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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Wayne Newton's Yacht Sinks
  2. Solar low wattage charging?
  3. AIS "extremely vulnerable to hackers"
  4. What kind of tri is this?
  5. Team sinks two pirate ships :)
  6. Thinking of Losing My Inboard
  7. Asymmetric Spinnaker fitment question
  8. Agate Passage and Rich Passage questions
  9. Wanted: Short notice coastal cruiser adventurers
  10. Ok, sure, why not? Keel Walking
  11. deliver a life boat to Cabo
  12. Scared to anchor....
  13. Best used cheap blue water boats 30-45ft
  14. Life Raft Anyone?
  15. Actual Experience with Globalstar in Carribean
  16. Update on Somali piracy
  17. 6 month insurance contract?
  18. Oarfish
  19. Christmas Pressies For Sailors
  20. Dinghy engine thief caught!! Fake CraigsList Ad
  21. Natural Mast
  22. 47-foot sailboat yacht worth $495,000 stolen
  23. Sadler 29 - a great little yacht!
  24. What liquor and wine do you stock on Board
  25. What is my boat worth...
  26. Fitting out a staysail...stay
  27. sailing on work nights
  28. no sailing experience ocean crossing
  29. HELP: Being relocated to Las Vegas?
  30. Circumnavigating the world with NO prior sailing experience ever before
  31. Some sailing with dolphins (video)
  32. Busting through an inlet...
  33. What wood is this cabin sole made off??
  34. "Paying" friends wanting to go on the boat.
  35. Boat name advice
  36. Lifting Keel Yachts
  37. Changing the name of a boat without a name???
  38. Who uses a Larkshead on their jib sheets?
  39. Mast storage
  40. Robert Redford's new movie...
  41. Sailboat rammed by ship see video
  42. Best sail of the year last Sunday
  43. Lesson learned on Columbus Day
  44. Spithill on Colbert Report
  45. Vhf/ham
  46. How much does a Coast Guard rescue cost?
  47. Chicago Fall Bridge lift question
  48. Adventure Sailing
  49. Good morning! Game change plan.....
  50. What would you call this type of rig?
  51. looking for some help id this dinghy
  52. what's up with Malware??
  53. sideways on anchor?
  54. Catalina web cam
  55. Winter Weather Indicator
  56. Sailboat Deliivery BFS
  57. Two large holes in transom
  58. Not something you see every day
  59. Would you rather own a sailboat or a RV?
  60. Solo Sailing UK
  61. Had the boat two days, two problems already...
  62. Replacing Engine Driven Water pump with electric
  63. What sailboats could survive a full blown hurricane at sea?
  64. Annapolis Sailboat Show Observations & Notes
  65. CS36 Merlin Wing Keel
  66. Danger of Windlassless Anchoring
  67. Boat Capsize
  68. AquaBatten AO62
  69. Indoor vs outdoor storage
  70. Genoa Track cars and things
  71. Motor boat hard motion (funny)
  72. Malo 39 - What a beauty!
  73. cheap survey....
  74. End boat condensation once and for all
  75. California boat reg .
  76. Best boat to sail around the world ?
  77. Tanker Dismasts Sailboat
  78. I'm ashamed...I cheated!
  79. When is your season over for the winter
  80. Stability question
  81. crack in cockpit sole of Catalina 22, how serious?
  82. 130 lb centerboard hanging up
  83. Seeking J-22 trailer
  84. Where have ya been??????????
  85. Captains dating website
  86. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak on sale today
  87. Ovni 435
  88. Sailing Discussions
  89. Capt. Phillips' Hero Status Put Into Question
  90. Handheld depth sounder?
  91. Sailing and Ragtop weather is here!
  92. 1st boat! I just bought a Catalina 22
  93. #1 sailing city in USA *CORRECTED
  94. Blue Water Cruiser
  95. Batteries don't stay charged
  96. Miami to Bimini
  97. Reef points
  98. Buoyancy Aids and Safety
  99. A mistress?
  100. My (almost) Rescue At Sea
  101. Jin-Pole
  102. The saddest thing I have seen in a while...
  103. Does a first sail ever go as planned?
  104. New twist on age old question: when to reef?
  105. Sail Caribbean December 2013
  106. Amphibear - traveling around the world
  107. Why the Chinese economy will collapse - sailing related
  108. Lake Michigan Sailors. Itenerary advice sought
  109. The #1 sailing city in america
  110. Do you take your cushions home?
  111. Best 30' Cruiser
  112. Aussie question
  113. World's worst sailor - needs 10 rescues in a month!
  114. Ahhhhh
  115. 800 die at sea in Typhoon
  116. Deviation
  117. Violent attack, Cruisers injured, St Vincent & Grenadines, Union Island
  118. Multiple Boats
  119. 25 foot seas in the Gulf Of Mexico this weekend
  120. I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
  121. Washington Sailing Marina closed: government shutdown
  122. need help with water heater
  123. Extra Rail Meat or Reduce Sail?
  124. NWS Heads up
  125. DIY shrinkwrapping, easy? Pain?
  126. Uh-Oh. New Orleans, storm beginning with "K"..
  127. Charting a course
  128. Sunglasses suggestions
  129. Tall Ships on Sydney Harbour
  130. Advice on Buying a Complete Set of Sails for Islander 37 MS
  131. How small is too small?
  132. Bringing an Old Deck Back To Life
  133. Tips or Suggestions, Sailing from San Diego to San Francisco
  134. Sailing from Grenada
  135. insurance surveys
  136. Survey results
  137. I Think I Found The Right Boat
  138. UK Sails in Annapolis gone?
  139. Mast Life and When to Replace It ?
  140. Inexpensive slip in Western Chesapeake?
  141. BVI Norman Island Pirate's Restaurant is burning
  142. Boat insurance question
  143. Wind breakage
  144. White Flares
  145. Autumn in the Adirondacks
  146. Whales don't like Red ?
  147. Can you identify this boat.
  148. Question on sailboat lingo
  149. Figuring Max. Pay Load for Long Range Passage
  150. Need cruising help.
  151. What kind of boat is this?
  152. Yacht sinks off NSW Coast
  153. Considering Chartering with swfyachts
  154. Picture = 1000 words
  155. My first REAL sail! Lots of questions...
  156. GoPro - What do you think?
  157. North End of Detroit River
  158. Sextant only illegal!
  159. Dinghy Towing
  160. Float Plan Central
  161. Decisions Decisions. Which Boat?
  162. Saw a Rising Sun in Portland harbor today...
  163. How to report AIS violations?
  164. Replacing a tired Atomic 4 Gas Engine
  165. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on, revisited - Part 5...
  166. Is it Dangerous to Sail Underpowered?
  167. Yanmar 3YM20 belt change
  168. Need a cradle that rolls in Brooklyn
  169. remove cove stripe - yeah or nay
  170. Weather
  171. Got to Stop being Stupid
  172. Why buy a brand new $150,000 sailboat?
  173. Americas cup triple touch penalty to Kiwi's
  174. Amazing Bristol 40 Coming Up For Sale
  175. And They Said He Was Insane
  176. Use of Solent Stay or Inner Forestay
  177. Coronado 25ft
  178. The Future of Boat Ownership
  179. Double vang? Rigging question from a beginner
  180. Whatever hapened to
  181. "aloha magenta line"--for ICW cruisers may be of interest..
  182. Opinions on CL 16 by CL Boatworks
  183. boat waker type
  184. Single line reefing in dinghy daysailer
  185. A very long line
  186. Lee Shores
  187. Anybody still unaware of the incredible AC race showdown??
  188. SSCA Annapolis Gam
  189. Charleston, SC - Help, please
  190. Nav light question
  191. Sailing from California to Florida via the Panama Canal
  192. Lightnings vs Scots vs Snark vs Sunfish
  193. Florida Anchoring and Mooring pilot program.
  194. N00B Q? Jib sheets and forestay
  195. pearson
  196. Teaching the wind techniques
  197. I got the East River Blues...
  198. This is "yacht" racing
  199. Constant State of Readiness
  200. Trailer for rent? 28 ft. triton
  201. Best sailing spots of the world?
  202. Island Planet sailmaker
  203. Gift ideas?
  204. How much wind is too much for you?
  205. Another missed approach at Barnegat Inlet...
  206. Fife Yachts - nice video
  207. Cannes - Vintage Yachts (CNN report)
  208. Here is a classic to be....
  209. Hard core sailing in antarctica
  210. Excessive force?
  211. How do you store excess energy?
  212. This sailing others peoples boats thing is looking like work
  213. Tiller extension or no tiller extension
  214. on-board electronic inter-communications
  215. Wacky Wind
  216. Morris 34 owner looking for partners
  217. Biggest Selling Current Dinghy?
  218. old sailboat identification please
  219. If Thinking of going out to sea?
  220. John Robert McLaughlin R.I.P.
  221. Philadelphia Cup Regatta Sept. 28, 2013
  222. Reasons for taking off cruising
  223. Do you beach or sail only?
  224. Solo Offshore Overnight- Advice Sought
  225. Congrat to Bob Perry
  226. Will trade Beneteau 50 time in North East for Charter time in Bahamas or BVI
  227. the Silliest question you've ever been asked?
  228. Strongest storm of 2013 in Western Pacific
  229. Musings of a Live Aboard
  230. Where is my rudder?
  231. Florida Mooring and Anchoring Pilot Program Survey Link
  232. Stopping your boat
  233. Coastal Cruiser Suggestions
  234. Lightning and thunderstorm information
  235. Sail from Erie Canal to Hudson/NY Bay
  236. In the Channel
  237. Buy a boat or take some courses?
  238. Guess What Day It is
  239. We look for the opinion of sailors to design an hydrogénérat
  240. 1st boat purchase - advice needed please
  241. River trip with mast
  242. anyone selling a 30+ft sailboat?
  243. Looking for a magazine comparable to "Boatworks"
  244. 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
  245. Lacking Basic Knowledge
  246. Fitting Punishment?
  247. Wafi
  248. Cargo Ship To Use Its Own Hull To Sail
  249. Aren't boats too easy to steal?
  250. 21st Century Seamanship?