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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Hatch Leeks and Rebedding of Hatches
  2. Whats a good tip?
  3. Flicka thread
  4. Email From Spirit Yachts
  5. CD's Trip on Tayana
  6. A New Circumnav to Argue About!
  7. Novis Marine Sale
  8. Not sailing-related, but I don't like this trend..
  9. Southern New England Mooring Permits
  10. When does KISS become stupid?
  11. Rep Points Poll
  12. What's rep power?
  13. idots to the left, morons to the right..
  14. I'm travelling to the US again!
  15. Channel 16
  16. Sailing 31ft cruising cat?
  17. New World Record
  18. How small of slip will work
  19. You Probably Thought I Died
  20. previous post about bad experience when going to crew on a boat
  21. SE PA,NJ, boating safety and or coastal
  22. Taking Opportunity to Introducing Myself
  23. Spirit 100 -- Not In My Wildest Dreams, But...
  24. Sailing in Los Angeles
  25. Being Hit By Lightning - To Ground or Not
  26. Looking for Lake Champlain marina
  27. Boating bday ideas for youngsters
  28. New Zealand 10-day sailing trip
  29. a fortunate sailor and an unfortunate step from cockpit to galley.
  30. Palawan podcast
  31. [New Video Out] The Boom Jack or Boom Vang
  32. Fastest Sailboat On The Planet
  33. Free documentaries?
  34. Electronic Chart Question - Again....
  35. Would I be insane ?
  36. Euro Sailors & boat preferences
  37. Tartan 41 "Legacy" Boaat Watch
  38. Rear pulpit mounted dinghy - Bad idea?
  39. Recommended Engine for Walker Bay 310 RID (10ft)
  40. sailing time is here: BVI (BVI to Saba)
  41. After a month, FINALLY got to sail!
  42. Types of Fenders
  43. Photoshoping
  44. anchoring bow and stern
  45. where to live in New Zealand
  46. Toronto Boat Show From the Eye's of the "AVERAGE GUY"
  47. What makes a good marina?
  48. London BoatShow 2008
  49. Toronto Boat Show
  50. Maybe Steel rules... after all!
  51. Go Uscg!
  52. Electric Outboard on Quickstep 24
  53. Harness and PFD
  54. Here we go again, another barg and another bridge
  55. PFD Use it or...
  56. ASA Members sailing week
  57. Anchoring - how not to
  58. Not that anyone here sails these waters
  59. What about the Pearson 27
  60. Gippsland Lakes
  61. Another maritime mystery
  62. What kind of boat in "Dead Calm"?
  63. hot water heater
  64. Am I sane or crazy?
  65. Stranded Trans-Atlantic saillor recalls ordeal
  66. another missing sailor
  67. formosa 68' new horizon
  68. [Movie] Deep Water
  69. Such a tease... grrrr!!!
  70. Introducing myself....
  71. More news from my "different" neighbour....
  72. Boater Missing on ICW
  73. WGS84 Data for Web App
  74. Sea Stallion
  75. Big picture?
  76. Biscayne bay/Miami area
  77. Something really different...please have a look
  78. looks ruff in the Gulf.... possible "coffee spill"
  79. steering in squalls?
  80. where to lauch n park in the upper keys
  81. Help finding some old friends.
  82. Portugal Sailing Trip - Giu?
  83. Puget Sound: Help planning surprise trip for dad
  84. Massachusetts moorings
  85. Goodbye for a while
  86. A prayer for all Sailneters and fellow Sailors in the World.
  87. Man! I wanna go sailing.
  88. Fiddler's Green?
  89. Could you let this happen to yours?
  90. Check your log book.....
  91. is it a yacht or a boat?
  92. A New Year's Tale from long ago.....
  93. Using mast as a TV antenna
  94. Some wonderful history
  95. Traveling the Champlain Canal
  96. SailNet User Profile Page
  97. just because you can does it mean you should?
  98. Lewes, Delaware home port
  99. Bayliner Buccanner Owners Manual
  100. Sailing in Vancouver area
  101. I want this boat
  102. episode 8 xmas- not to bad
  103. amazing how fast this sailboat goes down
  104. Volvo Race Video -
  105. this is slightly out of control
  106. "helpful" neighbors
  107. Common sense, sailing and the poor bastards that risk their lifes for it
  108. Pirate Hunting Drone Boats Unleashed
  109. How a 50 cent part can cost 16 lives & over $20,000,000.00
  110. And now...something different...(from sailing)
  111. ok now that was scary
  112. Happy New Year for all
  113. I receive a sail and a Wii!
  114. Mooring Rental Old Saybrook Connecticut
  115. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  116. First sail on new boat ... first sail while snowing
  117. DEEP WATER - the documentary
  118. What sailing stuff did you get for Christmas/Chanukah/holiday you celebrate?
  119. Best bank for long-term cruisers
  120. Halifax to Bermuda in December...not! What was he Thinking!
  121. Kite-Cam (Cross Link)
  122. Need a Gift Idea for a Sailor
  123. questions
  124. I get my new opti by my birthday
  125. Sines Coast threatened by Oil Tanker
  126. what do you want for christmas
  127. Boat storage location recommendations? Help!
  128. Tax Implications of Boat Ownership
  129. Christmas regatta and Micheal birthday and last sail 2007
  130. Happy Christmas Pictures
  131. Lats & Atts Free On Line
  132. Wing sails
  133. Communications Schedules
  134. No Tayana's
  135. Missing sailors
  136. Sailing in lakes as opposed to sailing in the sea
  137. Why don't they make longer winch handles?
  138. Off season moorings
  139. Sailing Canada and US
  140. Speed
  141. Whats old is new again
  142. The rebirth of sailing merchant ships?
  143. Boat name painting
  144. hey! new guy here
  145. My new logos
  146. Sailing and Flying
  147. Take me sailing near Annapolis pleeeeeeease!
  148. Missing for a bit...
  149. Mooring ball & chain scuffing
  150. A Cruiser Enterprise?
  151. Yacht in trouble off NSW coast
  152. Had anyone attempted Underwater photos...
  153. WARNING -- Scam
  154. Missing Sailboat found!
  155. You like this? I like this
  156. Luis and Fred say Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year
  157. Hey who tied their boat off to my Mooring Ball?
  158. Baltimore Boat show coming up!
  159. beauty shots, anyone?
  160. Yesterday...
  161. A failed Mayday call
  162. What Lifejacket do you wear
  163. West Marine.. to server or not to serve
  164. Boating Pics
  165. Absolutely unbelievable story..check this out
  166. wooden boat lovers
  167. Captain Kidd Ship Found
  168. Water powered generators
  169. Cruisers Net
  170. Father-son sailing sabbatical, possible? or just a stupid dream?
  171. Reliance, what a boat
  172. Kids/Sailing/Safety
  173. This Touches Us All... Stop Child Labour
  174. Washing clothes throughout a cruise
  175. Tips for sailing a Cal 31
  176. Made a new Video HEAVE TO
  177. finsh school
  178. Where can I post to sell a boat?
  179. Heloo I am happy
  180. Ho - Ho - Ho....merry Christmas Everyone!
  181. What about cat boats?
  182. MOB ideas&tips
  183. cows & pigs
  184. Is it worth it ?
  185. philosopher's club, anyone?
  186. San Diego Sailors
  187. poor mans nautical charts
  188. I'm glad the boat has GFI plugs.
  189. You Have To See This
  190. Lake Winnebago Watermelon Mystery
  191. Missing Schooner
  192. Anyone from Maine?
  193. GW is back
  194. Bahamas boat storage
  195. Lone New Zealand Sailor to Dare Japanese Whalers
  196. buying ice
  197. Question similar to the "Long Distance Small Boat Sailing", guy
  198. chained to the house?
  199. The Compass
  200. Miami Boat Show and Strictly Sail
  201. 2 stroke motors illegal?
  202. Thoughts on a Sadler 34
  203. Mainsail Reefing
  204. The downside of sailboat ownership
  205. 50 MPH winds, slip or on the hard?
  206. Information on the Cherubini Raider 33
  207. Great Circle or Rhumb Line for long cruises???
  208. Florida Sailing
  209. forget ballast! New research project!
  210. Mission Statement
  211. Magazines ???
  212. Howdy
  213. this explains my prop wrap
  214. A European version of GPS will go ahead now ...
  215. nice to know we're in good hands
  216. Old time sailing vid
  217. I'm not there for my boy...
  218. mad Frenchmen...
  219. maybe there's already a thread on best authors
  220. cunningham ?
  221. Overboard: Laura Gainey's Death and the Picton Castle
  222. Steel Sailboat Meets Freighter
  223. Boat in Allstate commercial?
  224. Etiquette in helping out
  225. What.....
  226. Seiche
  227. Boat Cards
  228. san juan 23
  229. para-anchors, suppliers and recommendations
  230. Mooring risk benefit analysis
  231. magical place...
  232. Recreational Boating Act of 2007
  233. What boat is this?
  234. Advice on Moving a Cradle in Ontario, Canada
  235. Hull numbers
  236. Belated introduction
  237. USOs, ghost ships, Bermuda tri-angle?
  238. Sailing from Friday Harbor to Seattle, WA
  239. Decided not to buy the Hallberg-Rassy 53
  240. Looking for advice and info! FL to bahamas!
  241. This is so tragic
  242. Back in school!
  243. I'm moving to Dallas, How's the Sailing
  244. general interest... bearing design...
  245. South Channel Fort
  246. Made a new Video, Video 4 Cunningham
  247. is that a boom tent?
  248. ship sinks in antartica
  249. Do you know the name and author of this book
  250. Good bye smellers