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  1. Circumnavigation of Lake Michigan
  2. Anyone taken a Columbia 28 offshore?
  3. Pearson 27/28-2 vs Irwin 32.5
  4. Texas Gulf Area
  5. Just Do It--You're Not Getting Any Younger
  6. Help choosing the project and the designer/naval architect.
  7. Question. To live aboard or not? Am I in over my head?
  8. Penobscot Bay - Let's get stupid
  9. Christmas aboard
  10. Electric heaters and boat connections
  11. Morgan 416 early 80s. Opinions / information??
  12. Patty Toler, Abaco Cruisers Net Dead
  13. Single-handers?
  14. Midships galley? Pros/Cons
  15. Pearson 422 as offshore cruiser/liveaboard?
  16. forgot the can opener?
  17. Warning about cruising the ICW
  18. Carrying your mast "on" deck?
  19. BVI in the spring - Looking for Wisdom
  20. nicaraugua....
  21. Safe liveaboard for single young female
  22. North from Charleston
  23. FREE : 2-burner LPG cooker (Seaward)
  24. Largest liveaboard *ever* sells for US .01
  25. Shore power and lights
  26. The Ocean is broken? really?
  27. Slip rental wanted in Charleston, SC
  28. Cruising yachts behaving if they're doing us a favour
  29. U.S.-Bahamas, Crossing the Stream
  30. Free standing rigging?
  31. Stove replacement (Force 10 or Tasco)
  32. The Offshore Voyaging Reference Site
  33. End of the trip, now what....too much stuff?
  34. Galley Oven
  35. New to the scene!
  36. The Art of Washing Clothes Aboard...
  37. Affordable (Shoestring) Cruising
  38. Is Schengen visa extension possible?
  39. Helm Chair??
  40. First live aboard
  41. Here's a funny question for ya.
  42. Became a liveaboard again finally!
  43. ?Liveaboard marina near Ft. Lauderdale or Miami
  44. New Editions to Cruising Guides?
  45. Malaria
  46. Ants and a cat
  47. what wrong with this pic, or look before you......
  48. How long (reasonably) does a tank of CNG last?
  49. Potential For More Regulations
  50. Has Anyone Used Salt Block BBQ Cooking?
  51. Water Useage/conservation Cruising
  52. Help me find fresh figs in Annapolis
  53. Oxford, MD
  54. ownership and seizure
  55. S2 9.2C Thoughts
  56. Hatchway alternatives?
  57. Survey about Propane Burner/Oven Range
  58. Getting to the Bahamas from SE Florida for Noobs
  59. Pilothouses (good for wife?) bright and airy
  60. Lake Erie Islands?
  61. Gulfstar 37 for liveaboard cruising?
  62. Some let downs in South Pacific
  63. Dogs?
  64. OMG i need liveaboard soon.
  65. Recognize this?
  66. Stamp for Immigration and Customs docs.
  67. Offshore Florida to Maine
  68. Storage of firearms on board
  69. cruising in Newport RI.
  70. How much maintenance and repair, really?
  71. Boat Insurance Nuances - do I have it wrong?
  72. Miss Liberty vs the landlubbing haters!
  73. Cape Cod Canal vs sailing around
  74. On The Hook in the PNW
  75. ex-liveaboard available for boat sitting
  76. Novice liveaboard
  77. Solomons, MD Marina
  78. Marina Slips in Caribbean
  79. Bicycle on Sailboat
  80. Electronics overkill?
  81. Need Help Outfitting for Cruising. :)
  82. Bahamian Customs Seizure - Pleasure Vessel - Any Experience?
  83. 3 week summer cruise: Chesapeake to New England
  84. Why liveaboard cruisers don't race:
  85. Best place botton paiting and sail repair in south east cost
  86. Wanted: Haida Gwaii/Gwaii Hanas Tour
  87. Chesapeake to Ocracoke?
  88. AutoPilots
  89. C&D Canal
  90. Digital voltmeter as a battery monitor
  91. A question of Draft
  92. Dodger Attachment Point Help
  93. Water purification
  94. 12v Fans......?
  95. Medical Insurance Required to Visit French Polynesia?
  96. Clear water anchorages on the east coast USA?
  97. Could use some info!
  98. Sailing from Little River Inlet, SC to Morehead City, NC
  99. Affordable Care Act for Cruisers
  100. Maine and North
  101. free book
  102. Eustatia Sound to Oil nut Bay doable for 6 ft draft?
  103. Cruiser
  104. E-Mail while crusing
  105. Young cruisers
  106. AWESOME Banana Bread Recipe...
  107. getting a Tartan 34C ready for offshore trip
  108. Protecting LCD Screens
  109. Making Distilled Water?
  110. BC waters engineless?
  111. Port Charlotte to Islamorada
  112. Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net weekend schedule.
  113. Ditch bag
  114. I built a yacht tracking, blogging and weather system for cruisers
  115. Human Behaviors at the Resort-Marina
  116. do you carry an acoustic Guitar?
  117. Caribbean Draft?
  118. Mayaguana Island, Bahamas
  119. best time for cruising the 1000 islands?
  120. Our Most Perfect Boat
  121. I've become very concerned about the weather...
  122. Inflatable kayak on board
  123. Hunter 376 for full time cruising and liveaboard?
  124. Looking for Mooring in San Diego
  125. Advice on the Perfect Boat Please
  126. cruising icw
  127. Back to the water in Texas...I hope.
  128. Windows7 as a Wifi hotspot
  129. Medical/Evacuation Insurance for Pacific Crossing
  130. Knee Replacement
  131. Port Charlotte Boat Slip
  132. Arriving to Puerto Rico from USVI read this!!!
  133. Don't speak English, French or ...
  134. Rum Island
  135. Penobscot Bay
  136. looking for a ride...
  137. Ericson 38, Morgarn 38 or what? Hmmmmm...
  138. Corpus Christie to The Bahamas!
  139. advice on some options, if you please?
  140. Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
  141. Gulf Stream GRIB files??
  142. How to find a cat?
  143. Need advice on preparing for Pacific crossing
  144. Holding tank size
  145. Where is the best cruising in the USA?
  146. Who does a lot of fishing from or near their boat?
  147. When is sailing season in the Greek islands>
  148. Seeking Blogs from Singlehanders
  149. Communications in the Caribean (cell phone)
  150. A very kewl blog of some neighbors living the dream
  151. Sarasota Bay Live aboard Marinas (short term)
  152. boat search
  153. How do I get insurance and how much does it cost?
  154. Alternatives to buying your own boat
  155. California to the Virgins
  156. Getting rid of my clothes....
  157. C&C 37R Info
  158. Issues with Heating in Annapolis, MD
  159. Panama to New Jersey in may
  160. Dry powdered good storage options
  161. Cruiser's Biggest Provisioning Surprises...
  162. The Bread Thread
  163. Large cockpit lazarette - how important?
  164. Liveaboards in Annapolis
  165. Liveaboard in China - Informing on the Experience
  166. I am 26, and seriously considering moving aboard with my girlfriend. Any advice?
  167. Summer in the Caribbean: Safe to Cruise?
  168. Anyone At Catalina Island, Dana Point?
  169. wood transome plate for a rib
  170. Heat Help
  171. An old gravity fed propane furnace from camper installed on boat-good idea or bad
  172. 24 or 27 ft Catamaran with cabin (afforable) exist?
  173. 35' COBRA in need of some serious TLC ~ Thoughts???
  174. Cruising South America?
  175. Sailing a boat from New London, CT to NJ
  176. Minimum extended cruising requirements.
  177. Seattle - I am looking for a liveaboard slip
  178. Sailing the Bahamas
  179. Marinas near Coral Springs FL
  180. Boot Key Harbor Anchorage
  181. reducing draft depth ?
  182. Retirement Sailing
  183. Need a Bahamas Cruise Itinerary
  184. Flash Evaporation?
  185. Bareboating Catana 47: Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique
  186. Financing
  187. Marinas in San Diego
  188. Sailing despite End of the World
  189. Looks like we are going sailing tomorrow
  190. ? Sail from Lake Erie to Florida late August
  191. CarBio - Caribbean Biodiversity Study
  192. Making a living as a liveaboard
  193. Sailing from BVI to Grenada
  194. Advice on sailing from Galveston Bay to Matagorda Bay
  195. Man calls 14-foot boat on Boston Harbor his home
  196. Davenport, IA sailing???
  197. Looking for marine systems training school
  198. Veterinarian near Lake Worth, WPB for Bahamian trip
  199. Domicile or Residence...
  200. warning:do not try this at home-part#7
  201. annual cost of crusing Carib 2012?
  202. warning:do not try this at home-part#6
  203. head problems
  204. warning:do not try this at home-part#5
  205. Any Vancouver liveboards want to be a part of a project?
  206. warning:do not try this at home-part#4
  207. warning:do not try this at home-part#3
  208. warning:do not try this at home-part#2
  209. What do you about Hurricanes?
  210. warning:do not try this at home-part#1
  211. Second boat suggestions?
  212. Why people avoid the South Africa route
  213. Australian insurance costs
  214. rammed:by the customs & border patrol
  215. Induction vs electric vs alcohol stove?
  216. jetty hopping:south texas coast
  217. Good east coast retirement cities?
  218. My Escape Plan - Insights Wanted
  219. Walgreens on the East Coast
  220. Wake up! you in the boat,wake up!!!
  221. recommendations on jumping off point from Florida to Bahamas
  222. Questions of living and travelling under sail..
  223. Bristol 32 for eastern seaboard to caribbean and cruising
  224. Relocating to SoCal to liveaboard - have a catch 22...
  225. Medicine at Sea advice
  226. Winter Moisture Control
  227. Ainia now in South Africa
  228. Sailing Singled Handed & No Watch at Achor
  229. Looking for liveaboard rental in SF Bay Area
  230. Frozen lamp oil (Paraffin)
  231. Small liveaboard
  232. Removing Can Labels for roaches or bugs?
  233. Cruising Caribbean Single-handed
  234. Shilshole Marina
  235. Dinette to Settee?
  236. Texas to Mex. Riviera, to Cayamans
  237. Port Canaveral Yacht Club - Florida
  238. Advice requested. Dominican to Great Inagua
  239. Want to rent a live aboard in Jan/Feb in Florida
  240. Ainia - read this second
  241. Ainia - read this first
  242. Best Marinas in Clearwater/St Pete areas
  243. "Interrupted Cruising"
  244. New Northeast Liveboard - First Condensation/Mildew Battle
  245. Finger Lakes,NY to Key West,Fl.
  246. Looking to Purchase Cheoy 38 Offshore & Looking 4 Advice
  247. Another "opinions requested" thread about boat choices...
  248. Insurance
  249. Wht on earth have we done?
  250. Galley counter top material