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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Mounting Depth sounder/Fish finder horizontally
  2. Help finding an Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  3. Cape May to Block Island :)
  4. Help identifying a boat
  5. gps and lake contour maps
  6. What does "Chance of Thunder Showers" really mean?
  7. Good choice for sailboat tattoo?
  8. Wow, bad dockline setup....
  9. you think this would be a good buy
  10. Peterson 46
  11. Google map with pictures of Caribbean travels
  12. Cleaning internal passages in outboard motor
  13. 1989 O'Day 302`
  14. How do you trim your sail at "Nite"?
  15. Mooring in Manatee
  16. Electrical Wiring Book for boats
  17. IB Extended essay research
  18. I'm moving to middle Georgia, any recommendations where to sail?
  19. Tall ship sail.
  20. Background reading suggestions for newbies in the PNW
  21. Atomic 4 slippin
  22. Irwin 33
  23. Any Tinker dinghy fans in the US?
  24. New chat is full
  25. how much money for my boat?
  26. towing a dinghy, Painter size?
  27. Going to convert my Snipe sailing dinghy into a trimaran- Need advice f
  28. Rough weather seperates real boats from bad boats...
  29. ID of older sailing dinghy_please help
  30. Best way to clean scuffs from floating dock on your hull?
  31. Com-pac 23
  32. Chatm you lazy mofos!
  33. Can I get a BFS?
  34. Osprey problem
  35. Any thoughts on Beneteau first 26 as first boat
  36. Our sailing video
  37. Seafevers first new hole
  38. The power of forums - this forum ....
  39. Can anyone tell me What this is
  40. how tight should my port and starboard stay be
  41. Hammocks and stress on standing rigging
  42. Spotless Stainless Question
  43. If anyone has intimate knowledge about a Honda 8, I could sure use some help
  44. An Update on the Ship Discovered at Ground Zero
  45. Congrats West Marine on Rocna recall!
  46. contessa 26 1985???
  47. Whisker Pole Use/Modification/Replace
  48. Personal Loans?
  49. Insurance Question
  50. Another Shout Out to Knothead and Mrs. Knothead...
  51. Solo Around the Americas
  52. How do you know it's too rough?
  53. refresh time ...
  54. Itinerary for Chesapeake Bay Cruise
  55. so what brand/ size you you consider for me
  56. Lightning Damage.. HELP
  57. New Posts has a problem
  58. Sydney Slip Rent?
  59. Amateur Sailor Seeks Advice
  60. Geocaching by Sail
  61. why and what do you like about it.
  62. Stupid Questions ...
  63. New to me boat and the delivery from hell
  64. Anchoring Etiquette
  65. what boat is it?
  66. Brewers Yacht Haven is Closing Down
  67. Best Insurance companies for the over 30 ft boats?
  68. Would You Loan Your Boat to a Friend
  69. Somali pirate gossip
  70. No EPRIB and No liferaft?
  71. Poor man's autohelm
  72. 2011 Mackinaw Race Storm Video
  73. S/V Triumph lost in the atlantic
  74. Islander 37
  75. Sailing Debacle & Outboard Suggestions
  76. attantion catamaran owners
  77. My First Sail...HOOKED!
  78. any downside to the sugarscope/ swim platforms?
  79. Why Crusiers Won't change RF headsails
  80. Can anyone identify this boat?
  81. What Makes a Good Marina.
  82. What Makes a Good Marina.
  83. 35 morgan keel bolts
  84. Adding Stanchions and lifelines
  85. Gredada in Oct
  86. How to rig a Genoa downhaul.
  87. Sailnet on Facebook
  88. Sailnet Members Decide - Chat or not?
  89. Green sail-how to clean it?
  90. What would you have done different?
  91. Sailing Career..?
  92. Heads and Holding Tanks
  93. Life Jackets?
  94. Acquiring paper charts
  95. Dockside Rant
  96. Lightning 19' mast stepping, help need..
  97. Sea Wind
  98. Heart of Sailing fatal accident
  99. Race Week - Wish me Luck!
  100. "Like" "unlike" feature cool! or not?
  101. Woo Hoo Sailnet for Android!
  102. Winter Storage -Greater Boston, MA area
  103. Gelcoat Question
  104. Newbie looking for brand advice
  105. Mooring information requested
  106. Alabama with a banjo on my knee
  107. Catalina Island - best launch spot
  108. Determine which direction the current goes?
  109. seagull in the shed for 15 years - will it start
  110. conditions in the Fire Island inlet (L.I.)
  111. What's the diff between 1cyl and 2 cyl motor of the same HP?
  112. Winter sailing months around NC, SC,
  113. Full Keel vs. Wing Keel small boats
  114. Working aboard
  115. Pfft, call that a boat?
  116. GF and I are looking to learn more
  117. Bimini top - does it add windage?
  118. just got a nacra 5.0 any one in chessy area know about these??
  119. help for old cruisers
  120. Late or New Model Production boat can survie
  121. Sharks in Barnegat Bay
  122. Will I like this boat?
  123. Pet Peave - Non lethal, just annoying
  124. First solo
  125. Help Choosing the Best Trailerable Boat
  126. Flying vs. Sailing
  127. Need Help for Yanmar 18Hp locked up
  128. First circumnavigation yesterday
  129. Whales in NY Harbor
  130. Passenger seating regulations
  131. Reynolds 21
  132. Will a 6HP inboard push my 4000# Quickstep?
  133. Catalina 320 Dodger/Bimini Frames
  134. Just took a sailing class and I really do not like dinghy sailboats. Go bigger?
  135. Apache 37
  136. docking under sail legal?
  137. Kitsap area launch recommendations
  138. Notes from my log - no advice needed, but I am sure I will get some
  139. What do you look for in novice crew?
  140. Philly's hottest day ever?
  141. Want To Buy
  142. Accepting help while docking
  143. Docking OPs boats
  144. Barnegat Bay Marina
  145. OK, i have 3 free days in the Annapolis area...
  146. Mooring Pickup in waves
  147. Dolphins and cats ("thanks for all the fish")
  148. Not docking 101, SMILE!
  149. Good News for Ocean View / Little Creek Area of Norfolk, VA
  150. Sailing clubs in Miami-Dade County
  151. Polysulfide or polyether?
  152. Newbie Needs Help On Marina Research
  153. Coast of Maine - is a USB modem dongle the answer?
  154. Just Curious
  155. Lazy jacks
  156. just about broke one of my mainstays
  157. Anyone going to Australia from South or Central America?
  158. Anybody done offshore delivery in california?
  159. Marking anchor chain
  160. Seafevers first race
  161. How does state Sale tax work?
  162. Auto Pilot Question
  163. Real Life Weather Scenario
  164. Can I repair my jib myself? plus happy picture
  165. Help - Question about sails
  166. new main!
  167. Mackinac race tragedy.
  168. Composite?
  169. Nervous newbie
  170. What does your sailboat do ?
  171. 20' sundance
  172. Recommended Chart Book
  173. New Boat
  174. Three weeks sailing on South Central Coast of England
  175. Checklists for Guests
  176. Cape Cod Canal
  177. Boat Loan
  178. cruiseair drip
  179. How to meansure distance from Google Map?
  180. What the hell?
  181. Sail with Brad Van Liew - Le Pingouin Summer Tour deets
  182. Rhino Liner on hull for use as barrier coat?
  183. Worst summer ever.
  184. Wind Limit
  185. Beach Trailer Boats?
  186. A puzzle -- how to heel to pass under a bridge
  187. Going through Hells Gate Tomorrow July 15
  188. Niantic Bay help
  189. Help for getting a sailor back on the water...
  190. jib sheeting angle choices..
  191. First 3-day sailing trip with 1-year old... success!!!
  192. 1976 O'day 22
  193. Some help needed with shoal draft choices
  194. Boat rentals?
  195. Boat Loan
  196. Finally, some good news regarding anchoring restrictions
  197. flushing engine
  198. Anybody stay here how is it?
  199. This Old Boat
  200. Sailing clubs?
  201. The Cal is nothing but fun
  202. How do I change or get rid of this flag ?
  203. Penobsoct and environs
  204. Saw Bob Bitchin at Catalina
  205. Boat Lettering
  206. Good News!! My bid has been accepted.
  207. Boredom redefined
  208. Am I crazy if...
  209. Marblehead to Halifax race
  210. A Sign of Things to Come?
  211. Chesapeake Bay (Sat)
  212. how to make my dream a reality?
  213. Sailing poorly upwind
  214. Tools for when it goes from 5 to 45 knots in ten minutes
  215. Caribbean navigation
  216. Human Slobs
  217. 1977 O'day 25
  218. Shake down cruise
  219. Questions on restoring deck on 1974 Laser - Pic Heavy
  220. US Yacht comes to grief off Qld coast.
  221. Tipping at Marinas
  222. Do I have a Problem?
  223. Safety equipment aboard and priorities
  224. Setting an offer price
  225. Little beach Multihulls
  226. Ferry runs aground in St. Thomas, 6 injured
  227. Good sailing books
  228. Plans for this classic boat?
  229. Sailnet BLOGS Taken off line
  230. downtime and database problem 7/6/11
  231. Abandon Ship! Video of kids having fun
  232. The best storage yard in Maine!
  233. Muskegon to Mackinaw City...
  234. Murphy's Law & "Gale Force Winds"
  235. Need Help: Boat Damage
  236. Boom Vang vs Boom furling?
  237. July Magazine Article - Break On Through
  238. Nissan outboard no power
  239. Is it worth the trouble to take a "NEW" deilivery in Europe ?
  240. Useful Resource
  241. Just a reminder:
  242. Sailing into Your Slip -- Ready or Not
  243. Soft Halyard or Line Shackle
  244. Thimble Islands Ferry Financial Troubles
  245. Look at the size of that thing coming up behind us...
  246. Lake sailors?
  247. Buying our first sailboat
  248. Possible meet-up at Chesapeake City August 27
  249. WoW weather forecasts are horrible..
  250. no standing rigging?