: Crew Wanted/Available

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  1. Seatle/Washington/NW Crew available and willing to trade services
  2. crew that knows how to dock needed near Boston
  3. Captain and crews wanted for tour operator on St. Maarten
  4. Crew wanted for cruising out of Honolulu
  5. looking to crew on a sailboat around freeport texas
  6. 2 Female USCG 100 ton Captains for the price of one!!!
  7. Experienced, reliable crew,
  8. we are looking skipper
  9. looking for a boat (or two) for trans-pacific passage from seattle (PNW)
  10. Cape Cod to Florida--Crew wanted
  11. Looking for Crew Opprtunity in NE US
  12. Sailing Companion/ North River/ Mobjack - day sailing.
  13. Europe- Atlantic crossing
  14. Looking to crew to gain experience on a < 3 week trip
  15. NewEngland crew (2) seek boat in late Sept
  16. Experienced crew available - Bahamas passage
  17. San Diego Crew member available
  18. Delivery Captain needed- Atlantic City to NYC
  19. Warning of Fraudsters and Scams
  20. Crew available - San Francisco, 10 or 11 or 12-Sep
  21. Need to find fellow sailors going to Bahamas
  22. Sailor Match.com
  23. How do I get started? Please help!
  24. Crew needed for Tahiti, male wanted!
  25. crew wanted
  26. crew avail in seattle
  27. Bora Bora bound, need crew, female prefered
  28. Crew Wanted Eastern Long Island
  29. Need a Captain
  30. I got to have more cowbell!
  31. crew available
  32. Need to get a hold of kezguy
  33. Crewing opps in vancouver?
  34. Experienced crew for NC to Key West
  35. Casting Call for Fall/Frostbites- West River, Maryland
  36. Want to crew - Western WA
  37. Looking to Crew ANYWHERE in SoCal
  38. Experienced sailor looking to do Cape Cod to Florida in August/Sept
  39. Crew wanted for 2010 China Cup Fareast 26 class in Shenzheng and HongKong
  40. Crew available (los angeles, sept/oct)
  41. Crew Available mid Oct.2010-May 2011
  42. Europe to Africa/Mediterranean
  43. Crew Available
  44. Crew Available
  45. Racing/Crew/Deckhand/Painting Etc.
  46. Available for crew position
  47. SWFLA to New Orleans, sailor needed!
  48. Need sailing crew Tampa Florida
  49. Guadeloupe to Granada crew needed
  50. Looking to Crew in Connecticut Area
  51. Looking for a female crew
  52. Transatlantic crew wanted
  53. Crew available right now, Panama city
  54. Crew wanted to the Azores
  55. crew FL to Tahiti
  56. sailing (delivery) from Panama city, FL to Savannah , GA
  57. Abaco race week or crew needed for the summer
  58. Michigan Sailor looking to crew for a Day or More....
  59. Swap: 5 Day Bahama Sailing for Laptop
  60. Looking for a vessel - MA or RI
  61. Crew looking for boat - PNW
  62. Thursday racing in Havre de Grace !
  63. I would like to Crew in So Cal area
  64. crew wanted in st leonard, md
  65. New England to Great Lakes
  66. Need a boat for an educational-data collection voyage starting winter 2010.
  67. Very last minute - free sailing in Sicily/Aeolian June 26
  68. Looking for Crew Philly area
  69. Sailing to PNG or Solomon Islands?
  70. Sail Europe and across the Atlantic
  71. Experienced, fun crew looking for a fun boat in seattle area
  72. Chesapeake cruise - perhaps Delmarva loop
  73. Arc 2010
  74. Racing crew wanted in Seattle
  75. Key West to Corpus Christi
  76. Crew needing sail-time at Beaufort SC
  77. Short Notice - Fort Bragg, CA to Bellingham, WA
  78. Short notice: crew wanted Miami to Beaufort, NC
  79. Crew for some passages
  80. Boat Wanted: Race Crew Available
  81. Share a Sailboat !!!
  82. Crew Wanted, Long Island Sound (Stamford Area)
  83. Crew Wanted: Savin Hill YC, Dorchester, MA to Herrington Harbour, Chesapeake Bay, MD
  84. Savannah, Ga to Wilmington, NC
  85. Experienced crew wanted, Manhattan area
  86. Ship of Opportunity to do Plastic Research in N. Atlantic
  87. Crewing wanted between Indonesia to Australia
  88. Skipper available for delivery .
  89. Come Play In The Bay (Mexico)
  90. Crew looking for long term cruising projects from SFO or in the S. Pacifi
  91. Crew looking to sail in New York and Long Island
  92. Exp. crew needs ship for Caribbean regatta in Nov
  93. Looking to crew across the Pacific westward
  94. Down the Mississippi this fall
  95. Crew wanted in Caribbean - Immediate departure
  96. Crew Wanted: Cape May to Sandy Hook
  97. crew wanted NE Atlantic
  98. crewman here
  99. Newbie in San Diego
  100. Transat Sailing Crew
  101. Crew wanted
  102. Looking to weekend in So Cal, hoping to do the haha.
  103. Crew Needed Florida to Cape Cod
  104. Looking to crew (Panama)
  105. backup plan-maine to annapolis
  106. My hand for a bunk (US west coast, Mexico, Hawaii)
  107. Delivery Skipper Wanted
  108. Crew available Portland,Maine this summer
  109. Race crew wanted - San Diego
  110. sailor available
  111. Able crew in need of fun boat in Seattle!
  112. Crew Wanted - Cruise Lake Superior
  113. Looking for a 6-Pack captain
  114. Looking to acquire deckand position for summer
  115. Looking for Assisted Delivery captain for North Sea crossing
  116. Crew Wanted - Sail to Labrador, Canada
  117. Coping on a late fall cruise, Lake Ontario to Quebec
  118. family sailing in CA, July 2010
  119. SC to Caribbean Cruise
  120. Dream adventure by sailing ship from Melanesia to Indonesia
  121. Crew wanted for FL. to Chesapeake Bay
  122. huntington ny to shelter island
  123. Free Delivery
  124. San Diego to Santa Barbara
  125. Companionship offering in Florida Key's for cruiser sailing
  126. short adventure cruise
  127. seeking crew for sailing the farm coop.
  128. Do you have an idea?
  129. ARC 2010 with kids
  130. Crew Wanted - Maxi 80 - Caribbean to Europe
  131. Crew looking for position out of Panama or nearby
  132. Available Crew in New Orleans!!!
  133. Retired firefighter, experienced crew
  134. Experienced Panama Canal Crew Available
  135. Crew Available in Oz
  136. Any Tampa based sailors need some company?
  137. Sailing partner in Slidell, LA
  138. USA/Caribbean/Mexico to Europe
  139. Great Lakes to the Atlantic - Swan 41 - depart May 19th
  140. Need a 4th for Abacos to Chesapeake in May
  141. Lookin' for a boat -- So Cal
  142. Looking to crew in cruise/race in Texas & neighborhoods
  143. Experienced Crew Member Available
  144. Finding sailing companions
  145. First time boat owner
  146. Looking to Crew July 2010
  147. Female Sailing Companion
  148. need help?
  149. Panama to Europe???
  150. Fl to vi or somewhere warm just not really a destination
  151. UVA college grad looking for sailing opportunity
  152. Fort Lauderdale to Cape May NJ- need crew
  153. Need 1 under 30...
  154. Looking to Crew, Experienced Sailor, Easy Going
  155. Looking to Crew, currently in Panama..
  156. want to crew Lauterdale-Charleston race
  157. Looking to crew in Panama City Panama
  158. Ready to join Caribbean to Europe crossing in May
  159. Crew to New Zealand, Australia
  160. Doctor with GPS Garmin from Saint Martin to Scandinavia, Europe from March 2010
  161. Need one crew, Texas to USVI
  162. search a boat to home.....brazil or canary to europa
  163. Advice on sailing across florida via Lake Okeechobee
  164. Your Crew for Cruise to Hawai'i
  165. Gulf Coast
  166. Cruzin crew wanted
  167. Crew Avalible - Young man willing to trade free labor to learn how to sail.
  168. Would like to crew for Bermuda Race 2010
  169. New Caledonia to Northern Australia, Asia
  170. Hawaii Newbie
  171. 2 Looking to Help Crew - Last Week of March 2010 off of Costa Rica
  172. sailing to hawaii from CA?
  173. Skipper Needed - NZ and South Pacific
  174. ready to crew caribean to europe!
  175. Crew needed, summer 2010
  176. Fort Myers Beach, FL
  177. Retired firefighter/paramedic, experienced crew,
  178. Crew Available: Atlantic or other 2-4 weeks passage
  179. Crew wanted- florida coast, flexible schedule.
  180. Novice Anxious to Learn- California
  181. Puerto Rico to Ft Pierce
  182. Avaliable Co-Skipper/Deckhand/Cook for worldwide deliveries or charter
  183. Wanting to crew, east coast anytime this year
  184. New York to Florida in April/May 2010
  185. 1 or two crew wanted from Florida to Rio Dulce, Guatemala
  186. US EAST COAST/ BAHAMAS/ PR Crew wanted
  187. Novice seeking to crew in May 2010
  188. Avaliable crew position: Uruguay-Brasil-Caribbean-Europe
  189. Crewing on Expedition2010 ASAP
  190. Crew looking for Cruising/Crossing
  191. Wanted - Sailing partner, Camden, Maine
  192. SW Florida: Sanibel, Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Naples
  193. Great Oppurtunity for ASA Cert!
  194. Seeking help on a 35' classic boat
  195. Looking for a crew (any destination)
  196. Newbie sailor looking to crew in Tampa Bay area.
  197. Hampton Roads, VA crew wanted for Dec 29th
  198. Available Position, Crew from Australia to Hawaii ASAP
  199. Europe to Americas
  200. NW'er Looking to Crew
  201. Trinidad to Europe (End of April 2010)
  202. Boat Sitter Available
  203. Sailing- Diving Solomon Islands
  204. Partnership - classic wooden - Newport, R.I.
  205. Crew wanted THIS WEEKEND Ches. Bay
  206. Sailboat delivery
  207. crew wanted for ICW south
  208. Responsible & Fun couple to help You!
  209. Trying to reach remote atolls of the Tuamotu (starting from any airport of FP)
  210. Looking to crew, race or cruise
  211. Going to Europe from the Carribean...???
  212. Need crew Florida to Bahamas
  213. Tall Ship Sailor looking for ride from FL to Panama
  214. Crew/Cook Available San Francisco/Bay Area
  215. IYT/MCA 200 tons sail unlimited Cpt. available
  216. Available to crew from the Gulf Coast!
  217. Crew Available for Early January or Late May/June
  218. Crew member needed
  219. Looking for Crew to Race on Lake Erie in 2010
  220. Looking for crew for 2010 racing, lower potomac.
  221. Male, 24, Available for Crew, April - Oct 2010
  222. help, information and crewing...
  223. Crewing up for Norway-Tenerife 2010
  224. Atlantic Crossing - Are you game??
  225. Sailing from Egypt to Eritrea
  226. Experienced crew seeking delivery positions,
  227. Join in for your first Atlantic crossing
  228. Daysailing Crew - Daytona Orlando we of 10/30
  229. Looking to getting out of Colorado for the winter!!!
  230. Great cook/crew member available now
  231. Crewing advice needed. Please!
  232. Crew Available from Panama going South
  233. Catamaran sailing Thailand
  234. It is getting Cold up here
  235. Crew / Painter Available anytime
  236. Companionship on trawler
  237. sailing club in Monterey
  238. Crewmember
  239. Crew wanted Panama City Fl to Tampa Bay or Key Largo
  240. wanting to crew for experience la area
  241. Crew Available when not Teaching 12/18-1/04 or 3/19-3/29
  242. Looking to crew in Key West...11/23/2009-11/26/2009
  243. Crewmember from Gua de Loupe
  244. NC Sailor looking for weekend races/ recreation sailing
  245. Newport-Bermuda Race 2010
  246. Looking to Crew near Washington DC
  247. Crew wanted - Oct 24/25 Baltimore Races
  248. Local Crew Needed, Jax. Fl.....?
  249. Newport RI to Virgins via Bermuda
  250. Crew for day sails