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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Samuel Temple?
  2. ICOM M-710 Lights up my electrical panel
  3. Newbie Sailor
  4. Tall ship Sorlandet stops by
  5. Identify this boat?
  6. To pull or not to pull....
  7. Learned something(s) today
  8. Looked at the Ranger 26
  9. South Pacific Weather Wind Finder with 8 Day Forecastss
  10. Hit a rock today
  11. DUFOUR 35-36-38 Classic
  12. Truth on Teak Interior?
  13. Eastern Shore Chesapeake Marina Recommendation?
  14. series drogue or para anchor?
  15. Raising sail on mooring.
  16. Diesel Engine Surveys
  17. Going to look at a boat
  18. Flying Scot - did I buy the wrong boat?
  19. Biggest Boat
  20. When Lightning Strikes
  21. Advice on Making a Sailing Canoe
  22. Now this could ruin your summer.
  23. Tropical Storm Gabrielle Forms Near Puerto Rico
  24. thru hulls - scared - need help
  25. Stepping mast in Chicago
  26. Catalina 22 good starter or waste of money
  27. Help me chose a boat
  28. tag along
  29. Maintenance???
  30. More BFA than BFS
  31. Hip-Checked By A Police Boat
  32. Pretty Lake Ontario
  33. state lettering required?
  34. Weather helm
  35. fighting for my first boat!
  36. Boatshare catamaran
  37. Oracle caught cheating
  38. Is this Illegal?
  39. Sailing around the world in a small sailboat
  40. Universal 5411 diesel RPM issues
  41. He's off!!...... Again!!
  42. 2013 Sailing Year a Total Bust
  43. Marina near Woodlands Texas
  44. Seagull behavior modification
  45. Caphorn windvane
  46. Advice re: September trip to Block Island and Newport
  47. Legalities or "non-sailing problems" with sailing to the Bahamas
  48. Info needed for Cedar Key (or Florida's Fogotten Coast)
  49. White Squall...
  50. It'll buff out
  51. Woops!
  52. Is SAILNET Addictive? (Philosophically, of course)
  53. Insurance for single handlers
  54. Placement of the Jib Sheet on a 65 Snipe
  55. Less Cruising Traffic in 2013?
  56. Hunter 35 pierced hull Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas
  57. World Wide comprehensive Weather Site
  58. Name that Dinghy!
  59. How do you get off the boat
  60. sextant
  61. A philosophical divide?
  62. Cleaning Prop. & Replace w/ Folder or Feathering Prop.
  63. Boat brands
  64. Active Lido 14 Forum?
  65. Where is my next sailing destination?
  66. maine mooring/dock fees
  67. End of season tipping
  68. Getting started again
  69. Here's sone pretty girls
  70. Twenty miles from Connecticut to Guatamala
  71. Temperature and water clarity of the Delaware River
  72. Weather Helm
  73. Delivery Captain - Mahone Bay NS to Rock Hall, MD
  74. Who wants to sail to Hawaii?
  75. Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  76. another (easy to answer) roller furler question
  77. dayshapes for towed dinghy?
  78. Another noob question jib and roller furling
  79. Thanks
  80. Water Spouts
  81. Cat 25
  82. What's your cruising speed
  83. Best Boat Insurance Companies?
  84. Fisher's Island Race
  85. How hot does your diesel run?
  86. R.I.P. Dick Newick
  87. Sail twist
  88. OK, this is cool.....
  89. Katie L crosses to Scotland
  90. Dock vs. mooring
  91. What happened to "Sailing The Bay"?
  92. Fugitives sailing to bahamas
  93. Favorite cities and states for sailing?
  94. Storm surfing
  95. Just getting started
  96. What's the most absurd seller statement you've heard
  97. Getting standing rigging replaced in Seatte- suggestions?
  98. Making Headway...finally!!!!!
  99. Old charts and maps
  100. WTH is up w/ the spotlight?
  101. Battery & etc opinions...
  102. Need help and advice
  103. Is it time to boycott the Bahamas?
  104. gps navigation
  105. Chesapeake Sea Nettles--where are they now?
  106. Seeking Raymarine Raystart RS125 GPS owners in Fernandina Beach FL to Brunswick GA
  107. Best liveaboard sailboats for coastal cruising?
  108. The Perils of Rafting On
  109. How to proceed?
  110. Take your dock lines or leave them?
  111. Lost my rudder!
  112. Posting This For the Dreamers Like Me
  113. Liveaboard Documentary?
  114. This is pretty funny
  115. Cushion replacement
  116. Docking Disaster
  117. How do you hang your dock lines?
  118. Which boat is she?
  119. Sun Fish auto bailer
  120. Incredible sailing weekend in NC!
  121. Traveler Locations
  122. Tall Mast Low Bridge WTF
  123. sailboat listings
  124. What a Weekend!
  125. Upper Florida Keys dock to deny access to dingys
  126. Making the step to a keelboat
  127. Practical Maritime Law
  128. Found a boat, but what is the best way to get her home?
  129. Beyond Desolation at last
  130. Tall Ship Picture
  131. Mooring Saver
  132. HIN Number for O'Day Javelin
  133. sandhead
  134. Nissan NS5B Stalling in gear
  135. What Band Will Play At Your Sail Party?
  136. Dry Flush head installation/use experience?
  137. Hobie wave vs 16 in the ocean?
  138. Sailing NE Florida to the Abacos
  139. Datamarine Dart
  140. Westport Harbor
  141. After tsunami loss, sailor wins yachting race to overcome grief
  142. tall ships in WI
  143. Paella burner
  144. What? Sharks in the Potomac....
  145. hunter 31 tall
  146. Remote helm
  147. Lost At Sea - 1 dead in the Southern Ocean
  148. Block Island next week
  149. Scary night sail
  150. what kind of headwind should a sailboat be able to motor through?
  151. If you are willing to help search for Nina
  152. Universal Atomic 4
  153. Ideas on which dinghy/small boat to buy?
  154. Advice on this Catalina 22
  155. Boston By Air
  156. Mobile and Looking for a Great Sailing Community
  157. Old Sailing Ads
  158. What kind of sailboat ?
  159. Cooking on a Laser
  160. 130 genoa & running with the wind
  161. How much Paint
  162. An Excellent Condition, Turnkey Boat
  163. I think the boat next to me is dragging
  164. What is your favorite city to sail on the Western US coast?
  165. Lateen rig points
  166. The 2013 20th Whitby/Brewer sailboat rendezvous
  167. Sailtime Charter
  168. Most of you know how I feel about waving, right?
  169. Fun With Traditional Small Boats
  170. Go bigger or go now?
  171. Looking to sail again! Need some advice
  172. What size boat for Lake Michigan?
  173. Circumnavigation book suggestions
  174. The ICW Single-handed (well almost) Part2
  175. Volvo MD7A size specification sheet
  176. should i keep it or go.bigger
  177. Do marina liveaboards dump their s@!^ in the river?
  178. Lobster pots in Boothbay Harbor
  179. Overboard!
  180. Sailing in Tuscany?
  181. Delta Anchor won't set.
  182. Question about Eldridge and The Race
  183. Installing thru hulls in the water??
  184. Boat delivery list
  185. Choosing the Perfect Boat
  186. Better than a dinghy
  187. Kells 23s
  188. New crew member
  189. Two Thumbs Up...
  190. My Summer of Sailing
  191. Rio Dulce Guatemala
  192. Rio Dulce Guatemala
  193. Genoa sheet routing to high side....
  194. Zodiac vs tri-hull for dinghy
  195. To High tech Nav or not
  196. Trailering set up issues
  197. Proposed PFD Labeling Changes
  198. Pirate ship for sale
  199. Someone tied up my boat.
  200. Regretting my Honda 2.3 purchase
  201. Wolfenzee a celebration of life.......
  202. New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
  203. Developing Nighttime Sailing skills
  204. Annapolis Boat Show Question
  205. Previous owner wants property tax credit?
  206. Best way to deliver a 35-40ft boat from US to Baltic sea
  207. Charter Commission
  208. Wind sites
  209. Wifes Anniversary Present!!!
  210. Safety Notice To Mariners
  211. Experienced delivery crew
  212. IPAD or...... ???
  213. Discounts at Annapolis Sailboat show
  214. New boat dog
  215. Santana 23D any boats built like it today?
  216. CL-16 thoughts
  217. Small craft advisory?
  218. CO2 replacement
  219. Deep Sea Live feed
  220. Is there a speed limit on the Great lakes
  221. Islamorada to Titusville Completed!
  222. The 4th Sail- Fred the Dog, Fred the Frog, and Epic Heat.
  223. Why do skippers yell?
  224. Another reason to stay on the boat:
  225. Yet another noobish question...
  226. Pointing Better
  227. We bought our next boat :) suez or cape
  228. J classes racing
  229. Wanted -- Vancouver slip (32')
  230. Process to import from US to Canada?
  231. This has everything;Sailing,God, Goverment & Escape
  232. Sailing photos from my youth.
  233. Pics of Dawn (Ponce Inlet outward)
  234. Sailed Outside - First Time
  235. Latest sailing debacle
  236. R i p wolfenzee...dammit
  237. Problems making the next move
  238. Bad start, worse middle, happy ending
  239. Questions about standoff distance and narrow channels
  240. Sailing North Aug. 18
  241. Filipino Seafarers (Bet you didn't know this)
  242. Running before walking....
  243. know it all ???
  244. H. Boss IMOC 60 (pix)
  245. Lake Erie to Florida
  246. catamaran capsize
  247. What is this bizzare rig for?
  248. anchoring story ... your opinion sought
  249. "Do they see us??" The Sun as "frenemy"
  250. Things never change