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: Gear & Maintenance

  1. ranger 29 sailboat
  2. Cost of bimini fittings: HOLY MOLY!
  3. Halyard Sheaves
  4. Stainless pole for wind turbine
  5. Porthole Rebed??
  6. Couple of winch questions
  7. industrial/commercial PFDs
  8. 70# or 100# danforth?
  9. marine head vs. porta potty
  10. radar gun
  11. Night vision
  12. Power Assist Winch Technology
  13. Ice Box Rebuild
  14. Reposition Travler
  15. can i convert a working jib into a working main
  16. I forgot I don't have a toilet.
  17. rudder , shaft and engine out, then what?
  18. 5200 vs Sikaflex
  19. AZEK for WB8 dagger and rudder???
  20. Admidship Ladder: Folding Dock Ladder
  21. composting toilet-should we do it
  22. Full refit or Partial
  23. Shiny new sail
  24. How much water is normal?
  25. What is this white cylinder?
  26. China
  27. Gopros Are Handy!
  28. Solar battery charger showing 19 volts?
  29. So you call that a mast repair??
  30. Is a Vang Really Useful on a mid to Large Boat?
  31. Is it useless: NMEA2000 In-line terminator
  32. Adding a auxiliary outboard.
  33. Where to order these?
  34. Groco Hydromatic Strainer
  35. Cetec-Benmar AP experiences?
  36. Loos Gauges and Alternative Rig Tuning Methods
  37. Steering Improvements?
  38. Quick painting question!
  39. Android navi-thingy
  40. How to value used sails?
  41. Attwood Automatic Bilge Pump Switch
  42. Dickinson Newport diesel heater - no fuel flow
  43. Motor dies going over large swells or wakes
  44. Lifeline is too slack
  45. DIY rebuild of SailTec hydro adjuster
  46. Chainplate craziness
  47. "Frogsuit" waterproof floating smartphone case
  48. How to rig a Sta-lok terminal
  49. Drying out holes in fiberglass before filling
  50. Autopilot - wheel pilot vs below deck
  51. Water hoses gooey
  52. speed resistor on Cold Machine
  53. Last but not least, I need an anchor
  54. Mainsheet system
  55. How do I keep travelift slings from topsides
  56. What kind of dinghies are de rigeur.
  57. Need help identifying this connection.
  58. Chartplotter outdated yet?
  59. Jefa Autopilot experience?
  60. Unclogging Hillerange (Seaward) 2101 alcohol stove
  61. Is this swaged fitting failing?
  62. What size trailer is needed for a 24ft sailboat?
  63. Mainsail?
  64. Installing a windvane
  65. Fixed Portlight Reset Advice Needed
  66. Can you ID this seacock?
  67. generator help fuel problem
  68. Hidden holding tank tear down
  69. Convert back to tiller?
  70. Mooring Question
  71. sewing sunbrella
  72. Seen any cool workshops?
  73. Mystery port hinges????? Please help.
  74. Replacing Pedestal Guard on older Whitlock Pedestal
  75. Storing Roller Furler Headstay
  76. Battery state-of-charge question - technical
  77. Islander Bahama 24 companionway rebuild
  78. Unweighting the keel during repairs
  79. Homemade Bottom Scrubber
  80. Lots of little holes in the gel coat - osmosis?
  81. DIY Bowsprit
  82. How to tell when to stop recoring?
  83. Thru Hull Removal Advice Request
  84. replacing fixed windows
  85. Wire rope clips vs. nicopress
  86. Masthead spinnaker bail, could this work?
  87. Stern Tube Flange to Hull Gap Filler?
  88. Starboard vs. plastic cutting board
  89. trolling motors
  90. Can a swaged fitting be removed, wire re-used?
  91. airmar thru hull transducer on pole
  92. new multi-instrument, Simrad IS15 replacement
  93. Sailboat storage for maintenance
  94. What is this large bronze part?
  95. Winch angle--what is more ergonomic?
  96. Stainless or galvanized cable for steering cables?
  97. Do chain hooks weaken chain?
  98. Raymarine Wireless ST101 Wind instruments
  99. sail quote
  100. Low friction rings for single-line reefing
  101. An indelicate question
  102. What Size Dock Lines do I Need ?
  103. Prepping to re-bed stanchions.
  104. New Magma ceramic coated nested cookware
  105. Batten Replacements?
  106. Question for the trailer sailors
  107. Sunbrella: What color is used on your boat?
  108. WTH are these things?
  109. Dinghy maintenance
  110. Bottom paint advice needed
  111. SH Ggxx 2150 AIS Matrix+
  112. Islander 36 projects in paradise!!!!!
  113. DR led
  114. Cold weather bungee cord failure
  115. spare (back up) anchor question
  116. Mount above-deck gas tank below-deck?
  117. Qwik Drain oil changer
  118. Rudder Weight on 35'er
  119. Trolling motor care
  120. Harken furler foil section needed
  121. Holding tank
  122. Mystery water in bilge in CAL-29
  123. Towing and trailer questions.
  124. What is older gear worth?
  125. Cabin speakers?
  126. bottom pressure wash
  127. Never thought my Laser hitch would be used for this.
  128. Exterior window trim
  129. more time...???
  130. Wheel to tiller conversion - new throttle
  131. Swan owners technical forum
  132. Just the Keurig won't work
  133. Lowrance DSI transducer location
  134. Symmetric Rudder damage and surprise hardware!
  135. who made my hatch?
  136. Taking apart PUR powersurvivor 35
  137. HAS ANYONE here made an ANCHOR?
  138. Designing a generator "locker" - A theoretical Exercise
  139. Should I bother with a back stay adjuster
  140. Blotches on deck - can you identify
  141. Whale in line pump trouble
  142. Vacuum Sealing Gear and Supplies
  143. Electric Head Pump Maintenance
  144. Protective coatings for splices and stitching
  145. FaMet Furlers
  146. Autopilot -- Linear Drive Sizing/Interface
  147. Teak cockpit table treatment question
  148. Fiberglass repair recommendation
  149. Effect of vinegar on my impeller
  150. intervention councelor(s) needed...
  151. ST-60 speed calibration
  152. mast bend problem
  153. Hood-"Sea Furl" furling system bearing replacement
  154. Favorite Boat Shoe???
  155. Cinkel Steering Wheel Removal
  156. Rudder bushing material? Delrin, PTFE, UHWM, VHF, CIA..
  157. to cut or not to cut. that is the question.
  158. Frozen Bilge, Possible Prevention
  159. DEKA vs. Lifeline AGM Batteries?
  160. Bernzomatic Handy Torch, Solder, Rope Cutter Tool
  161. Running gear/keel coolers antifouling
  162. Where can I find a Palmer Johnson Highfield Lever?
  163. Wilcox crittenden seacocks - missing drain screws
  164. Water Heater Heads Up--Wiring Hazard
  165. Fat Boat rollout. F-46 reveal
  166. Lewmar Lofrans Maxwell -Oh My -What Windlass to Buy
  167. Best boom brake?
  168. Got My Butyl Tape from Mainsail in record time!
  169. Dangers cutting carpet out
  170. UAV Recon Possibility
  171. Bottom Paint Question
  172. Rudder/tiller head is loose
  173. Do these keel bolts need replacing?
  174. Thinking about dipping my boat in this
  175. More efficient inverters could be on their way
  176. Rust stains at partners?
  177. Plastic or Aluminum for water tanks?
  178. Corroded aluminum port light- paint before using Buytl?
  179. Anybody used Santoprene for port light gasket?
  180. Painting Cast Aluminum Binnacle Components
  181. How much Butyl tape is needed for one port light?
  182. Oceanbrake Series Drogues
  183. ESPAR High Amp Draw On Start-Up
  184. Yard left my diesel cap open ...
  185. Gun mount spinnaker needed for F36/38
  186. Drilling Out Screws
  187. moving the forestay up a few feet
  188. SILICONE to mount in-hull transducer?
  189. direct drive
  190. Winches for sale (S.S. #26 Custom Yachts LTD)
  191. Line from the hardware store?
  192. Engine oil stains on deck gelgoat
  193. Jabsco Electric Marine Toilet Conversion Kit
  194. How Do You Move a Mast Over the Road
  195. how much paint thinner do you really need?
  196. bilge water
  197. Help from someone with the New Instant Boats Book
  198. EMS gauge removal
  199. Calling All Laguna Pop Top Owners
  200. Sewing machine corner
  201. RM69 toilet spares: electric or manual?
  202. Raw water intake
  203. Securing Drop Boards in place? Ideas?
  204. Barrier coat or just bottom paint
  205. Lock stitching Amsteel splices
  206. Butterfly Hatches
  207. sikaflex 1a contruction elastic sealant
  208. Dual Backstays
  209. Winter cover fails
  210. Rig cleaner
  211. Edel 665 pop top hatch cover
  212. Wiring Help Please
  213. Beneteau Loves Silicone?
  214. Building an emergency rudder- 2 questions;
  215. My Poor Keel
  216. New headsail
  217. Sailboat performance change
  218. Achtung MdR Boaters!
  219. Rolly Tasker vs US-based
  220. Stowing drop boards?
  221. Solar Panels
  222. moving chain plates
  223. Cheap sewing machine that takes a binding feeder?
  224. soft shackles
  225. when was the last time you cleaned your bilge?
  226. Testing antifreeze products
  227. Bulb for nav light
  228. Recognize this furler?
  229. Prop shaft alignment
  230. Particulate residue in Racor bowl
  231. Interthane Plus
  232. Survey for sailors...
  233. Sliding gooseneck, does it serve any purpose at all?
  234. Mast Climbing Article
  235. new compass 22 ft boat
  236. J.b. Weld
  237. Life ring or horse collar for the boat?
  238. Chainplate Re-locating
  239. boom kicker, anyone?
  240. Best time to buy a New Autopilot?
  241. When Are Zincs Needed
  242. Poor quality stainless rigging
  243. New West Marine Lifejacket?
  244. Wind Direction Indicator Placement
  245. Position for anchor deck pipe
  246. New batteries in the Caribbean
  247. coolant cap
  248. Boero Paint
  249. Mast Crane Repair
  250. Can't figure out this rudder tube arrangement. Help please!