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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. I want a nautical tattoo :)
  2. This is what I call a motivated college student... afloat.
  3. Stop the horns? Yikes!
  4. how to put out a boating fire
  5. Motor mount jammed.
  6. help choosing a boat to suit my purpose
  7. Bahama entry fees are rising, again?
  8. General maintenance questions - hulls and paint etc
  9. New Pages on Frugal Mariner
  10. Older CCA boats with rounded robust overbuilt booms...added boom vang needed?
  11. Are You The Operator Underway?
  12. Catching/Eating fresh fish
  13. MOB: Modified beam reach
  14. Spreader Tip
  15. Kudos for Starbrite lifetime warranty
  16. Recourse for Powerboats
  17. Website with currents shown on chart with arrows
  18. Who sails with their Golden Retriever
  19. Any advice on getting to the head of the harbor in Nantucket?
  20. A Moment of Silence..
  21. Anchorage for Annapolis Fireworks?
  22. Atomic 4
  23. What do I do if the anchorage is full?
  24. Handicapped Access to Salon?
  25. anyone who's done the trip from long beach to catalina. feedback please
  26. Since Hurricane prep has already been mentioned ...
  27. My own mooring on L.I. Sound?
  28. Maiden Voyage
  29. moderators read please
  30. Bought the boat! Location questions NJ/MD/NY
  31. Looking for Advice on Sliding Gooseneck
  32. Natasha Lambert: Disabled teenager sailing English Channel ...
  33. Biscayne Bay
  34. Aleph Tav, The First Voyage - Episode 2!
  35. "Operation Dry Water" Don't BUI this weekend.
  36. Seafever out playing in 18 true
  37. Question for Chesapeake Sailors
  38. Boat Haul Checklist?
  39. Help! Flys
  40. Allmand sub-forum
  41. Not good news--NINA way overdue
  42. Trying to be prepared for the inevitable hurricane
  43. Sad day
  44. Summer Solstice in Aialik Bay, Alaska
  45. Removable Forestay
  46. Favorite Sailing Song
  47. Replacing Raymarine RC320?
  48. Has anyone here done any kite videos?
  49. First Boat - Nunsuch?
  50. Would this be a good first sailboat?
  51. Am I an 'operator' at anchor?
  52. Please Vote for Changes
  53. The wire that hits the mast in storge?
  54. Prototype-Video: Kite-Scooter to become fastest sail craft ever?
  55. Cool tow vehicle for my trailer-sailer!
  56. Talk to me about whisker poles!
  57. Practical Sailor has deaf ears
  58. What is the make and model of this boat????
  59. Where do you like to cruise?
  60. slow motion; Moguls, Millionaires, and me... J class
  61. Yamaha outboard 8hp 4 stroke stolen in Chesapeake bay marina
  62. Gaining experience from being crew...
  63. Tsunami strikes NJ
  64. Good Blue Water / Shallow Water Compromise
  65. Sailrite
  66. Mermaids in the Bay
  67. It's so unfair!
  68. Would this forecast keep you in port?
  69. As good as it gets
  70. Frogwatch Lightning ground
  71. The new tub
  72. Bitey flies on Lake Michigan
  73. Coast Guard flying the Bangladesh?
  74. Stupid question of the month
  75. Small but never got !!!!
  76. Do you wear a life jacket?
  77. Binocular Conundrum: Field of View?
  78. What is this?
  79. Roller Furling Staysail on Sloop
  80. What song describes you boat best.
  81. Bay Area Summer Sailstice?
  82. Off to Bermuda
  83. Glorious Reach
  84. US Navy ship inquiry finished.....
  85. Leaking Chain Plates
  86. Genoa Cut Flat for reefing????
  87. Accused sailboat thief hung around marina for days before stealing boat
  88. Acetone vs Interlux 202
  89. Supermoon tonight, anyone have photos from their boat to post?
  90. My $4,500 US B-2 Visa Saga - a cautionary tale
  91. Gangplank Ideas?
  92. Cool aerial video
  93. Anyone Know the Bianca 36?
  94. V-drive propulsion - advantages and drawbacks?
  95. Neverwet should have many boating applications
  96. Dear Mr. Weatherman...
  97. used monitor windvain
  98. charts
  99. Endeavour 32 Fuel Tank Plan B
  100. Float Plan
  101. calling a bridge in Canada
  102. Winch covers?
  103. lon/lat deg min vs. decimal
  104. Back stay boom supporter broke - now what?
  105. yanmar idle speed
  106. Mason 33 cutter rig?
  107. Waterspout experience?
  108. Ensenada Owners Unite
  109. Marine Rigging Apprentice
  110. using a trolling motor for power
  111. Need some Sailnet HELP and Love!!!..
  112. IMI Combi
  113. sailing with CB up?
  114. Measurements bow pulpit Cal 30 tall rig
  115. Albin 7.9
  116. How NOT to tie a cleat hitch
  117. Trapped in a sunk boat at 100 feet for 3 days
  118. Van Isle 360 Yacht Race
  119. new to me 1969 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27
  120. Let's go diving
  121. Three kinds of sailors
  122. Drowning Doesn't look like drowning
  123. Lite propane cylinders recall
  124. Out of the Dungeon and Back into the Light
  125. Worlds Largest Solar Powered Vessel cruising down the Chesapeake Bay Now
  126. What do you have for a cannon?
  127. Rowing a barge
  128. Trade a day sail cpt onboard?
  129. Is Boating right for me?
  130. Squelch
  131. Sailing 3 miles off shore and Thunderstorm moves in from the east. What do you do?
  132. Galilee 15 information requested
  133. Wow! The stars have aligned.
  134. What is good speed to make...
  135. Drinking water tank water.
  136. this ad has gotten better..
  137. What boat is right for me?
  138. Motor vs Rowing inflatable dinghy...
  139. Teach a girl to use the big boy tools and look what she can do
  140. I had a bad day, I need a hug or will kill someone
  141. Evaporative Cooler
  142. Clean/Polish Painted Hull before Applying Graphics?
  143. Boat burns in Biscayne Bay!
  144. Revisit Thorny Pass - Strategy
  145. Boat burns in Grenada!!!!!
  146. Florida is the First!!!!!
  147. Mounting Rope Clutches
  148. Best 4th of July Fiireworks in the Salish Sea?
  149. Trade Winds Dying
  150. Champlain Canal Closure
  151. Almost free boat
  152. How did you do Mona Pass last time?
  153. sailing as i write
  154. One of the best sailboat ads I have seen
  155. Creekmore 45 sail/rigging plans?
  156. Expected Cruising Speed?
  157. Annapolis Newport race
  158. Photos from the Baltic Sea
  159. Repowering
  160. Oops|...Shelter Island...Richmond/Vancouver
  161. Alternative to Panama Canal
  162. trailerable boat
  163. Oversize furler
  164. new rigging?
  165. ICW Latest Info
  166. Cruising with livestock -- any anchoring issues?
  167. Plymouth to Lisbon
  168. This has to sting...
  169. Good First Boat
  170. Look at this Listed as ready to sail
  171. AMF Puffer Restoration
  172. Henry B Smith found
  173. Video of test of my $200 eBay asymmetrical spinnaker
  174. gettting closer to sailing
  175. that outta the way
  176. No tape turnbuckles and cotter pins
  177. Removing old boat name decal
  178. Finally got my new (old) tub home
  179. How and where to race w AMF Apollo
  180. NOAA observed conditions (past)
  181. Looking to get first boat
  182. Starwind 223
  183. Chartering smaller sailboats? Where?
  184. B345 Shoal Draft Performance
  185. Visit to Beneteau Factory
  186. Scioto River in Ohio question...
  187. Looking for dock space in Palm beach County.
  188. Dinghy Cruising/Camping?
  189. Coast Guard rescues 4 "sailors" off Charleston...
  190. Reefing Sail Ties
  191. First Boat Recommendation
  192. Harborless Diesel Prognosis
  193. Gulstream in realtime
  194. Im back! Macgregor 22
  195. New NOAA Weather Alert
  196. Friday Humor
  197. Tornadoes and boats...
  198. Sailboat Rudder (ROM) Range of Motion
  199. Depth of Chesapeake City Free Docks
  200. Towing a Capri 16 with a Subaru outback?
  201. Sailing Partner Needed in Philadelphia Area
  202. generic starter relay for Volvo mb10a gas?
  203. Work gets in the way...
  204. Dinghy and Engine Hoist
  205. Best place to stop between Miami and New York
  206. C&C30 MK1 What halyard to use?
  207. tornado warning in Marathon, Fl. Keys
  208. Tanzer 31
  209. Finally out (in) On the Water again
  210. Celebrity 20ft Fiberglass hull 1977.
  211. Left Coast Off-shore Sailors, what to pack?
  212. Tomorrow is hopefully the big day
  213. Nice day!
  214. Any Catalina 350 or 400's in Solomons Island MD?
  215. NC Leukemia Cup Regatta
  216. quite a place to keep a boat
  217. Navionics Plat Plus 699 N Bahamas SD Card
  218. Are you done yet??
  219. Hell Gate Transit - Advice Needed
  220. Recommendations for sail makers in Seattle
  221. South Jersey anyone?
  222. Sagging headlining
  223. The inside passage - The Boy, Me and the Cat
  224. Launching the boat
  225. Docking with a spring line questions
  226. West Marine makes enemies
  227. End of the sailing season
  228. 1972 tartan 30
  229. Finally; guess I had a mental block!
  230. attaching letters and insignias
  231. first sail
  232. Who registered their boat outside their home state?
  233. Is the Great Loop route around the eastern US threatened?
  234. Pacific Seacraft 25
  235. large dog ramp for Catalina 22
  236. Sucks trying to nail down a boat.
  237. Where can I anchor with 7' draft in the Keys?
  238. Downside of the BVI
  239. Should I sail or finish the decks......
  240. Where dreams go to die?
  241. Scared the CRAP out of me!
  242. Trailer extension or winch?
  243. Reefing question
  244. weird marina entrance on the Humber - my current base
  245. My New Sailing Neighbor
  246. Eldridge v. App question
  247. spent 5 months cruising, and want MORE. Any one Info on Ta Chiao 38 ?
  248. Help a rookie figure out how to bareboat charter
  249. Houston to Bahams
  250. Fair Winds