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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. some tips I learned about anchoring this summer!
  2. dead fibreglass boats
  3. Colregs mini-quiz--restricted visibility
  4. Hey Sequitur! Screaming Skutsjes!
  5. "Stupid human trick"--estimate bearings without yr compass
  6. What do you call this boat????
  7. Anyone have a Universal M4-30
  8. Entering Bohemia River from the North?
  9. Would You Sail This Rig Across an Ocean?
  10. My trip is almost almost done!
  11. Best kit/ clothes for dinghy sailing
  12. Which boat do I choose (Dinghys)
  13. Mad as ........I remain on land
  14. Man saves dog then wife
  15. Belly up to the bar
  16. Advice on Sailing Home to meet my Baby!?
  17. What are the rules? Thanks!
  18. Drifter Sail
  19. 12 volt AGM batts. worth it ?
  20. Boat is sluggish
  21. That kinda sucked, but I chose this life so...
  22. True or False
  23. Bristol 40 Main gooseneck adjustment
  24. All is Lost
  25. Sailing 101 Quiz
  26. Who do I find out my boats pay-Load?
  27. Backing Under Sail
  28. Sometimes in Docking, You Need a Plan C
  29. How do you "stand by" for a bridge opening?
  30. Baja Ha-ha
  31. Cooling problems - Help please
  32. Lesson learned about reading weather...
  33. Purchasing advice and questions
  34. Furling headsail
  35. California -----> Asia
  36. Sometimes I wonder how my boat was even afloat
  37. Roughest Ocean Voyage
  38. First Sailboat
  39. Kiwi in jail after sea clash
  40. Boatyard transducer installation mistake
  41. Determining waterline in cabin
  42. Cruising southwest Florida - restaurants with docks
  43. First night sail, first time out of sight of land
  44. This may seem like a silly question, but...
  45. Free Volume 1 Practical Boat Buying
  46. First Time as Skipper: Lessons Learned
  47. Tough decision
  48. You guys rule!
  49. How far will 12 gallons of diesel get me?
  50. Our very first boat!
  51. Wonder if this is what Camaraderie bought
  52. Where to get a new tiller in Seattle?
  53. A different way to handle a crash --
  54. Waterspouts
  55. Anyone Cruising the San Juans?
  56. Sailing Scotlands Great Glen in a dingy
  57. Broker nightmare?
  58. Ten years and Thank You to SaiNet
  59. Selden GX top down asym furler
  60. Fenders and Dock Boards, How Many?
  61. Be Prepared ?
  62. Distrss calling chnages SSB/HF Radios West Coast
  63. Sailboat ready to cruise?
  64. Nicholson 345
  65. Fix for clanging furler
  66. Coast Guard Tour
  67. Tropical Storm SailNet Marching Up the East Coast
  68. Faking out GPS signal
  69. Pt. Judith to Block Island
  70. pulled anchor and sailed away...
  71. Donating my Cal 29 to Charity
  72. Technique for Smoothing KiwiGrip
  73. Day sail ideas L.I. sound
  74. Starting From Scratch...
  75. Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013
  76. Advice for newbies re: Fishers Island
  77. It's so very sad....
  78. Questions and Advice for that first BIG sail in a new(OLD) boat
  79. Mooring/Anchoring Techniques...
  80. Guanaja
  81. Barkley Sound, West Coast Vancouver Island
  82. Key West
  83. New Catalina Pricing
  84. oops
  85. Notice to Mariner app?
  86. Chartroom - online (urgent)
  87. Galley countertop refinishing
  88. Training for dock hands.
  89. 1st Straight of Georgia passage
  90. Howdy All!
  91. Reefing Lines in Boom
  92. Engel 27 or 35
  93. A (stupid?) anchoring question
  94. CS 36 T vs. CS 36 Merlin
  95. First Time as Skipper!
  96. Hitting a Reef in the South Pacific
  97. marine VHF question
  98. Mona Passage - where is the exact coordinates for the hourglass shoal?
  99. Catalina 22
  100. Cradle with wheels?
  101. Cheap,Nifty Tool
  102. SN burgee
  103. Got her in the water, finally....
  104. MMSI questions?
  105. 2013 f200hp yamaha four stroke outboard motor with 25" shaft $10,000
  106. Please Tell Me You Have Sailed A Golden Wave 42 -RHP Design
  107. Ganbare & Gumboots (Doug Peterson)
  108. need help updating coast pilot
  109. Seafevers BFS to Greenport and Back
  110. Great commercial...
  111. Lite Cylinder LP Tank Recall
  112. Genoa tracks
  113. Artemis back in the water
  114. Wind Direction Question from Noob...
  115. Can't seem to buy a boat
  116. How to choose a daysailer/dinghy
  117. Heads Up On Electric Shock Drowning
  118. 200 year-old shipwreck
  119. Boat Size
  120. Timeline of the Bounty
  121. ASA or US Sailing...who's best...
  122. Cruising Prince William Sound Alaska
  123. Tall Ship Astrid run aground off Cork
  124. Davits - Kato or Garhauer?
  125. Interesting factoid learned recently
  126. The Jeff_H Appreciation Thread
  127. When someone lists cook as a skill what is expected?
  128. T/S 'Dorian'
  129. Barrington Yacht Club
  130. Stern tie anchoring in storn winds
  131. Why are we here?
  132. Headed to Catalina!
  133. Is he anchored too close?
  134. From Adirondack mountains to Caribbean islands
  135. Eighty-year old wooden full keel boat beats new "Interesting Boats" in Transpac
  136. First Solo Dinghy Sail!
  137. I shall wear a scarlet P on my chest
  138. next year miami /bahamas trip
  139. a song for all those who sail in their dreams...
  140. Keel cooling
  141. Rock Hall Sailing Instructor?
  142. Is bleach going to hurt my old deck or hull paint?
  143. Lot Of Junk Out in the Pacific
  144. Can you go too Fast?
  145. There's More Than One Way To Clear A Low Bridge
  146. Trip to Block Island...
  147. Sail repair for Newbie
  148. Cool Aerial Video of Block Island, RI
  149. Tacktick and Navman - help needed
  150. San Francisco to Humboldt Bay?
  151. The Chart was Wrong AGAIN!
  152. Powerboaters Are Funny
  153. Hoisting an inflatable dinghy
  154. New monohull sailor- Catalina 22
  155. What is the proper VHF protocol for a dire medical emergency?
  156. What makes a sailboat go to weather well?
  157. Prop walk in FORWARD?
  158. Sailboat Design Software
  159. Open letter to yachtdesigners of the world
  160. Sailor rescued from Dinghy
  161. Catalina Cruiser's Weekend - Free
  162. MOB device
  163. Wailing Banshee
  164. installing a shower into a ericson 31.
  165. Southbound in the ditch
  166. Ideas, Suggestions for Party Dock
  167. looking for a boat
  168. Did I make a mistake in reporting a claim to BoatUS?
  169. Where the hell have I been?
  170. Fixing Leaks...
  171. Curious what you all think of this video
  172. Where to retire?
  173. How do you rig your jacklines?
  174. Redneck Air Conditioner for cruisers...
  175. A nice change for boaters!
  176. bluewater yacht suggestions under 20k USD.
  177. hull reinforcement.
  178. Need answer to something I've always Wondered About
  179. Anybody Here a Member of Old Dominion Boat Club?
  180. Smartkat Inflatable Catamaran
  181. oil in bilge
  182. Searching for my former boat
  183. Trip planning
  184. Jeanne Socrates
  185. VSC saved me from CG boarding
  186. ID my avatar???
  187. proof of paid sales tax
  188. What do you have on your cabin sole?
  189. Ask Rob Ball
  190. Broken Dreams...
  191. Docking for Dummies
  192. Notice to [Old-School] Mariners
  193. Dodger window construction
  194. Anything new on our missing nina?
  195. Ye better start believin"
  196. Ye better start believin"
  197. what boat should i choose...
  198. off shore sailing schools advice
  199. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on, revisited - Part 4...
  200. Lake Michigan Sailors...Help!
  201. What is your favorite manufacturer of sailboats?
  202. For those that moved from land to sea
  203. Depth Transducer back plates and mounting locations.
  204. Mirror Rigging help
  205. First boat
  206. Rolly Sasker Sails... Opinions
  207. Finally, after 9 months of owning our boat....
  208. Backing up (or not)
  209. San Pellegrino Cooking Cup
  210. newbie looking for dingy advice
  211. Heading down to San Fran this morning to pick up a yacht
  212. For Anyone Who Wants To Follow The Chicago-Mac Race
  213. Interesting tale of a captain who abandoned vessel
  214. Walker Bay Dinghy
  215. Back from Bermuda
  216. Storing the mail sail
  217. Choosing a Blog
  218. What is this boat?
  219. Where's the Ferret Chaser (Michael)?
  220. Best Beachs to snag your next boat on incoming tide and wind.
  221. Aleph Tav, The first Voyage - Episode 4!
  222. 1978 AMF Sunbird Sailboat
  223. The authorities insult my love
  224. 20/20 Hindsight--Man Swims 5 Hours to Get Help
  225. Own Your Own AC 45
  226. Trying to start a new blog
  227. Chesapeake sailing--western or eastern shore?
  228. Our New Boat
  229. How to take a dinghy on a cruise?
  230. Great White spotted near Key West
  231. Turning off forums
  232. harrowing story
  233. Routing of jib sheets on Lightning
  234. Boat yards on Delaware River?
  235. So my dinghy can sink
  236. Wide open throttle = Max speed?
  237. Surprise thunderstorms while dinghy sailing
  238. Replace cotter pins with welding rod
  239. Lakes for beaching and camping with catamarans?
  240. Electric shock drowning
  241. Do you have an outboard for back up propulsion?
  242. Inflatable and a motor.What could go wrong?
  243. Let's hear you favorite moment this summer
  244. Officially Went Off The Deep End
  245. Can I use a differently shaped mast?
  246. Measuring a foresail
  247. Cruising Worlds Top 40 Boats
  248. Electric Trolling motors opinions
  249. sailing solo
  250. Sailed my Walker Bay: Now some Qs