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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. New England 600 Rally
  2. Crossing The Pacific. Want To Go?
  3. Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race LIVE!
  4. Cal 25 mk1 vs. Santana 25
  5. Sweet looking registration plate for your inflatable
  6. to move or not to move, that is the question.
  7. The Beginner Boat I Want
  8. Definition of 'Cruising'
  9. Blog/site list - post yours here
  10. C Flex in fiberglass hull construction
  11. Guess who is finally ditching the furler and going hank up?
  12. Anyone ever sailed a dog to the Bahamas?
  13. Sailboats in Long Island/NY area winter time
  14. Turkish Gulet
  15. flying rats
  16. A sailboat turns to port by herself under motor
  17. Gave my masseuse a happy ending
  18. Sailing with a few buds
  19. Freaked out some power boaters yesterday!
  20. Sailing log
  21. Tonga vs. Tahiti
  22. 1970 Newport Re Gel
  23. Where to buy new j24
  24. hustler 35 - any in n america?
  25. Looking for a sailing opportunity in San Diego
  26. my boat got hit how to proceed?
  27. Solo to Block Island
  28. Please help identifying this small sailboat
  29. Help w/ new sails please...
  30. First extended cruise on our boat!
  31. Collision course!
  32. Fractional Rig
  33. Mainsheet load calculator
  34. More than 3 hulls? Ever been done?
  35. So which version of this forecast do I believe?
  36. Do Whales like Concrete Boats!
  37. Lucky Dog!
  38. Chicago advice needed
  39. Hooray! IE finally drops below 50%
  40. Trailer size Catalina 27
  41. Yves Gelinas at the boat show today...
  42. coastal seas vs. blue water: difference?
  43. Questions re: San Francisco Fleet Week
  44. how do you know when your're done fueling your boat?
  45. Yacht Broker - how to deal with them?
  46. Dickerson 41 Ketch
  47. You say Yes, I say no, You say Why .......
  48. Why isn't there a traveler?
  49. Mutineer 15 hull speed
  50. Largest boat for outboard
  51. Wekend Trip
  52. Dream Symphony
  53. yeah!
  54. anchorages in Key West
  55. Looking for winter sailing advice
  56. "Wanna sell your boat?"
  57. marinas and sailing near Shanghai..
  58. The Annapolis Sailboat Show Thread
  59. Sailing to Provincetown MA
  60. celestial nav thought experiment
  61. Rigging my boat
  62. Shark oil barometer
  63. Considering a Day Sailer
  64. New Zealanders
  65. "Someone is on the boat!" James Island Gang
  66. San Diego Slip needed for 3 months
  67. First Boat for Puget Sound
  68. Tall ship sinks
  69. How many times as a First Mate before ....
  70. Mid boom vs end boom sheeting
  71. watermakers
  72. Now I know what they are called!
  73. A Trip Up the Mast With Helmet Cam
  74. Happy -- on the boat
  75. pirates in mexico and texas
  76. Boston LNG carrier security regulations
  77. Make your boat a giant solar panel, with Paint!
  78. Northern Chesapeake Slip Fees
  79. VHF License fees?
  80. Annapolis boat show 10/14-10/17
  81. American Mariner?
  82. Bought a boat, need a slip(monterey, ca)...
  83. Full keel haul out procedures
  84. My new/old boat??? going from CT river to MD
  85. Sailing south from LI sound to Annapolis Md! I did it again.
  86. Best Boat for my purpose?
  87. Pamlico sound in a Northerly Wind?
  88. Anchoring During Boat Show in Annapolis
  89. Pics from sailnet album work?
  90. Customs wants my boat registry papers
  91. Two Free Sailboats, which one would you take?
  92. First sail with new baby (1-year-old)...
  93. X-Mas in the Bahamas? Rentals?
  94. Kids think sailing is boring
  95. PVC inflatable repairs
  96. What boat do I want?
  97. Anyone go out today? Excellent day.
  98. Hunter 34 performance
  99. Catamaran question
  100. Man Overboard!
  101. Any outboard motor experts out there?
  102. My new 42' Manta Cat Tortuga!
  103. Land sickness
  104. Awesome Pictures of Our Boats
  105. Wharram Catamaran Florida Winter Rendezvous
  106. Sailnet Get-Together during Annapolis Boat Show?
  107. YOG energy
  108. Hyannis to Norfolk -weatherwise
  109. Mooring
  110. Looking to rent in Potomac River (Alexandria)
  111. USCG Re-Documenting ??
  112. Yay me, finally caught a fish!
  113. Best Route: Great Lakes to East Coast?
  114. Sail from Richmond, CA to Half Moon Bay
  115. Personal GPS locator
  116. How is the cell coverage while motoring in ICW?
  117. Schooner Zodiac dismasted
  118. mainsheet system for daysailer
  119. "Fixer Upper" Nightmare or dream-come-true
  120. Lessons learned the hard way
  121. What is chine?
  122. block this weekend sept 25
  123. Convert existing steel freshwater tank to blackwater holding tank?
  124. On-Line sailing stories and Blogs
  125. Ghost ?
  126. Powerboats rule!! jk haha!
  127. Any Newport 41 owners in the Bay Area?
  128. Sailnet Spring Get Together Cape May
  129. Argentina - the new Cuba?
  130. Distance help
  131. Dehler 25 Mast Compression
  132. Marina people
  133. Winter Storage in Houston/Galvaston?
  134. Delivery Captain Cost
  135. Bought A New Yacht!!!!
  136. Rust Stain on a sail
  137. Kits for building a 30ft sailboat?
  138. mast sizing?
  139. Junk/Sampan rigging vs. Cat rigging
  140. Mildew prevention -- running a small air hose to the bottm of each locker
  141. NW Indiana trailer boat winter storage
  142. ASA announced their new iPhone App
  143. Anybody know the make and model?
  144. Selecting a marina in NJ area
  145. Life Raft Survival (staying warm)
  146. Barnstable Harbor Sailing?
  147. Anyone live aboard in the mexican summer
  148. Sailing Anxiety (confession time)
  149. TY 37 bowsprit drawing
  150. Steering goes south while tacking
  151. vacation in the bahamas...
  152. help please
  153. Bora Bora, Fiji etc can a poor man visit them via a sailboat?
  154. Babylon, NY - to - Bucksport, ME
  155. Day Sailing companies in St. Thomas
  156. Yacht Clubs vs. Marinas
  157. Dreamer, Schemer, or Doer?
  158. How's Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?
  159. I think he's trying to tell me something
  160. Just passed my HAM test
  161. Stainless fuel tank
  162. leaky fuel tank
  163. Proud New 1995 Club 420 Owner
  164. Sailing Alone in the 21st Century
  165. Dodge Morgan Dies
  166. Coffee on board
  167. "Ive got to have that"- where did we go wrong
  168. Irwin 52' video. You gotta' see this...
  169. Artsy crafty in the boat shop...
  170. boston mooring permit?
  171. A Long Sail with Courtney on a Very Small Boat.
  172. Poll - Who Uses Black Balls and Cones?
  173. RIP Dodge
  174. Boats for crossing the Pacific
  175. Racing around San Diego
  176. Fishing story (shark)
  177. The amazing disappearing halyard!
  178. Love me Tender.....
  179. Can a Catalina 30 go out of the bay / gate?
  180. Help name my boat! Please.
  181. Remote Control: A Blind Man Goes Sailing With Help From Afar
  182. The smell of Diesel in the cabin, Oil Changes, & Engine Maintenence schedules
  183. Stripping the bottom paint
  184. Center board depth - 14' Phantom
  185. Wild sailing in Squamish B.C.
  186. Loft Rec in or around Annapolis
  187. Cruising in extremely remote locations
  188. World sailing without a (US) passport
  189. iPhoen App Ideas
  190. Panama Canal
  191. The Fantastic Sinking Boat by Julien Berthier
  192. Looking For Love
  193. River Dunes
  194. What a day.....
  195. Does anyone ever feel this way?
  196. Too much smoke on startup
  197. Labor Day Weekend Sailing
  198. Hallberg Rassy 35?
  199. Outdrive paint
  200. Atkin Eric Jr boat owners
  201. mainsail issue
  202. what is a "J Boat"?
  203. I WILL TRADE YOU the use of my sailboat...
  204. If someone gets killed in the middle of the ocean....
  205. Boat lift: Okay For A Sailboat?
  206. What's too windy for a dinghy sail?
  207. LED Stern Light
  208. Interesting Blurb
  209. U.S. Marines take Pirates -- Yessss!
  210. 5 Masted Schooner Discovered Off Monomoy
  211. Crab pots, schmab Pots...try dodging Icebergs!!
  212. Bringing a mast home? Best Method?
  213. Sailing couples in difficult/emergency situations
  214. Peconic Bay vs. Sag Harbor vs. LI Sound
  215. Annoyed by Errors in Books
  216. What's up with motoring when you can sail?
  217. I WILL TRADE YOU the use of my sailboat for a slip and storage
  218. Buzzards Bay Sailing, racing Earl
  219. Labor Day Weekend - still coming down from my high
  220. NEEEEED HELP!! proposing to girlfriend!!
  221. Circumnav preps coming together
  222. Video of criuse ship's pool in a storm
  223. Source for Tenara thread
  224. First Boat and She's a Beauty!
  225. help rigging 75 year old sloop
  226. Water filtration system
  227. Summer cruise - BC pics
  228. Catamaran sailing in gale- Video
  229. Sextant
  230. Grease monkey is the word.
  231. Help identify dinghy.
  232. New Vs. Old
  233. 5hortBu5 Buys a Boat
  234. Dogs onboard....does it work?
  235. Info on Digicel or Lime GSM SIM for Mobile Calling in Windwards
  236. AIS site
  237. Containers
  238. A Good Starter Boat?
  239. Angle of Vanishing Stability Grampian 30' 1974
  240. New York to Cape May
  241. En route to SoCal - a unique transport
  242. Hype
  243. aquabug inflatable
  244. Inverted headsail?
  245. Arkansas Newby
  246. abandoned sailboat off fl coast
  247. Displacement Question
  248. Oops! Your AIS reprogrammed by USCG
  249. Abandoned boat in our anchorage
  250. Is "inside steering" really an advantage?