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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. spin drift 15 and kells 23 question
  3. quick question with regard to anchoring near port of everett, puget sound, wa
  4. quick question with regard to anchoring near port of everett, puget sound, wa
  5. Where Can I Find Boat + Skipper to Hire in Brittany, France?
  6. Pictures: Glowing Blue Waves Explained
  7. Heaven Can Wait 2012
  8. Shameless Sailing Video
  9. Beta Marine - New Hybrid System!
  10. Attention Assistance List Volunteers
  11. Nautical quotes and thoughts
  12. comparing cruisers....IP 31/32 & Caliber 33
  13. Furling from the Tack first
  14. Bird poop
  15. Stink Bugs
  16. Things to watch out for...
  17. Snipe bailing
  18. Easiest way to repaint the deck?
  19. San Juan 26, love or hate...
  20. Help on Pedestal manufacturer
  21. Catch Moon, Venus, Jupiter--great show up there
  22. Global Coronado 25 Cruise Week
  23. Mariner 28
  24. Acoustic Insulation for engine room?
  25. San Diego boat fires 3/19/12
  26. Spring fever: I'm just dying to splash!
  27. compression post repair/replace or addition ?
  28. New sail Dacron characteristics
  29. Almost Home
  30. Bad boat trip on Bethanny Ever After
  31. Key West Day Sail Charter?
  32. Boat renaming/denaming
  33. Block Island race week: worth going?
  34. Newbie to boat shares
  35. Whatís in a name?
  36. Sailing up Coast of California
  37. Sailing on a shoestring.
  38. 2011 Volvo Ocean Race - photographs
  39. Will the coasties be seeing them in the near future?
  40. Taxes and such.. where to buy globally?
  41. C&C 30 MK1 chine toe rail leak
  42. What is a Blade Sail and a Spitfire Sail
  43. 12volt charge
  44. Video of the BIG WIND Sail!
  45. ICW - Oriental to Morehead City (Adams Creek)
  46. furlex
  47. Piling Spacing
  48. Umm...well...uh-oh...
  49. x-files
  50. Maxi 95
  51. Pulled out a cleat at my slip, now getting pursued for damages - advice please
  52. Epirb quandry
  53. Biloxi, MS. Sailing?
  54. Big Wind....BIG FUN!!!
  55. skinny water
  56. ladder tied to mast?
  57. Grounding
  58. Herreshoff's Meadowlark sharpies
  59. Provincetown Mooring
  60. Simple genoa question
  61. Twassocks 2 -film - what do you think
  62. Searching for A Single Sailor...New England Area
  63. SailNet Rendezvous - Martha's Vineyard July 13-15
  64. One Simple Question - the movie
  65. Hudson Force 50, Venice layout
  66. New and in need of advise.
  67. Different GPS assisted grounding
  68. The day has finally come!
  69. Who makes good aluminum sailboats, looking for some used ones 40 to 50ft range
  70. I'm not usually one for a woody
  71. CT Shore Marinas
  72. Lagoon 37 Burned
  73. Need to sell a boat
  74. Seraffyn in Mattapoisett
  75. Twin Creeks solar panel technology
  76. Mackinac Island
  77. Seeking GPS corrodniate
  78. EPA approves product for controlling invasive mussels
  79. Center Cockpit Versus Aft Cockpit
  80. What sailing knife do you use?
  81. Big Wind!!!
  82. Bristol 27's in Baltimore/Annapolis?
  83. Best Route from Mahattan to LI Sound
  84. Your sailing "must have".
  85. MA Seeks No-Discharge Zone for Cape & Islands
  86. Solent Inner Stay
  87. Boat Surveyor near Fall River, MA
  88. Newbie-ish finally starting posting!
  89. Where to start?
  90. If it's not luffing, it's helping?
  91. Bilge Cleaner and Keel Bolts
  92. Is there a formula for determing wetted surface area?
  93. Unreal!!!
  94. Calling All Ches. Bay Pearson 30's...
  95. In for another Year
  96. Ignorant question about cutter rig versus sloop?
  97. Lighting ...
  98. S/V East Coast Lady Shows her Bottom
  99. Jeans off again, what a sailor
  100. dry dockage in georgia
  101. Crossing from St Martin to the Azores
  102. kid gets clonked by boom -film - valuable lesson
  103. First sail issue (?) - need advice
  104. help flying junior
  105. Rawson 30- A Blue Water Cruiser?
  106. L. Francis Herreshoff - boat designer... and guns
  107. Cruising/sailing with musical instruments... ?
  108. PSKMail Ham HF SSB email and much more.
  109. Guns on boats...
  110. Hokulea: Good For Another 40 Years
  111. Central Jersey Cruising
  112. Trying to find Figureheads
  113. North U Racing Trim Course, is it for non-racers?
  114. Broken sail slides
  115. sailing goodies
  116. How is sailing on large bodies of water?
  117. Sailing across the Florida keys
  118. Which Furler?
  119. The weight of a trailer
  120. Help. Trying to identify this boat...Picture attached
  121. Can I sail to the Bahamas with NO experience?
  122. Lead 'boot' - yes/no?
  123. Designing a Jordan drogue chainplate
  124. Sailing using water current
  125. Ideas on securing wires inside mast?
  126. Film ****** Assistance
  127. Main sheet attachment point
  128. Lake sailors: how do you like your wind?
  129. An idea for a new voyaging sailboat
  130. Can you find your boat on Google Earth?
  131. First Sail of the Year - 03/06/12
  132. Mystic Seaportís Capt. George Moffett Passes at 67
  133. Gill nets (Great Lakes)
  134. What is this Haylard for
  135. difficulty raising mainsail the last few feet
  136. Yacht Club Dry Dock fees???
  137. All US Diesel for boats is red?
  138. What is bad about the Colgate 26?
  139. Boatsense Solutions remote monitor
  140. Sequitur Heads North
  141. Countdown to Catalina!
  142. Blogging my attempts to become nautically competent!
  143. Florida to the Bahamas Documentary Video Part 4
  144. New Bedford Harbor, John Anderson death.
  145. Intrepid is for sale
  146. Coronet elvstrom 38
  147. Stamford, CT, Developer Seeks Marina Permit
  148. Travel Lift Approach
  149. Anybody know what this is?
  150. Adding reflector to augment Solar
  151. 6" opening portlight, bronze
  152. Seaward RK 26
  153. good apps?
  154. Ace sails, CT
  155. Where do I get a Custom/Wall size map..Any suggestions?
  156. French fishermen claim salvage on Italian liner
  157. 'weather bomb'
  158. Ramp Launching
  159. My biggest boating scare
  160. Sailing on the Upper Hudson - Albany
  161. Mast Stepping Double Spreader Rig?
  162. help finding old post
  163. "Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus"
  164. Fishing off ur sailboat in the northeast
  165. Good eye for boats on The Tube
  166. To blog or not to blog,,,? My latest blog entry
  167. Bittersweet
  168. Lyman-Morse Building Round-the-World Sailboat
  169. Sailing Related Movies
  170. how do you choose the right sails? what do you use?
  171. Alberg 30
  172. Good news if you are buying a boat?
  173. Organized Sailing Associations
  174. I am a new "newbie" looking for advice
  175. Insurance survey vs purchase survey
  176. I just want to know how fast I'm going.
  177. The most controversial thread EVER to be posted to SailNet!!!!! Right HERE
  178. Pilot house windows, good, bad, please advise?
  179. 1917 Herreshoff Found
  180. Following our dream
  181. First post, big questions
  182. Where do you even begin with these guys.
  183. Great Lakes to the Caribbean (route review)
  184. Uh oh...Sailed the new First 30 yesterday....
  185. Obtain A Polar Chart For College
  186. A little too much wind
  187. A place to keep my boat
  188. I must go down to the sea again....
  189. New boat!
  190. Keep your eyes on the road. Keep your brain in gear.
  191. chat full agian?
  192. Block Island Schooner Rendezvous
  193. Dunkirk little ship for £1?
  194. Best way to find a boat owner? (Poulsbo, WA)
  195. Gun question
  196. Furuno 4 kw open array ( Old model)
  197. Is Mexico still safe for cruising?
  198. Affordable Builders
  199. Florida: Stuart or Jupiter
  200. Just tested our two new FX-125 anchors - video
  201. Where to attach the sea anchor?
  202. Tribute to the Sloop John B
  203. Questions regarding handling of traditional sailing ships
  204. Best hardware for this attachment?
  205. Test Results Dor-mor v. Mushroom?
  206. Proper Sail Lockers on Cruisers - Opinions Please
  207. gpx track
  208. On a lighthearted note ...
  209. A Different Perspective on Boating
  210. Inflatable Boats USA?????
  211. Great, I have a boat, but how do I get on it?
  212. Over Current Protection On Pos Battery Connection
  213. NWS prediction doesn't even agree with itself!
  214. Safety Gear
  215. Caribbean water
  216. Florida to the Bahamas Documentary Video Part 3
  217. who needs a mast
  218. Weekend Cruising from Boston to New York City
  219. Seeking info re used Vigil marine radar
  220. Bahamas cruising areas - recommendations please
  221. Boat Hauler going to florida from Pacific Northwest
  222. Emergency Medical Insurance While Cruising.
  223. A better way to run the mainsheet....
  224. Northwind 23 - Information please
  225. welding my mast
  226. Port Canaveral Yacht Club - Open House
  227. In the Toronto area?
  228. Sequitur in The Falklands
  229. Sailing Motorless from LA to Phillipines
  230. Sailing experience
  231. Technology can aid safety....
  232. mississippi coast
  233. coronado 30
  234. what's the process to test sail a boat?
  235. Long Range Radio Communication
  236. Rigging question
  237. the inevitable slow death of sailing journalism - does it matter
  238. Solar Panel demands
  239. What have we done?
  240. I Scored some hi-quality books
  241. Went sailing yesterday
  242. Over my head; CE and CLR
  243. Bermuda Info
  244. Don Casey's Selecting and Using Sealants Article
  245. Scariest moment while sailing?
  246. i've stood all i can stand and me can't stands no more
  247. Books on classic sail?
  248. Best boat shows in N. America
  249. Surveyor Recommendation
  250. Going Aloft with Forestay Removed?