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  1. Heading to Fort Lauderdale Tomorrow
  2. Nice visit from CardiacPaul
  3. okay who would like a used part classified
  4. WOW..I got the best DEAL with Sailnet, really!
  5. Logging Hours
  6. rudder post
  7. Suprising Response trying to find electronics guy in Ft. Lauderdale
  8. Interesting thread... Actual SPOT 911 Experience
  9. Need Help Identifying this Sunfish Lookalike
  10. Things that sound dirty...
  11. The goofy questions non-sailors ask
  12. Thanks Cruisingdad and members!
  13. Links
  14. Monterey, CA - Slip Availability + Sailing Conditions
  15. Caprice Sailboat
  16. Please help a design student out by taking a short survey about camp cruising.
  17. I'm off to the BVI!
  18. Shipping an inboard from Britain to USA
  19. how to measure sails
  20. Reasons to Date a Sailor
  21. We're leaving Vero Beach!
  22. Help!, Does anybody know this boat?
  23. Documentation Renewal
  24. Well my day really sucked.
  25. Congrats Eryka...
  26. What health issues have you experienced?
  27. Uncharted Reef?.... Or some kind of spill?
  28. The Museum & Replica Sail Ships, A Race around the world
  29. Carolina Power And Sail Show - Raleigh
  30. New Moderator - TDW
  31. Jacklines, again
  32. 54Th Annual Miami to Key Largo Race
  33. Boat companies closing
  34. The neighbour's boat...RIP
  35. Need help getting a used sail for a friend
  36. I just reported a floating log/beam in NY harbor
  37. I am going to close doors sailing traineeship
  38. Folding prop refurbish vs. scrap metal?
  39. Pirates in Portugal
  40. Excuse this momentary broadcat interruption -
  41. Boat Insurance, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  42. Yacht Club Goes Down
  43. Nice...the house is clean...
  44. Sailing season? What sailing season?
  45. Is idling an outboard for long periods bad for it?
  46. A collision at sea can ruin your day
  47. Is anyone racing the virtual volvo ccean race
  48. What boat is this?
  49. Anchoring overnight in a tidal river situation...
  50. Earthquakes in the Caribbean
  51. Miami Lats & Atts Party tonight!
  52. Look..I got new shoes!!
  53. Problem solved
  54. htis what you wanted to see??
  55. For the ones that love the new Hanse
  56. For Marty - BLT2SKI
  57. Cal 20
  58. MY BFS CUP I receive today
  59. Mid Winter Sailing Blues
  60. Native Watercraft
  61. GPS and space debris...
  62. I found an aquarium
  63. What Boat is this?
  64. Todays 60 MPH winds
  65. Question about tradition..
  66. R.I.P., Knickerbocker Yacht Club, Port Washington, NY
  67. Silly questions from a rookie
  68. To Sailnet - OWNERS
  69. I'm back!!! ALIVE and KICKING...
  70. Sailing Cartoon February
  71. Identification Lights & Nav Lights on Sailing Vessels
  72. Sailing Channel in your area?
  73. Zac sunderland the youngest..Now the oldest
  74. Defender is the BEST
  75. Missing forum
  76. Your favorite Sailnet member boat?
  77. Sailboat gear on the brain
  78. Superstition for changing your boats name?
  79. Sticky's Moved to new How-to's Section
  80. Big joke I made my dad
  81. transporting a boat
  82. I raced in Paco D'Arcos where my dad raced when he was young
  83. my dad comes home today!
  84. Captains Courageous is on!
  85. Whaleship Charles W Morgan Photos
  86. Holding Tank Regulations - Alaska
  87. 8' Dinghy
  88. Looking For Local Knowledge San Francisco?
  89. Boat Donation in Florida?
  90. First time I've hauled out...
  91. Deisel Engine Training Anyone? East Coast
  92. Ooops! Career ender?
  93. nice day to sail on the chessy
  94. Fair payment for sail repair?
  95. Maptech Tide Updates
  96. Single hand cruising a J22
  97. To all I apologise...
  98. Last Dinghy Question.....I Promise
  99. Delivery crew etiquette, plane tickets...
  100. sailin2sun
  101. What do you do for a living
  102. New Boat and Bottom Paint Qustion
  103. Info on homeschooling
  104. another dinghy question
  105. living aboard in Mass.
  106. Is LORAN-C going away?
  107. ICW Dredging...
  108. USS, HMS, SSBN, F/V ... what am I?
  109. Looking for a MacGregor/Venture Boneyard
  110. VOR Video - Boom
  111. Lionheart
  112. The End Is Near!!!!!
  113. Hey ALEX! Ficando?
  114. Sail boats for disabled people
  115. Nice cruising grounds aren't they??
  116. Spinnaker have one?? Help my friend, please
  117. Boating psichology
  118. Another cool Google Earth new feature
  119. What I think of the boats at the Strictly Sail Chicago
  120. US seamen are being trained to fend off pirates
  121. Freedom!
  122. Somali hostage diary and pictures
  123. One Easy LAp
  124. Poor service.... Aaarrrgggghhh.
  125. Chandler in The Hague/Utrecht ?
  126. New blog entry - Charleston to Vero Beach
  127. This has nothing to do with sailing, but it makes me sad to think of what I passed up
  128. Catamaran hit by 600' tanker
  129. Boat ID
  130. Ronca stopping device
  131. Fundamental Questions - Boat Building
  132. Catalina 22 Capri Question
  133. The Perfect Catamaran?
  134. Do the birds eat your windex ?
  135. Portland Liveaboard Ops?
  136. Epirb Mo
  137. Announcement: Pacific Northwest Rendezvous
  138. Need Help
  139. Ouch $$$
  140. question on florida waterways
  141. Swell definition
  142. Louis Vuitton Pacific Series . . . .
  143. Clean mean lines
  144. Need racing Optimist parts for Fred
  145. GPS antenna HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Viksund 31 Goldfish, MS-33. Looking for more owners.
  147. Brutal Winter: Cruise Ship Trapped in Ice
  148. How about a golden wrench?!
  149. Wildfires
  150. Warning: Scopolamine (a motion sickness patch) Side Effect
  151. There are still serious people in the world..
  152. Joined Photobucket Iszit working?
  153. Suggestions for route/stopovers from St Thomas to Mobile Bay, AL
  154. Strictly Sail Chicago
  155. Why not fly...
  156. Excellent find, a 12V rechargeable flashlight
  157. Realtime tracking of boats and planes on Google Maps (interesting website)
  158. Part Two: Blue Water, A Film About Crossing Oceans
  159. Genoa sheets knots, tip for newbies
  160. Ill. man rescued, another missing in Indian Ocean
  161. Bluewater Part 2 has been posted
  162. Truth in Cartoons
  163. Should NEG REP be re-instated?
  164. Can someone buy these for me, please?
  165. Communication with CD (Mods)
  166. Newbies and Yacht Clubs....
  167. The battle of Trafalgar...VERY INTERESTING LEARN THIS!!
  168. Set for Retirement
  169. Must sees, must avoids on charter from Antigua to St. Martin.
  170. Great Lakes Boating
  171. Who wants to see a Catalina Catamaran?
  172. trade 1973 Ducati 750 GT motorcycle for a sailboat over 30 ft.
  173. Another Anchor Thread
  174. Senior Member- Are you kidding?
  175. Sail drives vs shaft drives?
  176. West Coast Navigation Software
  177. Vessel Assist or Similar for Seattle WA area
  178. Next hop south on Wednesday - slight change of plans
  179. Marinas have length requirements for Liveaboard?!
  180. Really hard but honest question
  181. Kiddo's life jacket
  182. Vital Safety Gear
  183. Article on a boat named "Chiquita?"
  184. Fishing pole holders
  185. USCG Licensing online
  186. Attaching Main Halyard
  187. Wanna Save Fuel?
  188. Seattle Boat Show
  189. Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau - pics
  190. Enjoy!!
  191. Need advice regarding compensation for stained sails
  192. Cold!
  193. Winter sailing.
  194. When do you hang it up?
  195. 20 degree engine start
  196. Seattle Boat Show
  197. Help planning move to East coast.
  198. What recession ....... Toronto Boat Show $$$$ Up
  199. Etap Sinks!!
  200. Blue Water-- A Film About Crossing Oceans
  201. Two Lives Lost on Cheasapeake Bay, Four Resuced
  202. Hobie rentals in northeast Florida...
  203. Best towing service on east coast?
  204. Botanical Gardens Or How fast is your boat at the moment.
  205. I'm looking for stores that buy used charts
  206. Got Tuna
  207. How not to enter the harbor
  208. Buying new sails, need advice
  209. apparent wind formula
  210. NY Long Island Winter meet up
  211. Sailing Cartoon - first of 2009
  212. Delivery Run Question
  213. Joining a Chartered Trip
  214. An Unexpected Surprise
  215. Free Catamaran Wanted!!!
  216. MacGregor 25 Knotmeter
  217. Our dinghy found an oyster patch today... :(
  218. identifying a small sailboat
  219. Low tide
  220. I popped my cherry today...
  221. Average Speed of a Sailboat
  222. Sign of the economy Goetz Yachts in recievership
  223. We gotta be nuts to do this?
  224. Keeping young kids (5-6) occupied while sailing
  225. Dont mess with the 12 incher
  226. Smith Is./ Chesapeake bay
  227. Florida Couple Wrecked In Cuba
  228. Catamarans on Long Island?
  229. You know your having a bad when ........ Vendee Globe Race
  230. Globalstar sat phone help
  231. Baltimore Boat Show
  232. Dinghy Advice
  233. Boat Mover in Ohio
  234. Marina Checklist Thread - What to look for
  235. Maine Suggestions Needed
  236. Happy sails in 2009
  237. Can someone please help me ID this boat?
  238. NZ - Yachties upside down overnight
  239. Win-a-Boat Contest
  240. What a shame!
  241. Landlocked plight. No sailing in sight.
  242. Nick Scandone has passed...
  243. Sailing heroes
  244. Stars and Stripes
  245. Storm Conditions using Riding Sail
  246. Gonna try again tomorrow - Cape Fear to Charleston
  247. Sailors Rescued After 6 Hours Clinging To Raft
  248. White Squall Captain Dies
  249. BFS ? Now this is really BFS.
  250. New Year's Eve - the snow continues..