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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. How many boats do you own?
  2. How is our world getting smaller because of the rising science and tecnology?
  3. Bene505 Hardcore or certifiable you decide.
  4. 42s7 Owners...
  5. What is this?
  6. Worth the price of admission?
  7. A question regarding nighttime rules of the road
  8. replacing running rigging
  9. Re-wire on 31ft niagara
  10. North american 23 spinnaker rigging
  11. Bill Bishop is a freaking genius!
  12. Should we even do the intercostal en-route south? From what I am reading...
  13. Catalina 27 - electrical
  14. Sailing a 34' with wet deck areas
  15. Helm station
  16. Advice: Making a Sailing Video Game
  17. Stanchions - Yes or No?
  18. abandoned boat sales
  19. aussi1947
  20. J35 balancing question
  21. First sail of the year...
  22. Where can I buy 420 half models?
  23. Voyage to Knoxville
  24. Tragic Event
  25. Now in Panama City
  26. Good news: Pac garbage patch much smaller
  27. Education for those long winter months: Seven Seas University
  28. Buying a boat you don't want..
  29. Sit on Kayak
  30. Coast Pilot, worth a look!
  31. Newbie to Chartering - BVI
  32. Sailing in the Ocean City NJ area
  33. What kind of boat is this?
  34. It's all over now. . .
  35. First boat show.
  36. Wind Instruments
  37. Next step - St. Augustine!
  38. DC Ammeter wiring
  39. Think I've been reprogrammed
  40. Environmental Awareness; What are your views on the sea?
  41. So much good help re: water lines, can I get thoughts on ...
  42. Star Marine Depot
  43. Just a cautionary note
  44. rigging a 31 niagra
  45. ICW Cruise in early spring
  46. sailing movies / video suggestions?
  47. Water (system) line question
  48. where to moor a new "used" sailboat
  49. Beta Testers
  50. found cheap boat on craigs list
  51. Sailing Certificates
  52. Help Me Plan my Trip
  53. Sailing with gun-toting, beer-swilling
  54. Mooring in Cape May
  55. Wisconsin or Illinois Marina Recommendations
  56. dufour yachts
  57. Wanting to fulfill a life long dream of learning to sail in 2011
  58. End of Year/Beginning of year
  59. Last sail of 2010
  60. Canadian tides and currents on-line
  61. Technical help for a screenplay
  62. George Town, Bahamas - Our Trip (pic heavy)
  63. What have you snagged your anchor on?
  64. Happy New Year
  65. what kind of boat is this?
  66. Sailing & Cancer
  67. Mirror Dinghy repairs
  68. Salsipuedes -> checkin with customs?
  69. Rigging question
  70. MMSI registration and DSC
  71. Remembering Brian Weeks Past US Sunfish Class President
  72. Sailed last night
  73. Enjoying the "Off" season.
  74. Book on sail trimming
  75. A good illustration of the pitfalls of chartplotters
  76. How best to photoshop possible Awlgrip hull colors?
  77. Lancer manual
  78. charleston sc to jacksonville fl
  79. Leasing a Sailboat???
  80. Restoration of 1971 McCurdy Rhodes
  81. Sailing with a dog?
  82. Watch out for the dock!!
  83. Family Island Regatta
  84. Classic 6-Metre Restoration
  85. Laptop GPS
  86. Practical Sailor
  87. Key West for New Years....First Rounds on Us!!!
  88. Dinghy's
  89. Running the outboard out of the water for 30 seconds
  90. Sailing boat home..
  91. Passage to Chile
  92. First Post Want To Learn!
  93. My first day of sailing!
  94. Catalina 30 vs Dickinson bbq
  95. Rotating wing masts
  96. Boat search: J22 vs. Sonar 23
  97. Destinations that allow open carry... of beer
  98. A day or two of sailing for returning soldiers
  99. Marathon to Ft Lauderdale
  100. Boom shaped like a bow
  101. Why having a sailboat is worth it
  102. Going under!
  103. Buying sailboat in Hawaii. Is it really cheaper?
  104. Boat lost keel, no one noticed!
  105. Merry Christmas!
  106. Female Sailing Partners
  107. Fuel Related Questions ~ Biodiesel WVO
  108. The Whitsundays Islands.
  109. Experience required to sail the pacific
  110. Check your bilge system (Southern California)
  111. Historic Vessel Vega website update
  112. Wreck of the Lady Mary
  113. Log Entries, Articles, and Stories
  114. price to hire yacht for a day
  115. sailing qualifications required before hiring yacht
  116. UK sailing courses
  117. English channel crossing
  118. Sailing Every Week so far this fall/winter
  119. Portable GPS for marine use
  120. 1 GPS/VHF antenna for several pieces of electronics possible?
  121. "The Arrival" - Short Sailing Film
  122. Crossing the English Channel from UK
  123. Making plan for to Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
  124. To Paint or not to Paint thats the question
  125. Its Sunny Somewhere!
  126. Merry Christmas
  127. Anything better than tell tales?
  128. How to set sails at night?
  129. Pearson Wanderer Centerboard Cable
  130. advice different approach to sell?
  131. Interesting?.....
  132. The sail back
  133. electric bill
  134. Surfer stuck on a sailboat for 32 day's in rough sea's reflects...
  135. How do you store your fruit?
  136. The best sailing Christmas gift this year.
  137. Small boat and a hammock?
  138. Oil pressure sender
  139. What a waste..Sad, very sad
  140. Blog updates
  141. What does this marker mean?
  142. Strictly Sail Chicago
  143. Houston, Texas boat tax?
  144. Rep power
  145. San Francisco to Newport - Schedule
  146. Rigid Inflatable Dingy
  147. Boat ownership in the snow.
  148. Mexico to Oregon
  149. Sailing across Caribbean
  150. Need local vendor recommendations from Ontario people..
  151. Protecting lines from weather
  152. It's a good thing....
  153. Pocket Cruiser in Havasue Arizona Feb 2010
  154. boiling tin cans - death risk
  155. Williams-Sonoma ???
  156. Ever considered "boat swapping" with someone in another country?
  157. Keeping kids 8~80 entertained on the boats
  158. Pearson 419 ~ 422 or 424
  159. While I'm here.. anyone want to take two Jaeger girls boating FL east coast?
  160. This was probably a nice boat 13 years ago...
  161. Garffin Clue
  162. Sailing journey timing question
  163. URGENT: ***Beware: Fake Camaraderie E-mails***
  164. Sold my boat
  165. Tampa To Key West, Dry Tortugas Februray
  166. Does anyone know where cardiacpaul has gone?
  167. Operation Freeboy - Code name Holy Marie
  168. summer 2010
  169. good neighbor or liable fool?
  170. Boat US article on Tartan
  171. I'm sorry, but WTF were they thinking????
  172. charters??
  173. Not enough money to sail?
  174. The sinking of "RAW FAITH"
  175. Wow! Look at the size of the seas!
  176. where to buy acid dye?
  177. Need a raw water manifold
  178. Yacht Swap with owner on board
  179. VAT exemption on pre 1985
  180. Spade rudder - Ocean passage
  181. Need a gift idea for my dad who just bought a 42' Beneteau First....
  182. Annapolis Sailboat Christmas Parade of lites
  183. Keeping a boat in the water for free
  184. On-line Courses
  186. Floating Vacation
  187. currents between Key West and Ft Jefferson?
  188. Importing to the UAE, or other option
  189. Advise re purchase
  190. Canadian Sailor Gunned Down in Honduras
  191. Looking for Mooring in Palm Beach Florida
  192. How long can you idle a diesel for the hydronic heat?
  193. Looking at Chrysler 26
  194. Seasickness QUestions
  195. To me, it's just weird...
  196. An exercise in mental masturbation....
  197. Thoughts/feedback on "sailmail"?
  198. Simple safe entrance
  199. Alternative to the port jef ferry
  200. Advice on sailing & sailboats
  201. Dog to Mexico on a sailboat without a health certificate.
  202. Passages, Pics & Platitudes
  203. Marine Links
  204. Toronto Boat Show is coming up...
  205. Yacht Clubs in Boston
  206. Has everyone seen this?!?!
  207. Fatal Storm-book excerpt
  208. West Marine/General Tether Caution
  209. Is this a weather window (gulfstream crossing)
  210. Charges by the foot LOA
  211. Marathon & Boot Key Trip (Very Pic Heavy)
  212. Get your sailing fix.
  213. Main Sail question, No reef points?
  214. What is the deepest depth you have anchored in and why?
  215. Abrahams Bosum
  216. Best Small Boat For Cruising the ICW ?
  217. Who owns a boat over 50'?
  218. My 1st mate is a real dog
  219. How to stow a small sailboat onboard
  220. Pipe heaters for plastic pipes
  221. New (to me) Catalina 30
  222. Kanberra gel
  223. Interesting take on the use of an old, rescued wooden boat.
  224. Trailer-Sailer or Keel Boat
  225. Boat Market: Sailboat/Motorboat
  226. Wauquiez is going down, Dufour and Grand Soleil in trouble.
  227. Naming the boat
  228. 3 blade prop
  229. Is this possible on around 10k?
  230. Banque Populaire is going to try to beat the World's circumnavigation record:
  231. San Francisco - San diego trip advice please
  232. Inboard automatic start up diesel generator
  233. Equipment Check List
  234. North west Scotland-video clips
  235. Another Sailor Lost at Sea.
  236. Tarp for storage: Light or Dark color?
  237. Seeking boat construction resources
  238. New main for a Catalina 30
  239. Three boys adrift in Pacific for 50 days found alive
  240. Do sailors dislike Lewmar 43s?
  241. Coast Guard safety check manual - online
  242. Seafarer 22
  243. Need Help for Chatplotter
  244. No regulations for marker lights?
  245. Full Keel Rudder's Shape?
  246. Book Review
  247. questions
  248. Ahoy, Harmony
  249. Novice question
  250. sailing