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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Camp stove on a boat
  2. New to Gulf Coast - What is the sailing like?
  3. Florida Boat Stuff?
  4. Reefing with Furling Sails
  5. Putting a boat in charter in California
  6. Jekyll Island,Ga
  7. Winter sailing in Northeast
  8. Qestion for full time cruisers? Celebrating Christmas
  9. Merry Christmas!!!
  10. Interior photos
  11. Quick meals or snacks?
  12. Merry Christmas to all
  13. Here's to You All
  14. The Chicken is on the market
  15. ACE Insurance
  16. Largest keelboat lauched/hauled by trailer?
  17. Back in the water in Grenada
  18. 3D Printing
  19. Rebel Heart Lawsuit Dismissed
  20. Brunswick Landing Marina,Ga.
  21. Day sailer in Key West
  22. Reality check
  23. A Winters Sail...
  24. Rude word for a sail
  25. Journey or the Destination
  26. Bad Luck-Newly purchased boat wrecked on highway
  27. The best licenses to work on a yacht and quick start your career
  28. The "Old Guy" is going to do it again.
  29. Cuba
  30. Off Center Harbor
  31. Diving from Sailboat
  32. Some people's children...
  33. All is NOT Lost
  34. Endeavor 40 Fire
  35. Water vs Gas
  36. Designer Sails?
  37. A Not so Good Experience with a Sailnet(er) transaction
  38. Any passionate sailors willing to help answer a few questions?
  39. International Marine publishing is going away
  40. US, Cuba seek to normalize relations - Sailing Related
  41. Sailing in Chicago
  42. Face mask for sailing?
  43. To Sail or to Sit
  44. winter boredom
  45. NYC Sailing School May Lose Lease
  46. Bondic
  47. This winter...
  48. Tartan 3700 issues, PLEASE!
  49. Active Meteor Shower Starts Tonight
  50. Departure date seclected
  51. J22 sailing
  52. J22
  53. Safe clearance from overhead high V lines?
  54. Resourceful sailor rescued
  55. Perfect gift for the navigator in your life
  56. Spray-on solar panels in the future?
  57. 1977 Cheoy Lee Clipper 42
  58. Single-handed tips and tricks
  59. Sailboat interior seaworthy design
  60. Sailing Alone Better?
  61. Easterly 36 sailing characteristics
  62. Mark 19 by Ontario Yachts
  63. ISAF Personal Sea Survival Course - FUN!
  64. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on revisted, Part 6
  65. Caribbean day sail rentals
  66. Is it possible; no more toxic antifouling?
  67. Greenport Summer Slip Marina Recommendations
  68. Boat sank at the dock
  69. south coast 23?
  70. Anyone Cruising The BVI's...
  71. Lake Ontario rendezvous
  72. Kiwiprops problem (with video)
  73. RV parts, boat parts, same thing right?
  74. Cockpit Draining - Below waterline?
  75. Stereo install
  76. America's cup, BERMUDA??????????????
  77. Do you put holiday lights in the rigging?
  78. Blocks, Sheaves and Pulleys: Did I screw up???
  79. America's Cup
  80. Canvas Costs
  81. Marina, mooring or slip suggestions Sarasota
  82. Do Sailboats Sweat?
  83. A nice sailing documentary...
  84. ships on
  85. Cancer sucks!!
  86. TV antennas
  87. sailing as exercise?
  88. Wonderful docking video
  89. help identifying this sailboat
  90. Black Friday Specials: Cheap stuff for boats
  91. Terrible Trip - Amazing Finish
  92. Look what the tide drug in
  93. 10 reasons to visit Italy...
  94. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!
  95. Night Ops
  96. Happy thanksgiving guys!!!
  97. delivery question
  98. Best place to mount a Turkey Fryer on a boat
  99. Sailing Audiobooks
  100. Florida anchoring restrictions survey
  101. Mooring laws ??
  102. Salt water, Fresh water?
  103. Sail Bags
  104. Your thoughts thru experience?
  105. Why are wheels so big?
  106. Where to get Class 4D flooded batteries in Miami FL area?
  107. 2014 Sailing, another season almost finished...
  108. Never been in a slip
  109. DIY composite boatbuilding ...
  110. Design and Performance
  111. Oldest Around, Solo, Non-Stop
  112. World ARC
  113. Pirates pick on wrong target
  114. Hunter 15 bulkhead
  115. You know it's bad when....
  116. Good marina in Grenada to leave a boat?
  117. Fisheries Supply in Seattle, WA
  118. Interesting Sail plan...and boat
  119. Best place to buy a secondhand sailboat
  120. Hopes and Dreams Cont'd from Sherwood71
  121. I can't kick the old school
  122. Sealion chases boat at 25mph to get hand out
  123. Silly Anchoring Question
  124. keel vs deck stepped
  125. Alado Furler
  126. Light-light air!!! Exciting stuff?
  127. Dry exhaust keeps breaking yanmar!
  128. West Marine pulling out of Canada
  129. Velox Plus prop antifoul paint
  130. anybody see him
  131. guest arriving St Thomas where to pick up?
  132. Weather Guessing
  133. Suppose you ran around on a falling tide
  134. International Transaction Fee
  135. A 100 year old gaffer
  136. Canadian Maritimes, winter 2015
  137. Small Kayak Sails
  138. Winter in the water
  139. More miserable November sailing (southeastern NY)
  140. Islands Seen From Space -- Beautiful!
  141. any merit 25 sailors out there?
  142. Offer to Purchase?
  143. clearing in and out of the USA for a non-USA Citizen
  144. Pearons 28 passes Beneteau 46
  145. Sailing Around the World And Getting By Without Cash
  146. Do I even need a spinnaker pole?
  147. Folding Marlinspike
  148. Dock Box solution?
  149. Caribbean trip from England 2015
  150. 50 Best Cities for Boating
  151. Rockweed !@#$!!
  152. Advice on parking a Bristol 40
  153. Wife says icebox is disgusting
  154. Advice for Trans Atlantic Crossings
  155. Judging Boat Speed during figure 8 MOB
  156. Sailing Toys! What should I put on my Christmas list?
  157. Explore some of the best Adventure Sailing locations
  158. Does sailing actually lengthen your life span?
  159. Insurance impact on your sailing schedule?
  160. Sailing in Near Gale Conditions
  161. Wing *on* wing or wing *and* wing?
  162. Monos versus Multihulls on a solo transat
  163. Spinaker or Genaker - which do you prefer?
  164. Long Term Storage
  165. Can/does anyone sail from Kona to Hilo?
  166. Direct, the start of the biggest transat race
  167. Biggest "ship" in the world
  168. $10 DIY smoke alarm AND high water alarm
  169. New York man found dead on sailboat that washed up on New Jersey beach
  170. Cruising movies/video BY cruisers
  171. Pennsylvania boy who disappeared with father on sailboat found in South Pacific
  172. What's your favorite sailing term? One word only, no explanations.
  173. Sailing in far places
  174. Diameter of mast on Laser XD
  175. Cocaine $16M/10M seized in Caribbean!
  176. Mystic CT to Hampton VA
  177. Private Rocket Launch to Deliver Space Station Supplies Delayed by Boat
  178. Go Fast Mono-Haul
  179. Boat Insurance Rant
  180. Not your normal ship launch
  181. Improving visibility under headsail
  182. Foam for cushions?
  183. C&C 29 MKII mast
  184. Sailing for visually impaired - great project
  185. anchoring in palm beach county
  186. O'Day 7/11
  187. Heading South
  188. Last day of racing for the season
  189. Getting a group together for discount captains license course
  190. Time for bed
  191. Sailing Backwards?
  192. Cleaning sails at home
  193. Partial eclipse photos
  194. Vocabulary help - Two Years Before the Mast
  195. Rudder Failures
  196. West Marine & SCUBA Gear?
  197. Any idea what these are?
  198. Trouble and bad weather on one of the main Med races
  199. Your Favorite U.S. Coastline
  200. Calling Maday on SSB
  201. How to launch a boat
  202. Acapulco Sailboats
  203. Cat Cay to Chubb Cay
  204. Free boat. What is it?
  205. Core construction structures
  206. In the market for a new boat - please help
  207. Sailing Magazines
  208. Sailboat, new vs used
  209. Found a boat we both like
  210. Freeboard? We don't need no stinking freeboard.
  211. Sail from Boston to Scituate
  212. Ditch bag vs Ditch box
  213. USA to Canada?
  214. Look for new sailboat under 25 ft.
  215. Need advice for autopilot
  216. Heading South?
  217. Looking for a source of (first-aid) Medical Supplies
  218. Boat stability
  219. loosening jib halyard on roller furling
  220. Boats on the hard and all wrapped up
  221. a bit of friday humour
  222. ketch or schooner
  223. Hurricane Gonzalo Anyone in Bermuda?
  224. Real Men, Real Sailors "The Essex" The Movie
  225. Hawaii/Pacific Sailors Take Cover
  226. Hurricane hole in Bahamas
  227. Dear Annapolis...
  228. L-shaped hasp
  229. Maiden Voyage Trip Report - A 23-hour tour!
  230. First Month stories
  231. Sailing Movies and TV shows
  232. Surveyors: San Carlos, Mexico
  233. Buying my first boat please help
  234. Bowman Yachts
  235. Longest freshwater route
  236. Espar/Webasto/Wallas heaters
  237. Does anyone know what type of boat this is???
  238. Outboard motor for Catalina 22
  239. Queasy crewmember? The "old standards" still work...
  240. Weather Venting
  241. Thick fog and lots of dolphins...
  242. Annoying Halyard Slap
  243. Interior Carpeting
  244. Onboard: Electric stove or other?
  245. Fall Weather in the PNW
  246. looking to buy a used catamaran
  247. wd schock replied to me today
  248. Are you a dock person or a mooring person?
  249. Something to look forward too...
  250. Which marina's are the best ones for long stays in Costa Rica?