: Apps & Authors

  1. Third Book in the Quest Series
  2. Waterway Guide Beats Active Captain
  3. Cruise and maintenance log app for Android
  4. In expensive Navigation Software
  5. Emergency Repair Adhesive
  6. Vessel Documentation Software
  7. The Quest Series: New Sailing Adventure Books
  8. Life on the Coast 2015, is an online magazine, and it's free.
  9. Good writing
  10. Signing at Hobart's Wooden Boat Festival
  11. Interesting book
  12. Singlehanded tips book now published on real paper
  13. Children's sailing stories
  14. Lady author, lady heroine - Night Watch by Linda Hall
  15. Celestial Navigation - java calculation programs
  16. Google books and magazines
  17. New Site - Sailcraftdata
  18. Baja Bash
  19. New Book on Arctic tall ship
  20. I created an app to help sailing beginners with the basics!
  21. Any GPS antenna plug-ins for iPad?
  22. iSteer -iPhone as Autopilot Remote Control
  23. NASA Software Catalog Released
  24. Free Programming Books
  25. Soon-to-be-published cruising adventures...
  26. The Inside Passage
  27. BoatLogger.com - online/app logbook
  28. Our Newest Anchorage Book
  29. website
  30. Plotter in my pocket?
  31. BlackCat Systems HF Weather Fax for iPad/iPhone
  32. Yacht Question From Author
  33. You Gotta Go To Know
  34. Sailboat Battle Arena game
  35. Boat HIN Search/Lookup/Decode App for iPhone & iPad
  36. True-Wind Calculator
  37. Hi! Check out my new sailing memoir - free sample on popular eReaders
  38. Android apps with BVI charts?
  39. Ventus Navigation - Expedition Software
  40. App Creators Beware...
  41. WireSizer App for iPhone/iPad
  42. What is the best Sailing book you have read?
  43. A free sailing app.....
  44. Navigating with iPhone or iPad
  45. Free for three days Scottish cruising journal
  46. Knot Booklet
  47. New Fishing Book
  48. Wind App
  49. Personal Anchor Alarm V2
  50. Guides to LA and TX
  51. Annapolis Book of Seamanship New Edition
  52. Salt water fishing app
  53. Where & When propagation tool
  54. OpenCPN on Window 8
  55. Nice Garmin BlueChart Feature
  56. MyNOAACharts for Android
  57. Cool new android app
  58. Windows Phone Apps?
  59. Ipad/ Bad Elf and Which App?
  60. Skipper App Review
  61. iPhone app for night sailing
  62. New MAFOR Marine Forecast Decoder iPhone App
  63. Garmin and Navionics Apps
  64. New Smartphone App
  65. Hebridean Diary of a Serial Sailor
  66. iDataNet, sailing data on your iPhone
  67. Free Cruising Book to Kindle owners
  68. Garmin Blue Chart Mobile apps - hate to buy charts again
  69. Boat Monitor R (iPhone/iPad app)
  70. StartLine Racing app for Android
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  72. The iPad thread! who uses an iPad for sailing?
  73. What are your favorite iPhone/iPad sailing apps?
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  78. Recommended Reading