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: Gear & Maintenance

  1. Do I need new sails
  2. Alaska - Canada Inside Passage suggestions?
  3. Sto-Boom parts
  4. Wishboom source
  5. Mast crutch for 14' trailer sailer
  6. Solo Climbing the Mast- Block and Tackle
  7. Cheapo water tanks
  8. Bent Mast Advice
  9. Salts in the oil
  10. drip drip
  11. New Jib Sheet Block
  12. Yanmar fuel injection pump
  13. Overview of $220 100w Monocrystalline bendable Solar Panel on Bimini (Video)
  14. Bulkhead compass
  15. Head hose: How long does it take to permeate
  16. Ultimate Sole, alternative
  17. 12VDC refrig water circulation pump quit
  18. Removing bluing from welded stainless steel
  19. New Head... salt water rinse?
  20. Cruising chute...keep or sell?
  21. aluminum boat painting
  22. Pearson 26 genoa track and cars
  23. Appropriate Size cockpit tank for small outboard
  24. smoke filling up the cabin
  25. Vang line slipping in cleat
  26. Just hooked up elite gold 5. speed discrepancies
  27. How many people do I need to fly my a-sail
  28. Rust in encapsulated keel?!
  29. Need Help With Fix Up
  30. Tiny washing machine
  31. NASA Clipper BM-1 Battery Monitor Review(Video)
  32. As long as the boat is out of the water . . .
  33. Sail doesn't fit boom
  34. Catalina 27 Plumbing
  35. head ache
  36. Building a Quality Boat from a Bare Hull - What's Involved and $$
  37. harness and tether
  38. Propeller shaft, coupler and struts
  39. Low Rider
  40. Isotherm SPA Water heaters
  41. Inflatable Boat Airfloor Replacement with Plywood
  42. Is this the rudder head?
  43. Removing cutless bearing without removing the shaft (Video)
  44. What the heck is this?
  45. Gluing interior framing
  46. How tight dinghy inflation. Plus lights
  47. New ignition switch for Universal 5416
  48. Repairing wood cleats
  49. Hard Dodger
  50. Sailing Pants
  51. Preventive Maintenance
  52. 6hp Nissan outboard leaks air into fuel line
  53. Marine Air Conditioning Install
  54. Tig welders
  55. NuTeaks C-Flor installed on a Catalina 30
  56. Bottom Paint Removal - Scraping or Chemical?
  57. Broken Outboard Mount
  58. Danforth mount?
  59. Wiring Raymarine EV-100 tiller drive to the ACU-100
  60. Bilge system in a small boat
  61. How can I tell if my diesel is bad?
  62. Hydraulic steering for sailboat
  63. Water tank bafles
  64. Rigging knife
  65. Safe Drinking Water Without Chlorine--the Netherlands
  66. Varnish Blushing
  67. The ULTIMATE Cooler...
  68. Wanted: Atkins & Hoyle Hatch
  69. Looking for small, affordable printer for on the boat
  70. Yard sale
  71. Iridium 9555 + RedPort Optimizer + XGate
  72. Ah!quick help. Extender plate under furler?
  73. Best deck chairs?
  74. Autohelm Binnacle Base
  75. Almost sank my boat... Prop Shaft - backup retainer?
  76. Dinghy logic
  77. Outboard alternator charged gels to 14.92
  78. Amsteel Blue for lazy jacks
  79. Just looking for thoughts and recomendations on installing my new chartplotter
  80. Anemometer for a wind voyeur....
  81. Butyl tape for port light sealing
  82. Reinforcing dinghy seat fabric
  83. Battery Wiring
  84. Buy doyle sails
  85. Drilling out stainless steel screws
  86. Tayana 37: Coamings cut off - is this repairable?
  87. Sledgehammer saga continues
  88. Yay! It's electronics day. Who wants to help me learn my system?
  89. Installing mainsheet traveller track
  90. PSS Bonding
  91. adhesive for foam (DIY cushions)
  92. Stupid question? Sparks when I connect inverter
  93. Cutless Bearing Sledge Hammer Installation
  94. Anchoring a Floating Dock with 20 Foot Storm Surge
  95. furler
  96. Anyone run the coachroof traveler control line aft?
  97. iPad users only
  98. nmea 2000 etc
  99. wind vanes and LOA
  100. Rudder post leaks into cockpit
  101. Mainsail foot is not straight
  102. Gas fuel tank recommendation
  103. older prpopane tank adapters
  104. Permanent vs. portable fuel tank
  105. Need a pendant made...
  106. Best Outboard for 24 San Juan
  107. Removing jib track
  108. Adhesive for hatch gasket?
  109. Tips on air filter cleaning/replacement
  110. DIY Jacklines
  111. solar recommendations
  112. Torn Main Can I Fix It?
  113. Handheld GPS Advice Needed...
  114. Jib car gets stuck on track
  115. Bad Zinc
  116. Cutting drain hole in bedded teak
  117. Climbing into boat on a Mooring
  118. Safe mooring of new style boat
  119. Instrument panel redo: SS OK?
  120. Replacing wire halyards with line on Columbia 26 MKII
  121. sealant for stanchions
  122. standing rigging replacement
  123. Rigging Specifications
  124. Cradle question
  125. cost to seal through hulls and install a new backing plate
  126. Orange oil and bees wax for teak
  127. Adler Barbour loud humming
  128. Thinking About a Solar Vent
  129. boat salvage yard?
  130. Inspect Standing rigging: Rust inside swage fitting?
  131. hatch repair
  132. Standing Rigging is really slack
  133. Flotation and righting a capsized boat...
  134. Resetting the tiller in the rudder
  135. Need electrical advise
  136. How much of your storage is devoted to tools and parts?
  137. Vetus M309 Questions...
  138. Raymarine speedo question
  139. mainsail batten
  140. polycarbonate window thickness?
  141. Beneteau 361 Steering Noise
  142. Is this second track necessary?
  143. how to test plumbing?
  144. Recommendations for radiator shop to boil heat exchanger - San Diego
  145. Jacklines - where to run them?
  146. What wires for solar panels
  147. Using a smartphone or ipad in sunlight
  148. Blistering
  149. Mast Winch
  150. Zyrex Bottom Coating
  151. Bilge cleaner
  152. O'Day 40 prop shaft
  153. BARIENT 32 ST Winch problem
  154. Stainless Fabricator Recommendations for Bent Anchor Roller?
  155. Annapolis!! Anyone want to take a look at my issue?
  156. Idea for safety, 120volt bildge pump
  157. Siris weather price 8|
  158. Bayfield,WI area sailors? Want a deal on NEW '14 Honda 2.3hp 20" shaft??
  159. cushion covers made abroad
  160. 55lb Minn Kota
  161. Fiddle Block Load Question!
  162. Quick release for standing rigging
  163. How to keep my rudder from falling off?
  164. Santana 22 (1974) rudder bolts
  165. The Hard Dinghy as Sailboat, Tender and Lifeboat
  166. Thinning VC 17m
  167. Cheap boating gear. Too good to be true?
  168. Stainless/Teak swim platforms from China...
  169. Waste treatment?
  170. My tri anchor light went out. I did something
  171. Tuning Standing Rigging after Mast Stepped
  172. solid glass deck?
  173. Port light leaks
  174. Tack reefing: Cunningham vs 2 lines
  175. autohelm 3000
  176. Installing Lewmar Ocean Hatch
  177. Sailing Watch
  178. Columbia Super Cruiser Transmission
  179. Replacment Helm Seat Cushions
  180. How to run my jibsheets?
  181. What was this thing connected to my stern pulpit?
  182. Boom vang rigging??
  183. Water puppy vs Maxi puppy
  184. Portlight dogs
  185. chemicals!
  186. Battens in a jib
  187. Chain too short, connectors?
  188. Kiwigrip - first experience...
  189. Zanshin just got some Solbian solar panels
  190. Stern Tube Repair on Bristol 29.9
  191. Mast-attached winch problem
  192. How do you tow your inflatable RIB?
  193. What is this?
  194. where to go? no boatyard in AR
  195. where to go? no boatyard in AR
  196. Problem with anchor windlass.
  197. bottom paint prep
  198. Attaching Motor Hoist baseplate
  199. Snapfurl CF500 Furling Jib Question!
  200. Cracked Catalina Transom
  201. violent rig vibration when sitting in the slip
  202. Major malfunction
  203. ball and chain
  204. Battery voltage rises after use?!
  205. Battery mystery. Lost all power. Why?
  206. Main sail can be difficult to raise
  207. Low friction, low stretch rope?
  208. Help - would you consider owning an ROV?
  209. Roller Furler Drum - Repair or Replace
  210. Tang breaking strength?
  211. Weather Cloths
  212. Check this scorched jib sheet!
  213. Request for Comments: DIY Tether
  214. New Ideas for using water heads?
  215. Magnetron voltage check
  216. Installing a lifting eye and need to bolt to lead
  217. Anchor Washdown Inop
  218. Dockside filters. Isn't the scary stuff in the hose?
  219. rolled sail and battens
  220. Light, medium, or heavy oxidation?
  221. What is this screw on my gooseneck for?
  222. Why Are Aluminum Mast Painted?
  223. Can anyone identify the model/brand of this masthead light?
  224. Awesome Gelcoat Cleaner
  225. "Spurs" Line Cutter or similar
  226. Hobie 16 Jib Repair
  227. converting a jib to rollerfurling
  228. Stuffing Box Packing size question
  229. R&R fuel filters, can't get max RPM
  230. Replacing anodes
  231. fabricating mast step
  232. Key switch
  233. Combo stand up rotating block and cam cleat
  234. Confused by the lines on my 12' sailboat
  235. How long of a wait for yard work?
  236. How is a cable attached here?
  237. Simple in-line hose filter without carbon?
  238. Fiberglass resin fillers - what do you use and why?
  239. Forestay toggle(s)
  240. New Prop for Catalina 30
  241. Off-season storage--Additive to keep plumbing sanitary?
  242. I just bought a project boat - now what? Project Boat - Part I
  243. Avon vs Achilles for dinghy?
  244. Daysailer AGM Battery - what's good?
  245. Some issues with cable (forestay)
  246. Can anyone identify this refrigerator?
  247. help need to find seals for tohatsu
  248. New MLX halyard for furling gennaker
  249. Slit at front edge of chart table?
  250. Seattle Area Boat Painting