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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. What's this REP POWER thing?
  2. Info Required
  3. Crewing on a square rigger
  4. Cape Cod (Cotuit) Sailing
  5. Sites that are of a Great Interest or Helpfull to Us.
  6. Zac is in stealth mode
  7. Wing & wing using staysail?
  8. cruseing guide
  9. Does anyone know anyone that sails in Channel Islands, Ca?
  10. Whale of a problem
  11. Is Maryland State Park Annual Pass a Good Deal?
  12. 3 days and 3 first's
  13. Sailing and Dogs
  14. Trespassers!
  15. Should I haul now or wait?
  16. Keel, rudder, prop horror stories?
  17. Boat hook for whiskerpole
  18. do u pay for your mooring?
  19. Indonesian Cruising Permit - CAIT
  20. Solo docking question
  21. Jacklines
  22. Transient Slips - Annapolis
  23. An obvious case of injustice. !!!
  24. Warning Re: - Jack Rabbitt Marine
  25. Nervous to single hand sailing
  26. Engine stopped
  27. Optimal backing up strategy
  28. Forestay stowage
  29. Mainsail help
  30. Sextant Advice, Please!
  31. Emergency!!!
  32. Anyone have an old Std Horizon DS?
  33. It's Here, It's Here!!
  34. Really getting burned out
  35. mechanics lean
  36. find me an example of a blue water sailing boat pls
  37. Is Registration Needed to Sail Out-of-State?
  38. Sailing for a cure
  39. Single Reffing Line To Cockpit
  40. Star-pattern Anchor System. Does it work? How to do it?
  41. Battens will fly! Better way?
  42. 2 water spouts LI Sound (pics)
  43. The US Navy's new boat USS Freedom
  44. Cruise
  45. The GPS disappointment
  46. US Sailor Hacked to Death in Guatemala
  47. Favorable conditions for Fay to Develop
  48. Anythind sailing related to do around Mackinac?
  49. Got the name and hailing port on today!
  50. Marina recommendations (SW Michigan)
  51. Sailing in Nashville,TN, Percy Priest Lake
  52. Insurance for caribbean sailing
  53. Learning the hard way
  54. SSCA offline?
  55. Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Boat show
  56. Seeking boston area dinghy store & launch
  57. Crossing Gulf from Cancun to Galv TX in Dec
  58. Catboat Racing
  59. Hello
  60. West End Grand Bahama to Florida
  61. Has this ever happened to you?
  62. Olympics
  63. Bacchant IV
  64. Kaz II Inquest into "Ghost ship"
  65. Anchorage Near Mystic CT
  66. Sailrite Sewing Machine
  67. Wife is eligible for promotion to Admiral
  68. Chesapeake Bay sailors
  69. America's Cup - Court Ruling !!
  70. 2 different boat isignia's
  71. Important Notice regarding (the old SailNet List Server)
  72. Anybody at Block Island today?
  73. The Dark Side
  74. Cann't See
  75. Cruising DVD recommendations...
  76. What was your first sailboat and how old were you?
  77. Lightning strike in my marina
  78. Got dis-masted today.....
  79. Great Lakes Weather - Wait 5 Minutes
  80. Question about a book "Maiden Voyage"
  81. Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 HIN number location?
  82. Wow it was Hot Sunday!!!
  83. Moving from Marina to Marina - Crew
  84. Where do you store your dinghy?
  85. Port Townsend this weekend!
  86. Two questions
  87. windjammer/tall ship charters
  88. Lake Michigan adventure
  89. Naming an old boat without a name
  90. Lookout Texas! Edouard
  91. Boat Guests
  92. Dehler's New Ride - 38R
  93. Mylar Genoa
  94. Force Inflatable Dinghy- Hypalon or PVC??
  95. Who has the right of way?
  96. Heard On The VHF Whilst Out Sailing
  97. force 5 sail needed
  98. Newbie solo sailing question....
  99. J24 capabilities
  100. Boaters and drinking
  101. Wanted - Sailboat Trailer - Columbia 26T
  102. Barnett Butterfly
  103. !@#$!!!*$# Our Boat Got Hit *AGAIN*!
  104. Hidden treasure in Roscoe Bay
  105. Clean Water Act Signed Into Law
  106. Whisker Poles - How Often Do You Use Them?
  107. Raising the sail
  108. Marina Run-Around
  109. Stoage of Type 1 pfd's
  110. Heading for the North Carolina Coast
  111. Newbie wants info
  112. Crossing Georgia Strait @ 9 knots
  113. An unexpected windfall
  114. Panama Day Sailing
  115. Things I learned during my first 'long' (5-day) cruise:
  116. Steps to becoming a surveyor?
  117. Congress Restores Exemption for Rec Boats
  118. Appreciate Feedback
  119. J/22's everywhere!
  120. New Assy Spin
  121. VHF Channels
  122. Navagation Charts
  123. New Island Packet Information Source
  124. Winter Storage around Boston/North Shore
  125. I'm now a boatowner
  126. Anyone ever work for World Maritme Exchange?
  127. moving to BVI Tortola, Got a job..
  128. How far away is your boat?
  129. Mini Lobster Season
  130. What Yacht is this?
  131. Anyone working commercially, I need your advice
  132. What happened to my post?
  133. Cat Mast
  134. Caladesi Island
  135. encounter with boulders?...
  136. Avon inflatable
  137. Sail Trim with wind at 5 or 7 o'clock?
  138. It was a sporty sail today...
  139. Water Tender Dinghy Needs a Drain
  140. spin pole rigging
  141. NJ marina & sailing area advice
  142. Sailnet...Update
  143. GTA Sailing
  144. How Insurers Look at Yachts
  145. San Francisco
  146. Wave powered boat...(has sails too)
  147. Sailnet Users—A graphical description.
  148. What is with boaters these days..???
  149. Does the list ever end?
  150. NOAA ENC Chart Server is ill
  151. The Eagle Has Landed
  152. I wanna do something stupid...
  153. Long Distance on a Cal 20, Racing and Cruising
  154. Perfect Summer Chessy Day
  155. XKCD Hurricane Tracking
  156. Rescued from Cristobal
  157. Captian Ron
  158. Help me out guys... Oriental to Cedar Island?
  159. Cheap Marinas in WA?
  160. boat delivery Seattle to San Francisco..
  161. Ugh...the joys of trying to sell your boat.
  162. Sailing Safety
  163. It is dark here
  164. Finally!!! Clean Boating Act Passed by Congress!
  165. How far from Mackinac Island to Long Island
  166. Mob/cob
  167. Pipe-dreams with a profit
  168. Hurricane Doll
  169. Your never going to believe what the yard did!
  170. Poor Sailnet response?
  171. Buddy, can ya spare a PFD?
  172. Party week in Croatia by yacht
  173. To Whom It Might Concern
  174. Seattle Rent-a-mentor needed.
  175. I went out for the 2nd to the last sail Sunday
  176. Hello Dolly
  177. Sewing Machine
  178. Sailing From Montaulk to Block Island and Fog
  179. Transportation from BEAUFORT, NC
  180. How do you calculate "pull" for a boat?
  181. Weather/Lee Helm
  182. 1000 days Voyage
  183. Progress! Finally!
  184. Redneck Rocna
  185. Fatal accident on Buzzards Bay
  186. Warning!! Tropical Storm Cristobel...SC & NC
  187. Is it just me?
  188. Steering down the face of a 30 foot wave
  189. Taswell cc 43 stern tube O.D.
  190. Full Moon Night Sailing Tonight...(we hope)
  191. Tayana skipper victmized by friends of the whale
  192. Is it ok to sail with bad bottom paint...?
  193. Preventer line size/diameter
  194. North American Hurricane Season Upon Us
  195. 1st Time Singlehanding
  196. What is a reasonable cost of boat insurance. (C&C35)
  197. Mobile, Al to Pawleys Is. SC
  198. You know what stinks? No wind...
  199. Daily rentals around Sandusky Ohio
  200. Chesapeake watermen fear blue crab not coming back
  201. Sailing up to Jacksonville from the Keys
  202. Launch and Slip for overnight stay near Thomas point lighthouse.
  203. Wyoming Sailing... what in the heck?
  204. Hunter clones the Mac 26
  205. Lightnening: I got side flashed or power surged
  206. ALERT!!! New City of Miami Policy Regarding Bay Clean Up and Boats at Anchor
  207. West Marine deceptive "internet" pricing
  208. Best 30' boat for me
  209. Anyone semi fluent in Japanese? [boat name]
  210. Hi all Pacific Northwest sailer friends
  211. Anchoring Technique...additional
  212. It's time!!!
  213. Anchoring Technique ....!
  214. Thank you Mr. Guy Sailaway21
  215. Burgee Please!!!!
  216. New movie "Morning Light"
  217. Could you do COB recovery by yourself?
  218. Trump Sailboats
  219. Nav Lights for inflatable dinghy's...WTH!!!!
  220. If you don't know how to anchor... DON'T !!!!!!
  221. Mooring to a piling
  222. complete rudder failure
  223. Rep Points - Got some
  224. Quick tip for starting that old diesel...
  225. Bayview Mackinac Race: Coast Guard co-ordinates rescue of Night Train sailor
  226. Great weekend on the upper Pamlico
  227. I want to fire a flare
  228. SD, Thanks
  229. 3 Mile Harbor, 7/12 fireworks show
  230. Chesapeake Newbie Advice
  231. Question: As a novice...What can I learn from these differences in specs?
  232. djodenda, I am unable to reply
  233. Weathered Bimini
  234. Wave Powered !!
  235. Do it yourself sanding
  236. Belmont Harbor, Chicago, Fire pictures
  237. I Received My New Optimist Today!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Video Found from Shipwreck
  239. Loch ness at its best...
  240. To the person who owned mt boat before me
  241. SD and Other Catophiles...
  242. Out of Fuel!! Did you Give some or ask for some??
  243. Do you wash your sails?
  244. Bylaws Hopeful Club
  245. *** Safety Recall ****
  246. Get a fix without using the chart (much)?
  247. What happens to the happless boats that insurance scraps?
  248. Wwwhhhaaatttsss ggoooiinnggg oooonnnn
  249. small roll-up inflatable
  250. Who has the right of way?