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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. MOB systems
  2. 2QM15 Fuel System Need Help
  3. Time to Downsize
  4. USVI Men Facing Firearm Charges Said they Came for Fuel
  5. Montauk Monster
  6. I'm finally doing it
  7. SSO and STCW 95 certificates
  8. Water Cooled Air Conditioners For Sailboats?
  9. Hurricane leslie coming north, need I be concerned?
  10. Ohio River & flow rate.
  11. sea lion chasing our sailboat in seattle
  12. Labor Day Sinking Feeling
  13. V Berth Mattress
  14. Solo bareboat in Newport
  15. Delaware River Marina questions
  16. sailor missing in Chesapeake Bay
  17. Seaworthiness - Lloyd register rating?
  18. All's Flare!
  19. Sailing Podcasts
  20. How do you say "Boltrope" ?
  21. Tasmania East Coast Guide
  22. Question about oil viscosity in a diesel genset
  23. Magellan NAV 6500
  24. This weekends sail
  25. Translate nautical terms / boat parts
  26. Navigation charts for Lake Lanier
  27. Sailing music
  28. Poll-Lake Sailors
  29. Cross Florida Canal
  30. American sailor dies off the coast of Newfoundland
  31. Jeanneau SO439 & DS44 vs Beneteau Oceanis 45 vs Bavaria Vision 46
  32. I'm in.
  33. Winch handles in or out?
  34. CBMM boat auction - I bought the cheapest boat there - what is it?
  35. How NOT to drive a power boat
  36. Best Time(s) of year to sail to Caribbean?
  37. Moving 25 foot sailboat across Michigan
  38. Squirrel to the Bahamas
  39. A boat story
  40. Sailing from Port Washington to Montauk
  41. Sailors in Stuart FL
  42. Bahamas Trailer Sailing Logistics
  43. WTH Chuckles? A freakin' mono????
  44. Australias Sea-Wind Catamarans in Voluntary Administration
  45. Sewing machine?
  46. Why Cruisers seem to motor a LOT form my attempts to cruise this summer :)
  47. Looking to buy an Irwin 10-4
  48. New to sailing - MacGregor or other is best?
  49. Wtf?
  50. Balboa 24 Project
  51. Mylar Spinnaker?
  52. The opposite line of an out haul?
  53. ACWS SF Match race
  54. Just looked at a Cheoy Lee today...
  55. Sailboat without a mast
  56. talk about gettting caught.with your pants down
  57. My pet fear
  58. My Summer readings
  59. Who sailed this weekend???
  60. A Whale of a Tale
  61. here we go again
  62. wave height history in the gulf stream
  63. Sailboat Quality
  64. Can anyone I'd this boat?
  65. CD 27 Sailing
  66. Went to the boat for a sail..and its Flooded!!!
  67. Please suggest a sail maker in Eastern Canada
  68. Winter under a tarp
  69. how to weigh a boat
  70. What's the lightest wind you go sailing in?
  71. Sailing around Newfoundland
  72. I made a convert!!!!
  73. First Sailboat Suggestions
  74. So... C&C or not to C&C??
  75. Annual maintenance amount
  76. A trans-continental summer... (pic heavy)
  77. dingy towing
  78. picking up a vacant mooring
  79. My $25 Swamp Cooler...
  80. WOW...another crazy law suit
  81. Shifter / Throttle control
  82. Florida Keys Marina?
  83. Can planing hulls exceed hull speed upwind?
  84. I saw the USS Constitution under sail!
  85. Fun sailing video's
  86. Okeechobee waterway
  87. America's Cup Prelims in SF
  88. Help identifying a used boat
  89. cruising dinghy in currents and beach camping
  90. Delaware River September 1st
  91. The sailing podcast
  92. Choosing a small boat for Mediterenian with some constraints
  93. Syracuse area sailboat rentals
  94. Hurricane is a comin, now what???
  95. Not a Cat kinda guy...
  96. Isaac
  97. Please help me identify this piece of beach treasure
  98. Just wanted to SAY!
  99. Hurricane Anchoring - Why not this way?
  100. Name these sailboats?
  101. Can anybody identify the brand of this roller furler?
  102. Winter storage on Great Lakes
  103. Sailboat hatches
  104. Disabled Sailing
  105. Sailing and Nautical Quotes from the Hoi Polloi
  106. macgregor 22
  107. Help for small hole in hull near Beaufort, NC
  108. Wifi on board
  109. Yachts Hasseled By The Tax Man In Eruope
  110. Anyone use a checklist
  111. Armaflex source in Vancouver?
  112. ICW in a Nutshell
  113. Can you legally use the boat while waiting on documentation?
  114. My boat!
  115. sailing in a storm
  116. Hand starting an atomic 4
  117. Cruisers Weekend at Catalina 2012
  118. Need helping pondering the idea of a job
  119. Trailering a Pacific Seacraft 34
  120. Older Boat Insurance
  121. DTOPS Question
  122. Guess where.
  123. Would I be a tire kicker?
  124. Approaching a marina.
  125. Anyone want to go Sailing in Hilton Head this weekend.
  126. Atomic 4 Shakes the Boat
  127. Florida or not?
  128. What was your moment?
  129. What 3 things would you never sail without?
  130. Alburg 30 questions
  131. solar help
  132. Ugh.... another boat name thread.
  133. Catalina 27 liner stress cracks
  134. Yellow 70's Paneling
  135. Should long term anchoring in ports be regulated?
  136. Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
  137. Knapps Narrows Incident - Post Mortem
  138. So, Who Are You?
  139. Need your help please!
  140. Cool free online cruising mag for Spanish Main
  141. Great Western Fall Sailing Lakes
  142. ArtbyJody news
  143. Capsizing fears
  144. tradgedy in St Marys, GA
  145. Stop freakin' waving at me!
  146. Green Sail
  147. Thief stealing sails and leaving behind free sail-ties?
  148. First single hand
  149. Any sailors in new england?
  150. rigging question
  151. Life is funny ain't it
  152. A less humorous Single-handing question
  153. Keel
  154. Gin pole for Catalina 22
  155. Help find missing boat in eastern Lake Erie
  156. Sailboat Sinks/Rescue
  157. Anchoring Question
  158. I want to sail from SE Asia to US coast
  159. How come pilothouse sailboats are so expensive?
  160. Perseid meteor shower
  161. Sailing Dinghy International 470 Questions
  162. Reading the tides
  163. Cowes Week
  164. Why are all local outfitters terrible?
  165. Questions about cruising with a Indonesian wife.
  166. What to do with all the extra room?
  167. That sinking feeling
  168. Looking at visiting Seattle
  169. Wacko sailing announcer
  170. Spinnaker Rigging
  171. About single handing!
  172. Mediterranean Charts and Pilot Books
  173. Mast Supports for Erie Canal travel
  174. Getting on Boat in Storm
  175. first solo sail
  176. Need a Surveyor Wis/Ill border of Lake Michigan
  177. iPhone log app.
  178. Where to do STCW 95 in Canada, Mexico or Carribean?
  179. Outboard motor and blue water sailing?
  180. New Sailor...this weekend will be...
  181. Nuclear s(n)ubs
  182. Forget about shipping containers, watch out for rocks!
  183. Recommend a Marina? need a slip NY, LIS, NJ area
  184. I'm on a roll. What is this?
  185. Olympic Update
  186. Olympic Sailing Coverage
  187. Mechanic near Stamford or Norwalk CT?
  188. Does anyone fit the bill here for being on this Documentary?
  189. Propane dinghy engine
  190. Cs36 I NEED HELP !!!!!
  191. Planned sewage spill in lower Hudson River?
  192. The Swedish client
  193. Westerbeke 27 Electrical Issue
  194. pointing
  195. Love those Humber tides
  196. Sequitur- We Bought a Sailing Skūtsje
  197. Sailing Magazines
  198. Catalina 310 in your future?
  199. The Miracle of the Thumb
  200. Smallest Diesel Generator Carrying Sailboat
  201. Would you "Loop" a Macgregor?
  202. documented vessels
  203. Woohoo! Finally found the leak into the v-berth!
  204. coronado 35 MS boom diameter
  205. A boatload of updates...
  206. Another Awsome Weekend
  207. Watch what you catch out there...
  208. Drunk boater had 16 kids on 22-foot boat
  209. does any one use a kindle fire?
  210. St. Lawrance ?
  211. St. Lawrence ?
  212. KTL complete and definitive on-line navigation course
  213. Would you take a Gemini on the Caribbean1500
  214. Anchorages on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
  215. Delivery
  216. Newport Surprise: swing keel layout
  217. alcohol stove
  218. Sailing outside on the East Coast
  219. Wanted information
  220. I love the new boat
  221. I'm in love
  222. need charts
  223. Is bigger always better? Nordica 20
  224. Alberg 30 with wheel steering
  225. An inflatable dies, pick over the bones
  226. The Benifits Of Silver...
  227. replacing the wood on the cabin side of a classic sailboat
  228. new member - want to start sailing
  229. Things getting interesting in Honduras...
  230. Is there a directory anywhere of fastest sailing hulls?
  231. Personaly I enjoy climbing the mast.
  232. Eureka CA. overnight free anchorage?
  233. Yacht club near Yeocomico River / Northern Neck
  234. Help me decide on a name
  235. Get some!
  236. Paperwork...
  237. Did you have a dream to race sail boats
  238. Cruising Guide Book?
  239. Nav Area. Just a waste of space????
  240. Moving 19' boat
  241. Help with reading a weather chart
  242. looking to sail liberty landing marina to newport RI
  243. Need info on York River and Mobjack Bay
  244. Another missing sailor,
  245. ICW anchoring experiments
  246. S/V Rapture SeaTrials
  247. Navigation Problem
  248. C&C30MK1 Sail identification
  249. Good So. Calif. Sail/Yacht Clubs ?
  250. Insurance Survey