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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Good Olympic racing news, Bronze in the Finns..
  2. getting up on plane
  3. Questions about customs in the French Isles (St. Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique)
  4. Moving to the Florida Gulf Side
  5. Another HORRIBLE drone video
  6. Ohlson 38 1969
  7. Problems raising new genoa on furler
  8. What kind of boat is it?
  9. RS Venture vs Vanguard Nomad
  10. Cruising Cape Cod Bay
  11. free beer (tonite only)
  12. using 3 danforths as a mooring question
  13. Genius of Fox Sports
  14. Just curious if anyone still makes a living fixing up old sailboats
  15. what kind of sailboat is this???
  16. Taking a road less traveled with a Carter 35.
  17. Windlass technique: use messenger/snubber line with chain?
  18. Any ideas on what these are?
  19. Jersey Shore Dry Slips
  20. A good sail
  21. Columbus and catamarans
  22. Sailboat explodes, bursts into flames in FL
  23. Boston Whaler 5.2
  24. Sailboat "CE" ratings.....
  25. Itenerary Ideas
  26. Some seriously big boats!!!
  27. Mate on 46' Hunter
  28. So you are not sure if your boat is seaworthy?
  29. Mega Sailboats this Weekend
  30. Putting a A/C Unit in the Hatch on a Cat 27
  31. New Florida Law - Derelict Boats...
  32. Table Rock Lake, Branson, MO
  33. Feasibility of shared "ownership?"
  34. Egmont Key Burning
  35. believe knot meter or gps for speed?
  36. 24 hours on Penobscot Bay.
  37. Two Twelves Under Sail This Evening
  38. Best keel design for PNW cruising, gunk holing and beer can racing. 30' boat
  39. Small Bare Boat Charter; Bath, Maine
  40. Anybody know this boat from Toronto?
  41. How to do load calculations
  42. Pearson 27
  43. Hoax Distress Caller
  44. A pissant squall
  45. Houston to Freeport, Bahamas
  46. Creating a Mooring in Plam Beach/Lake Worth Inlet
  47. Dock Side
  48. Hanging a kayak
  49. New sail the -0
  50. Taught 8 sailing classes in two and a half days
  51. OGM LED Navigation Lights
  52. Danger of Vibrio Infection
  53. Used Car Top / Lightweight dinghy or cat for 2-3 adults
  54. 2 Water makers on Catamaran?
  55. Grumman aluminum inghy
  56. 1960's model Lofland Picnic Project
  57. New visitor this morning
  58. you try to help....
  59. What the heck is this?
  60. Mounting a Foghorn/Hailer
  61. Great Deal on a Small Cruising Boat
  62. Weather or not
  63. Free RUM party in New York this Monday 18th July on Sea Life
  64. ASA 105 Class
  65. fishing our dinner - what is the best gear
  66. Artic Race
  67. Tide Slide
  68. Beautifull old boat
  69. Mystery sail found in my boats spare parts
  70. Need to make up an engine stop cable for Yanmar 1GM10
  71. On Board Wireless Communication - any one want it?
  72. Deaf boater
  73. Avalon Mooring Mid-Week During the Summer?
  74. Sailing: A family legacy.
  75. What you wish you did when you got your boat?
  76. Singlehanded Transpac 2016
  77. Rescue near charleston
  78. Is a 10'dinghy too large for a Hunter 31
  79. Curious about the Caribbean - evaluating boats
  80. Public anchorage or mooring sites
  81. Converting Starboard Settee to Double Bed
  82. Unwanted, Old or Torn Sails
  83. Big Boys not paying their fair share?
  84. sloop to double headsail, thoughts?
  85. Successful ballasted daggerboard experiment
  86. trawlers ARE sailboats
  87. Sailing in Seattle
  88. Anchoring /mooring question - thoughts
  89. Setting up a STORM TRYSAIL.
  90. The coolest knot ever???
  91. What model is this boat?
  92. Martha's vinyard trip
  93. foot powered washing machine
  94. Salutary reminder or why you use 2 mooring lines
  95. Long distance transport advice?
  96. Powerboats are also good fun!
  97. Trailer Sailor Blues
  98. Good Dry Snacks that Can Be Stored on a Hot Sailboat
  99. Dinghy davit line
  100. Dehydrating and rehydrating food
  101. power winches
  102. Stanchion Height
  103. Almost famous: My boat on a rap album!
  104. Baby step in the ocean
  105. Crash Gibe to the face
  106. How do I get this boat in my name and registered?
  107. All things boat-related in Brooklin, ME
  108. East Coast year round port
  109. Trailered Boats and Pump-Outs
  110. An owner assisted yacht delivery
  111. Broken rudder
  112. Our pesky little Rocna
  113. Single main sheet
  114. Beach cat and stay over night?
  115. when to get out of sailing?
  116. My Trip - What Went Wrong (LOTS!) Caribbean to NYC
  117. Grampian 26 Questions
  118. Saltwater moorage outboard flushing?
  119. Need help diagnosing Raymarine ST4000+ Autopilot
  120. Sailing Season
  121. Stanchion mounts for Portabote
  122. Sailed my first gale, looking for constructive feedback on my decisions.
  123. Public Service Announcement: Wear your shoes when sailing!
  124. Safety first!
  125. Sailboat friendly ramps on Lake Champlain (Center to South)
  126. AQUARIUS 23 Manual
  127. When to call it quits
  128. chicken aboard
  129. 100:1
  130. Ballpark For New Sails on a 37' sailboat
  131. Florida Keys Mooring
  132. Beat that, Grenada!
  133. Advice on hailing port for USCG Documentation
  134. Looking for an owners manual
  135. Sailboats anchored in Essington, PA
  136. Victoria BC area sailors
  137. Ran aground, Looking for advice. Much thanks!
  138. Water leak wifi detector
  139. Know what this is
  140. Cry Wolf
  141. boat insurance - how many self insure
  142. A clearing house for marine vendors/service companies
  143. Launch like a boss
  144. sat phone usage
  145. That's a long time to tread water
  146. Professional Rigging
  147. Seabright inflatables
  148. Need advice
  149. docking with different engine setups
  150. Need recommendation for cockpit canvas near Rock Hall
  151. Why is an older Hunter 35 so hard to find when 700 were made?
  152. Racing season over
  153. Mystic Seaport 2016 C&C Yachts Northeast Rendezvous
  154. Whisker Pole vs. Assym
  155. Did you ever notice...
  156. Did I break boat buying etiquette?
  157. The changing face of Sailing.
  158. Surveyor in Oriental NC
  159. Rivets? Attach block to boom.
  160. Yahoo, a wahoo!
  161. Main downhaul vs. halyard tension (vs. Cunningham)
  162. Distress signals
  163. Is RVing cheaper than sailing?
  164. So... I have sort of a situation
  165. Info on Boat Ramps
  166. English language help is needed
  167. Racine WI to Chicago for AC
  168. Concerns over unused boat: Stale batteries, what else?
  169. Would this make you run away?
  170. Need surveyor recommendation: Annapolis/Deale areas
  171. Wanted boat for summer
  172. Pivoting Keel Enclosure Repair
  173. It's starting to get real.
  174. Block size help
  175. Changing hatch lense question... Acrylic?
  176. Walk Away From This Keel?
  177. The trip from hell that wasn't.
  178. One if by land, two if by sea...
  179. US East Coast Customs (Hatteras to NYC)
  180. Steam ship
  181. Heading to NYC now...
  182. NC marinas & sailing areas
  183. Is your boat haunted?
  184. Dink Air Leaks
  185. Southern Ocean Storm
  186. Schooner sailing tips!
  187. Wreck found while digging in Boston
  188. Sailing
  189. MOB Procedure with an inexperienced 2nd mate
  190. Movie - The Finest Hours
  191. Re-installing a transducer... oh, and what IS this thing on my boat?
  192. Unknown Insignia
  193. Pushing a 27' Sailboat with Trolling Motor
  194. Help with Boat ID
  195. First off shore coastal run
  196. not working?
  197. Identify this sailboat
  198. Thoughts On The Sailing Forums
  199. Columbia 32
  200. Camp Lejeune Mile Hammock anchorage
  201. Boat odor
  202. Wet sails
  203. Medical issues while cruising.
  204. Home build leaves Colorado headed for Connecticut
  205. How do you provision for a long trip?
  206. Sunsail, Moorings, Leopard Catamarans
  207. Damage from running aground
  208. General guidance on anchoring near shore
  209. Tayana 54 main reefing
  210. Splash down!
  211. Sailing/Yacht club in upper Cape Cod
  212. Best RPM
  213. Help identifying a couple boat
  214. Filming yachts with a drone
  215. How many new sailboat models actually get sold
  216. Standing Rigging Replacement Question
  217. Sailing Around Vancouver B.C.
  218. Kaboat
  219. Just bought an asymmetric spinnaker and...
  220. Tandem anchoring
  221. Precision 16' or Holder 14' First Boat
  222. The movie "All Is Lost"
  223. Gary... This one's for you! Massive Tuna caught.
  224. Noria Air
  225. ISO Rigger for Barnegat Light
  226. Kayak as a dinghy for small sailboat
  227. Do you like big or small boats best?
  228. Florida meetup
  229. Is sailboat ownership dying ( or at least sick)
  230. Analysis Paralysis - The fear of buying
  231. St Thomas to Portsmouth NH
  232. Dual props
  233. LOA vs LWL, looking for a boat
  234. Renewing USCG "registration" every year
  235. Sail controls
  236. Florida Did It!
  237. Full service Rigger between New York & North Carolina?
  238. looking for a mast
  239. Sandwich found in Newport Harbor
  240. new Satellite option
  241. new dinghy
  242. Dating advice for single sailors [humor]
  243. Why go out into this *crap*?
  244. Setting Sail on the Tennessee River
  245. White squall in the central Grenadines today.
  246. New command checklist
  247. A(nother) example of getting old.
  248. DeLorme InReach now does weather
  249. Do you hate power boats?
  250. What i learned in a heavy white squall