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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. All you anti Sat phone or SSB users beware!
  2. I won, I won
  3. Mixed emotions
  4. USS New York launched
  5. Sacrifices
  6. Alden 44 owners
  7. Brunch spots on SF Bay
  8. Unratified world sailing speed record
  9. looking for a place in S Florida to work on a boat
  10. There's the PREVENTER and then there's the "DADVENTER"..
  11. Reefing my my sail?
  12. Finally took Oh Joy out solo
  13. No longer a sailboat virgin
  14. Canvas shop in RI
  15. Sail on bay GySgt (chuck) photos and vid
  16. Boat Reviews Back Online
  17. Cruising the East cost or anywhere?
  18. Wave Runner! Has anyone seen one?
  19. Back In Video
  20. Wheres your eden?
  21. Twin Dolphins vs Regatta Pointe Marinas
  22. Siren 17' marathon key trip
  23. What's a good dingy...
  24. Hey West Marine that's one hell of a mark up !!
  25. Dinghy watch
  26. A different kind of Coast Guard Rescue
  27. Northwest Passage Attempt for TV Show
  28. New Website - Focus on Twenty Something Sailboats
  29. Route to Marina Cay from west?
  30. Wm F Buckley on selling the boat and his life
  31. Need a name for my Merit 25.
  32. Dual waterspouts chase sailboat
  33. Out the Gate with Keelhaulin
  34. Name that Ship
  35. Sea Cowboys
  36. Nice Arse / Boat Booty & Porn
  37. Deadly Boat Collision
  38. No Tin for Flicka or other HO - something new...
  39. How many of us are from San Francisco?
  40. how the heck do ya post a pic?
  41. BALTIK INFLATABLES -AND- wood v. inflatable floor
  42. Rescue at sea witnessed (long)
  43. Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Advice Needed
  44. Hi m8tys
  45. Cost of Maintanence: Does size really matter?
  46. Access for Disabled Sailor
  47. schooner porn...
  48. Anchorage in Key West?
  49. Outboard for Balboa 16
  50. Finally getting to charter a boat tomorrow... Gale force winds forecast!
  51. Smooth sail
  52. Fast tack...constant speed
  53. Spring Outfitting for Safety
  54. Good Depth keel for Barnegat Bay
  55. T.w.i.c.
  56. Hurricane Season
  57. Morning daily sail to marker
  58. Rte 146 bridge clearance in Kemah TX
  59. Another Murder Mystery ???
  60. When is a boat considered abandoned and thus salvage?
  61. Celestial Navigation
  62. How do i find out my boats gross weight?
  63. Tacking solo with Auto pilot (video)
  64. What do you guys look for when buying sailing shoes?
  65. See my Sailnet Burgee Fly in Portugal...
  66. Has this not reached the rest of the world yet?
  67. sailboat paint question
  68. Marblehead to Halifax race
  69. Cal 27 Spec questions?
  70. Took a Dock walk today, few pics
  71. A Sailor i met today
  72. No cameras, no websites, no sponsors, no media, no net, no fuss...the real deal!!
  73. toys to keep kids happy while sailing
  74. Cruising Rally---Getting your feet wet
  75. this is yacht racing
  76. How to remove chalk on boot stripe?
  77. What happened to the post??
  78. Marblehead lament
  79. Help identify this boat
  80. Solo sail on the bay, started All wrong nice ending
  81. Great book!
  82. All day at sea...what a day!
  83. S/V Parlay
  84. Small Catboat mooring/launching options on CT shore
  85. The Nina....
  86. October sailing on the chesapeake.
  87. Show off your resto project.
  88. Wanted to show you some pics of what sailnet help can do.
  89. Your Boat
  90. Sailing Destinations B4 You Die...
  91. 2008 Minto Mingle
  92. Close hauled traveler use
  93. Has this been discussed? Francis Joyon's Record
  94. What Other Forums Do You Visit ???
  95. gross tonnage vs. net tonnage
  96. San Fransico Bay Sailing Charter
  97. When is old Better?
  98. What the heck happened to the boat reviews sub forum?
  99. DaySailer Refurb
  100. NOAA Changes
  101. Starwind 19. Lead shot in bilge?
  102. When Does Coastal Crusing Become Off Shore
  103. Strong winds sailing.
  104. New member 'How do, all.'
  105. Can't hurt...cry for help on my quest
  106. Fish out of water...
  107. RI mooring suggestions?
  108. Women's opinion on Boat design
  109. Half-Model building
  110. Counterpoint to the David Vanns of the world:
  111. question/complaining regarding replacing boat...
  112. yanmar audible alarm sounded
  113. Marlinspike Ropework.....Show Us Yours!
  114. One more try (CS Yachts)
  115. Better storm warnings on the way?
  116. What boat is this?
  117. Capital Gains / Taxes
  118. Renting a boat?
  119. Marinas and haul out spots in Galveston or Texas City?
  120. SailNet Burgee & T-shirt
  121. Backpackers winched from stricken yacht
  122. Sail Care
  123. Got a really good deal at a swap meet this weekend.
  124. BoatsExpress Shipping
  125. Protecting Re-Painted Topsides from Mooring Buoy
  126. Composting Toilets
  127. Aqaba-Nuweiba (or anywhere in Egypt)
  128. Strictly Sail - Miami Boat Show
  129. Caribbean vacation
  130. Really bad day
  131. Good Sailing DVD
  132. A Cautionary Note About Markers
  133. Sailing video
  134. Boat Reviews
  135. General Route Planning
  136. Slippery Boat Ramps and BIG Diesels (semi tractors)
  137. Is there anything you would like to see from this side?
  138. Recommended Width of Slip for 9'1" Beam???
  139. GEEZE.... (another Heather thread)
  140. Low Water Levels Force Lake Mead Marina to Move
  141. My morning sail to the 12 mile marker
  142. Neighbour from Hell, last episode.
  143. Casco to Freeport ME..Seeking Mooring
  144. More news from the crazy neighbour
  145. Sailing with a large dog?
  146. what is the conversion for
  147. Recently crossed the Pacific
  148. SimonV says go sailing (photos)
  149. Becoming a yacht broker?
  150. Orphan Brands...Boat Builders' Row
  151. Things that don't give one a good feeling about the PO of one's boat
  152. Boat name, need ideas!
  153. Lighting while sailing at night.
  154. Dinner at Friday Harbor
  155. Northwest Passage Across the Top of N. America
  156. Miami Boat Show- Any Gunboats Attending?
  157. Impressions at the Show
  158. The flika thread revisited!
  159. On the hard and need a fix?
  160. Childrens Forum
  161. Polar plots
  162. Bill Pinkney movie book mention
  163. Safe boat storage in Puerto Rico
  164. SailNet Kids
  165. Haul 0ut
  166. If You Say Nah, Your Getting Old
  167. Trucking the boat
  168. Discussion of bluewater seaworthiness\missing sailor ordeal
  169. What would you change??
  170. SPAM shelf life?
  171. Trawling and smoked fish questions.
  172. Reverse ??????
  173. Anyone want to take me sailing in San Diego/Coronado Monday? :)
  174. Great weekend in South Carolina...
  175. defender spring sale
  176. AT&T Wireless Internet service
  177. Maptech International "chartlets" online
  178. wireless Internet in Marina del Rey??
  179. Hobie 16 video
  180. Coast Guard Reports
  181. Cockroaches
  182. Tall ship video
  183. Baltimore boat show 26-27 Jan
  185. Anyone at the Seattle Boat Show? Rosepoint Navigation...
  186. Boat burgled, need a plan for next time.
  187. Need tips on how to find pesky hull leaks
  188. A real Roman Road from the year 400 B.C.
  189. "Classic" 28m
  190. Hatch Leeks and Rebedding of Hatches
  191. Whats a good tip?
  192. Flicka thread
  193. Email From Spirit Yachts
  194. CD's Trip on Tayana
  195. A New Circumnav to Argue About!
  196. Novis Marine Sale
  197. Not sailing-related, but I don't like this trend..
  198. Southern New England Mooring Permits
  199. When does KISS become stupid?
  200. Rep Points Poll
  201. What's rep power?
  202. idots to the left, morons to the right..
  203. I'm travelling to the US again!
  204. Channel 16
  205. Sailing 31ft cruising cat?
  206. New World Record
  207. How small of slip will work
  208. You Probably Thought I Died
  209. previous post about bad experience when going to crew on a boat
  210. SE PA,NJ, boating safety and or coastal
  211. Taking Opportunity to Introducing Myself
  212. Spirit 100 -- Not In My Wildest Dreams, But...
  213. Sailing in Los Angeles
  214. Being Hit By Lightning - To Ground or Not
  215. Looking for Lake Champlain marina
  216. Boating bday ideas for youngsters
  217. New Zealand 10-day sailing trip
  218. a fortunate sailor and an unfortunate step from cockpit to galley.
  219. Palawan podcast
  220. [New Video Out] The Boom Jack or Boom Vang
  221. Fastest Sailboat On The Planet
  222. Free documentaries?
  223. Electronic Chart Question - Again....
  224. Would I be insane ?
  225. Euro Sailors & boat preferences
  226. Tartan 41 "Legacy" Boaat Watch
  227. Rear pulpit mounted dinghy - Bad idea?
  228. Recommended Engine for Walker Bay 310 RID (10ft)
  229. sailing time is here: BVI (BVI to Saba)
  230. After a month, FINALLY got to sail!
  231. Types of Fenders
  232. Photoshoping
  233. anchoring bow and stern
  234. where to live in New Zealand
  235. Toronto Boat Show From the Eye's of the "AVERAGE GUY"
  236. What makes a good marina?
  237. London BoatShow 2008
  238. Toronto Boat Show
  239. Maybe Steel rules... after all!
  240. Go Uscg!
  241. Electric Outboard on Quickstep 24
  242. Harness and PFD
  243. Here we go again, another barg and another bridge
  244. PFD Use it or...
  245. ASA Members sailing week
  246. Anchoring - how not to
  247. Not that anyone here sails these waters
  248. What about the Pearson 27
  249. Gippsland Lakes
  250. Another maritime mystery