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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Almost Perfect....also moving the blog...
  2. Catamaran filling with water!
  3. New mainsail options?
  4. MA High Court Approves Wind Farm Deal
  5. Mystery Boat?
  6. Upwind daggerboard installation on a production displacement sailboat
  7. Japan Tsunami Impacts?
  8. Looking: Rent mooring in New Rochelle for the season
  9. Bad start to a new year
  10. Missing yachtsman turns up safe on Hawaii island
  11. cabin humidity
  12. Would your keel joint survive a full speed impact?
  13. Guatemala siphoning
  14. instrument condensation
  15. USCG Raises Assumed Average Weight per Person:
  16. Biggest boat you an comfortably single hand?
  17. Happy New Year!
  18. I'm on a Boat
  19. First Sail of the Year
  20. Wash. Use Tax-Boat Purchased in Canada
  21. Wanted: Room/workspace in Annapolis for feb/mar
  22. First race of the year is today.
  23. What are your new years (sailing-related) resolutions?
  24. What certification do chartering companies require?
  25. Second Shakedown Cruise - Some Questions
  26. Are Morgan's cheaper than most
  27. Why are the Morgans so cheap
  28. Well that was fun
  29. Sequitur in Puerto Eden
  30. How many sail solo
  31. C&C 30 MK1 EXCEL sheet needed for project
  32. Gel coat craks?
  33. Sailing the Carolinas - my first time...
  35. Coast Guard to study offshore boat traffic, wind farms -- provide input by 1/31/12
  36. Sewing Machines
  37. How to choose a delivery captain.
  38. Flying Scot beach daysailing?
  39. San Juan PR to Miami
  40. Block Island (Old Harbor) Renovation Update
  41. Story of several Coast Guard Rescues for 2011
  42. I interviewed renown offshore sailor Eric Forsyth
  43. New Plan to Save Penfield Reef Light
  44. 1000 miles to windward - a short story
  45. Outboards for catalina 22
  46. Suckers! Did me some sailing tonight.
  47. Missing Boat/Sailor Originally From Seattle
  48. I blog the story of the Lafitte 44
  49. "Motor kings"--don't we sail any more?
  50. Does any one have a mistral 16'
  51. Shameful plug
  52. Intracoastal questions
  53. recycling an internal lead keel
  54. Your favorite sailing superstitions
  55. Double Enders
  56. weres the chat?
  57. Handheld GPS ??
  58. Attention Bloggers
  59. USED st60 raymarine system
  60. Another freebee...
  61. Dolphins???? or ????
  62. Any sailing pressies under the tree?
  63. How many sailors save every thing.
  64. What can i get done in the winter?
  65. Merry Christmas!!!
  66. J/30 West Coast Equivalents
  67. Californians: Ever heard of the Consumer Use Tax?
  68. Season Greeting!?
  69. 6 months of smooth sailing...
  70. Our last project
  71. Who Builds This Boat?
  72. Downwind and riding waves.....
  73. Old sailing movie
  74. Advice for Caribbean Flotilla?
  75. James Byrd?
  76. Spinnaker Rigging
  77. Copper spreader tops??
  78. King tides coming to PNW
  79. Tom Neale's birthday
  80. Appropriate ‘min draft’/keel for Clear Lake, Galveston TX
  81. am i crazy
  82. Waves on beaches (stupid question?)
  83. C&C 30 MK1 its officially mine
  84. are sailors cheap#2
  85. Replacing Cleats
  86. Happy Holidays from NOAA
  87. Conn. to Bermuda?
  88. Free!
  89. Fuel Consumption
  90. Cold water, bad position given
  91. Ocean City MD to Chincoteague Inlet
  92. "Merry Christmas from NOAA"----chuckle....
  93. Visa enquiry - South African
  94. Enclosed Cockpit Question
  95. Boat Shopping
  96. Automobile Diesel Engine Conversion
  97. Sailor missing in Cheapeake
  98. first night on the boat!
  99. Should I Haul?
  100. Bumfuzzles, Propeller shafts & babies
  101. Maine Boatyard Completes Replica Herreshoff 12 1/2
  102. Trailering a 3 ton boat without an engine tomorrow
  103. Lower Susquehanna River flood...(photos)
  104. The "Raw Faith" saga: any forums threads during its construction?
  105. Share your favorite youtube sailing vids
  106. When a sailmaker claims they make sails but don't.*
  107. Would a sailboat be a good place to be
  108. America's Cup Yachts - Brisbane to Sydney
  109. Yacht names.
  110. Cutting Access Hole in Stainless Steel Diesel Fuel Tank
  111. 2011/2012 Used Boat Pricing
  112. A New Christmas Classic!
  113. Purposely swamping your boat to survive a storm
  114. C&C 30 head sail identification
  115. Bahamas maybe?
  116. why are portholes round??
  117. ASA Instructor
  118. Found this Craigs list ad
  119. Mystic Seaport
  120. Moving the Oliver Hazard Perry
  121. Heeling
  122. Summer sleeping onboard in TX without AC?
  123. Michael Calabrese Has A New Boat
  124. Any Lit up boats?!?!?
  125. Sailing to Bangkok
  126. Apostle Island Charts
  127. Trailering a boat - How to step the mast upon arrival (oriental, nc)
  128. Using your cruiser as a mechant ship
  129. A little custom house for a single sailor--my blog
  130. Save The Bay Seeks New Narragansett Baykeeper
  131. All of those & myself who are over double nickels
  132. C&C 110 as a Coastal Cruiser
  133. Universal Diesel M25X overheating
  134. Well, Another Man Down
  135. got my first sail boat
  136. How Much Ice Against The Hull Is Too Much?
  137. Got Our First Sailboat!
  138. Rudder Control
  139. Beware of the St. Augustine Shoals!
  140. Cast Iron Keel Renovation - WS Epoxy vs. Barrier Coat first sealing layer
  141. USVI dreaming
  142. Looking for an easy way to insulate...
  143. Fuel Fill Problem
  144. 1981 C&C 30 MK1 advice needed
  145. A sailor's Christmas list
  146. A late admission of Winter
  147. Bomar portlights how can I unhinge them?
  148. Beneteau First 367 for Coastal Cruising
  149. Zero handed sailing
  150. Buehler Designed 35' Juno
  151. Good Used Boat Search Site
  152. Inside Passage
  153. gonna do it
  154. A Day With A Thoroughbred- Stars and Stripes
  155. Cant get there from here!!!!!!!
  156. C&C34 or Mirage 33
  157. Canada, Operator Competency Requirements
  158. boat painting business
  159. How long do you expect to keep your boat/how long will it last?
  160. How much more efficient is a heeled boat? 35% more efficient!
  161. South from Puerto Montt to Puerto William
  162. Are sailboats the new 'in' thing?
  163. Going sailing! Wanting to do some fishing.
  164. what are some good items to have on a sailboat?
  165. Sunken Barge Raised from Narrangansett Bay
  166. Westsail 42 Fiona video tour and sailing adventure
  167. 1946 Ed Monk Sr. Wooden Sailboat
  168. Singlehanded mast stepping on a Catalina 250
  169. Interesting "Discussion" With The Admiral....When were you ready for a 50 mile trip?
  170. First and new (to us) boat! 1985 Pearson 27 Hull #24
  171. I have a new blog entry about YONI, one of my more interesting projects
  172. Jeanneau 2000 36.2 seacock fitting for toilet
  173. Which dinghy??
  174. singlehanded sailing course
  175. Winter Sailing 2011-2012
  176. Angle of Vanishing Stability
  177. Destin to Tarpon Springs
  178. Living aboard in Charleston, SC
  179. Gulet?
  180. L&A Has Been Sold
  181. Chicago Sail Show
  182. Fiberglass boat cleaners
  183. want to live-aboard, but how do i repair?
  184. do you need insurance for short stay slip?
  185. Flex foil or aluminum foil for roller furling?
  186. Hydrovane?
  187. any liveaboards fish for a living?
  188. Noob purchasing and commandeering a sail boat
  189. Schaefer CF700 vs Harken MKIV 0
  190. Wind Speed Anemometer placement
  191. Need to know! 1972 Catalina Fin Keel - Is it lead? Thanks!
  192. Installing yanmar 3gm30f in place of old volvo
  193. Pictures: Those perfect moments
  194. Delivery costs
  195. CampBell Sailer - any first hand experience??
  196. Where would you like to travel to?
  197. Nonsuch 22 - Steering Issue
  198. Argie 15 - Information Wanted
  199. Cat 27 enough for coastal cruising?
  200. New boat, Need new sails, Have new questions.
  201. cell phones and sail boats southern CA
  202. San Diego- Stars and Stripes
  203. Trent-Severn Waterway
  204. Sailing classes, where to start?
  205. leaving sails on the boat during winter...horrible idea?
  206. Head sail size
  207. first boat
  208. My youTube Channel!
  209. Still dreaming
  210. continuous furler?
  211. What's going on with Kelly Hanson sails?
  212. what's the normal life of a furled headsail?
  213. Triple Spreader Mast
  214. commercial fishing from sailboat?
  215. just bought Jeannau 52.2
  216. Thinking of trading my 32-year old in for a 16-year old
  217. O'Day 25 leak problem
  218. Cleveland to Canada
  219. Bargain "storm mainsail" instead of reefing
  220. Sailing from Los Angeles to S America
  221. Whale meat
  222. Caught a butterfly
  223. Puerto Montt to Cape Town Preparations
  224. junk rig
  225. Lost Time...When did you start sailing?
  226. How can one find a good sail maker?
  227. Judgement calls
  228. Exciting America's Cup Coverage
  229. Has the America's Cup lost...?
  230. Sailboat Xmas Lights?
  231. icw from cocoa to ft. pierce fl
  232. Off to Tahiti
  233. What Is The Value of Headroom (for Tall Sailors)
  234. Single-handed dry stored launching?
  235. Traveler Location
  236. The Dog Watch. True Story
  237. how to clean bimini top?
  238. any hustler 35's in N America?
  239. crash test boat series - good for magazine sales?
  240. Lost at sea
  241. A tough Thanksgiving on the South Shore...
  242. A short clip of my voyages this summer
  243. Why do you sail ?
  244. Having paying passengers - International
  245. Happy Thanksgiving all Mono & Multi
  246. An idea for keeping busy during a long cold winter...
  247. Fan in a Sailboat on Mythbusters...
  248. Bascule Bridge Raised Vertical Clearance???
  249. Vinyl Graphics on hull
  250. It only took 10 months....