: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Had a chance to sail on an America's Cup (2005 vintage) boat
  2. Circumnavigating the Pacific
  3. Slow, Wet, And Tender
  4. Led fetish support group
  5. Morro Bay ?
  6. Changing Tack, Ideas About the Next Boat
  7. OUPV (6-pack) Captainís Lic
  8. Bryan Chong's first hand recount of the Low Speed Chase tragedy
  9. Let hear for simple seaworthy boats maing notable voyages
  10. Over Powered in 30 knots?
  11. shoal draft keel vs regular keel
  12. recommended book on heavy weather sailing
  13. Teak Cockpit
  14. Re-Naming A Boat
  15. Lessons for VA beach
  16. Need help finding the impossible boat :)
  17. seat cushions
  18. Getting there and back
  19. baby stays
  20. Crew dynamics
  21. FLARES, Who needs them ?
  22. Boat Sitting Falmouth, UK
  23. A very public grounding
  24. smart phone apps for sailing/boating
  25. Navigating mississippi river
  26. Finally got 2/3 of the fleet wet!
  27. agtround... beam on...fast incoming tide
  28. Sailing from Holland to the Med
  29. New Season, New directions, fresh results!
  30. Is my mast too heavy ????
  31. Pulling my mast out and making it all new.
  32. Newport Gets New Transient Facility
  33. Solar panel sails
  34. Grounding a Battery?
  35. cruise ship captain ignores distress signals
  36. Pick Points
  37. Sailing Clubs for Young Family? Annapolis
  38. what does one have to do to earn the title 'Captain' ???
  39. Bottom Paint Chipping
  40. Near miss on Lake Michigan
  41. 4th of July in Annapolis?
  42. The day has arrived
  43. Walks to Port in reverse.
  44. Choosing a slip at the Marina
  45. Prescription sunglasses for astigmatism
  46. Pre-rigged spring lines for a "strange slip"
  47. will car polish/wax be safe on gel coat?
  48. Strange weather this weekend around Cape May
  49. What's the deal with Bruce Roberts designs?
  50. Not Sure Wich Winch to use
  51. North Forkís Jazz Great, Capt. Teddy Charles Dies
  52. I have had it with inboards
  53. Replacing these with widows that open?
  54. New Hatch for the Morgan 321
  55. heading north
  56. Wow! Them's expensive slips!!
  57. America's Cup - anyone else interested?
  58. What's your dream boat???
  59. DWI or DUI. or BUI. BWI
  60. CG Airdrops Pump to Barque Eagle
  61. Gray's Creek Marina (VA) Info?
  62. Flanker spinnaker sail?
  63. Newly Started UMass Boston Sailing Team! HELP!
  64. Dumb Question....Whats a #1 Genoa?
  65. Passing of a Boat Dog.
  66. Planning a Trip. Where would You go?
  67. East Coast Ladys first Sunday under Full sail
  68. Hiking out
  69. Do you test your VHF before heading out?
  70. Relaunch tomorrow!!
  71. Video of Matt Rutherfords Chesapeake Arrival
  72. One dead, four missing in Farallones sailboat race
  73. Falmouth Cutter
  74. Fata Morgana (Mirage)
  75. Wet spot on hull around strut
  76. scrapping a sailboat
  77. Titanic Flight Diverted to Aid Sinking Vessel
  78. Sails and Squall Lines
  79. Bonaire contractors
  80. 91 J-35C - Insurance Sale
  81. Small, cheap persian rugs/runners for down below...
  82. what size line are your jib halyards?
  83. Dolphin rescue
  84. Land transport for a 310 Zodiac
  85. Outboard motor mount and resell value
  86. Sequitur - Two New Blog Posts
  87. Do you sailor's keep a log book?
  88. Thoughts on the Olson 30?
  89. Transatlantic Sailing in Spring
  90. 46cfr p7- boundary lines
  91. TWIC Card, anyone?
  92. Wind Map
  93. Siren 17 or O'Day Daysailer II?
  94. Coffee Maker
  95. Boat transport company
  96. Marine Surveyor, New York, Northern NJ
  97. Your ONE piece of wisdom...
  98. Chain Locker Overboard Drain Question
  99. BVI Waypoints
  100. Money no object boat?
  101. Cape Cod Marine Surveyor
  102. Duffy 18 stolen in Bonaire.
  103. Roatan Sailing School
  104. Napatree Anchorage Restrictions Discussed
  105. Current tables
  106. Cruisers: what kind of trips can be made by non-bluewater boats in a weather window?
  107. Need help finding perfect boat!
  108. Should I raise my genoa with an extension?
  109. Does anyone know this product
  110. Bimini or something else?
  111. NZ/UK national buying older yacht in the USA
  112. Lady J goes home...
  113. SailBoats for Sale buy OWNER........
  114. Water is still cold....
  115. Low Bridges
  116. Newbies, Listen Up...About the BS
  117. How long is a boat?
  118. Video of Jordan Series Drogue deployment...
  119. Where is your spinnaker pole???
  120. Shore power question
  121. "I'm going to watch a race" protocol
  122. 1:1 Keelboat Tuition wanted NJ Area
  123. Insurance for sailing in a club?
  124. Battery wires and cables?
  125. Magarita purists only; finding balance (or, tempting fate)
  126. boat sailing
  127. Herreshoff S-Boat Project
  128. Sail Simulator on VMWare Fusion 4
  129. Cleaning the boat
  130. Question of spinnaker bail strength
  131. Hutton 24
  132. $500.00 foreign vessel entry fee for Alaska?
  133. FOR SALE-73hp Mercedes Nanni Diesel Engine
  134. Check into USA with phone call?
  135. after launching
  136. Big Question, need answers...
  137. Online yacht chooser
  138. Spinnaker halyard for a furling jib??
  139. Coast guard to sink ship
  140. They are Waiting...
  141. Help Me Choose A Boat?
  142. Transient Slip in Norfolk
  143. Shipping 30 ton IP 38 cross Country ????
  144. Real Cruising budget
  145. Ontario to Champlain
  146. 2 Sailors rescued off california...
  147. Anyone use a hammock at sea?
  148. $10,000 Blue water capable boat
  149. Catalina!!!
  150. Anchoring in Oyster Bay, NY -- need advice
  151. Interested in offshore sailing opportunity?
  152. cal 27 interior repair question and mods
  153. Safety at Sea by MTAM
  154. bigger than normal tides coming.....
  155. The Live aboard dream right out of college?
  156. Hudson river marina
  157. Interior refit advice
  158. Sailing Between Juneau Alaska to Prince William Sound
  159. Well, post you *&%#@ sailing stories...
  160. Wear and tear on sets of sails
  161. 85 yr old Sailor dies at the Marina
  162. Defender Warehouse Sale
  163. Sailboat on front page of April Practical Sailor
  164. International Yacht Deliveries or Transport
  165. Problems with chartplotter accuracy
  166. Back to the Future...
  167. USCG assisting 67' yacht hit by heavy seas 400nm west of CA.
  168. What goes in your ship's log?
  169. windmill powered catamaran? does this qualify as a sailboat?
  170. Real-Time U.S. Wind Map
  171. Marina Fire Lake Ray Hubbard
  172. Your favorite IPhone apps for sailing?
  173. Recovering a stolen dinghy and engine in another country?
  174. Sailing and Anchoring aboard a Cruising Cat?
  175. Stay and tack adjustment
  176. Diesel Maintenance and Repair Classes ?
  177. Mast "pumping" (not under sail, at the dock).. ?
  178. From Newbies to Seasoned Cruisers
  179. mainsail batten cars...suggestions?
  180. Spartan: A Vintage NY50 Finds Salvation
  181. And I thought 8 knots felt fast
  182. Has anyone ever seen this
  183. Grounding on purpose
  184. Cleaning Metal and Stainless Anything fast?
  185. Question about in-boom furling & in-mast furling
  186. Belize pirate attack
  187. Yacht Evacuated Off Cape Sable Island (Canada)
  188. Hard Stand, Sydney Australia
  189. Out and Back Sail / Open Ocean Rendezvous -- Summer 2012
  190. no discharge zones
  191. Pelican Cayes Piracy
  192. American Mariner 27 Shoal Draft Info Needed.
  193. spin drift 15 and kells 23 question
  195. quick question with regard to anchoring near port of everett, puget sound, wa
  196. quick question with regard to anchoring near port of everett, puget sound, wa
  197. Where Can I Find Boat + Skipper to Hire in Brittany, France?
  198. Pictures: Glowing Blue Waves Explained
  199. Heaven Can Wait 2012
  200. Shameless Sailing Video
  201. Beta Marine - New Hybrid System!
  202. Attention Assistance List Volunteers
  203. Nautical quotes and thoughts
  204. comparing cruisers....IP 31/32 & Caliber 33
  205. Furling from the Tack first
  206. Bird poop
  207. Stink Bugs
  208. Things to watch out for...
  209. Snipe bailing
  210. Easiest way to repaint the deck?
  211. San Juan 26, love or hate...
  212. Help on Pedestal manufacturer
  213. Catch Moon, Venus, Jupiter--great show up there
  214. Global Coronado 25 Cruise Week
  215. Mariner 28
  216. Acoustic Insulation for engine room?
  217. San Diego boat fires 3/19/12
  218. Spring fever: I'm just dying to splash!
  219. compression post repair/replace or addition ?
  220. New sail Dacron characteristics
  221. Almost Home
  222. Bad boat trip on Bethanny Ever After
  223. Key West Day Sail Charter?
  224. Boat renaming/denaming
  225. Block Island race week: worth going?
  226. Newbie to boat shares
  227. Whatís in a name?
  228. Sailing up Coast of California
  229. Sailing on a shoestring.
  230. 2011 Volvo Ocean Race - photographs
  231. Will the coasties be seeing them in the near future?
  232. Taxes and such.. where to buy globally?
  233. C&C 30 MK1 chine toe rail leak
  234. What is a Blade Sail and a Spitfire Sail
  235. 12volt charge
  236. Video of the BIG WIND Sail!
  237. ICW - Oriental to Morehead City (Adams Creek)
  238. What is your opinion of Bavaria's?
  239. furlex
  240. Piling Spacing
  241. Umm...well...uh-oh...
  242. x-files
  243. Maxi 95
  244. Pulled out a cleat at my slip, now getting pursued for damages - advice please
  245. Epirb quandry
  246. Biloxi, MS. Sailing?
  247. Big Wind....BIG FUN!!!
  248. skinny water
  249. ladder tied to mast?
  250. Grounding