: Crew Wanted/Available

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  1. Delivery Skipper/Crew
  2. Experienced crew available atlantic crossing
  3. Crew Wanted
  4. 18 year old guy taking a year off and trying to cruise the Caribbean!!
  5. Crew available Med to and around Canary Is.
  6. 18 year old girl sailor, looking to crew anywhere:)
  7. Crew wanted
  8. anyone heading from Thailand to Australia??
  9. CREW WANTED Cruising East Coast, Fla, Bahamas, Caribbean
  10. Young Couple Looking to Crew- Will Go Everywhere
  11. Crew or capt to accompany owner East coast Fl to Panhandle
  12. Bali-Madagascar-South Africa
  13. Cape May/Atlantic City to Newport/Block Is. R.I.
  14. Looking to Gain Experience Sailing this Winter
  15. Whale Research in Niue South Pacific, Sep
  16. Monhegan Race (Maine), August 12 & 13
  17. Crew Member Available in CT, NY, or nearby states (No experience)
  18. Crew wanted Boston-Day sails and cruising
  19. Experienced Crew Available (Uk & International)
  20. 2 X Competent Crew available for transatlantic passage & Caribbean work
  21. Exp Crew Looking for Day sail in Vancouver: 7/24/11
  22. Crew available
  23. Searching for Water in the Deserts of Afghanistan
  24. Crew wanted for daysails in Ft Lauderdale
  25. Crew Available
  26. Crew Wanted, Sail Around Newfoundland and over to Nova Scotia, Aug. 13 to Sept. 20
  27. P.R. To Delaware
  28. Crew Wanted July Aug Sept Oct
  29. Sailing to Hawaii in late August from Seattle
  30. 30yr,experienced sailor gal available
  31. Looking for 2 crew members to help sail my 37-foot Pacific Seacraft back to Seattle i
  32. Looking to crew for weekend sails in Miami/Ft Lauderdale area
  33. Full time long term cruising
  34. Crewmember for SAILING RACE wanted (New York City)
  35. Crew Wanted: Daysailing Key Biscayne
  36. Crew Available - Currently in PNG
  37. crew available - young couple looking to get back on the water
  38. Ship Apprentices Needed
  39. Crew Available- NYC area sailing
  40. Skipper Needed!!- Blind Sailing Association
  41. Crew Wanted: Solent to NE Scotland
  42. Exp Crew Avail, Panama->Balt/DC, or part, by July 20 (IMMED)
  43. Experienced Crew Avail Panama to East Coast NOW!
  44. Crew available for Madagascar
  45. Couple looking to crew from SE Asia to Australia
  46. Rockland-Castine Race, July 9 & 10
  47. Yacht Position Wanted! 3-5months from Sept Onwards...?
  48. Crew wanted Sept.-Dec. Aus.-Thailand
  49. Crew wanted Salem to ptown and back
  50. Looking to Crew in mid Sept. east canada to Brazil
  51. Crew available Long Island, NY
  52. Baltimore area Crew
  53. Boston Harbor Sailing
  54. Crew wanted Daytona to Miami
  55. Panama To Hawaii
  56. SEAsia Crew available. Fit, hard-worker, also not dumb.
  57. Crew for this weekend coastal passage
  58. cew wanted, M/F no exp needed whits/bris
  59. Two young Australians wanting WORK in MEDITERRANIAN
  60. Seeking crew postion in the South Pacific
  61. Immediate Captain and Crew Needed
  62. Crew Spot wanted for Beringer Ocean Race
  63. Immediate Crew Needed
  64. In the Virgins now and headed south through the Caribbean
  65. Loking for a crew position in the Baltimore area.
  66. ready to crew for long term anywhere in oct.
  67. Helicopter Instructor looking to learn/crew.
  68. Seeking crewing position in Asia or the South Pacific
  69. crew wanted Mid Atlantic to Europe
  70. Bermuda onward
  71. for sailing after early september
  72. From the states to Antigua
  73. crewman/woman wanted
  74. Available to Crew in August
  75. active and experienced couple to crew in AU, NZ or South Pacific.
  76. Crew Needed Corfu to Mallorca July 2011
  77. West Coast USA going South (bahaha, or other rally)??
  78. Crew member wanted for Atlantic crossing
  79. easy cruising in the Thirrenian
  80. Sailboat Delivery from Corfu to Palma di Mallorca
  81. Crew Available, North America/Caribbean to Europe, available immediately
  82. FL, Louisiana
  83. Willing to help for free in order to gain experience
  84. Italian Coast/ Croatia/ Montenegro/ Corfu
  85. Looking to crew nj
  86. Two Crew Members.
  87. Crew Wanted SC to FL
  88. Looking to Crew: Oz to Asia (or NZ)
  89. Chicago - Looking to Crew
  90. Around The World Sailing
  91. 22yr old dude looking to sail!
  92. New 1-2 crew, St Martin-Bermuda-Nantucket
  93. Delivery Capt. BVI to Australia
  94. CREW AVAIL: ER doctor and pro sailor, avail June in Panama
  95. wednesnight races in new orleans
  96. Looking to Crew!
  97. paid skipper - co-skipper 4-11 june Turkey
  98. Sailing to Scotland in Aug.
  99. Va Beach to Cape May
  100. Hardworking yet easygoing man looking to crew
  101. Racing crew wanted in Seattle
  102. Crew wanted Isla Mujeres Mx. to New Orleans
  103. Crew Wanted Isla Muheres to New Orleans
  104. Crew Cost
  105. Key West to St. Thomas, USVI
  106. [Crew Available] Inexperienced Female(36) for Sailing the MED
  107. Northern Labrador/Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence
  108. Crew Bonaire to UK
  109. Hawaii to the Solomons and Beyond
  110. Looking for Sailing Experience USA or EU
  111. New to Chicago - Looking for Crew Spot
  112. Crew available: Fiji to Vanuatu or New Caledonia
  113. Bonaire to UK
  114. USA to pretty much anywhere mid-May to August 2011
  115. Crew-Europe, accross Atlantic. Soldier/Carpenter/Experienced Sailor
  116. Please let me SAIL and SURF with you
  117. have "ditchbag" will travel
  118. crew available from Australia to Africa/Madagascar
  119. Female Crew Available
  120. 2 fit female crew avalable ASAP from Panama to Caribbean
  121. Good crew and bad crew
  122. How to sign up crew
  123. Crew needed for Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of US
  124. [Very] Recently relocated to Pennsylvania from Idaho and looking to crew!
  125. North America to Europe during summer?
  126. Crew Needed. TP52 Delivery. Thailand. Phuket to Pattaya
  127. Georgetown to Luperon
  128. 1 Crew member needed from Florida - NZ
  129. Anybody need a deckhand????
  130. Cook/ Deckhand Available Northeast Coast
  131. couple is looking for a boat...
  132. Crew Available - Mexico and Caribbean
  133. Crew wanted Rio Dulce, Panama, Cartagena
  134. Need crew, Grenada to Fort Lauderdale
  135. Need Crew? Building experience for Atlantic crossing...
  136. Crew wanted California to Australia
  137. From Sint Maarten to Europe by sailing boat
  138. Crew position
  139. Crew Wanted for Gulf of Mexico
  140. Florida to Australia
  141. Need a crew? I'm your man!
  142. A-P-B! Female watchkeeper desired!
  143. crew wanted: april 7, virgin gorda to connecticut
  144. Crew Greece to France. Easter
  145. Seabourn yatch
  146. Irish YM available for Transat mid-May
  147. Crew Wanted - SOUTH AMERICA
  148. female sailing companion
  149. Summer in the Sea of Cortez
  150. Crew wanted Fl Keys to Isla Mujeres April 3
  151. Belize/Guate to Canada
  152. Need one crew member for May - Chsn, SC to NH
  153. Crew Wanted LI Sound
  154. Fl to Delaware Bay Early May
  155. Anyone want a hand in FL?
  156. Pasadena, MD to Deltaville VA
  157. Chesapeake trip in May
  158. USA to India / Srilanka / Other country in that area
  159. Nassau - Bahamas
  160. Florida Keys
  161. In need of a delivery
  162. Share 45' Ketch In Key West
  163. MA / RI Overnight Racing This Summer - Want to Crew
  164. Retired firefighter/paramedic, experienced crew,
  165. "Good crew" looking for a Florida boat. Female, 48, professional
  166. Crew wanted.. USVI to Bahamas
  167. Seeking Crew Opportunities after May 6th...
  168. Responsible Crew Available: USA to South Pacific/Southeast Asia
  169. Looking to build experience - PNW area
  170. It's sailing time!!
  171. Captain available for free, just expenses.
  172. Female Crew Available
  173. USA to Europe
  174. Delaware bay to Florida crew wanted
  175. West Palm Beach area - Free crew
  176. seeking urgent passage from Puerto Rico or nearby island
  177. Bermuda and/or Back
  178. Couple seeking C.America to USA
  179. Couple looking to crew longterm in late May
  180. Crew for day racing/short cruises
  181. South America from USA?
  182. Sailor available from St. Maarten to Europe from Aprill 2011.
  183. Chesapeake Bay/Potomac River Racing/Cruising
  184. Moving to Florida/Hope to crew
  185. Want to crew in Sarasota to Cuba race
  186. Jobs at Oakland's Lake Merritt Boating Center
  187. Assiting two cyclists accross the Atlantic: Summer 2011
  188. South Florida crew
  189. Crew Available
  190. strong deck hand, needing job
  191. Looking to crew longterm
  192. Male crew available in Brazil
  193. Seeking passage
  194. female crew available in key west florida
  195. Crew Available
  196. crew wanted
  197. Sailboat Partnership
  198. east-bound transatlantic passage
  199. again: Captain wanted - sailing to Nicaragua:
  200. Bahamas - New Zealand
  201. Calling skippers in Puerto Plata
  202. Greek Isles: Sailing companion wanted
  203. Crew Available South from Florida
  204. FL to St Croix--crew available
  205. Club Racing on the Columbia
  206. Day Sails/Weekend trios in Ches Bay
  207. Seeking Captain and Chef-mate Virgin Islands
  208. Crew Wanted Savannah Bahamas
  209. Fl to carribean
  210. Sail buddy, Sidney, BC
  211. looking for the sea
  212. Couple Seeking Transatlantic Crossing
  213. Crew for summer racing season
  214. Pro Crew for hire. Capt + Cook/Nanny
  215. Key West for New Years....First Rounds on Us!!!
  216. Crew Available - trying to build sea time
  217. Crew Available - anywhere warm!
  218. escape route needed in June
  219. Female crew member available DR Feb/March
  220. DR to South America
  221. Lots of ideas but no plans...crew available!
  222. Crew available- caribbean
  223. Florida to Bahamas
  224. Some help needed:)
  225. Crew wanted
  226. Yachtmaster Offshore available
  227. CAPTAIN WANTED - for voyage from Ft. Myers to Caribbean coast of Central America
  228. Crew Available
  229. Panama to Sea of Cortez
  230. 1 Needed
  231. 1 or 2 crew wanted - Langkawi/Phuket
  232. Seeking Female crew member(s) luxury cruising Schooner in SE Asia
  233. Warning! Disfunctional Skipper
  234. Crew Wanted, Share Expenses
  235. USVI from FL
  236. Doctor in need of a lift to Haiti
  237. Experienced Crew needs boat-Jan. Ft Lauderdale
  238. Kinda crew wanted
  239. partner wanted :southern beater
  240. Crew:available gulf coast
  241. Day sailing from Barcelona
  242. Crew available
  243. Crew Available: Sailing in the Carribeans
  244. Seek mate and partner for round the world cruise
  245. Skipper/first mate
  246. Crew Wanted. North Carolina to Bahamas
  247. Experienced offshore crew available,
  248. Need one crew Md. to FL. - short notice!
  249. Crew wanted: Australia - New Zealand
  250. Crew wanted: Bahamas to the Virgins