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logan.sonnenberg 11-18-2011 12:45 AM

Want to join crew to south america, peru specifically
Hi im a young Canadian looking to join a sailing trip to south america, peru specifically from vancouver or northern us in the spring/summer of 2012. I have just recently returned from a trip to New Zealand. Im originally form Calgary alberta where there is no ocean so after being in New zealand i really want to be near the ocean. In the fall of next year ill be attending a tourism management course at vancouver island university. I don't have any experience sailing but i am really keen to learn and i figure what better way to learn. I am a quick learner and always ready to help in any situation. I hope someone has a opening on a ship with a open space.

Capt Len 11-26-2011 11:23 PM

Logan, check out my page at Sailing Charter Victoria .We are in the same area (Nanaimo) and like to meet fellow sailors for mutual advantage.; ship maintenance,on board sailing experience .good company ,useful crew. Been there. Now into tourism as you can see. Used to do the youth hostel thing but got tired of nose rings

logan.sonnenberg 11-28-2011 11:45 AM

thats sounds good i'd love to but i won't be in the nanaimo till may or june im not sure yet im in fernie working at ski hill but do you do trips to south america?

killarney_sailor 12-10-2011 04:53 PM

I don't think you will find people going to Peru although you might find someone going to Ecuador, but much more likely from Panama than BC. As you might expect ocean currents, and prevailing winds pretty much dictate where you can go and when. Once you get much south of Panama you have the Humboldt Current coming against you all the way down the South American coast. You can push against until about Guayaquil but that is about it. Also there are precious few harbors or anchorages in Peru. If people want to do the coast of SA they would typically go to Easter Island from the Galapagos (a long way west but it gets you away from the Humboldt and is worth the visit). Then they would go to somewhere on the coast of Chile. From here you can go south towards Tierra del Fuego or turn left and go northward up the coast. Often in sailing, the shortest distance is not the fastest (or most comfortable) way. In total, the number of boats doing this is quite small. Not sure of the number but a guess would be 10 to 20 and most would have their crew arrangements in place.

renzocampos 11-02-2012 05:09 AM

Re: Want to join crew to south america, peru specifically
"Brother" as we say in Peru. I will love to join a crew that will ahead to Peru!!! no doubt!!!! Tell me when and where.
I'll love to meet you, so you can see how great adding to the crew I will be. Thanks!
Chef Renzo

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