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  1. Coast Guard Boat Crash Kills Boy
  2. Interesting Article on a Fuel Cell Based Propulsion System
  3. Some Memories of Sailing 2009
  4. Clothing
  5. another kid setting out
  6. Sloop rigged with loose-footed main (no boom)?
  7. Winter Solstice Dec 21 2009 12:47 PM EST...
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  13. Ok people get off your bumbs and go sailing
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  15. Just in time for snow
  16. boom vang
  17. BCs Gulf Islands - Wallace
  18. headsail lead car or block
  19. Seasonal Mooring Rental in Annapolis area
  20. cunningham
  21. Some serious sailing
  22. Sailing Bloopers
  23. how much bottom paint do i need?
  24. Swage fittings?
  25. Does singlehanding equal insanity?
  26. Seattle boat show, worth the trip?
  27. 85-year old sailor plucked from the sea
  28. Where is everyone shopping?
  29. Sonar, Radar, chartplotters and PC based systems
  30. Katie Spotz
  31. Pros and Cons of Owning a Slip...
  32. Roy Disney - Off to Fiddler's Green
  33. Azores to Newfoundland
  34. Spongy or crackling deck
  35. Help: Sea Shanties
  36. swollen lines
  37. cirumnavigating Vancouver Island
  38. Florida Keys - Inside or outside?
  39. Made it from the Hamptons to the Magothy.
  40. Swapping Catalina 25 for Melges...
  41. A Practical Guide to the Rules of the Road
  42. San Blas Islands
  43. Exy Johnson for sale
  44. where brave sailors go
  45. nautical clip-art
  46. SSCA board blacklisted!
  47. Used Dana 24
  48. Tracking device - Spot
  49. Its -10* F :-0 thats BELOW Zero
  50. leaky hatch gaskets.
  51. Balancing Helm when broad reaching
  52. C&C mkl, mkll, mk 1/2, mk 1/3 rd.. What the ???
  53. Help buying a tiller pilot
  54. Sailnet is a great place to be
  55. Mast snapped 12/09/09
  56. Looking in VA or MD for Teak board & plywood distr.
  57. Boat Insurance
  58. trailer rental on east coast
  59. Online stores for Harken & Alike ?
  60. Ericson or Contest,Please help me choose
  61. Hampton to Annapolis leaving tonight:)
  62. for you other sailing wannabes...
  63. Increase twist in strong wind?
  64. Funny
  65. Let's see your holiday decorated boats
  66. Best Bottom Paint for Trailer Boats
  67. Where's Simon?
  68. Planned interior upgrades for Oh Joy
  69. Baltimore MD / DIY Marina / Looking, recommendations
  70. new carbon monoxide alarm
  71. Helix mooring Cutchogue NY
  72. NYC Area Mooring
  73. The Atlantic - Chicago Howto
  74. TWIC & Your License
  75. Got this from big brother! People saved off sailboat!
  76. What do you use to lock the waste thru-hull valve?
  77. Floating Doctors, are they back from their voyage yet?
  78. sailing on lake Erie
  79. Repower C&C 34
  80. Sailing with Greyhounds. Any experiences?
  81. Is Strictly Sail Miami a good show?
  82. Stay sail Boom
  83. Finnsailer?
  84. Settle the argument....
  85. Window replacement
  86. Road Trip to the Coast
  87. Somali Pirate situation - general
  88. Galveston bay?
  89. Throw your GPS overboard :)
  90. Why you should check on your moorings more often
  91. Pamlico Sound, NC
  92. 2 skippers and 1 boat?
  93. Wind statistics
  94. shared ownership- trade equity for upkeep and fees?
  95. Wondering? Chicago to Gulf .. How to? What? Canal, river? Just wondering .. goofing
  96. B24 info
  97. So what do we do here?
  98. GRIB files from SSB receiver
  99. How to get the SOG on a ST60 speed display?
  100. Looking for info S/F Wench
  101. Coast Guard OUPV question
  102. Murder At The Marina
  103. Can't find the Life Jacket I want
  104. factory options Vs after sales installation
  105. Supporting the mast for storage
  106. Does anyone know of any gourmet meats that do not need refrigeration
  107. Sailors on their way to an international yacht race, held hostage in Iran.
  108. buying a new yacht jeanneau 45ds worldwide
  109. Line Drawings
  110. Sailing from France to Australia
  111. Renaming a boat back to its original name
  112. Where to put "WTB used sail" post?
  113. This Pats Weekend's Sailing...
  114. Alert to Gulf Coast sailors
  115. Inverter/Charger
  116. Dispose of Fiberglass Boat
  117. Picking the "right" size outboard
  118. Spade Rudders vs. Skeg Hung
  119. Performance of the Mason surprem anchor
  120. Nassau marinas - safest?
  121. What's a sailor to do ??
  122. Roy Disneys last toy is for sale
  123. Salty 19
  124. Martha's Vineyard to Block Island in November
  125. Sound like rain coming from the hull
  126. Happy Thanks Giving... On your Boat??
  127. How to? Wiring from mast to cabin
  128. Beneteau First 42 - German Frers design
  129. Pearson 10M: selling question
  130. Questions about generators BVI/USVI
  131. Two men and a yacht, and a mystery.
  132. Boat transport backhaul west to east
  133. Where to live??
  134. Electronic charts, online charts
  135. Quick question on Sailing Gear (jackets, pants)
  136. What happened to BFS Part II
  137. Do Marina's give boats away?
  138. boat damage
  139. Conjure;v. The "To Do" list, the "Want" list, the 700 miles from home port List ..
  140. What is a wing sail and why aren't they many of them?
  141. What do I call this Job
  142. Winterization in the Sun Belt
  143. St.Augustine to St. Simons
  144. Mooring / Boatshare Partnership / Jamestown, R.I.
  145. Sea Survival Product...help!!?
  146. What knot for genoa?
  147. yanmar 4jh2e zinc
  148. Winch Purchasing .. the metal? Question
  149. Disposal of Flares
  150. Hot Rum II Sailing Ragatta
  151. New use for IR engine thermometer
  152. Troubleshooting Raymarine ST-60 speed
  153. Printer ?
  154. St. John's River from Atlantic to Green Cove Springs...
  155. Sailor missing en route to Bermuda
  156. The Mast, for new Rigging, off or leave up?
  157. Home for the winter:) Thanks guys!
  158. Just Bought a Boat....
  159. Garffin UP DATE
  160. Big Freakin' Sails - Part Deux
  161. Winter Study, Lkg for CD, DVD, Online courses, recommendation
  162. Wooden wing masts anyone?
  163. Yes another Free Boat thread.
  164. LI, NY, Sailor needed, to take a "look" ..
  165. Hand held gps
  166. 'Bout Damn Time!
  167. Frostbiting, Anyone?
  168. Thoughts....
  169. Cabin top mainsheets
  170. Going to Sea? What watch would you wear?
  171. How to use the Sextant, web page? Someplace?
  172. Topping lift?
  173. Whacky Hypothetical - eg. Extradition
  174. Free Boat
  175. OK You Slackers - Now Hear This !!
  176. Tiller holder
  177. Meteors of November
  178. Longitude and Latitude Inconsistancies
  179. LN Stays'l
  180. Sailing The Caribbean, The Frugal Way
  181. "Take apart" dinghy ...
  182. Most Exclusive Clubs on L.I. North Shore
  183. Tri Radial chute
  184. Two Sunken Subs Found Off Hawaii
  185. How to ship a Spinnaker Pole
  186. Beaufort NC to the Bahamas
  187. Is it too late in season to head south ??
  188. Job Wanted at boat yard, anywhere
  189. CN rail bridge at New Westminster
  190. Will work for a Dinghy:)
  191. A Conundrum, without an Answer
  192. Owning a Sailboat - Tax Deductions..
  193. South Jersey - Brigantine to Cape May questions
  194. Very Good Vendor Thread
  195. Daysailer question. Looking at Pearson Ensign!
  196. My new boat! Here are the some picss
  197. Listen to your Captian ?
  198. Green Point Landing Marina! In worton Md
  199. What a nasty day it is to be on the water! Not a good day for sure up here in chesape
  200. Cost of Ownership?
  201. GOT TERMITES What to do.
  202. Laser Sailors! Please take my Survey!
  203. Twitter accounts to follow for sailors?
  204. Sailing by Aberdeen Proving grounds I thought at first my engine was about to die!
  205. Boston Whaler Tender
  206. Honda 100
  207. looking for shipwright training advice
  208. Perry Yacht Club fire
  209. The Mother of All Maritime Links
  210. Testing out uploading some pics:)
  211. tide stations
  212. No Engine Sailing .. thoughts ..
  213. IPhone "NavStation" App Competition
  214. Missing Sailor Found
  215. Running Backstays - pluses/minuses
  216. Sailboat capsize Nov 8 Providence River. Is it a MacGregor?
  217. Production boat crash testing
  218. stability of catalina wing keel
  219. My new boat is now at teh chesapeake inn on the c@d
  220. Hudson seawolf
  221. Owner experiences with Westsail 32 sailing performance up wind
  222. Caribbean Cruising Insurance
  223. Strange way to haul a boat
  224. Toronto Boat Show?
  225. Time to clean my deck drains?
  226. My new boat is now at Cape May! Sun is feeling good this morning:)
  227. Interesting Day
  228. New Hatches for Morgan 43
  229. Let's see a picture of your Sailing Pet!!!
  230. BMW Oracle Racing’s Trimaran Dismasts on Pacific
  231. winter storage needed Maryland to Maine
  232. Dream...Prepare
  233. What Make Of Sailboat Am I???
  234. Question about Selling
  235. Uploading photos problem
  236. Moving a 32' sailboat 1900 miles myself
  237. 505 or F18?
  238. Clubs or lessons in the St. Pete, FL area
  239. 10 years ago this was a nice boat.
  240. Starter to Sailing but not to the water
  241. Wow what a day for my new boat!
  242. Jersey Coast, Need crew?
  243. Truant Marine Salt Springs Island
  244. "lets go in on a place"
  245. lazy jacks
  246. Texas to Florida Cruise
  247. Question about my new Gemini 34 Cat
  248. What is your favorite Sailing book?
  249. Ciguatera Poisoning
  250. mooring needed Maryland, Carolina: 6 months