: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Biloxi and Mobile Yards
  2. Sailboat - LCD TV and Wall Mount
  3. First Solo Sail
  4. Can you ID this boat?
  5. What's a Yawl/Ketch/etc?
  6. Advice on Boating Courses
  7. That Explains It!
  8. Bimini for Catalina 25
  9. marina in Watch Hill
  10. Marinas on Barnegat Bay
  11. Boat titling/registration in MD
  12. Desolation Sound trip
  13. Grounded - Porto Santo
  14. lights required for 22' sailboat
  15. Safe boats for the Caribbean?
  16. Jimena Strengthens Into Category 4 Storm
  17. Advice please Bottom Painting, Chesapeake Bay
  18. Plastic Mold Growth
  19. mast up or down for winter?
  20. About how much to move a boat ???
  21. SOLO SAILOR OVERDUE in S. Pacific!
  22. Sailboat Insurance
  23. Catalina 25 fixesd keel to remove temp.
  24. from Nyack though Hells Gate
  25. Corroded Water Tank
  26. Painting inside of Hull
  27. Good Weekend Sailboat?
  28. Total Cost of owning a sailboat
  29. North Carolina - best place for sailing???
  30. Anyone up for sailing in the tropical storm this Saturday
  31. Help in Charleston, SC?
  32. A nice time...
  33. Danny Boy - in NYC?
  34. Sailing Couples Who Met on the Internet
  35. SiNcity is Rockin'
  36. Now for the dumbest question(s) of all....
  37. Lindsey Globemaster Ketch Rig Motorsailer
  38. Lake Conroe, TX Sailing Info?
  39. The Importance of Water Safety
  40. O'Day Daysailer Parts
  41. Burglary rather than piracy, but it's still theft on the water
  42. Spinnaker Pole
  43. 13-year-old Laura Dekker around the world
  44. Yet another great summer up here... (pics)
  45. Definition of Knockdown?
  46. River sailing ??
  47. Water in the bilge
  48. Minimum Vehicle To Retrieve/Launch A 2600# Boat On A Trailer
  49. Hull Blisters
  50. What makes a sailor?
  51. rigging tention meter mark II
  52. Florida Keys in a small boat
  53. High Center Board Woes
  54. I Guess We’ll Have To Go Sailing
  55. Anybody had luck with Craigslist
  56. Weather sucks this year...
  57. Hinckley 42
  58. The Salt's Corner Table
  59. St.Thomas/Red Hook Liveaboard
  60. New world cruiser has questions
  61. Reverse Polarity Light came on?
  62. Anchor Rode to Chain attachment
  63. Saildrives - is Volvo rebadging Yanmars?
  64. Tiller vs wheel
  65. arm chair sailors
  66. New Sail hassle
  67. The Verdict Is In! Jury ends deliberations in Dinius trial
  68. Star Of India Moved To Dry Dock
  69. Across Florida
  70. Zebra mussels found in Lake Texoma
  71. Maxwell windlass 1200
  72. Facnor mainsail furling
  73. St Vincent and the Granadines
  74. What a ride!! We rode through 56kt+ winds yesterday!
  75. Will she be too big for us?
  76. Game-ready model shops
  77. Keel Bolts
  78. Info on Martec folding props?
  79. Anyone ever read about Donald Crowhurst, bid to sail around the world?
  80. Sailboat wreckage washes ashore in FL
  81. Girl named Bill?
  82. negotiating 101
  83. Its always the same dream, & it always starts & ends the same, but what kind of boat?
  84. USS New York
  85. Tips on Rums
  86. Motorsaling. How to?
  87. I'd like you opinion on aesthetics
  88. Frers 38 downwind
  89. L&a Tv
  90. Trailering a 1988 Hunter 23 (or any fixed wing keel)?
  91. Donating my boat
  92. help with navigation gear
  93. Heading out tomorrow - Norfolk to NYC
  94. bermuda tropical storm warning
  95. tdw condolences
  96. adventures in paradise
  97. Abacos to Exumas, best course?
  98. Should wearing a lifejacket be mandatory?
  99. Lightning Strike WOW!!!
  100. Heating a very small space (the head)...
  101. irwin 38 built 1971/72
  102. Turks and Caicos under new management
  103. A smell of mold
  104. In San Fran for the weekend anyone sailing?
  105. Upgrades to a Yacht you are selling
  106. what's with the Bucc18
  107. In San Fran for the weekend anyone sailing?
  108. Too many forums and sub forums ....
  109. Marina/Dock Choices
  110. Glad I missed this
  111. 1974 27 ODAY need input
  112. Continental?
  113. What I love about Sailnet
  114. Macgregor 26m on Long Island?
  115. Cincinnati to New Orleans
  116. Boat is in West FL, need to get it East by truck.
  117. Recycle those old sails!
  118. What is a panting rod?
  119. Sail Question
  120. Killer carp approach Great Lakes
  121. A-S Hacked
  122. Tall Ship Campaign for Chicago and the Great Lakes
  123. NW Cruiser Party was fun!
  124. Anchor Chain Size question
  125. How many people can I have on board?
  126. Simrad wp 10 belt change
  127. Boat ID
  128. Ontario runs out of rattlesnake anti-venom
  129. Learn to sail
  130. What kind of boat did I buy?
  131. Anchor Set Up
  132. Running aground in NY Harbor - Statue of Liberty
  133. Over-land boat transport....
  134. Why are there so few motor-saling craft?
  135. Max Weight Capacity
  136. Does anyone know anything about the Salona Yacht company?
  137. Cat rig versus a Jibhead rig
  138. Classic Sailnet Threads
  139. gasoline
  140. crew postings
  141. Video Kite
  142. Sumner inflatable dinghy
  143. Grills: gas/propane vs. charcoal?
  144. irwin 38mk1 1972 sinking
  145. Advertise on my sails
  146. double enders
  147. Cabo Rico 38
  148. Cracked Fresh Water Tank Fix???
  149. Members getting along
  150. Perkins 4-108 in a C30?
  151. Man Overboard Tracking Device Survey
  152. Cool Weather Tool
  153. sweetest boat to helm...
  154. Gracey
  155. Santa Cruz Island Report (long)
  156. Best lake & marina Dallas area
  157. manteo nc
  158. Power Technology Seapower belt driven generator
  159. Check out mussel video
  160. Clogged waste line?
  161. Thoughts on Chartering Day Sails and Sailing Instruction?
  162. Help identify my boat
  163. Is it just me?
  164. Should I clear coat my mast?
  165. How to deal with the drudgery...
  166. Demasting of the Heart
  167. Looking for someone with a boat in E. WI.
  168. Inflation or ...?
  169. Drilled Hole in Hull Repair
  170. Fog Courtesy? & Cautions
  171. Missing Sailboat Folly Beach SC
  172. The "Cheap Boat" Trap
  173. Abandoned boat auctions?
  174. I have located a hard dodger for my boat but it's in Georgia...
  175. another abandoned boat help me id it
  176. What did you do this weekend?
  177. Lost Soul
  178. Freight from Miami to St Maarten or BVI - looking for a marine freight co.
  179. Hull Blisters
  180. Lightning and safety at sea
  181. Lightening strike - insurance considerations
  182. Eye Splicing
  183. Muscongus Bay
  184. Boat Explodes At Noank Shipyard
  185. Video of replicate wooden ship burning
  186. Performance curves for Universal M30
  187. Brazilian visa and where to get them
  188. Going to Channel Islands on Sunday
  189. Is there a Whitby ketch on the West Coast?
  190. auto pilot
  191. New boom and possible rig change questions.
  192. How does this outhaul work?
  193. Catalina and Hunter web sites gone
  194. Maine itinerary advice!
  195. Using Charts
  196. Question for any SJ 24 owners/sailors
  197. car topping a small sailboat.
  198. Air-X Marine fiasco
  199. Jib for a Chrysler Dagger
  200. Air-X Marine fiasco
  201. re-naming a boat with only a partial name
  202. Sailboat data / excel spreadsheet
  203. Cruising to South Africa
  204. interested in taking us out-florida
  205. Anybody in Clearwater, Florida up for some sailing?
  206. INexpensive way to get Captain's license
  207. Just bought our newest boat.
  208. My head hurts
  209. It's a boat! No...a car! No...uh...
  210. Yamaha 9.9 High thrust vs Honda Power thrust
  211. Do I need this boom vang?
  212. What should I take for motion sickness SOS
  213. Boat Wont Sell - What Have You Got In Exchange?
  214. In need of mast help...
  215. yeah, 21 yr. old looking to see if a 26' islander excalibur is good for circumnavigat
  216. Starboard grab rails
  217. Anyone cruising Maine right now.???
  218. Light wind, lumpy seas
  219. Beginner Sailor
  220. New Rules For Boaters
  221. Buying from Sailnet Shop
  222. Couple starve to death on stolen Yacht
  223. Cruising Seminar in Mystic
  224. Code Zero configuration
  225. The importance of being prepared
  226. Doesn't Anyone Start on Small Boats Anymore?
  227. That sticky gunk on fenders and power cords
  228. Check Out Coast Guard Video
  229. The unthought advantage of a wing keel
  230. Need HELP in Charleston, SC/Low Country
  231. Pics Of My New Boat!!!
  232. Wrightsville Beach Hobie parking??
  233. Catalina 30 Rudder Post
  234. Outboard Size for 23ft sailboat?
  235. anchoring issues - broken motor mounts
  236. painting the side strip of my boat
  237. painting the side strip of my boat
  238. Our Delivery Trip, Connecticut to Maryland (LONG with PICS)
  239. What plotting tools?
  240. When were boats first able to tack ?
  241. RHode Island Mooring Info request
  242. San Fracisco Bay Mooring
  243. The Supa-Shakedown Checklist
  244. Netherland anchoring areas?
  245. The Unthinkable
  246. My boat floats!
  247. Lost at Sea
  248. Navico PowerPilot Model Number?
  249. Info, experience, tips needed sailing from Turks and Caicos to Florida keys
  250. Video: Invasive species