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: Crew Wanted/Available

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  1. Powerboat captain needed for vessel delivery.
  2. Crew Available, RYA Day Skipper cert, but looking for time
  3. Balearic Islands Catamaran Charter May 26 - June 2 ish
  4. In Bermuda ready to go to Europe
  5. Crew request Solonons,Md to BDA for AC June 10
  6. Isla Mujeres to Rio Dulce
  7. Experienced Sailor Available Great Lakes
  8. Looking to sail - Grenada/Carriacou
  9. Looking to sail
  10. Test for Yachtmaster Offshore (England)
  11. (Amsterdam)Casual Racing and Competitive beer drinking wanted
  12. Crew Available ( Jacksonville FL)
  13. Crew Contact Information
  14. Volunteer Crew Member
  15. Crew Available for Deliveries/Cruising
  16. AuspiciousWorks crew list
  17. Crew available Los Angeles area
  18. USCG Licensed Sailboat Delivery Captain - 25% off deliveries
  19. Crew offer - Atlantic Crossing E-W - Uruguay Europe - March 2017
  20. Mediteranian to U.K.
  21. BVI-Newport RI
  22. one crew
  23. Looking for crew position in April or May onwards
  24. Crew Available South America to USA
  25. Split, Croatia to Barcelona, February 2017
  26. Crew wanted Bahamas - February 2017
  27. Partner Wanted:Unique Opportunity
  28. Uscg licensed sailboat delivery skipper
  29. Willing to Travel Globally, Inexperienced traveler seeking reference to push off
  30. In Miami for a few days, would like to do some sailing
  31. Crew needed: Boston Frostbiting
  32. Sailing Instructors/Skippers Wanted in the Caribbean for Summer 2017
  33. Boat needed East Coast USA to Europe- May 2016
  34. Southern Calif Weekend Crewman Available
  35. Crew Available! East Coast to Caribbean
  36. Available crew - San Diego to Central America
  37. Looking to crew a day sail out of Ft. Lauderdale on Nov 12
  38. Hull diver wanted
  39. Sail (transport) Montrael to Toronto in April 2017
  40. Looking to be a crew member!
  41. Crew in Northern Chesapeak Bay (Middle River, Md)
  42. Young Australian looking for crew experiance
  43. Oct ~15-22 Dubrovnik-Split
  44. icw
  45. Boat sitting & Caretaking
  46. Crew wanted, sail from Aus to New Caledonia
  47. Delivery captain wanted - Mediterranean (or: cruise Greece for free on my boat/dime!)
  48. 9/10+, Possible Crew Needed Buzzards via Point Judith to the Battery and Hudson North
  49. adventure partner
  50. How to get some more experience?
  51. crew
  52. Hampton VA-Virgin Gorda
  53. Jamaica to Panama
  54. Crew available from Europe to Caribbean
  55. Experienced Skipper/Crew for Thailand
  56. Looking for crew position to sail from Panama or Colombia to Dominican Republic
  57. transport Houston to Bahamas
  58. Freshly minted day skipper available from December 8th in the BVIs
  59. Available again
  60. "Sweet16 Crew" (Oakland/Alameda CA) Wed pm's
  61. Looking to crew in NY: Westchester, City Island
  62. Looking to crew in NJ
  63. Sailing Instructor Needed Immediately!
  64. Video director is looking for experience on a cruiser sailboat
  65. New Orleans - Nov. 3 or 4, 2016
  66. Chicago - I want to crew!
  67. Chicago - I want to crew!!
  68. Crew Available from Hawaii south
  69. How does this all work? Next are my plans.
  70. Looking for delivery captain, Ma to Ny
  71. Will work for sailing lessons
  72. crew invited tampa / key west to Cuba july 2016
  73. Young couple looking for crew position
  74. Looking to join a crew for day sailing - Long Island NY
  75. crew needed Cuba to Panama this summer
  76. Cape May to NY
  77. Crew member needed.
  78. helper crew
  79. natural vegan athlete, eager to start crewing. in st croix
  80. captain wanted
  81. FL-NY Sailing 5/12/16
  82. Almost around the world
  83. crew wanted for florida trip
  84. Good man available for Atlantic crossing
  85. Looking for crew
  86. New Member, New Sailor, Looking to crew on Lake Michigan this season
  87. CAPT Wanted to move boat from Jacksonville NC to Quantico VA
  88. Experienced crew available.
  89. crew wanted, from BVIs to Charleston SC
  90. Immediate Crew Wanted
  91. Need crew for sail in the Bahamas
  92. Anywhere In The World, January 1st. Can Share Expenses
  93. Teach me how to sail and get free haircuts for life nyc
  94. Single Crew Available Now thru July!
  95. Looking for a boat - Transatlantic crossing (June/Juli/August)
  96. Available to Crew Oct-Apr
  97. Free room
  98. Seattle, Tacoma, Portland - Looking for friends.
  99. Experienced crew available- East Coast US
  100. Crew wanted: Canada to Mexico then Australia via South Pacific
  101. Female Crew Member Available in Florida
  102. Available to crew Mid Atlantic to Florida
  103. Looking for sailboat partner (Woods Hole, MA)
  104. Need additional crew for Atlantic crossing
  105. Swedish couple in the Caribbean looking for opportunity to help, sail and explore
  106. Motivated, Flexible, Hard-Working, Newbie available Early Summer
  107. Available to crew
  108. Michigan sailor available for weeks/months-long cruising
  109. looking for take a ride and learn how work on a boat
  110. Looking to join a small crew
  111. Looking for more experience/miles
  112. Seeking Blue Water Experience
  113. Sorry about not responding to PM
  114. Couple seeing pacific passage
  115. Crew available, San Diego, Jan 9th thru 16
  116. Crew needed for Bahamas trip, January.
  117. Crew available for ARC Europe 2016/transatlantic
  118. Crew available, experienced, retired ready !
  119. Any schooners seeking crew?
  120. Anyone wants/needs one extra paying crew member for atlantic crossing in december?
  121. Kavieng PNG to Palau then onto the Philippines
  122. Pro Crew Member for West Coast Delivery
  123. Crew/helper available
  124. Crew Mate Needed for VA to FL trip
  125. FREE sail on the Tall Ship from Las Palmas to Tenerife South this Friday am
  126. Looking for an open position
  127. Crew available in the Canaries for Atlantic passage
  128. Another couple of dreamers trying to cross the Pacific
  129. Puerto Rico- Miami volunteering
  130. New Zealand to Caribbean
  131. Crew wanted for ICW trip south from Norfolk to the Keys for the winter.
  132. Competent boat owner and retired US Navy wanting to crew south for the winter.
  133. Seamen job vacancy
  134. Captain and Crew Needed, Fire Island Inlet to Norfolk then ICW to FL
  135. Crew Available for Atlantic Passage
  136. Crew Wanted BVI for Charter 2015/2016
  137. Crew Available: Europe to South/Middle America
  138. crew wanted - newport to tortola
  139. Crew Wanted Annapolis to NC
  140. Loking for boat from Mx to South America
  141. need crew Halifax to Norfolk
  142. responsible couple wanted
  143. Crew Available: FLA - Caribbean
  144. Crew available from California to Mexico
  145. NY to FL, October 12 May Need Crew
  146. Cook and Deck Hand Available
  147. Crew wanted - Lake Michigan Racing - Milwaukee
  148. Crew available, deck, medical, electronics
  149. Crew Job Description
  150. We would like to crew: Panama canal or Panama to Colombia
  151. Part-time Captain Needed
  152. Crew wanted, Portland Maine to Bahamas and/or BVIs
  153. Crew Wanted in the Chesapeake
  154. This might sound nuts to you but...
  155. IYC Toronto - let's sail my boat
  156. Crew for BVI bareboat charter - Dec. 2015
  157. 2015 Australia to Philippines via Pacific Islands
  158. Crew available for Atlantic passage from Europe anytime September to December
  159. Crew for Atlantic Crossing
  160. Crew wanted
  161. looking for sailing opportunity in Seattle/Bremerton
  162. Crew available for Atlantic passage from Europe anytime Oct. - Dec.
  163. Need TIme on water Ga coast
  164. Looking to crew on lake superior
  165. Western Lake Erie crew available - Cleveland-based
  166. New Sailor seeking O'l Salt
  167. Delivery Captain jobs
  168. Boat wanted From Japan to anywhere
  169. Help needed motoring from LA to TX
  170. Searching boat for Atlantic crossing
  171. Crew available for ARC Europe 2016/transatlantic
  172. Two men seeking to crew ship
  173. Crew Wanted: Pacific North West to Mexico (3 Legs)
  174. Crew wanted from Pohnpei, Micronesia to Fiji on August 2015.
  175. Need a couple of people for a crew
  176. 45' C&L Explorer & Sailing Tour Company For Sale in Costa Rica
  177. Crew Wanted: One year Around the North Atlantic from the Netherlands
  178. Available in early August for Upper Great Lakes
  179. Crew for weekend sailing in New England
  180. visit Cuba
  181. Available As Deckhand
  182. Available for delivery crewing
  183. Crew Available San Diego
  184. Tahiti to New Zealand
  185. Novice Crew Available in South America - July whole month
  186. One crew member wanted for the Aegean sea
  187. Wanting to Crew in Cape Fear area
  188. Crew Wanted for nice trip to MA
  189. Unfettered Use of my Hans Christian for 6 months...
  190. 2015 Australia to Philippines via Pacific Islands
  191. San Francisco to Washington St. Experienced Capt/Crew
  192. New sailor looking to learn more
  193. Crew wanted for haha
  194. Transatlantic crew available - July to September
  195. SE Asia to New zealand (or near by)
  196. Crew Available. CT/NY/Ma area. Usa
  197. Looking to sail from New York to south America
  198. Crew Available: Southern California
  199. Crew Wanted: Florida to Virginia Offshore
  200. April 20th-May14th: Carib, S. America, Florida or US
  201. Crew Wanted: Sail from Virginia, USA to Nova Scotia Canada, April - May 2015
  202. San Juan and Gulf Islands Summer Crew Wanted
  203. Canada to Iceland
  204. Crew wanted: Puerto Rico to Turks and Caicos
  205. Delivery
  206. Crew available in Florida for offshore sail
  207. Sailing in the Gulf Islands
  208. US Gulf-Panama November 2015 or later
  209. crew wanted - Chesapeake Bay/Sound of Music cruise
  210. Crew Needed: Chsapeake Bay to Panama
  211. Seeking crew to sail from Fiji to Hawaii
  212. Marathon to Havana
  213. CREW WANTED: Bahamas to NC in April
  214. Crew for Chesapeake Bay Skipjack
  215. Couple wanted to Share Grenadines Charter
  216. Husband and I available April 4th to 11th
  217. Sailing out of Florida!?
  218. Mid-2015 Australia to Philippines via Pacific Islands
  219. Crew Wanted
  220. Looking to crew in Seabrook/Clear Lake area
  221. Crew Needed George Town to Caribbean Mid February
  222. Need delivery crew and captain Chesapeak bay to Ft Lauderdale FL March or April
  223. Unexperienced Adventurer looking for volunteer crew position leaving out of PNW
  224. Available to Crew Daysailing, Fort Lauderdale
  225. Day sailing post Miami Boat show
  226. Exp. Crew or Capt. Wanted for W. Palm to Rhode Isl
  227. Crew wanted ASAP for Annapolis to Fort Lauderdale delivery
  228. Crew Available: South Florida to Caribbean (or elsewhere)
  229. Crew Wanted: US East Coast all Summer
  230. Licensed female captain available for free deliveries or crew
  231. Sailing Auckland bay in March
  232. volunteer sailing instructor
  233. Hard time finding crew opportunities
  234. crew wanted Florida to Massachusetts
  235. Florida to Marsh HArbor Abaco
  236. Looking to sailing, diving an surfing around the world
  237. Crew wanted from Philippines to Fiji
  238. Crew Wanted - Bali to Langkawi/Phuket and Points West
  239. La Paz In March Looking to Crew Southward
  241. Crew offered out of East Asia
  242. Available Crew Puerto Vallarta December 2-11
  243. Available to Crew - SF
  244. Crew offered- out of Palm Beach, FL area
  245. Crew Offered - Wilmington, NC
  246. Scottish visitor desires day's sailing in San Diego
  247. Young couple interested in crewing out of Florida
  248. Crew wants passage Cape Town to Poole and back
  249. Available ready and need the help
  250. Crew wanted St. Lucia to Jax, Fl.