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: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Bottle holders for cockpit
  2. Raising & lowering sails
  3. Auto-Pilot for Morgan 33 OI...
  4. Jib bag
  5. I sailed an old Westerly to Jersey...
  6. need help identifying a hobie type boat
  7. Are NADA Values accurate ?
  8. Best book to have for coastal sailing.
  9. Surveyor recommendations in Stuart, Florida
  10. looking for boat info by serial #
  11. Need list things to have on boat.
  12. 26 foot catalina open water?
  13. Shake and Break
  14. please help me iD my boat
  15. high HP engine on a sailboat
  16. San Fran to Marina del Rey delivery
  17. Yamaha 3hp--cooling?
  18. Documentation Help
  19. I bought a Japanese registration boat.
  20. Can anyone help me ID this mystery dinghy?
  21. Is this a dumb idea?
  22. Confession time...
  23. Looking for Digital Thermostat for AC Driven Cold Plates
  24. Will 5 hp work on my 25 Catlina.
  25. A bit of bird watching silliness
  26. making your own safety nets
  27. AIS phantom ship
  28. Charter/rental woes...and question
  29. Anyone keep an old tire aboard for tow-assist/fender/sea-anchor duty?
  30. Sailboat hits Power Line in Cocoa, Florida!
  31. "Williwa Down the Inside Passage"
  32. Own your own 'Dockominiums' in Fort Lauderdale
  33. Own your own 'Dockominiums' in Fort Lauderdale
  34. Minneapolis rejects new sailboat logo
  35. Where to anchor in Keys?
  36. Noobie--Just purchased my first boat: Holder 14
  37. Beautiful Alberg on the cover of GOB is
  38. noob question
  39. Contest/Game - Identify this boat part pic
  40. Embarrassing
  41. Florida is at it again
  42. Sail Tweakers Disease
  43. Is NSA a bad thing?
  44. Crossing into the US from Canada
  45. Copper plate found on hull...
  46. Through the hull depth finder--fiberglass type?
  47. Rigging
  48. Trailer brake fire!
  49. Can anyone give me a valid reason to carry a firearm?
  50. Renting a lakefront house with sailboat?
  51. 8 plait dock lines
  52. Half hull models of your boat?
  53. Is it possible to?
  54. Literary Death Match: The Swallows And Amazons versus The Bas-Thorntons
  55. Living aboard in the Florida Keys...
  56. Take Your Shoes Off in the Cabin
  57. Cyclone devastates Vanuatu - photos
  58. More mooring-related questions
  59. Flying drones
  60. Chocks on the bow
  61. Morgan 41 Out Island
  62. Trailer tongue extension
  63. Kick up rudder--quick question
  64. Boom Vang and Preventers (renamed)
  65. Survey all of them!
  66. Playing a Pirate can be dangerous work..
  67. Boston Area Recommendations?
  68. First fiberglass project
  69. anyone a surveyor in NJ? or can recommend
  70. weight of a keel related to displacement
  71. Florence Arthaud killed in helicopter crash
  72. Sea Shanties
  73. Is it Spring Yet?
  74. Where do the costs of a bigger boat come from?
  75. Rigging update and replacement?
  76. What would you buy?
  77. Surveyor St Pete FL
  78. Jib bag
  79. High anxiety-passage v. Coastal
  80. Has anybody towed kayaks behind....
  81. One-day sale on WestMarine paints
  82. Winter Sailing onboard a Hanse 575
  83. What Happened to the "Classifieds"?
  84. Gozzard Yachts' Spring Rendezvous
  85. Sugar scoop transom safety in big seas
  86. Harken Traveler & other questions
  87. What's Next, Pablum?
  88. Bestevear aluminium sailing yacht, who knows this type of sailing yacht?
  89. My case for Why you should ditch your engine on a daysailor
  90. This is for everyone who gave the Flyin' Hawaiian a hard time....
  91. USCG multi term Documentation
  92. self steering vanes
  93. anchoring in florida water.
  94. Island Music
  95. New 1984 oday 26 advice
  96. Can bleach damage FRP
  97. Westerbeke whine
  98. Propeller 101?
  99. If I were young......
  100. Hydrogen sulfide removial from glass
  101. Cal 14
  102. Which Ensign should I fly?
  103. Is it getting more crowded out there?
  104. My 128th good film - and the future of sailing journalism
  105. Vestas Wind Report
  106. Marathon FL recommended marinas?
  107. Manual Toilet Questions
  108. Grenada cruising observations
  109. Coast Guard Documentation process times.
  110. de-humidifier recommendation?
  111. Always take a camera...
  112. Swing arm bracket ?
  113. Cockpit tent
  114. Yanmar Advice Needed.
  115. Waxing the Hull
  116. Shore power question
  117. advice -- swing keel vs water ballast vs fixed keel
  118. Opportunity of a Lifetime.....or..
  119. Father and son sailing
  120. Best place for telltails....
  121. So this happened here yesterday.
  122. Dock Etiquette While Working
  123. Do you have to be wealthy to own a sailing yacht?
  124. Our first good video
  125. 3 hp outboard--how far
  126. Hull paint
  127. What is your favorite sailing Novel?
  128. Resin like residue in bilge near both keel bolts
  129. A little traffic
  130. Diamond in the rough?
  131. I Paid a Dude. And I Liked It.
  132. "a slight boat malfunction,"
  133. ? best way to soften old nylon line?
  134. Melting Glaciers Lead to the Freak Phenomenon Of "Dead Water"
  135. P 165 self bailing?
  136. 40 ft sailboat with 800kg/1729 Lbs Drugs arrested!!
  137. Costs of Living Aboard/Owning a Sailboat
  138. Docking under Sail - Beam reach approach
  139. The impact of sailing tourism on regional development in UK coastal areas - online su
  140. Bareboat Lagoon 52 in Anegada
  141. Best of these Florida cities for sailing
  142. Which anchor?
  143. Bronze vs Stainless steel
  144. Hailing port
  145. Bimini--where to buy
  146. Best inflatable pfd with harness.
  147. Do you make guests wear PFDs?
  148. Ouch !!!
  149. OOPS! Could have lost the mast today
  150. 53 years ago today, Coast Guard rescue from the PENDLETON, "The Finest Hours"
  151. Cockpit seats
  152. Mast Question
  153. Making a living while cruising...
  154. Moving to MD
  155. Travel plan in Mediterranean Sea
  156. Cheap fuel
  157. Upholstery Cleaning
  158. Presidential quiz
  159. Outboard rudder and vane gears
  160. Crossing the Atlantic in Jan 2015
  161. An Interview With Dylan Winter!
  162. For all you southern boys and girls . . .
  163. Eco friendly anchoring
  164. 10 weeks to splash - will it ever get here?
  165. Documentation / registration question
  166. Deep draft mooring in Central East Florida
  167. Nautical Quarterly
  168. Wanted: The Worlds Greatest Sails.
  169. Howmar 12 day sailor vs catalina expo 12
  170. Mooring Wanted
  171. "New Generation Anchors"
  172. Do customs officials mind being filmed?
  173. How big is that boat
  174. Dinghy theft protection
  175. What Would You Do?
  176. Convert old Dolphin torches to LED?
  177. Midwinter Medicine
  178. How to add more lazarette storage
  179. Inspiration for the Young Punks
  180. Liability question
  181. Oil Container Leaks
  182. Ted Irwin died
  183. Purchasing a boat in Maryland
  184. Channel 13: Absolute Must
  185. Sabre 34 Targa a cruiser or not?
  186. Spectacular Speed on this Trimaran
  187. Dirty deed done,
  188. More newbie questions
  189. Abesea - online logbooks and social network
  190. Trivia question .
  191. Oysterman 23
  192. Today on Tampa bay
  193. Arch and Windvane.
  194. internal halyards
  195. this puts the price of boats into perspective
  196. Spreading ashes?
  197. Sailing Newbie here--help to decide on sailboat
  198. Cruising Guides: The Best and the Worst
  199. Shaft bearings, Yacht Specialties/Merriman pedestal steering
  200. Sail Trim Video
  201. Cool vid with shiny Dolphines
  202. Just Go / Do it now
  203. Dallas Area Boat Yards
  204. Get your nose out of your phone!
  205. New Sailing Website - suggestions?
  206. Mono hull to Cat
  207. Nuke protesters and the Alpha Sea Witch
  208. Keel or deck stepped?
  209. Highfield Ultralight RIBs
  210. To stop pitching, no not horseshoes.
  211. Where in the world is this (and have you been there)?
  212. DIY Boatyard/Marina on Chesapeake Recommendations?
  213. Stay away from Key Colony Beach...Sailing Related version.
  214. is it ok to look as long as you dont touch
  215. Squirrel Karma
  216. new member with age old questiin
  217. ICW - Worth the Trip?
  218. Burning sailboat near Queensland's Gold Coast
  219. Sailing single handed best size, not brand
  220. Potomac or Rappahannock?
  221. Anybody have an opinion about pirate flags?
  222. New Jersey sailing
  223. Projecting a Movie onto a Sail
  224. A series of interviews with fellow enthusiasts...
  225. Binocular/cup holder with adjustable spacers
  226. Moving your boat from one place to another
  227. How far can we get?
  228. One year after low speed chase (article on safety)
  229. Sacrificing virgins to pagan gods (sailing related)
  230. Huge price drop on Standard Horizon HX851
  231. Trouble pointing in Alerion 28
  232. Been Away a While...
  233. What are the implications of buying a uSCG registered sailboat?
  234. Refrigerator Box Design
  235. When is a dirty bottom hopeless
  236. Cruising Through Tax Season
  237. Block Islnd Race Week 2015
  238. GPS track for mobile apps
  239. RF Main pros and cons
  240. Greatest fear?
  241. And here I thought Murphy owned 2 boats!
  242. Fun In The Sun...
  243. Alberg 30 boat shed finished....almost
  244. Grampion 23 Info Wanted
  245. Sun Downer crosses the Gulf of Mexico. cool vid
  246. New Gen water ballasted anchor
  247. Final Moments
  248. My new dinghy, thank you
  249. Catalina 27 fire on Elementary
  250. Free Seminar in St. Pete, FL