: General Discussion (sailing related)

  1. Information about Extreme Yachts!
  2. Cleaning sails at home
  3. Partial eclipse photos
  4. Vocabulary help - Two Years Before the Mast
  5. Rudder Failures
  6. West Marine & SCUBA Gear?
  7. Any idea what these are?
  8. Trouble and bad weather on one of the main Med races
  9. Your Favorite U.S. Coastline
  10. Calling Maday on SSB
  11. How to launch a boat
  12. Acapulco Sailboats
  13. Cat Cay to Chubb Cay
  14. Free boat. What is it?
  15. Core construction structures
  16. On the market for a new boat - please help
  17. Sailing Magazines
  18. Sailboat, new vs used
  19. Found a boat we both like
  20. Freeboard? We don't need no stinking freeboard.
  21. Sail from Boston to Scituate
  22. Ditch bag vs Ditch box
  23. USA to Canada?
  24. Look for new sailboat under 25 ft.
  25. Need advice for autopilot
  26. Heading South?
  27. Looking for a source of (first-aid) Medical Supplies
  28. Boat stability
  29. loosening jib halyard on roller furling
  30. Boats on the hard and all wrapped up
  31. a bit of friday humour
  32. ketch or schooner
  33. Hurricane Gonzalo Anyone in Bermuda?
  34. Real Men, Real Sailors "The Essex" The Movie
  35. Hawaii/Pacific Sailors Take Cover
  36. Hurricane hole in Bahamas
  37. Dear Annapolis...
  38. L-shaped hasp
  39. Maiden Voyage Trip Report - A 23-hour tour!
  40. First Month stories
  41. Sailing Movies and TV shows
  42. Surveyors: San Carlos, Mexico
  43. Buying my first boat please help
  44. Bowman Yachts
  45. Longest freshwater route
  46. Espar/Webasto/Wallas heaters
  47. Does anyone know what type of boat this is???
  48. Outboard motor for Catalina 22
  49. Queasy crewmember? The "old standards" still work...
  50. Weather Venting
  51. Thick fog and lots of dolphins...
  52. Annoying Halyard Slap
  53. Interior Carpeting
  54. Onboard: Electric stove or other?
  55. Fall Weather in the PNW
  56. looking to buy a used catamaran
  57. wd schock replied to me today
  58. Are you a dock person or a mooring person?
  59. Something to look forward too...
  60. M16 Scow used sails?
  61. Heading for the Annapolis boat show tomorrow
  62. USCG Doc Renewal Fee
  63. Boating in a typhoon with 190 mph winds
  64. The end of the season bug has bitten
  65. And you thought you had a bad day...
  66. Sailing to NYC
  67. Eclipse/Blood Moon tonight at 3:25 AM Pacific time
  68. Contract for voluteer crew
  69. How much PHRF 'time added' if I steer a race with one of these?
  70. Tall ship sailing on The Simpsons
  71. Lifejacket Type Code Labels Go Away (BoatUS article)
  72. Accelerating cure of 5200?
  73. Weird Coast Guard Rescue
  74. boat for tall sailor
  75. Sea Hawk "Tin Booster"
  76. Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All
  77. A man tries to 'run' from Florida to Bermuda!
  78. Fall sailing! Brrr
  79. Boat School meets MacENC data
  80. Yacht Delivery from Arklow to Brixham
  81. My crappy sail today
  82. New way of cruising??????
  83. Coast Guard Foundation ID card has dangerous calendar on back
  84. What the heck is this?
  85. Long Finned Pilot Whales in the Mediterranean
  86. W D Schock called me a freeloader for asking for info about my boat
  87. Ocens vs Xgate
  88. Keeping Watch
  89. CS 36 Merlin mast rake
  90. Replacing Two Part Halyards with Spectra
  91. Safety briefing when boarding an unfamiliar boat.
  92. Skip Novak on Warps & Drogues
  93. When Do You Get Off?
  94. USCG Cutter sinks Sea Shepherd
  95. Cocktails with Jimmy
  96. I found an anchorage that is an Eden.
  97. want to learn on bigger sailboat
  98. Annapolis boat show
  99. mooring site / marina on Chesapeake
  100. possible to buy a seaworthy sailboat under $20000 that requires very little fix?
  101. 2014 National Sailing Hall of Fame inductees..
  102. c&c 34 1981 Pictures, Bad?
  103. Which ones have ship wheel/helm and no tiller?
  104. Magazine front cover
  105. Posting for privileges #2
  106. Bosun's chair and spinnaker sailing.
  107. need buccaneer 210 help
  108. List of things to do and when
  109. Fellow Four Eyes dealing with rain
  110. Funding retirement boat
  111. Can I get rid of the Bow pulpit?
  112. Morris Yachts
  113. Who are your favorite vendors at the Annapolis Boat Show?
  114. Two Thoughts
  115. Annapolis live-aboard
  116. Jimmy Cornell's new Garcia Exploration 45
  117. Soling question
  118. boothbay harbor this friday - looking to sail
  119. Short tacking to windward is sailings heavy lifting.
  120. 58 Meters (190ft) Above The Deck!
  121. One amazing boat - grab her now
  122. Nine knots! My fastest day so far
  123. Boat name/graphic: Where and how big?
  124. Cape Cod on the outside
  125. boat guy builds an rv
  126. Rome to Turkey and back (my sailing season)
  127. Do they still make this boomkicker?
  128. How to identify that light
  129. boat upgrade list
  130. Cost of email at sea services
  131. What next for Ainia?
  132. Annapolis Sailboat Show
  133. Photos from La Paz, hurricane Odile
  134. Where and how much can you sail the ICW ?
  135. is there a major difference in foot length of boats?
  136. Anyone playing the Volvo Ocean Race game?
  137. Storing a hank on jib, realistic VS correct.
  138. Staysail furler deck attachment, ect
  139. Polyurethane hull/antifouling paint?
  140. Anchor light for steaming: legal?
  141. Bermuda jumping off point
  142. Garmin Blue for iPhone/iPad
  143. Graphene oxide: the best barrier coat?
  144. Cape Dory
  145. Check out this boat!
  146. Today be th'day...Talk as Pirates Do!
  147. Update from LaPaz, Baja, Mexico
  148. Bigger is better & faster?
  149. Need help starting a sailing school with a Hobie 16
  150. Crete to the UK
  151. Any info on crewed charters
  152. Advice From Young Punks
  153. Lost a dear friend to Odile
  154. .25 gal/hr. Really???
  155. Tallyho: The fox is mine
  156. has anyone made a homemade catamaran and cross a ocean yet?
  157. free 1963 Seasprite 23 Weekender
  158. Oil slick!!! Uh, no, wait......
  159. Hawaiian Boat Living- Discovery Studios
  160. Windlass side loads
  161. How do you stretch your season in the northeast
  162. The New Generation
  163. This delivery was quite challenging!
  164. Water tnk for cal 22
  165. Hopes and dreams. Is this realistic?
  166. Beach sailing craft options?
  167. Defender Sale
  168. Birth place of the U.S. Navy
  169. Newport Show
  170. your thoughts for a new sailor
  171. Put a wing on it?
  172. questions. stern pulpit and more , new to sailing !
  173. cruising guides for Caribbean
  174. My new blog
  175. Boat registration NY/NJ
  176. Prep boat's INTERIOR for possible knockdown
  177. Matilda 23
  178. Cut out centers of bulkheads: possible?
  179. Sleeping Accommodations --- is there a thread?
  180. Flipper Scow similar to a Topper dinghy?
  181. Don't Pay the Ransom!
  182. En Solitaire (Turning Tide)
  183. Keel to hull joint
  184. The Lagoon 560
  185. land locked
  186. Moving up - How do you know it's the right time?
  187. Anyone ever buy bigger or new and regret it?
  188. Recommendations for insurance
  189. Avalon
  190. Florida Panhandle Coastal Cruiser
  191. Die hard battery charger? Ok for deep cycle marine?
  192. Exceeding Hull Speed in Flat Water: Fantastic Sailing in Ideal Conditions
  193. North or South or Stay Put?
  194. Looking to purchase a hunter - First sailboat
  195. Southeast Florida Coastal Cruising Q's
  196. Mainsail Issues
  197. Experienced Rain Dancers Wanted
  198. Scum in Fuel Tank
  199. Sailing opportunities near Rockport ME.
  200. Gibraltar to the UK
  201. Davits - can you identify
  202. New or Old?
  203. Some Interesting Stories
  204. To Build a Boat
  205. Who should pay?
  206. Worst Sailboats Ever!
  207. Liberty 28
  208. Humbled
  209. Fairly affordable IRIDIUM setup
  210. Just starting out and need some input...
  211. I'm back, kinda
  212. Advice sought on south Florida older boat insurance
  213. Cleaning a fuel tank.
  214. Puget Sound, San Juans sailing tips and warnings?
  215. Picking up a mooring single handed
  216. The Twin Sails Bridge
  217. Reducing bird mess
  218. lightning on a mooring
  219. Matti tuck inlet
  220. Mast shaking in gusts
  221. Checklists
  222. 50' Motor Cruiser, powered by 2 6hp outboards.
  223. The Tall Ship Bill of Rights
  224. Quarter Berth Conversion
  225. Halyards turning black
  226. Trust me! I'm an engineer!
  227. It only took 14 years to fix...
  228. Cradle for Endeavour 42
  229. Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island
  230. Yacht Pals Invitation.
  231. Daunting Project
  232. Moving to Tampa
  233. Lightning rigging questions
  234. FYI: GGlass at sea
  235. Anchor Bridle Advice
  236. Ever had a MEDICAL EMERGENCY while at SEA?
  237. Best spot to park the cars on C-22 ?
  238. Not impressed with Samson Ultra-Tech line
  239. Worse than a garage... I may need help
  240. decal for dacron sail
  241. Curse my impulsivity, I'm buying a boat! Taipan 28
  242. going big.
  243. Has anyone been up the San Rafael channel recently?
  244. Newport Boat Show
  245. Family-Built Trailerable Pirate Ship Launched
  246. Confusion: B/D, Stability and Centerboards
  247. East Coast Marina or Mooring
  248. Best North American boat show?
  249. When Do You Reef?
  250. Panama Canal