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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Non-inflatable life vest and harness?
  2. Sailing around the world on a Catalina 22 sailboat
  3. Sailboat surveyor
  4. New "boat":) Project
  5. Bad Rope (Line/Sheet) Advice?
  6. B.C.'s Eric Holden skippers winning Clipper Race yacht
  7. nautical flea market
  8. How long before bringing her North?
  9. How do I handle insurance claims?
  10. Alternate and/or Emergency Ladders - Who's Using What?
  11. Moorings Put Where There Weren't Moorings
  12. Best ipad apps 2014
  13. Help me please, advice also helpful
  14. Etiquette for boat sale
  15. sailboat salvage in St Pete, FL
  16. Even bad choices at the slip can kill you
  17. Anchoring
  18. who gets the ticket
  19. Hunter loses rudder
  20. Depth Sounder ID Help
  21. Glad I wasn't out sailing last night
  22. First overnight anchor ..
  23. Weird weird july weather.....
  24. Crew wanted
  25. Trip Plan
  26. How many things can go wrong in 4 hours
  27. Name that yacht
  28. "The Dink" Dinghies, anyone have one? What do you think?
  29. Sailor's Bucket List
  30. Best place in California to sail and live on your boat?
  31. open cpn issues(cm93)
  32. Outboards: sailing with the motor down.
  33. Getting Used To New Boat
  34. Sudden inability to sail upwind
  35. Man steals 80-foot Three Million Dollar Boat
  36. Sail vacation in Seychelles this August (at a discount)
  37. Ainia update
  38. Lee shore: a cautionary tale for day sailors
  39. Suzuki 2.5 security to dink
  40. Which weather/wind apps & sites are most accurate?
  41. Tow or Not
  42. East to West (Med to Caribbean) or West to East (California to Caribbean, via canal)
  43. Moody 34
  44. Interior space Catalina27 vs Alberg30
  45. Need tips on moving a small wooden Catspaw Dinghy from R.I. to CA
  46. I may try for a solo trip in Sept.
  47. Dinghy for Day Sailing: Mom and young kids
  48. General Interest of Sailnet's Community
  49. Sailboat Junkyard - Apple Valley
  50. Best outboard motor for a small inflatable?
  51. Havre De Grace this weekend?
  52. CS-36T rudder shaft
  53. Our Harbor is a Sewer. DuSable, Chicago.
  54. Fiberglass Bow Tip Repair
  55. Elnora trip to Day Harbor Alaska
  56. rigging advice
  57. Sailing South Dakota Style
  58. Downloading GRIBs at sea
  59. Arthur
  60. Help needed.
  61. World Cup and courtesy flags
  62. Heritage Spreader Flags
  63. Happy Canada Day...
  64. Max wind
  65. Seldon In-mast furler
  66. Boat won't come up into wind
  67. Zippered Pocket on Foot of Main Sail??
  68. What is proper dingy etiquette?
  69. Moving from fresh to salt water moorage - questions
  70. Anyone in the keys....
  71. Rigging repair -atlantic city
  72. Ways to Get Boat From Long Island to Upstate NY
  73. Liability for 50 year old vessel
  74. Catalina 22 shrouds.
  75. Advice Needed!
  76. Tools and spare parts to jury rig major systems
  77. Prince William Sound trip
  78. Projects done! Ready to use my boat!
  79. Launched the Laser on Detroits Belle Isle
  80. 1st Captain's Log
  81. How far out? - Cellular Range from shore.
  82. Anchor line snubber
  83. First Accident What Did I Do Wrong?
  84. From Croatia to Gibraltar with a very old camera!
  85. Changing forward hatch direction
  86. Battery question
  87. Info needed on early Columbia 29s
  88. $3500 inexpensive bluewater cruiser
  89. What is your Cruising Motivation?
  90. Barts Bash
  91. Which type of plywood ?
  92. Round The Island Race 2014
  93. Blue water boat for the Great Lakes?
  94. ebay purchase gone bad: 1/4" G43 anchor chain
  95. Miami to Bimini
  96. List Serve for Chesapeake Bay sailing?
  97. Incredible Restoration and Sailing Yacht
  98. Accidental Sailor Girl
  99. Headsail rigging question
  100. Restoring Rhodes Robin- Question
  101. What boat for a family circumnavigation?
  102. How many miles?
  103. New gas tank leaking
  104. How to prevent corrosion: SS bolt in Al mast
  105. F/G burns really well once it gets going
  106. Happy sailstice!!!
  107. Sailstice Regatta Event
  108. Handheld VHF range
  109. Add Sta-bil to gas or not?
  110. Recommendations for inflatable kayak as tender
  111. Predicting Sea Nettles
  112. Can anyone identify this boat?
  113. Saroca 16 ft
  114. I owe the PO a beer
  115. First Season As Cruisers Shattered
  116. Winching power for MOB
  117. The Madness continues...
  118. Getting into a Good , Cheap, Old Boat
  119. Good circumnavigation blogs, Japan?
  120. Looking for 18' Sailboat moorage Lake Worth Florida
  121. What is the bracket on the stern for?
  122. don't give the Coast Guard any ideas
  123. What is this knot?
  124. MedSailor's New Ride! (maybe I am a power-boater after all...)
  125. Public Service Announcement
  126. What's the *second* best way to keep spiders off your boat?
  127. Advice for first-ever passage through Kent Narrows
  128. better than a dinghy
  129. question for swing keel sailors
  130. 68 mph wind capsizes boats
  131. Chasing the breeze
  132. Help me plan my cruise North!
  133. I can't believe it's stolen again!
  134. Sailboat rental near finger lakes (Ithaca, NY)?
  135. Inflatable PFD Failures?
  136. Claiborne Young passes
  137. Best Book/Videos for Celestial Nav
  138. Okay, I went and done did it.
  139. Offshore sailing on a Catalina 22?
  140. bbq Keys
  141. Making an offer for a sailboat
  142. Drop Top Dodger / Lake Ontario
  143. Dinghy Deployment
  144. Should I go?
  145. Tom's River Bridge Height? Anyone Know?
  146. Is it a crazy thought?
  147. Going to Northern Scotland!
  148. Boats like S&S 34
  149. Cruisers question
  150. New Bulkhead & Interior Framing
  151. Pacific Race
  152. Pictures of trailer launch, and a surprise
  153. Bascule bridge, Knapps Narrows, MD question
  154. A phone call you don't want to receive
  155. New to us - keeping name - rechristen??
  156. Source for dish/Cup rack?
  157. Free Wooden Boat Magazines
  158. Fiberglassing a wooden hull
  159. Chart for Provincetown
  160. Catamaran Sailing
  161. Forwarding Address Azores
  162. Know what we call this In Charleston?
  163. Problem Turning Windward
  164. Pre-sail/Safety Checklist???
  165. Before and After Photos - Show Us!
  166. Washington DC visit budget
  167. Prop Dilemma
  168. Oday rOnDAYvous
  169. Icw
  170. Anyone tow or hire a truck?
  171. what is this 21' trailer sailor?
  172. Mooring Line
  173. Old mainsail design: "shelf and zipper"
  174. anchor tips to get it to catch?
  175. A happy dog overboard story
  176. Sailing in the Northeast; need some advice!
  177. Newbie wind direction question
  178. Chikungunya Virus
  179. Trolling motor to mooring
  180. Broke my cherry. Ran aground for the first time
  181. Indian Arm BC Prawn Fishing
  182. Dog on board
  183. Life raft stowage.
  184. Looking for help looking for a boat!
  185. Catamaran Partnership
  186. Indian Ocean Sailing
  187. Wave powered boat update
  188. Most efficient 180 degree turn
  189. Anchoring suggestions for Buzzards bay area?
  190. I need a manual for a Petrel (12' aluminum)
  191. Lightning ?
  192. Single or Multi Hull?
  193. Rafting in Victoria?
  194. Wing n Wing
  195. Gonna splash!
  196. What do cruisers do?
  197. Heavier better motion comfort ?
  198. Why is our boat such a mess?
  199. Mishap in DuSable Harbor.....
  200. Boat Consultant vs Broker
  201. Asym rigging question
  202. Happy Ending
  203. Combo Vang/Preventer/Traveler
  204. Stuck in the middle of the ocean with a broken rudder on your boat
  205. Any Bloggers out there.
  206. Diesel outboards
  207. 1982 Seafarer 37' (S37) left to me...needs TLC...fix or sell?
  208. Angle between course over ground tacks?
  209. The four finger bowline
  210. Sailing to St. Martin
  211. Solo female circumnavigator takes 8 years to sail around the world
  212. Really? Oregon, really?
  213. Seamanship Tips for Multi-User Boats
  214. topping lift
  215. Cruising wing sail
  216. Pissed off crew
  217. Maintaining Situational Awareness
  218. Worst place in the U.S. to sail...
  219. RYA yachtmaster vs USCG license Captain vs ICC
  220. Bristol B27 seaworthiness
  221. A question?
  222. Best states for sailing and boating???
  223. Pictures of the icebergs of Lake Superior
  224. It's always something.....
  225. Most Exhausting Delivery thus far
  226. Memorial Weekend sail
  227. sailing / passing another sailboat etiquette
  228. racing at st mary's
  229. Stuck on a sailboat in a monster storm with 80-foot waves and 90-knot winds
  230. What range of heel angles do you consider optimum?
  231. Stand-on? Give way?
  232. Holliday Weekend
  233. Off-shore delivery contracts
  234. This sunset is for all you crusty salts out there
  235. Memorial Day Memory
  236. boom block
  237. we've redeemed ourselves
  238. Spring Sailing......
  239. Put A Sail On It
  240. Bottom paint and sanding
  241. Sailing off to live on a deserted island
  242. Flag staff length?
  243. in the news today
  244. Best thread ever?
  245. A Customs PITA example
  246. What Vessel Was This In?
  247. Is sailing 7,000 miles non-stop a BFS ?
  248. cool little website for boat cooking
  249. Kerplunk!
  250. Catalina Video Up!