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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Drinking Water Out of Thin Air
  2. Shortening Stays Using Swags
  3. U.S. Navy Creates Hydrocarbon Fuel From Seawater
  4. Setting a trysail at anchor
  5. Message No Pilot on Raymarine s3 and head 6002
  6. The Purchase of a New Genoa
  7. Stuffing Box.....
  8. Clearance Agent Recommendations - Indonesia
  9. Strictly Sail Pacific
  10. Fiberglass Sailboats
  11. Won drawing for mooring on city lake!
  12. Angle of attack
  13. Words of Wisdom; Words of Warning
  14. Sailboat / liveaboard breakin - ABC & CBS News!
  15. How Tight For Rigging? Stay Extenders? Main Halyard Replacement?
  16. Doug Sabbag in the news again
  17. Snappy or otherwise Comebacks
  18. What's the right thing to do?
  19. Swego
  20. Sailing in Cartagena, Colombia
  21. Maryland user tax for out of state boat
  22. If you scuttle your boat, will insurance pay?
  23. The run aground poll
  24. I've never splashed before
  25. light duty vs heavy duty
  26. SSCA and SSU Updates
  27. The Season has begun
  28. Miami Vice Threads
  29. Radar reflector
  30. Sailing Dog's Boat Destroyed By Fire
  31. Painting the deck....
  32. Total Eclipse of Moon, Night of 14 April/Morning 15 April
  33. Right Sailboat for Severn River??
  34. Liveaboard SailBoat Series - Sailing From Portland to San Diego
  35. Free Books Very Worth Having
  36. Gasoline with ethanol question (again)
  37. Washington State SailNetters: Measles Exposure Risk
  38. For the couple who just cannot decide between RV or boat
  39. Convert Symmetric Spinnaker to Asymmetric?
  40. bottom feeding, democracy, and economics
  41. Catalina 22 fixer upper
  42. Will soda blasting remove hard bottom paint?
  43. Right shape for the ultimate self-righting boat
  44. The Benefits of Bottom Feeding
  45. What kind of rig is this?
  46. Stupid questions about launch day
  47. Darwin to philippines (indonesia)
  48. Sailboat went off course into Algeria
  49. At what point is a boat overweight?
  50. Quality sheet co's ?
  51. Sailing Hallucinations on long sails
  52. Nissan NS5B Service Manual
  53. mmsi numbers, ship radio and hand held VHF
  54. Ugly Boats
  55. New toy for fisher-folk & others...
  56. Do you play music whilst sailing?
  57. Mounting hardware on Boom
  58. Navionics web charts and SonarCharts
  59. What would you do you are off Hatteras ?
  60. Spring?
  61. First sail in Westerly Centaur 35 minute film - not much happens
  62. Tsunami Warnings & Watches For Pacific Regions After 8.2 Chile Quake
  63. Chile earthquake 8.2 on scale
  64. Problem with Spot Satellite Personal Tracker
  65. "Uh oh", that sinking feeling
  66. When can i go sailing????
  67. Sea Delivery from SFO to PNW how feasible?
  68. Bottom Painting/Sanding
  69. Your anchor is too big
  70. Dinghy Repair
  71. Sailing Anarchy Seized By Fed's??
  72. 10 foot minimum depth - congress votes full scale dredging of the ICW
  73. An idea that's time has come: preventing bird crap
  74. How comfortable to you feel leaving your boat at anchor?
  75. Man overboard rescued after 1.5 hours at sea
  76. Sometimes it doesn't take much.
  77. Some things are just made to be
  78. Some HIN discussion
  79. Where did all the old line drawings go?
  80. Before putting parts back on, caulk? or..
  81. Options for faulty screw holes epoxy or..?
  82. Grandad's Boat FW514 Fleetwind Sailing Dinghy
  83. Suggestion on Charts
  84. Im Back! 4 days of sailing in a week! WOW!!!!
  85. Transporting over land..$$$$
  86. Hobie is gone.
  87. Tohatsu 18hp tale of woe
  88. T-mobile Data in Caribbean
  89. Most memorable sail
  90. comissioning
  91. Ham radio digital while crusing
  92. Wave powered propeller
  93. Authorities hunt for the owners of a $1.2 million, 83-foot yacht
  94. Inflatable PFD on airplane?
  95. A Nautical Proposal...
  96. Mutiny has its reward, perhaps???
  97. Tipping Question
  98. Planning to sail from Miami to Bimini
  99. Looking for GLOBE 38, Bill Garden SEAL 37 owners.
  100. Installing Origo 3000
  101. Don't try this at home .. ancient means of navigation
  102. Any sailors living in a floating home?
  103. It seems happened too often for yachties
  104. saw a lake freighter on Lake Ontario - a good sign?
  105. If I take these off will they go back on?
  106. Sure would like to paint the boat so I can go sailing
  107. Surviving Storm
  108. Unreal storm...
  109. Defender Sale
  110. WTF.... I am confused
  111. Looking Boat Slip in Mid and upper Chesapeake Bay
  112. Greek waters pilot 11th edition
  113. Singlehanding Pedestal Steering
  114. Osmosis conspiracy theory
  115. Can I borrow a dinghy please? Best places to sail in Essex?
  116. Galveston Bay Oil Spill
  117. Fire ! / Heat Damage
  118. Do I still need paper charts in Canada
  119. Anchor and Chain for sale
  120. Fiberglass blisters... Boat Leprosy??
  121. "The 2 happiest days of a boatowners life are..."
  122. Operating a boat in another state?
  123. Question about speed under power
  124. Rope handle on tiller
  125. Pearson 26 Hull Number
  126. Marina in FLL, Hollywood. Lake worth?
  127. Looking for some guidance.
  128. What percentage of boats are sold for competition vs sport?
  129. Naming your boat after a loved one is so romantic...
  130. Need your help... short survey about wing sails
  131. Materials for Soft Shackles
  132. why a storm jib?
  133. Maiden Voyage Newbie Trainwreck
  134. Pre-season Refresher course
  135. Newbie question about the sails
  136. What made you buy your boat?
  137. Best putty or filler for small chips on deck?
  138. Any Catalina 22 owner have measurement for..
  139. Mast raising help needed
  140. Ice on Lake Superior in June
  141. TV Antenna
  142. Sailing SVI
  143. Boat Building
  144. Anegada chart
  145. What boat is this?
  146. crazy boom question
  147. Any options for recovering lifelines?
  148. Help me identify this mystery dinghy? (Possibly a Mistral)
  149. 2014 Oday rOnDAYvous
  150. Finally finished my Chameleon nesting dinghy!
  151. Anyone ever use Amazing roll off
  152. What kind of sailboat is this?
  153. Southerly420
  154. Are these supporting weight like bulkheads?
  155. help me pick a sailing dinghy
  156. Help me pick a sailing dinghy
  157. boat report worth it?
  158. Catalina issues i found
  159. Rigging Failures
  160. How many sailors actually know how to sail?
  161. Boom furling
  162. half day crew
  163. Docking questions
  164. Transom Mount Transducer
  165. Interesting anchor concept
  166. Defender's Annual Spring Sale
  167. Interesting concept
  168. Meaner?
  169. Sky Show Thursday For Northeast-Dwellers
  170. Senior moments .. what's yours?
  171. Linking To Sainet For Site Browsing
  172. should I be offended?
  173. Most Useful Sailing Tool
  174. Active Captain question
  175. Help Identifying 16ft Boat
  176. The way it was
  177. 2014 Catalina 445 vs 1998 Oyster 45
  178. Mount Gay Rum - Future Uncertain
  179. need to engrave hull ID number on older boat
  180. Need help identifying this boat
  181. Need help identifying this boat
  182. Maine Boatbuilders Show
  183. Sailing Mentors: Perry
  184. Maryland Yacht Club
  185. pictures wanted!!!!
  186. Help me I'm Thawing!
  187. Need suggestions - 20' competitive lake boat
  188. Cushion cleaning tips
  189. hull and deck no core?
  190. sailing tours- by Frank Cowper
  191. Selecting a cruising sailboat
  192. Help with inner stay
  193. Anchoring in Drakes bay?
  194. Vibram "FiveFingers" shoes
  195. Cruising to China
  196. Sparkman & Stephens trivia game
  197. Strength Training for Sailors
  198. It's been a longer, colder, wetter than normal winter...
  199. Florida to Texas
  200. Mirage 25: Any Info on This Boat
  201. Brands/ Manufacturers which Hold Value
  202. Un-stepping a mast
  203. Got Deep Pockets? -- Buy A Flying Catamaran
  204. keel repair
  205. Help friend sail in portland maine
  206. need help with a specific knot
  207. Not your typical anchor question
  208. What is This?
  209. Installing Shaft Mounted Zinc
  210. Cape Dory 25
  211. Admonished in front of the crew
  212. What to do with this?
  213. Atlantic Gyre cruise
  214. Playing by the rules
  215. Grey Water in No discharge areas
  216. Mooring field woes in avalon harbor
  217. Big Boat
  218. Notice To Mariners: New Reef off Key West
  219. Bahamas
  220. The compass ... old hat?
  221. Major hull modification?
  222. Looking for Owners Time BVI June 2014
  223. Sailboat Rentals in the Orange County, CA area
  224. In the Toronto area
  225. Looking for a used set of sails for 18' catamaran
  226. You guys see this crazy video?
  227. Anyone Interested??
  228. ICW coffee table book
  229. New mooring Portland Maine
  230. Stop, the end, an exit plan for sailing.
  231. What's a cutter rigged ketch? And a slutter?
  232. Hook and Moor by Robship
  233. What's wrong with this pic?
  234. Mast Walk
  235. Is sailing intuitive?
  236. Just sayin, cuz its general discussion
  237. Fuel Consumption
  238. Sail Sale...Best Sail Broker?
  239. Forgive me Father for I have sinned....
  240. Just bought our first sailboat
  241. A solar game-changer
  242. Online International charts?
  243. More News on New Cheap Simple 20% Solar Cells
  244. Best source for NOAA charts ?
  245. World Wind Visualization
  246. Venezuela ? Cruising and saftey ?
  247. Watches
  248. What stops Americans cruising the world?
  249. full battens for a monohull cruiser?
  250. Happy Birthday World Wide Web, home of SailNet ---