a "drawbridge"
  61. Looking to sail in CT
  62. Tacking procedure
  63. Sailing rivers??? Current??
  64. How to enter harbor
  65. Sail down the Pacific Coast?
  66. I got schooled on Monday
  67. Gaff rigg / throat halyard question
  68. Advice for gaining experience in Northern NJ
  69. Tacking up the channel
  70. Confused by amerian standards
  71. How does a traveller work?
  72. Advice for a complete nOOb.
  73. Masters license class Santa Barbara
  74. beating in light winds
  75. Trailering a sailboat
  76. Cat flips, kid drowns
  77. Sailtime info-Learning how to sail
  78. avoiding a knock down when doing a u-turn
  79. How to rig a 'short' jib
  80. Took ASA 101, looking for next step
  81. Getting a crew position
  82. runaway boat
  83. Couple of questions from a new sailor
  84. Wanting sailing/crewing opportunities - San Diego
  85. Sailing lessons on Superior?
  86. Asa-103
  87. Can you sail with limited heel?
  88. Stepping the mast
  89. Just Completed ASA-101
  90. Main backwinding while using 150%
  91. Stupid launching
  92. Trisail use..
  93. ASA 101 Exam
  94. accidental jibes on a laser
  95. Best way to get started without much help?
  96. New students at sailing school!! A long tale/rant
  97. Accurate Draft?
  98. O'Day Javelin 14
  99. Puget Sound Area lessons
  100. V15 for learning to sail
  101. sailing downwind slowly...
  102. Approaching unknown marinas
  103. So excited!
  104. Dinghy games
  105. Heaving to in a Shark: Any advice?
  106. Channel 16 'spam' and safety
  107. Mainsyl Problems?
  108. Learning to ... sleep?
  109. VHF education and simlator free on the WEB
  110. Reflections by an old fart
  111. moving around on a Vanguard 15
  112. Recommended classes
  113. How do you chose a skipper?
  114. Learn to sail videos
  115. Sailing Schools in Houston Area
  116. What sails to sell?
  117. Its going to be a beautiful summer
  118. Wisker pole and Giulietta
  119. Drop jib and come in under mainsail?
  120. Sailnet people were right, once again...
  121. stockton lake
  122. Help steping Mast on seafarer 22
  123. Is this right ???
  124. mainsail mass confusion
  125. My learn to sail experience!
  126. Questions from a newbie.
  127. boom vang?
  128. Cape Cod Mercury/Hunter 140 comparison?
  129. self taught spinaker handling
  130. Spinnaker with sock...
  131. Chute, seams to windward or leeward?
  132. Steer with rudder or outboard?
  133. Will I get comfortable over time?
  134. Private instructor in Annapolis?
  135. schools in Florida
  136. Multihull sailing lessons in MA
  137. Taken a lesson now, buy or rent?
  138. I wonder what school he went to?
  139. Charleston Sailing School
  140. new sailor million questions
  141. Having fun, and gaining RYA certifications...
  142. Single handed with too much wind
  143. Spanish Sailboat Anatomy
  144. Flying kite w/ headsail up?
  145. Rigging Help - sabot style
  146. Sailing from the UK into the Mediterranean
  147. Help me figure this out - planing upside down, or sailing a torpedo?
  148. Spinnaker terminology and funchion
  149. Advice for first time on ocean
  150. New Here
  151. Hello, complete green horn here
  152. ASA schools around Annapolis?
  153. How did you get your start in sailing?
  154. cancel that
  155. Accidental Jibes
  156. sailing with jib only
  157. this thing won't tip over?
  158. Where can I get certified or find out where I can get certified?
  159. Small Boat Suggestions
  160. Question about slips and moorings.
  161. Certifications: Cdn Vs US Vs ???
  162. Just moved to Newport, CA
  163. First sail in 25 years
  164. Learning to Sail in SE Ontario
  165. USCG Cert for colorblind?
  166. what is a realistic learning curve?
  167. Heeling
  168. first solo sail
  169. so I've done it!
  170. private sailing instructor II
  171. private sailing instructor
  172. Single Gender Sailing Classes
  173. RYA Dayskipper Course
  174. Where should I start?
  175. Sailing School Certification
  176. New sailor, expedition and certification?
  177. What would cause this behavior
  178. Visiting Los Angeles and in need of recommendations...
  179. Sailing lesson recommendations-Seattle area
  180. ASA 104 Live Aboard Courses, Virgin Islands - Feedback?
  181. Single Handing with Genoa
  182. Some short vids on basics
  183. navigating a squall
  184. tacking instead of gybing?
  185. Crossing VTS Traffic/shipping lanes
  186. learning to trapeeze near LA
  187. Taking Classes or learning from a local sailor
  188. survival - and more
  189. Common Knots and usage
  190. i so wanted to lose my cherry
  191. Proper way to fold a sail
  192. Nevada/Lake Mead
  193. learning to sail/sailing simulator?
  194. Top things to get someone started sailing.
  195. Some Q's about today's sail.
  196. Looking for suggestions
  197. Aloha from the Big Island of hawaii,
  198. Winch handles, all the same size?
  199. Life in the fast lane, well for one day at least...
  200. really newbie
  201. dreaming of sailing
  202. What went wrong?
  203. Captain's schools,
  204. Sailing School Experiences?
  205. An American in Korea who wants to learn...
  206. Learning to sail a cutter
  207. Learning to Sail - Worried by Seasickness
  208. Bare poles?
  209. need to get out there...
  210. new to sailing
  211. First-time reefer!
  212. Sailing Schools around CT
  213. Keeping the boat balanced...
  214. Trimming a trysail.
  215. Slamming
  216. Strapping it on (the boat)... Using my harness for the first time.
  217. Flattening the sail when reefing...
  218. Comments Thread for Giu's Sailing Videos
  219. A few beginners questions
  220. Check Me On This, Please?
  221. Watch Out!
  222. best place to learn to sail in the DC area
  223. spinnaker guys
  224. Riding turns around winch base
  225. Liveaboard sailing school
  226. Accelerating the learning curve crewing and loosing the fear of heeling over!
  227. Shallow keel sailboats
  228. Need a ride
  229. The finer points of sail trim
  230. Kids Sailing camps
  231. Sailing in stronger winds
  232. best place learn to sail in bay area
  233. Boom-end sheeting & sail trim
  234. Jib Sheet Woes
  235. Docking under sail... DDW??!
  236. 25 foot Dufour
  237. Reefing, Spiral Lacing vs single line and how to tell what you've got?
  238. Tiller / wheel holding while sailing short handed
  239. First Lesson Today.
  240. Tell tails on a run.
  241. From a dry land sailor
  242. Gennaker height
  243. What is the difference between a scheel..
  244. J22 versus J80
  245. Dumb Winch Question
  246. Jib , Genoa or Main only?
  247. Lee helm / backstay
  248. Running downwind at high speed, how to turn away?
  249. Heave to with a Jib? It saved my life today.
  250. Preventing or reducing anchor swinging