: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. New to Sailing world
  2. Tropical storm Debby doing damage in St Petersburg (warning Boat carnage pics)
  3. bear
  4. how to remove boat numbers from sail?
  5. Lubricate knot meter paddlewheel?
  6. Track and slide on bottom of boom
  7. need help making the decision
  8. Finally bought a boat
  9. LOA question (Cal 29)
  10. Pearson 30
  11. Midship cleat for a Genoa Track
  12. Darkside My A$$
  13. First Boat ..
  14. covering wood spars with fiberglass cloth
  15. Good Learning to Sail Books?
  16. riptide
  17. Yacht Spotters photo contest - a little help?
  18. compressed natural gass
  19. State Registration of Documented Vessels
  20. Hmsai8i3e989
  21. Setting up a spinnaker sock
  22. Info /help Bayliner B200
  23. Questions OF ETAP
  24. In the midst of racers
  25. Needy club in need of a dredger
  26. Lobster pots
  27. South Africans freed by Somalis after 20 months
  28. Roller furling line improvement
  29. Our 1980 ericson 38'
  30. Garmin 72 GPS Issue
  31. Rudder Washers
  32. Laid back Texas regatta sounds like the ideal cruise in company.
  33. AIS comedy! LOL
  34. Latts & Atts is GONE!
  35. Fatality in Marblehead
  36. Do Sailboats scare birds!!?
  37. My seaon is screwed GRUESOME IMAGE
  38. Sailing yacht design
  39. NY Trash?
  40. South Shore Harbor Marine, New Orleans LA.
  41. Choosing a new main sail.
  42. Upcoming Sarasota to New York Trip
  43. whisker pole or spinnaker pole
  44. Meetup Groups
  45. maine to bahamas and back
  46. Sails in Jacksonville
  47. What type of boat is this?
  48. Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 Prepaid Mobile Hotspot
  49. Missing my Sailboat! Sell me yours! ;)
  50. Morgan 22 - Would like to hear from owners
  51. West Coast Vancouver Island - Up Hill
  52. NOAA Weather Station SLIM2 Solomons, MD
  53. Perfect yacht bike!
  54. guidance?
  55. How to edit a classified ad?
  56. Classified adds or boat flea market?
  57. I want to sail!
  58. Pitt Lake BC, Canada
  59. Boomaroo 25
  60. I know why the Previous Owner sold the boat!
  61. girls and heels
  62. here comes another Morgan 24 project....
  63. Help- New owner of 40ft old sailboat, can't get insurance
  64. Recommend a Surveyor near New Bern, NC
  65. Sheet to Tiller or Windvane?
  66. Katie L under power - eight outboards in eight hours
  67. ICW Bridges
  68. Electric Winch Handle
  69. Chris N Cate: Is this your boat?
  70. what model of sailboat is this???
  71. Trolling Motor to Battery Bank?
  72. Deck Hull Repair
  73. Seized seacock
  74. Maple Leaf
  75. Garmin Steps Up
  76. Free mooring in FL
  77. Berth length ?
  78. Navigation Software
  79. Eastern Long Island
  80. R19
  81. sailing partner wanted
  82. Pictures of My Boat in Cuba!
  83. Videos : Sailing Vancouver Islands West Coast
  84. On a hook? (boat storage Florida) locals help ?!
  85. Sailor Rescued between CA and HI
  86. Tices Shoal Barny Bay NJ
  87. Good Marinas in the Chesapeake
  88. Hoax distress call
  89. 1974 Coronado 23MkII Boom extrusion
  90. Sailing on a 1920's Alden Schooner
  91. Famous Boat for Sale "Dove"
  92. Safety Checklist
  93. Plotting a course online
  94. Is it just me with pole problems? ;)
  95. Curious boat prices
  96. Who went Sailing on Saturday? "Pictures"
  97. Bluewater? - a different way of looking at it
  98. Newport Beach Shark!
  99. General advice selling stuff
  100. Brilliant new products from KTL Inc
  101. Am I Nuts?.....And if so, what do I do now?
  102. Is she bluewater? Interesting story to help with these questions.
  103. Race crew?
  104. Not a good day for Sailing
  105. How bluewater capable is the Cape Dory 25?
  106. Looks good, how well will she sail?
  107. trailersailerplace - any Aussies here??
  108. South Florida-ish to Bahamas...Making it happen in mid to late novermeber
  109. Cape Lookout, N.C.
  110. Still flying high (and rocking) after ASA 101
  111. Thermal imaging
  112. Neglected boats in Yacht Clubs
  113. marina suggestions in Fl or Ga
  114. Stopping in the US with no visa
  115. Hillarious Spammer
  116. Move from slip to mooring ball
  117. I just had to repost this ...
  118. Windsurfing lessons in NE Ohio
  119. Waning and waxing interest, or is it waxing and waning, I forget.
  120. Hampton U - wants to start sailing !
  121. Children's Story Books featuring female captains?
  122. "Help" Boat shopping on the Great Lakes?
  123. Release halyard tension on roller furler?
  124. Sequitur - Two New Blog Posts
  125. interesting rescue worth discussing
  126. Could You Survive a Collision
  127. Kent Island Narrows Depth
  128. Modifying Brent Swain 26
  129. VHF MMSI Number
  130. Seafarer 600 echo sounder
  131. Computer Expert Help
  132. So Memorial weekend this happens......
  133. What experience/documentation is need to...
  134. Beginner Bilge Question
  135. What type of boat is this?
  136. pros/cons of boom footed jib?
  137. Mobo lights - chavtastic
  138. ASA 101 starts tomorrow!
  139. Do you personally get seasick?
  140. Best boat for up the Potomac?
  141. Downeast and Bay of Fundy
  142. Good Alternator Shop in Annapolis?
  143. Slip from Hell...
  144. Any experience on a good racing watch?
  145. Sad day for BC marine SAR
  146. Sorry Knootygurl!
  147. Jason 35 with balsa deck core damage.
  148. How Far Do You Heel...?
  149. Want to lacate make, model and owner of
  150. Video Recovered from Abandoned Boat
  151. beach friendly boat advice
  152. sail question!
  153. Collectable Boat Building Book
  154. It doesn't get better than this!
  155. Storm Sail with roller furling?
  156. Standing rigging for Laguna 26
  157. Why are weather forecasters so........ crap at it?
  158. Normal cost to step a deck stepped mast?
  159. tying off the tiller at the slip
  160. Shark
  161. Eastern Bahamas Anchorages
  162. Appleton, Wisconsin
  163. Canadian resident registering boat in US. Duty question
  164. Extreme Sailing Series
  165. New Here and to Sailing!
  166. I'm In...
  167. knot for mainsail halyard
  168. State Sen. Kehoe drops anti fouling paint bill
  169. Disability Sailing
  170. Thanks for the warm welcome,
  171. Toronto to Kingston
  172. Looking for a "coach" dry sailing from Brickyard Cove in SF Bay
  173. Racing yacht's near-miss with large whale captured on video
  174. PHRF Hunter 340
  175. Would like information on the Severn20' sailboat
  176. How to Become a Sailing Instructor
  177. Why I am always wary of Power Boaters.....
  178. Origami Paddler - a folding paddle board that can fit in a cockpit locker
  179. Something everyone will enjoy :)
  180. Length to beam ratio....and then throw in disp. as added consideration...pro/cons?
  181. Should I wire my radio and clock to constant battery?
  182. Homemade solar panel bracket for under $40...
  183. PORTA POTTI - A 'no no' or 'okay' for cruising?
  184. bury the rails...wait a minute
  185. Mast for an O'Day Javelin...?
  186. c&c vin ?
  187. Mooring - attaching pendant
  188. Heeling free kite rig & prototype-video
  189. creature comforts on a small boat
  190. A complete novice sailing the Bahamas
  191. VHF is just like twitter?
  192. Do you really know and trust your boat?
  193. shipfinder and ais
  194. Paint on Formica?
  195. Golden Gate 75th Fireworks
  196. Maptech Charts and GPS Software w/ Laptop
  197. Pride of Baltimore
  198. Metro Beach, Michigan
  199. Advice for CA to HI transit newbie?
  200. chain plates
  201. US Navy Anti-Piracy App
  202. Non-Typical day of sailing in San Diego
  203. NJ Coast
  204. The New York Times actually published this?
  205. Dismasted: Broken forestay
  206. Best Security Measures at Anchor
  207. Cabin door closing
  208. How do I run My Mainsheet to BOTH sides of the cockpit?
  209. Inflatable Kayak
  210. German main sheet question
  211. Katie L hits the water
  212. Takacat info
  213. Advice on SF Bay summer sailing
  214. Key West it is!
  215. 42 Passage CC
  216. The Chicken or the Eggs?
  217. And Now For the Second Half of the World
  218. relocating main sheet...just to one side?
  219. RIP Michael Calabrese
  220. Clearing into Trinidad (Chagauramas)
  221. Bug Screens
  222. Mastless main
  223. Raising main going downwind
  224. Running Lines To The Cockpit....need some advice and ideas?
  225. Running reefing lines OUTSIDE the boom
  226. First Trip on Puget Sound
  227. Running reefing lines through the boom.
  228. In the water or on a trailer?
  229. Remove a captive pin
  230. Key Largo to Bimini to Berry Islands
  231. Does anyhbody still navigate?
  232. Lightening struck
  233. Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net - Ham Radio Net for boaters.
  234. Towing a Jon Boat + Security once landed?
  235. What it's all about...
  236. Crossing the gulf and things you forgot to bring aboard
  237. Sad News
  238. almost inaccessable seacock
  239. Going up the mast when the boat is in a lift
  240. Curious searches
  241. Final Dinghy Choice - does this make sense?
  242. Motorsailing
  243. Battery & Breaker Configuration While Away
  244. Getting to masthead using someone else's mast..
  245. ICW - Bypass Georgia?
  246. Looking for documentation - Jester 12
  247. Neat video camera for cruisers...
  248. Dark Sunglasses
  249. What is a 'Slat'?
  250. help to identify??