: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. USA 17 (AKA Dogzilla) flying to Redwood City Saturday
  2. Non-Stop Circum-Navigation Routing
  3. Anyone want to be Crockett
  4. Almost liveaboards....less than a month!
  5. How do you circumnavigate?
  6. So.....new job oppurtunity
  7. Never would have happened in a powerboat!
  8. selling value, 3 type V harness PFD's...
  9. Polyurethane Thinner
  10. Funny Boat Mistakes
  11. Designers Choice 15
  12. The great things about owning a sailboat that no one tells you about
  13. Rules of thumb
  14. Dangers of Whales
  15. Wife won't retire with me....
  16. Awlgrip precautions?
  17. Radar reflector questions
  18. How to document a boat pre-purchase
  19. Going to Catalina in Gale???
  20. Good depth finder for Cat 22 with no drilling
  21. Sunfish dry mooring near Phildelphia?
  22. The Deed Is Done
  23. Boat electric bill - seems winter this year was colder than last year!
  24. Smallest boat you can live with
  25. Expectation of Crew's Own Equipment
  26. Won't buff out!
  27. Stupid Keel Question
  28. Used headsails for sale???
  29. A photo I have to share
  30. Boat BBQ tips and recommendations...
  31. Why All the Absurd Circumnavigation Threads?
  32. Smallest sailboat to use in blue water safely
  33. Sailing around the world on a $10,000 sailboat
  34. Sailing videos where you learned something?
  35. YAY - smooth launch for this newbie
  36. Canada Cruising Permits for US Boats
  37. Tall ships and power lines do not a good mix make.
  38. pics of sail covers made for lazy jack systems?
  39. Update on NYS Canal System
  40. My blog rides again!
  41. Radio calls ... What not to call your boat?
  42. training for solo non-stop circumnav
  43. GoPro vs Xacti...
  44. Replacing compression post w/SS post?
  45. Bleach for cleaning cabin?
  46. Halyards on the starboard? Crazy or like a fox?
  47. Another internet sailing movie/doc.
  48. Using these as jerry cans
  49. Launch set for this weekend :)
  50. Cool ongoing you tube series
  51. Motorcycle on a 30ft?
  52. Considering a foam luff on a 150 LP cruising sail
  53. Les Voiles de St. Tropez
  54. Florida is at it again
  55. Do chandlers like budget marine welsh on warrenties?
  56. sailing Greece
  57. clam cleat screws seized?
  58. Anchoring/leaving under sail
  59. Single handed anchoring questions
  60. Mogul Maid, a UK Ballard
  61. An amazing adventure
  62. Morgan 38's and 42's .... or ???
  63. Quickstep 24...
  64. Morgan stern rail
  65. Dear Mr Volvo.. will you sponsor us!
  66. Buyer Beware
  67. Where do you stow your dink outboard?
  68. Engine problem vs Improper functioning of the Prop
  69. Link 2000 and or charging problem
  70. Help me with my "why wait until retirement" plan
  71. Hey vtsailguy -- is this you on the local news?
  72. Mast Step Repair
  73. Sailing to Gibraltar
  74. Mandatory PFDs
  75. Cleaning/Sanitizing fresh water holding tanks
  76. Vacation time!
  77. A Ketch into a Cutter...or not
  78. picking a new motor for the job!
  79. schucker 430 Mobile Bay to Rock Port,Tx.
  80. shroud replacement? ??
  81. Why don't boats have headlights?
  82. Best Smartphone for boat?
  83. A Trip Out to Sea (Simulator)
  84. Need off-topic password
  85. Just a PSA: Cabalas is coming to Delaware
  86. Theft-proofing your tender and outboard...
  87. Something about the fractional rig that I just don't get...
  88. Bridge Clearance_How little is too little....
  89. Adventure Anchoring for the first time in big water
  90. (2) stories: 125-year old wreck in S.F. Bay// Snorkelers rescued
  91. Grampian flip over?
  92. Very pleased with purchase!
  93. advice for first solo, overnight, offshore
  94. Strictly Sail Pacific 2014
  95. Do I need Foulies?
  96. Sailboat Trailer Rental
  97. Display Coast Guard Registration Numbers
  98. Thailand question
  99. More Anti Anchoring legislation
  100. Houseboat sinks at anchor Daytona
  101. Guess the bottom paint! —AND— How do I clean that?
  102. Houseboat sinks at anchor Daytona
  103. Stuffing Box Hose Blues
  104. Smallest planing dingy/motor
  105. Handicap (D-PN) vs. SA/D ratio
  106. great transient deal in south Carolina
  107. Cost of sailing Tortola to London
  108. So-Cal Moorage
  109. Sailing The Point Pleasant Canal
  110. Modern day blue water sailboat?
  111. Money no object
  112. baby stay steering sail
  113. $854,400 in Fuel Spill Liability?
  114. Rotted Teak Toe Rail
  115. Dengue Fever Like Virus in the Caribbean
  116. Dont get all political
  117. Prop Shops close to Philadelphia
  118. Installing prop shaft flange/transmission coupling
  119. What do you pay for Slip Fees??
  120. To Do With The Dew
  121. Need a knot for...
  122. NOAA Graphic
  123. Hours on watch. Navy research.
  124. Movies and boats game
  125. C-Lark Spinnaker
  126. Trailer for Tartan T27
  127. Catalina 27 height?
  128. Did your booze locker just get a lot deeper?
  129. Dry mooring this season - lock recommendations?
  130. Jib will not unroll completely
  131. catalina cabin wall delam
  132. Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (really?)
  133. Your top 5 favorite sailing spots?
  134. Scow Time at Crystal River
  135. Are sailors an easy target?
  136. Sailing Alone Across the Atlantic Ocean - Stuart Woods
  137. Formula for calculating stowage based on displacement?
  138. ATN Tacker experiences???
  139. Go Green, Cruisers!!!
  140. Anyone looking for a 22' cabin cruiser...
  141. A cold trip back from the Baltic...
  142. British Pathe Puts 85,000 Videos On Youtube
  143. Rouge wave ...not what you think
  144. Main anchor question.
  145. What Y'all think of this scheme?
  146. Mr. Bligh's Bad Language
  147. need help
  148. Another Infant Electricity-Making Technology
  149. Liferafts and other survival equipment
  150. Double Standards when it comes to the boat!
  151. Cape May Canal;Kent Narrows
  152. Is "sailing performance" all in our heads?
  153. Canada; UNSAFE FOR CRUISERS!!!
  154. Seeking Skipper Charlie Phillips
  155. How to run aground properly
  156. Charleston to little river icw
  157. How much planning do you do for an extended cruise?
  158. Jax to Norfolk, VA in May, any advice?
  159. Need a headsail..what to go with?
  160. POR 15 for Anchor Chain
  161. New storm jib rigging
  162. Stone Horse Launching
  163. Bristol 26 going to California.
  164. Deck core - what on earth am i doing wrong....
  165. Sandpiper 100 and Montgomery 10
  166. Marinas of SE Florida...
  167. Safety while sailing the world - avoiding becoming a victim of crime
  168. St. Maarten to Florida end June to early July
  169. Drinking Water Out of Thin Air
  170. Shortening Stays Using Swags
  171. U.S. Navy Creates Hydrocarbon Fuel From Seawater
  172. Setting a trysail at anchor
  173. Message No Pilot on Raymarine s3 and head 6002
  174. The Purchase of a New Genoa
  175. Stuffing Box.....
  176. Clearance Agent Recommendations - Indonesia
  177. Strictly Sail Pacific
  178. Fiberglass Sailboats
  179. Won drawing for mooring on city lake!
  180. Angle of attack
  181. Words of Wisdom; Words of Warning
  182. Sailboat / liveaboard breakin - ABC & CBS News!
  183. How Tight For Rigging? Stay Extenders? Main Halyard Replacement?
  184. Doug Sabbag in the news again
  185. Snappy or otherwise Comebacks
  186. What's the right thing to do?
  187. Swego
  188. Sailing in Cartagena, Colombia
  189. Maryland user tax for out of state boat
  190. If you scuttle your boat, will insurance pay?
  191. The run aground poll
  192. I've never splashed before
  193. light duty vs heavy duty
  194. SSCA and SSU Updates
  195. The Season has begun
  196. Miami Vice Threads
  197. Radar reflector
  198. Sailing Dog's Boat Destroyed By Fire
  199. Painting the deck....
  200. Total Eclipse of Moon, Night of 14 April/Morning 15 April
  201. Right Sailboat for Severn River??
  202. Liveaboard SailBoat Series - Sailing From Portland to San Diego
  203. Free Books Very Worth Having
  204. Gasoline with ethanol question (again)
  205. Washington State SailNetters: Measles Exposure Risk
  206. For the couple who just cannot decide between RV or boat
  207. Convert Symmetric Spinnaker to Asymmetric?
  208. bottom feeding, democracy, and economics
  209. Catalina 22 fixer upper
  210. Will soda blasting remove hard bottom paint?
  211. Right shape for the ultimate self-righting boat
  212. The Benefits of Bottom Feeding
  213. What kind of rig is this?
  214. Stupid questions about launch day
  215. Darwin to philippines (indonesia)
  216. Sailboat went off course into Algeria
  217. At what point is a boat overweight?
  218. Quality sheet co's ?
  219. Sailing Hallucinations on long sails
  220. Nissan NS5B Service Manual
  221. mmsi numbers, ship radio and hand held VHF
  222. Ugly Boats
  223. New toy for fisher-folk & others...
  224. Do you play music whilst sailing?
  225. Mounting hardware on Boom
  226. Navionics web charts and SonarCharts
  227. What would you do you are off Hatteras ?
  228. Spring?
  229. First sail in Westerly Centaur 35 minute film - not much happens
  230. Tsunami Warnings & Watches For Pacific Regions After 8.2 Chile Quake
  231. Chile earthquake 8.2 on scale
  232. Problem with Spot Satellite Personal Tracker
  233. "Uh oh", that sinking feeling
  234. When can i go sailing????
  235. Sea Delivery from SFO to PNW how feasible?
  236. Bottom Painting/Sanding
  237. Your anchor is too big
  238. Dinghy Repair
  239. Sailing Anarchy Seized By Fed's??
  240. 10 foot minimum depth - congress votes full scale dredging of the ICW
  241. An idea that's time has come: preventing bird crap
  242. How comfortable to you feel leaving your boat at anchor?
  243. Man overboard rescued after 1.5 hours at sea
  244. Sometimes it doesn't take much.
  245. Some things are just made to be
  246. Some HIN discussion
  247. Where did all the old line drawings go?
  248. Before putting parts back on, caulk? or..
  249. Options for faulty screw holes epoxy or..?
  250. Grandad's Boat FW514 Fleetwind Sailing Dinghy