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: Gear & Maintenance

  1. Pearson 34 Traveler
  2. Broken Lewmar Winch
  3. Any tips on parting out a sailboat?
  4. "Thingamajig" what the heck
  5. Who dives on their own Boat?
  6. Running Rigging Vendor_Whos Best?
  7. Clothes washer discharge?
  8. looking for dinghy/tender ideas
  9. Compass Fluid, what to use?
  10. Thumbs up for 303 Fabric Guard!
  11. Free Ebook Marine Diesel Engines...Today Only
  12. Dinghy davit help
  13. Hi Mod fittings
  14. Hi-seas diesel heater info
  15. Coastal Inflatables
  16. Cetol teak cockpit seats or not?
  17. SSI Universal Mast Boot
  18. Worn holes for the Winch Pawls
  19. Wood Spar Construction
  20. Why is it so hard to find information about installing a Autopilot?
  21. rework or leave alone the old wooden rudder
  22. Leaky Sea Hood
  23. Mantus Chain Hook Demo
  24. Lewmar Folding Wheel
  25. AIS very handy yesterday...foggy on SF Bay
  26. Diesel Fireplace
  27. Mainsheet Salsa
  28. Just bought Satellite TV sytem for the car -- guess the next questions!
  29. Paint thinner for soft ablative bottom paint
  30. Ritchi Globemaster SP5 broken??
  31. Normal battery water usage
  32. Escape- how to add a motor mount?
  33. Poly Holding Tank
  34. Autohelm repair
  35. Gill OC1 vs OC2 Ocean Racer Jacket
  36. Is condensation a problem if I insulate/line the hull interior?
  37. Painting a boat trailer
  38. How do I inspect this Water Lock?
  39. Installing Additional Keel Bolts
  40. Diesel Identification
  41. B&G Wind Sensor - Service Agent
  42. Bad crazing on a 10 year old boat?
  43. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it
  44. anti-fouling
  45. help outboard with alt buy gen set ?
  46. Folding prop help
  47. Rubber vs. Sanitary hose
  48. Hardware Store Epoxy?
  49. Cutting above waterline hole in boat
  50. Need some advice - Bedding Teak Caprail
  51. Shower Pan
  52. hydraulic autopilots
  53. Battery Sizing - am I crazy?
  54. Home made rudder for Catalina 22
  55. did someone pee in my racor?
  56. Accessing free Wi Fi and WiFi amplifiers
  57. Anyone Know of a Good Racing Watch?
  58. Little boat ...BIG Job. Lot fun!
  59. Yoga Mats for cockpit as non slip material ?
  60. VHF Radio in the cockpit
  61. Transom mounted boarding ladder?
  62. Winterizing Bilge
  63. Sail maint.& repair?
  64. Front Pulpit
  65. Irwin 10/4 centerboard info
  66. Retrofitting Tiller to Wheel Steering
  67. Storage Under the Companionway.....
  68. Advice on Best Antifoul Paint that Holds Up -- In & Out of Salt Water
  69. Where to buy Crystic 196PA
  70. Zinc,...where does it go?
  71. Keel Fix help
  72. Jib & Genoa Roller Furling
  73. Hang Interior Cushions
  74. potable water systems
  75. Racor Diesel fuel filter 500MA2
  76. Centerboard damage.
  77. Adler Barbour Cold Machine troubleshooting
  78. Breasting my fin keel? Help please.
  79. Mystery cockpit socket
  80. Folding fabric satellite TV dish
  81. There She (Fiberglass/ Stern Cleat Torn Out) Blows !
  82. Porta-to plumbed??
  83. Bilge pump non return valve.
  84. Now Blow (how to adjust compass) Me Down
  85. Navico TP 5000 for sale
  86. Stuffing box & grease fittings
  87. Rigging Company in Northeast
  88. Radar reflector proof of concept pic
  89. Shiver My (cabin remodel) Timbers
  90. What is this piece of sailing gear?
  91. Steering Cable Tension Estimate (no book)
  92. New portlights on Gulf 32
  93. No...not *that* "alternate power" thread.
  94. Mast Corroison and How to Evaluate it's Condition
  95. help me with my hull to deck joint!!
  96. Autopilot replacement recommendations
  97. Single side band radio
  98. Yanmar Heat Exchanger/Exhaust Elbow
  99. Gas Squirting from Carb Top
  100. Making a Rudder
  101. Clean or replace holding tank?
  102. easier diesel bleeding
  103. A new lightning ground design
  104. Various old manuals downloads in pdf format
  105. AC Panal Lights???
  106. Sextant Question - Parts
  107. Lightning protecting "ZAP Bag"
  108. Better sail slides
  109. Radar reflector usage
  110. Which white?
  111. Lewmar 185tt Bow Thruster Install - Clearances/Cutting off Blades
  112. Toe Rail Replacement with White Oak or ?
  113. Holding tank repair/replacement
  114. Polyester sling for chafe control
  115. Safety Product for reboarding - need guidance please.
  116. Joker valves interchangable?
  117. Choice of USA Grown Wood for Rebuilding
  118. Prop for my 9.9 Merc used for a sailboat
  119. Hexion Epoxy?
  120. Blue Sea custom electrical panel opinions
  121. Leak at mast wiring deck penetration
  122. Help for DIY fiberglass hatch cover
  123. Forces acting on mast plate
  124. Seacock Drip (Spartan)
  125. I Just had Xmas on Halloween, Boat Delivered Today
  126. How should my traveler be run...?
  127. Drains, valves, and seacocks: weighing the alternatives
  128. 1980's European cabin lights
  129. Custom Engine Panel Design
  130. Bristol is gone now what?
  131. Attaching personal gear to self.
  132. Oh lordy... bent keel?!?
  133. replacement flooring
  134. Thru hull removal
  135. Woodworking advice needed
  136. Seacocks
  137. Help with topside paint repair
  138. Clueless Sister-in-law Needs Help!
  139. Bulkhead Paint and Prepwork
  140. Cleaning Hull in the water
  141. bottom painting question
  142. Profurl boomkicker repair
  143. I've read that ethylene glycol is better for the soft parts...
  144. I'm truly at a loss for words...REALLY!
  145. Cleaning fuel tanks
  146. Does DOW 795 ever cure, bond or dry?
  147. Vassen Port Hinge
  148. need help to identify elec windlass!
  149. A C&C question? on spreaders
  150. Where to Mount the Windlass
  151. Updating Unique Propane Tanks
  152. Do I need to protect areas scratched on mast?
  153. ice box conversion kits-best of 2012- under $1000
  154. Water tanks (Inox Vs Galvanized steel)
  155. Should there be a washer on the outboard engine oil drain plug?
  156. Got vibrations from your wind generator?
  157. Winches
  158. Diesel Full Cutoff (Shutoff)
  159. Chain measurement
  160. Teak shower floor
  161. Oil Pan Heater
  162. Volvo Problems
  163. Why Paint Bowsprit?
  164. VHF Antenna
  165. Advice on Electonics (older but bullet proof)
  166. Traveler positions - pros and cons
  167. Sea Berths and Lee Cloths.
  168. Combo Washer and Dryer... Vented or not ?
  169. Need to Repair or Replace Rudder
  170. Bought 37 Islander Need Stands Quick
  171. rope grommets?
  172. Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
  173. Masking corners for non-skid
  174. Grid system repair
  175. Packing gland adjustment
  176. Rigging
  177. That Darn PO!!
  178. Any of you stuck working on a boat for...
  179. Please recommend custom tank makers
  180. VHF Receive but not Transmit?
  182. Stump the chump
  183. Dual Charger *and* battery combiner
  184. Tiller Pilot
  185. what do you keel bolts look like?
  186. swim ladder- sailboat
  187. Trailer capcity
  188. How I replaced Windows on my C&C 26
  189. sailing with the incredible hulk
  190. Bleach Teak Varnish Repair?
  191. How do you organize your tools?
  192. Navik Wind Vane for parts
  193. Air Head Composting Toilet or Similar Mfg.
  194. Sabre 30 chainplates cover
  195. Marine A/C and refrigeration
  196. Watermaker Supply Hose
  197. Who made these shackles?
  198. Noise Reduction
  199. Patching Around Strut
  200. Heat gun & veneer plywood
  201. Replacing lead Keel bolts
  202. Furler Install
  203. Beware the Pins in Your Mainsheet Blocks!
  204. Jib furler is hard to furl since putting up new sail...ideas?
  205. seacocks for cockpit drains?
  206. Teak Decks
  207. Any experience with a Habitent
  208. Foul Weather Gear
  209. Yanmar 2GM tackomerter help!!!
  210. Fall consciousness struggles
  211. Islands 17 Spongy Deck
  212. Proper Tool for grinding blisters
  213. slightly soft floor remedies
  214. Refrigeration Conversion Help
  215. Mustang PFD & Rearm-Kit Recall Notice
  216. Day 94, Happy Talk's reveal...
  217. Pearson Ensign Missing motor bracket FIXED!
  218. Alado roller furler
  219. Advice wanted: Tides Marine Track and Slide system
  220. Interior Lighting
  221. Safety & Rescue Thesis
  222. rebuilding a rudder and boom question
  223. How to repair a pulled forestay tang on a classic yacht...
  224. Pearson Ensign tiller re-laminated AKA:time waster
  225. Hawse Pipe
  226. Stuffing Box Stopped Dripping
  227. Atlantic towers - aluminum
  228. What kind of hardware?
  229. It really pays to research what you need
  230. Harken vs. Schaefer Bridge Traveler
  231. Pearson Ensign rudder rebuild! Insight needed...
  232. Replaced teak rubrail on stern
  233. Stainless lock washer or locktite
  234. where is the water coming from?
  235. Riddles with a Prize, by Mantus Anchors
  236. Identifying the type of sail
  237. extending the season a bit
  238. Pro's and Con's of storage on the hard
  239. Help with Info on dingy
  240. Battery water level
  241. Blown main sheet traveler car- need advice ASAP
  242. Yanmar not starting
  243. looking for DIY and liveaboard Yard on (hopefully ?) East Texas coast
  244. Keel bolt torque values ????
  245. Standing rigging replacement question
  246. Changing wheel - hub adaptor question
  247. Shrink Wrap
  248. 1 1/4" prop-shaft nut
  249. What's with these flat-bottom mooring buoys?
  250. Diesel Additives