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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Pre sail checklist
  2. Help marina wanted in florida
  3. What strategy do you employ when using a drogue
  4. Visiting marinas - do you phone ahead? (SF Bay)
  5. Pop rivets: AL vs SS
  6. Ever been injured on your boat? Just happened to me.
  7. Bad yacht accident: two dead (one rescuer)
  8. I met Reid Stowe
  9. How many SIM cards do you carry?
  10. Montague Marina - Galliano Island
  11. Pacific Northwest Cruisers party.
  12. Chicago to South Manitou Island
  13. Looking for a good all-purpose GPS
  14. BVI to Annapolis
  15. What is the closest Star?
  16. Canaveral Barge Canal
  17. Now THIS is an interesting sailboat. (TED video)
  18. Marine Gremlins?
  19. O'Day DS or Flying Scot?
  20. Cape Cod Charter
  21. tradition for new owner?
  22. What frequency do toy dail in to pick SSB weather report and weather chart?
  23. Lifejacket Branding
  24. Using sailboat without sails.
  25. The Age of Fighting Sail----2013
  26. Irwin
  27. newbe question about freshwater tanks
  28. stepping/unstepping mast on Cal 25-2
  29. Bad things that happen at sea.
  30. BVI to Panama Canal
  31. North Sails Direct fiasco
  32. 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook!
  33. Are abandoned boats a big problem in the U.S?
  34. visa question for us citizen going to europe
  35. Real life playing out one of my ideas.
  36. The Feel Good Sub-Forum
  37. What made you buy your boat?
  38. upholsterly shop recommendations in Seattle area
  39. Canadian Olympian's trans-Atlantic trip suffers 'catastrophic capsize'
  40. A great Dock Master
  41. can anyone identify this make/model boat?
  42. Haircuts while cruising?
  43. Big opportunity for someone
  44. First time out today.
  45. Boat recommendations for a Newbe
  46. Greek cruise
  47. 25 tall rig ODay table
  48. TV/monitor ??
  49. Chicago River trip
  50. I don't have weather helm
  51. Edson Parts in Annapolis area?
  52. In search of old/unwanted sails
  53. Father abducts 2 children last seen on sailboat in Gulf of Mexico...
  54. Share/Partner With Your Boat - Western Long Island Sound or Jersey Shore
  55. Financing for Catamaran in Caribbean
  56. Documentation Vs. State Registration
  57. Virgins to Panama City
  58. Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA)
  59. Zebra Mussels - Lakes
  60. What's deal with the Liability Ins for Countries in Meds
  61. Sail Cut & Shape
  62. Annapolis, MD to South FL on ICW & Outside
  63. Which thread was it?
  64. The End of Keels?
  65. What is the lightest wind I can sail in?
  66. What kind of boat is this?
  67. Apparently I'm not meant to have a boat...
  68. Jerry can & fender covers material?
  69. O'Day 22 Coastal Cruise?
  70. Sea of Cortez Advice
  71. Propane leak into the bilge. What to do?
  72. 1987 Freedom 30 Survey
  73. Funny Story
  74. Another Boat on the Beach, Another Anchor Thread
  75. Good battery education
  76. The wrong thing to use as starting fluid
  77. CO alarm on boats ?
  78. Sinking?
  79. Unbelieveable Easter in BC!
  80. Anchor failure and use of a handgun result in loss of cruising yacht...
  81. UK 220 volt spec to US 110 volt
  82. Ensenada 20
  83. Ospreys
  84. Broken rib help for new sailor
  85. Great Writeup on Bounty
  86. Friendly Manatees
  87. Moody 41 AC has no traditional traveler?
  88. Yamar 2gm not winterize
  89. sales tax and import duties
  90. Sailing in the EU
  91. Go Cruising now my Brothers
  92. 2013 NorthEast C&C Rendezvous
  93. Running Rigging Installation
  94. The physics of a mooring ball...
  95. Boat Insurance Rate Increase
  96. Chapter 1: Our first cruise
  97. Do you recognise this yacht. WARATAH TWIN KEEL.Tasmania circa 1970's
  98. My boat!!! (part 2)
  99. Keel Help!
  100. What GPS tracking program do you use?
  101. Sinking sailboat on dry land
  102. Minimizing prop walk...
  103. Increasing flotation
  104. Cloud shadow on water vs Rock/coral head in water
  105. Vectran sleeve for anchor rode?
  106. Chapman's School in Stuart, Fl ?
  107. Single-Handing thru locks ?
  108. Duluth to Chicago + bridge + Mississippi
  109. Degree of difficulty in circumnavigating Lake Superior ?
  110. 26 feet long and at 4 tons
  111. Canadian sailing + heating ?
  112. Classic Yacht Regatta Schedule in LI Sound/New England?
  113. Wind indicator NOT for mast top
  114. Lead vs cast iron keels
  115. Purchasing a Sailboat from the US?
  116. Survey on cruising south for newbies
  117. Salem Water Taxi/Proper Mooring Set Up
  118. Surveyours by State / Region
  119. Some times things just work out...
  120. A couple wisely decides to head back in...
  121. Sailboat perishes off Hatteras, USCG rescues crew
  122. You All Be Safe Out There!
  123. Going to a smaller wheel?
  124. Great Loop Charts
  125. Coast Guard License..., by Budd Gonder
  126. Otter problem, help!
  127. Cheapest dry storage from Charleston to Jacksonville
  128. Thoughts on ProFurl in-boom furling?
  129. Rope Clutches, go small or big???
  130. Long Term Dry Storage Central Florida
  131. Star Class Hull
  132. Recomendations for Transporting the Boat
  134. BUG bomb use?
  135. Wild Sailing Photos.
  136. Naming a boat
  137. NOOB !! 5th season coming up !
  138. Well I Finally Did It!
  139. Prop walk combined with wind
  140. Spider Cracking opinions wanted
  141. Sailing Weather?
  142. Need Hull Drawings
  143. Undeleting Coast Guard Documentaion??
  144. Use TBT or not?
  145. Towing options in upper Chesapeake
  146. sailing has changed my life
  147. Looking for a new hand-start diesel engine...
  148. Show us your home port!
  149. Boum!!!!
  150. Project Catalina 310
  151. How long does a listing sit unsold?
  152. Is Sailing an Elitist Sport?
  153. Hull color?
  154. Easiest mast to raise?
  155. Fastest route from Annapolis to NYC?
  156. Where is the grounding bus bar on a Pearson 26?
  157. Chicagoland launches
  158. Weirdest DIY outboard you've seen?
  159. What do I take for repairs ond spares.??
  160. Cruising vs. Voyaging
  161. Lowering a hank on jib
  162. Crappy Weather?
  163. Sail time from Boston to Dartmouth
  164. New England Ropes Synthetic lifelines?!?!
  165. Favorite old towing vehicles?
  166. Defender Spring Sale...not
  167. Topping Lift - How Does this work?
  168. Just sitting on the back of the boat
  169. Splashing tomorrow
  170. How do you tie a cleat hitch?
  171. Harness and Tether Recommendations?
  172. Dinghy Registration Dilemma - MD
  173. Totally inadequate chain
  174. Grand Turk - Anyone know if Marina and fuel Dock?
  175. Ham antenna for sailboat
  176. Boat type ID
  177. Bareboat Charter in Stockholm Sweden - recs
  178. Do I need a guy and a sheet on each side of spinnaker?
  179. Insurance Companies
  180. Looking for a used or new raytheon raydata st60 plus
  181. Stolen Orange Portland Pudgy in Portland, Oregon
  182. is anyone using an electric motor to get out of the marina
  183. Paddle Wheel Speedometer
  184. Bounty, 2 minute mutiny?
  185. Ipad as sailing instrument....
  186. yellow bottom paint....:)
  187. Smackdaddy needs your thoughts/prayers
  188. 1974 Catalina 27
  189. Question for IOR boat owners: when do you reef main?
  190. loose footed main - attachment question
  191. Searching for ORION 3. 23ft WARATAH twin keel yacht 1975
  192. USA Visa
  193. How do you heave to with main sail alone?
  194. traveling with a parrot
  195. Interesting story
  196. Greater Monkey Caye
  197. Ensenada 20 Owners in Brevard County Fl
  198. Cellphone Nav?
  199. c&c 99 hull survey question
  200. USCG Certificate of Documentation
  201. Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?
  202. Sailing the Sydney to Hobart
  203. Lets choose SmackDaddy's new boat...
  204. Maine Insiders: Barry King
  205. CAD drawings...
  206. DIY Diesel Heater Installation
  207. Carnival-- again?!
  208. Smith Mountain Lake
  209. How Would You Like to Be Offshore With This Forecast?
  210. Ship collision - that is going to leave a mark
  211. Did I kill my battery?
  212. Heading to the Keys!
  213. Weatherfax audio file for testing
  214. Boating safety classes
  215. current boat fitting interior mirrors/glass?
  216. EPIRB or PLB for coastal cruising
  217. relocating to Sarasota
  218. Weather helm question
  219. Problem/Issues experienced with backpacks and duffle bags carried along
  220. new California tax?
  221. Storm Sail Rig
  222. Thinking of removing my traveler. Thoughts?
  223. Best...Sail...EVER!!!!
  224. Clipper Round the World Race -
  225. Free West Marine Coupon $15 Off!
  226. like to join a boat
  227. Types of insurance
  228. virgin
  229. Lisbon in May
  230. Boat Name Protocol ?
  231. Thanks MaineSail!
  232. Biography of Bill Tilman - book review
  233. 1 dead, 5 rescued from CA racing sailboat accident
  234. Salt Water in the Cylinders
  235. anchorage etiquette
  236. Taking advantage of commercial airline when in Emergency?
  237. Professional Liability Insurance for delivery or hiring crews
  238. Anybody know what boat this is?
  239. Good sailing related doctumentary
  240. Humor at the dock (mostly unintended...)
  241. Dehumidifying the cabin while underway
  242. What's in your laptop
  243. Cleaning stained vinyl headliner
  244. I'm here in Long Key FL
  245. Navicula Vulgaris
  246. Popularity of center cockpits?
  247. windows 8 tablet touch chart plotter software advice needed
  248. COsts of short distance sailboat transport
  249. West Marine no longer matching prices...
  250. Magma marine grill recommendations