: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Three kinds of sailors
  2. Drowning Doesn't look like drowning
  3. Lite propane cylinders recall
  4. Out of the Dungeon and Back into the Light
  5. Worlds Largest Solar Powered Vessel cruising down the Chesapeake Bay Now
  6. What do you have for a cannon?
  7. Rowing a barge
  8. Trade a day sail cpt onboard?
  9. Is Boating right for me?
  10. Squelch
  11. Sailing 3 miles off shore and Thunderstorm moves in from the east. What do you do?
  12. Galilee 15 information requested
  13. Wow! The stars have aligned.
  14. What is good speed to make...
  15. Drinking water tank water.
  16. this ad has gotten better..
  17. What boat is right for me?
  18. Motor vs Rowing inflatable dinghy...
  19. Teach a girl to use the big boy tools and look what she can do
  20. I had a bad day, I need a hug or will kill someone
  21. Evaporative Cooler
  22. Clean/Polish Painted Hull before Applying Graphics?
  23. Boat burns in Biscayne Bay!
  24. Revisit Thorny Pass - Strategy
  25. Boat burns in Grenada!!!!!
  26. Florida is the First!!!!!
  27. Mounting Rope Clutches
  28. Best 4th of July Fiireworks in the Salish Sea?
  29. Trade Winds Dying
  30. Champlain Canal Closure
  31. Almost free boat
  32. How did you do Mona Pass last time?
  33. sailing as i write
  34. One of the best sailboat ads I have seen
  35. Creekmore 45 sail/rigging plans?
  36. Expected Cruising Speed?
  37. Annapolis Newport race
  38. Photos from the Baltic Sea
  39. Repowering
  40. Oops|...Shelter Island...Richmond/Vancouver
  41. Alternative to Panama Canal
  42. trailerable boat
  43. Oversize furler
  44. new rigging?
  45. ICW Latest Info
  46. Cruising with livestock -- any anchoring issues?
  47. Plymouth to Lisbon
  48. This has to sting...
  49. Good First Boat
  50. Look at this Listed as ready to sail
  51. AMF Puffer Restoration
  52. Henry B Smith found
  53. Video of test of my $200 eBay asymmetrical spinnaker
  54. gettting closer to sailing
  55. Well...got that outta the way
  56. No tape turnbuckles and cotter pins
  57. Removing old boat name decal
  58. Finally got my new (old) tub home
  59. How and where to race w AMF Apollo
  60. NOAA observed conditions (past)
  61. Looking to get first boat
  62. Starwind 223
  63. Chartering smaller sailboats? Where?
  64. B345 Shoal Draft Performance
  65. Visit to Beneteau Factory
  66. Scioto River in Ohio question...
  67. Looking for dock space in Palm beach County.
  68. Dinghy Cruising/Camping?
  69. Coast Guard rescues 4 "sailors" off Charleston...
  70. Reefing Sail Ties
  71. First Boat Recommendation
  72. Harborless Diesel Prognosis
  73. Gulstream in realtime
  74. Im back! Macgregor 22
  75. New NOAA Weather Alert
  76. Friday Humor
  77. Tornadoes and boats...
  78. Sailboat Rudder (ROM) Range of Motion
  79. Depth of Chesapeake City Free Docks
  80. Towing a Capri 16 with a Subaru outback?
  81. Sailing Partner Needed in Philadelphia Area
  82. generic starter relay for Volvo mb10a gas?
  83. Work gets in the way...
  84. Dinghy and Engine Hoist
  85. Best place to stop between Miami and New York
  86. C&C30 MK1 What halyard to use?
  87. tornado warning in Marathon, Fl. Keys
  88. Tanzer 31
  89. Finally out (in) On the Water again
  90. Celebrity 20ft Fiberglass hull 1977.
  91. Left Coast Off-shore Sailors, what to pack?
  92. Tomorrow is hopefully the big day
  93. Nice day!
  94. Any Catalina 350 or 400's in Solomons Island MD?
  95. NC Leukemia Cup Regatta
  96. quite a place to keep a boat
  97. Navionics Plat Plus 699 N Bahamas SD Card
  98. Are you done yet??
  99. Hell Gate Transit - Advice Needed
  100. Recommendations for sail makers in Seattle
  101. South Jersey anyone?
  102. Sagging headlining
  103. The inside passage - The Boy, Me and the Cat
  104. Launching the boat
  105. Docking with a spring line questions
  106. West Marine makes enemies
  107. End of the sailing season
  108. 1972 tartan 30
  109. Finally; guess I had a mental block!
  110. attaching letters and insignias
  111. first sail
  112. Who registered their boat outside their home state?
  113. Is the Great Loop route around the eastern US threatened?
  114. Pacific Seacraft 25
  115. large dog ramp for Catalina 22
  116. Sucks trying to nail down a boat.
  117. Where can I anchor with 7' draft in the Keys?
  118. Downside of the BVI
  119. Should I sail or finish the decks......
  120. Where dreams go to die?
  121. Scared the CRAP out of me!
  122. Trailer extension or winch?
  123. Reefing question
  124. weird marina entrance on the Humber - my current base
  125. My New Sailing Neighbor
  126. Eldridge v. App question
  127. spent 5 months cruising, and want MORE. Any one Info on Ta Chiao 38 ?
  128. Help a rookie figure out how to bareboat charter
  129. Houston to Bahams
  130. Fair Winds
  131. Cool Pic
  132. what should I expect
  133. This is what I am thinking
  134. Sailing with friends for a week, expenses?
  135. Sailing yesterday - lessons learned?
  136. Rudder Repair - 1978 30' Hunter
  137. Where would you cruise to from NC for a week?
  138. Pointing Problem
  139. SAILNET Chat?
  140. Head question
  141. Self bailing cockpit?
  142. GPS Installation
  143. Dog ladders ramps...best for sailboat?
  144. Radio direction finder app?
  145. O'Day 192
  146. Cheap Classic Plastic smokes the fleet in 2013 Down the Bay Race
  147. First trip north
  148. Interesting possibility for using real glass in place of plexi?
  149. Where do you want to retire in Caribbean or Central or South America?
  150. Inventor of the Swim Platform
  151. What are you doing to deter birds
  152. Blisters, OMG
  153. aground in slip
  154. WooHoo...
  155. Sailing in the Bahamas "Sea of Abaco" Short Film (HD Video)
  156. Air Tools and Compressed Air
  157. Thanks for the Like
  158. It's Not Just Containers.....
  159. First Boat Buying Advice
  160. Zodiac 260s + yamaha 9.9
  161. Scary Low water on the Great Lakes
  162. Is there a boat that....
  163. New Windex...but Main Halyard Sheave Frozen???
  164. Key West to Guanaja
  165. $175K to ship your "yacht"
  166. Jib hanging up
  167. Grand Cayman Island to, Panama City, Tahiti, and beyond etc t
  168. Splashified!!!
  169. Need help thru Ballard Locks Tues 5/28 - any takers? will give you beer
  170. topsail island
  171. Don't read this unless you have time . .
  172. Zanshin blog - awesome!
  173. Splicing Depth Sounder Cable - Help!
  174. Young people and adventure
  175. Boat not level
  176. Breaking: Boat Fire on Newport, RI Waterfront
  177. Bottom paint tricks
  178. Let's talk titanium
  179. too many water ballons?!?!?!?!?
  180. Rigging Math
  181. Tidal change in your area?
  182. Bent Vang-how does this happen?
  183. Sailboat Wooden Steering Wheels
  184. Weight/size limits for autohelm 4000
  185. Duck/Corrola, NC
  186. Naples to Key West
  187. Burgee
  188. Will headsail from similar boat work?
  189. Forestay Tack Position
  190. What are the costs of owning a sailboat minus the boat itself?
  191. This is awesome, I'm sailing.
  192. Sun Awnings & Boom Tents
  193. Figawi
  194. B&G Triton Wind /speed-depth
  195. Launch Day and no incidents, where's the fun in that
  196. 1st sail this season.
  197. Tango 23 Trimaran
  198. My Horror Story
  199. Paul E Luke boatyard East Boothbay ME
  200. SSB Receiver problems Bahamas
  201. Endeavour 37 Auction
  202. Leave up the Jib?
  203. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on, revisited - Part 3...
  204. I can't heave to
  205. Prop size for 4-107
  206. Bicycling as sailing
  207. delivery captain insurance
  208. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!
  209. help with a new potential sailor
  210. Don't think you're important? Think again mates!
  211. Sale,... Mantus style
  212. Sat Phone - Rent or Buy and which one
  213. Trimaran Lost FT Myers Beach to Key West
  214. Who sells marine plywood?
  215. Charlotte > Miami Transport Recommendation
  216. Steak, OMG! pan seared!
  217. Decision making madness.......
  218. Stove food
  219. The two happiest days
  220. Where are the younger people?
  221. Is this an aries windvane
  222. Coleman stove in the cockpit?
  223. reefing a dinghy
  224. Painting Hull
  225. Mantus Anchors NEWS: anchor sizing tool
  226. Going through withdrawal...
  227. Deader in the Bahamas/Is Nassau getting that dangerous?
  228. CA Sailor Rescued North Pacific
  229. If you want to change the sailboat by a motorboat....
  230. Inexpensive sailboat in Narragansett RI -- Corsair Sailstar 24
  231. Need captain and cleaning crew
  232. Looking to sail in keys
  233. What should be on my Launch List
  234. Advice Asked - Don't want to Push it
  235. Do dock lines go with the boat?
  236. USCG 2012 Boating Accident stats--"It ain't us?"..
  237. Wallpaper install...
  238. West Vancouver to Sidney in an unknown boat
  239. Nice little tub
  240. 10' Porta Boat For Dinghy?
  241. Juicer
  242. Here is another Video of R21 Catamaran!
  243. Checklist
  244. Spiders don't like the wind...
  245. Weather Forecasts (Chesapeake in this case)
  246. Mooring ball too close?
  247. What happened to Capt Jay?
  248. Fresh water flush out of outboard cooling system during saltwater cruise?
  249. Teak substitutes. Why not?
  250. Help! My leech is flapping!