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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Bashing North up the US Pacific Coast
  2. Battery location and venting.
  3. Towing a boat on a trailer
  4. Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net - Ham Radio Net for boaters.
  5. Circumnavigation without instruments
  6. Best small boat for cruising the Bahamas?
  7. advice on sailing around Cape Hatteras?
  8. Anyone has experience with the Engine?
  9. Ultimate replacement for balso, corecel etc
  10. race participation
  11. Question re Regulations on Free Anchorage in a Harbour in Ont. Can.?
  12. New FCC rules for wireless signal boosters
  13. Can you identify this boat?
  14. The Moment on USA
  15. Is it possible?
  16. looking for someone to help in wilmington NC
  17. Atomic 4 inboard vs outboard
  18. Do it Yourself Boat Yard Cape Cod?
  19. Heading North on the ICW Live
  20. The boy behind the gate (new book)
  21. Boat show bliss
  22. Sailing Checklists
  23. Sailing Backgrounds/Screensaver Pics Here
  24. container ships getting bigger
  25. How do u find good crew for a race?
  26. Windless size inquiry
  27. 19 foot Oday for crusing
  28. the school of hard knocks
  29. Every day's a good day in Paradise...
  30. MOB Recovery in gale conditions
  31. Adding 2" foam to v-berth bedding
  32. Purchasing Sunken boats
  33. Saratoga Passage questions
  34. Anyone sailing Lake Pontchartrain?
  35. single line reefing question
  36. Search function - C&C
  37. Roberts 38 pointing
  38. Double or single lifelines?
  39. Budget cuyt to the NYS Canal System
  40. Grampian 26 Questions
  41. Cruising/learning
  42. Our Sailing Adventure
  43. Went to Detroit boat show
  44. BVI recap
  45. Exploring Titusville Municipal Marina
  46. Cruising? or just sailing with pit stops?
  47. Rhumb line between Key West and Galveston, TX
  48. Seven Mile Bridge (Marathon)
  49. Moving sailboat to Savannah from Seattle...
  50. What is so bad about a Porta Potti?
  51. Sailcare sails
  52. Frozen Gooseneck bearing
  53. cruising guide for north east caribbean
  54. life raft
  55. Wing sail - new and revolutionary, or is it?
  56. North on ICW?
  57. Ideas and/or guidance
  58. Shade rig for Lightning sailboat
  59. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on...
  60. slips in Grand Haven
  61. Speedometers
  62. Analysis and Comparison Cruising Multihulls 2013
  63. Port Hadlock/Townsend canal and anchoring questions
  64. Another Cruise ship in trouble
  65. Standing Rigging Tuneup Web course (2013)
  66. Maptech
  67. Seasick medication
  68. Boat Videos
  69. Where to do USCG licensing physical/drug test in Northern California?
  70. Met Captain Aaron today...
  71. Jacksonville area sailboat riggers?
  72. Earth From Space - Nova on PBS tonight
  73. Electric hybrid Inboard Vs Diesel
  74. Insurance Issues
  75. my boat dances on a ball
  76. San Diego to Honolulu
  77. C&c owners ne rendezvous link
  78. Thoughts on the Beneteau First 305?
  79. Ballard locks questions
  80. What's a sailor to do in London?
  81. Can I add Reefing points to my main
  82. "Sure I'll walk the dog, honey!"
  83. old sails?
  84. MOOR Wind system - opinions, please ??
  85. CLIPPER Wind system - opinions ??
  86. The Jibster
  87. More Bounty Info
  88. Seeking recommendation for light air Sail
  89. Deception pass with the current? Bad idea?
  90. Need Ft Lauderdale Marina Recommendation
  91. Easy check list
  92. Coast Guard hearing on Bounty's sinking Tuesday
  93. Headsail only in heavy weather?
  94. very strange yacht protuberance
  95. Lifeboats are Dangerous Too
  96. ridding bilge of sewage odor
  97. Officials: 5 dead in Canary Islands cruise ship accident
  98. Hope this wasn't Tim R.
  99. New bottom coating perhaps?
  100. Womboat Takes a Strike.
  101. Build your own SSB?
  102. In regards to Lightning
  103. Weekend sailboats like the Santana 23D any others making one like it today
  104. "Safe" gasoline containers
  105. Yanmar waterpump impeller
  106. Sailors are notoriously......
  107. You're never too old for sailing...
  108. Just another fun day in Paradise...
  109. 80 footer versus a J/80 Newbie Story!
  110. Triple murder suspect allegedly attempts to steal yacht
  111. Cushion Cleaning
  112. Estimate the length of this keel
  113. Nor'easter
  114. sailing a spiritual experience
  115. Criteria for choosing a marina/ yacht club
  116. Best/cheapest place to get G10 grp boards?
  117. Lake Michigan and Huron levels historic low
  118. Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
  120. van de stadt
  121. Electrical Seminar West Marine - Portland, ME
  122. C&C Rendezvous 2013
  123. Blue Water School of Sailing - Ft. Lauderdale, FLA
  124. Going to try to use a kayak paddle to paddle my Snipe racing dinghy
  125. Cheap floating dock -- how to build?
  126. Instead of a dingy...
  127. Chinese RIBBYs / ever heard of these?
  128. Craigslist Scam???
  129. Dickson fabric vs Sunbrella
  130. Sending your Boat by Yacht Transport?
  131. Vitrifrigo makes a disappointing move...
  132. Miami Boat Show
  133. Raymarine Pathfinder RL70C Fascia Cover
  134. ordering a new keel
  135. BOUNTY--Coast Guard Investigation Hearing Schedule
  136. Chesapeake Bay, Western Shore Marinas
  137. Rescue at Sea: How it SHOULD be done.
  138. I need your suggestion,thanks
  139. Hunter Legend 37.5?
  140. Boat Ice
  141. ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami - Boat Identification
  142. night vision binoculars
  143. Boat fire
  144. Worn Topside Paint - can it be stripped?
  145. iling Into A Storm (img)
  146. WTB Trailer for 22' fixed keel sailboat
  147. double line vertical fairlead
  148. To buy or not?
  149. Power Outlet Sizzle - Help Please
  150. Which boat? Shallow water
  151. Scary and Stunning
  152. Speaking of Soft Mud
  153. Life Span of a Boat
  155. Sailors rescued 900 miles off shore..
  156. Historic Sailboat Being Restored
  157. Guadeloupe to Mexico, route advise needed
  158. New Product from Mantus Anchors
  159. Whales!
  160. Looking for soft mud to test an anchor...
  161. EEK! They've taken the sulfur out of Marine Diesel!
  162. Tornado Damage
  163. Miami sailboat rental for a day
  164. Charleston area
  165. Drunken Sailor Part Deux
  166. Traded Up
  167. Birds on a boat
  168. New England Boat Show
  169. Solar cooking...
  170. Peoria Illinois Area?
  171. Shipping wine by sailing Ship
  172. Modification for adjustable genoa cars
  173. Melbourne-Geelong Race 2013
  174. Nautical History...lots of history on that stretch of water
  175. Shipping gear US to Europe?
  176. Can someone explain roach to me?
  177. Free Maintenance in Exchange for Sailing?
  178. O'day 30
  179. Newbe with no experience buys big boat
  180. Leaseshare in Chicago - Thoughts?
  181. Holding tank problem easily solved...
  182. Solent Stay Ideas-Possible hairbrained ideas
  183. Hartford Boat Show this weekend
  184. Happy Australia Day!
  185. No Mast And Motoring
  186. Towed Generator that We Really Need
  187. Sail Bag Question
  188. Cockpit Centric Sailing
  189. Recommended references for marine electronics
  190. Moorings on the Piscatiqua River?
  191. Boating Art Thread
  192. Pearson 303
  193. Why is this a bad idea?
  194. Marine Refrigeration Systems always 12 volts?
  195. Name this island. In the US...
  196. Info on 78 Islander Bahama 26'
  197. What do you do on a rainy day in paradise?
  198. Marine electrician/electrical certification?
  199. St. Thomas to Tortola Ferry questions
  200. Any Hylas 46 owners here?
  201. Sperm whale adopts a dolphin
  202. Who from SailNet would you most like to meet in person?
  203. BVI charter
  204. Sailing Lake Champlain
  205. Morehead City to Virgins in early Feb
  206. South Florida surveyor recommendations
  207. Many cruisers with documented vessels can not enter FL legally.
  208. What kind of paint for my boat? Motor mount
  209. Thermal imaging cameras for checking decks and hulls for moisture
  210. Bayliner Bucaneer Cruise Speed Under Power
  211. Use a metal swing keel for lightning sink
  212. Why doesn't West Marine...
  213. Off Topic Changes
  214. (upper keys), AJAX and CARYSFORT LIGHTS NOT LIT
  215. Depth sounder & Batteries
  216. What are your other passions?
  217. make a gale sail
  218. Do all Beneteaus have iron keels?
  219. The Metal Yacht
  220. Boat Cards: Pompous & Anal or A Good Idea?
  221. Around Cape Agulhas
  222. Check Out MSU's Robo Fish!
  223. chartplotter parts dilemma
  224. Help With Boat Selection
  225. US Navy ship strikes reef because of incorrect charts
  226. Sea Sprite 23 vs the Cape Cod Marlin 23
  227. Newbie looking for experience and knowledge
  228. A pair of non-paid hands available to help you work on your boat
  229. Strictly Sail Chicago Show Question
  230. The Right Tack
  231. Low-friction terminal ends sources?
  232. weight distribution in Lightning
  233. Best way to sell a liferaft?
  234. Why no Sailnet swag?
  235. Puerto Rico Chandleries/Suppliers?
  236. Bristol 30 up to 34
  237. unsubscribe
  238. Great Literary Quotes
  239. 21ft Bilge Keel
  240. Emergency leak repair
  241. Living on Island Time...
  242. almost had my first boat. :(
  243. Mast & boom
  244. BVI during Spring 2013 Regatta
  245. "Hey, East Coast Hawkeye got a boat!"...
  246. Is a screecher worth it? (from another forum)
  247. Head conversion options?
  248. Hacking a trolling motor into a towed type generator
  249. San Juan 28 Parts
  250. Are we elitists?