: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Rolling Ship
  2. Another Day Living Aboard
  3. From where do you SailNet?
  4. 16 Months at adrift at Sea
  5. Don't have to be rich to sail
  6. Winterizing for the deep freeze
  7. Sailing "big boats"
  8. Hilo,Hawaii mooring
  9. Jensen Toilet
  10. Insurance Question
  11. Water Spout
  12. Shipping to Annapolis area? advice please.
  13. 10K$ boat --- Are Insurance and Survey REALLY mandatory?
  14. Maptech Pro
  15. All is Lost Poll (Spoiler)
  16. Snow!
  17. Pete Seeger died today
  18. any opinions/experience with Albin Nova?
  19. Making money with your sailing blog
  20. Nautical Architects & Boat-Making Folk: free downloadable books
  21. Ice in my bilge
  22. Coming soon to a marine electronics system near you......
  23. Stern to docking with swim platform?
  24. How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
  25. "Boat" vs. "Yacht"?
  26. Captain Ron - cruiser style
  27. rat infested ship likely sunk
  28. anchor and boat design ? Why anchor the bow.
  29. February Miami-Tortola Sail---Wind/Weather?
  30. The "SailNet is Done - 4 Year Old Thread!" Thread is Done
  31. Seattle Boat Show for sailors?
  32. Bummed...
  33. cost to have vc17 applied
  34. Cement Ballast - Pros/Cons
  35. why does it spin?
  36. Australia One's sinking "What happened here"?
  37. The Journey
  38. OMG, She's Topless!
  39. Google Glass Revisited
  40. Dinghy question
  41. Teak deck caulk
  42. displacement/ballast ratio
  43. Route from Maine to North Carolina
  44. Sometimes things just go perfectly
  45. Dreadnaught
  46. My new sailboat, El Toro?
  47. Boat Abandoned Story
  48. As long as its fun
  49. Vancouver Boat Show Seminars
  50. Husband killed as he defends his wife from yacht robbers in St Lucia
  51. why so long?
  52. Att'n: travlineasy -- Salty's Bar & Grill in Marathon fire
  53. need help and advice -mid cruise keel crack
  54. Sailing as a profession
  55. Lighthouse: Aid to Navigation, or Hazard?
  56. 22ft on Lake Huron
  57. Need new sails, but where to start?
  58. One Last "All is Lost " thread
  59. Friday morning game
  60. Do you think there's a philosophical aspect to sailing
  61. R.I.P. Russell Johnson, The Professor.
  62. Want to install a head in an Alerion 28
  63. need help DESIGNING a manual windlass!
  64. Coastal weekender
  65. tool of choice for hunting soft spots/rot
  66. Star class project
  67. How big a holding tank vs. camping
  68. Price of boats... Wow!!!
  69. So. Florida, east coast, marina
  70. Interesting news re Somali piracy
  71. Japanese Defense Ship Collides With Fishing Vessel
  72. Coronado Owners
  73. terminolgy question
  74. How not to go "camping" while cruising frugally
  75. How do manage or prioritize your to do list?
  76. Sunday Fun and Lessons Learned
  77. outboard shaft length for Galilee
  78. Radio controlled sailboat models
  79. Round the Island Walk
  80. Volvo Ocean Race...Is it the end of an era??
  81. "Open the pod bay doors, Hal..."
  82. sculling....wow
  83. Uscg nvdc
  84. Cold water survival
  85. Can a mainsail w/ a bolt rope foot be sailed loose footed?
  86. New Guy?
  87. Studies and activities useful while cruising
  88. Never know when sailing skills might be usefull
  89. Movin' on up
  90. mb10a EFI and electronic ignition conversion
  91. what is going on in this pic?
  92. Are you too old to sail?
  93. Name your adventure
  94. Step off the cliff and a net will appear
  95. Impounded boats in Mexico
  96. How much does it cost? And other things....
  97. Offshore?
  98. Aww, Jeez, the Red Witch is on the Market
  99. a cool book
  100. Sailing on network TV! "Chasing Shackleton" on tonight!
  101. Getting into sailing
  102. Google Hangout with Pardeys, Shards/Aebi
  103. When is too old & health dependent to learn to sail
  104. Oldest person to single hand the East Coast ICW...
  105. Tip of the Iceberg?
  106. Best feed for photos
  107. simrad WP10 Repair
  108. drowning does not look like drowning
  109. The most secluded remote boating spots in the U.S.
  110. Anchor lights
  111. Sailing Yacht worth $14,000,000
  112. Galvanized Pipe as Mooring Pylon
  113. The things people do..
  114. Polar Vortex
  115. London International Boat Show
  116. TWS question
  117. Recommended Instruments
  118. bahamas going single hand Nov 2014
  119. What is this?
  120. tipping the splasher
  121. Fuel Tank size error
  122. Chapman's 67th Edition
  123. Dismantling a Harken furler
  124. Mooring Help
  125. Toronto Boat Show Gam
  126. Evaluating sails in off season
  127. Maine expensive winter storage
  128. Voyaging on $500 per month
  129. Nervous about Trip - Virgin
  130. Tell Me Your Best Sea Story.
  131. Books on the sailboat - a good idea?
  132. The Search for Catatumbo 71' x 40'
  133. Boat Dreams
  134. A different way around
  135. Considerations in Choosing a Marina
  136. Need help Identifying this Gulet-Style Vessel
  137. Wondering about furling Asysms
  138. Next Step ?
  139. Ham Radio a Necessity?
  140. New Years Resolutions: Sailing-Related Goals for 2014
  141. San Diego day trip
  142. Back stay sdjuster
  143. El Salvador volcano erupts
  144. RESCUE at SEA : have you ever had to jump ship?
  145. Sailing Question
  146. Happy New Year
  147. Oops!!!
  148. Great book about what happens when ill prepared people go to sea
  149. Global wind patterns
  150. What would you do? Caught off guard by storm on the Chesapeake
  151. getting closer
  152. Which dinghy davits are these?
  153. Cold Weather Gear Recomendations
  154. Do I have to know swimming to sail?
  155. Where Has Better Sailing, Round II:
  156. Paperwork
  157. Condensation inside sailboat...
  158. prop wash
  159. Solar panel upgrade question
  160. Glen Wakefield Forced to Turn Back Due to Rigging Failure
  161. Boat cartoon calendars
  162. Where has better sailing - California, Pacific Northwest, Florida, or the Chesapeake
  163. Marathon meet-up
  164. How hard is it to sail around the world alone?
  165. What has happened to the Yachtworld.com site?
  166. New Genoa, love it!
  167. diesel Renault
  168. Sydney-Hobart television options?
  169. Outrigger sailing canoe question
  170. Feliz Navidad
  171. Fuel in Elisabeth-city NC
  172. Camper special / Retirement home
  173. Interesting Homemade Accessory
  174. Perfect In Phoenix Today
  175. Tracking Kiwi Spirit/ Stanley Paris around the World
  176. Free Astronomy Calendars for North & South Hemispheres
  177. Sailor's 12 Days of Christmas
  178. 'twas The Night Before Christmas (another one)
  179. Storm in Dartmouth
  180. Twas the night before Christmas
  181. The S/V east Coast Lady wishes you all a merry Christmas.
  182. Merry Christmas from Sequitur & Zonder Zorg
  183. Winter Covers - or why I hate tarps...
  184. Best week to sail in MA
  185. Sailing South 2014 from Charleston
  186. Major problem in mexico
  187. "We need to fluff the spinnaker"
  188. Created a sailnet forum goup for San Franciso Bay Area sailing
  189. Survey say's.......
  190. insurance?
  191. Best U.S. city for sailing, living aboard, working
  192. Pirates Bight Reopens
  193. Merry Christmas
  194. boot key meeting with Fwc
  195. Trailer rental question
  196. sailing rig for an inflatable dinghy
  197. Bumfuzzles swallow the Anchor
  198. So, What about this idea?
  199. Great Dane Video
  200. All Survival Geared Up
  201. Another new sailor's story
  202. I love South Florida!
  203. Westsail 42 vs. Dickerson 41
  204. TITANIUM Keel Bolts in cast iron?
  205. Islander Excalibur 26 vs Catalina 27
  206. Passengers, crew member injured in North Carolina ferry accident
  207. Winter Sailing in the UK
  208. Stability
  209. Hero and Sailor Passed away
  210. Sailing in Kerala, India
  211. The mysterious pin?
  212. Flush Mount Ventilators
  213. Reefing Question
  214. God Rest Ye Gentle Mariner
  215. Washington State - Sailing? Living?
  216. Fairing Compounds, what do "you" use?
  217. MMSI for DSC Handheld
  218. Aluminum corrosion
  219. English Boatyard
  220. Where to Sell Boat?
  221. Google Glass Idea Brainstorming
  222. US Citizens urged to support FCC RM-11708
  223. How to check gallon per hour Fuel Burn?
  224. 3D Printing of Sailboats
  225. Excessive stern "tuck" under power
  226. insurance/survey
  227. monthly or yearly costs
  228. Great Boat at Auction: Navy 44
  229. Me, My Boat, and Eleven - What’s Going On?
  230. Boat naming conventions
  231. Looking for steering wheel 20 - 18 inches
  232. Sailed from Ireland to Greenland
  233. Lashing/holding tiller wheel in place
  234. Do you clear the snow from your boat?
  235. FOUND: Good Old Boat
  236. "All is Lost" Movie Sequel
  237. Update from Ascension Is
  238. Funny Sailboat-for-Sale Ad
  239. Where to donate boat in So Cal?
  240. masthead versus fractional rig?
  241. Pulley suprise
  242. Looking to rent a boat near Palm Beach FL
  243. Building a mold out of existing boat.
  244. From one style boat to another Mono/Multi
  245. Added Weight?
  246. Pearl Harbor...
  247. Boat Cover
  248. Weather phenomenon
  249. Heading south
  250. Where Do Chicago Boaters Haul?