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Graywolf77 05-18-2011 12:53 PM

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I finally bought my boat. Now just need to teach myself to sail her.

tpope 05-19-2011 12:33 PM

Beautiful boat, same lines as our "Pelican". Do you have the Westerbeke Pilot 20 diesel for an auxiliary?

Graywolf77 05-19-2011 01:39 PM

Same Lines
She is pretty much the same boat. She handles well, so far. I am hoping that once she is trimmed out, she will make an easier solo sailor's boat. The diesel is the a Westerbek.

I do have some small issues, the fuel tank is out of service due to a leak when it is full. I think this is due to a rusting sensor, but need to solve that. The other is the cable for the keel board, which you told me about. It is made of galvenized wire, going to change it out to stainless once I am back. Other than that she is a great boat. A true cruiser in a small package.

OPTION 11-16-2011 08:44 AM


I have not visited Sailnet for almost a year but am glad to be back. I am the owner of OPTION, a Mark Soverel designed Soverel 36 with a fin keel.

You will find that the fin keel version sails extremely close to the wind and, for a displacement hull, is excellent in light winds. So, notwithstanding all of his achievements, the fin keel Soverel 36 may be the best of all of Mark Soverel's designs. It is sad that his life ended so prematurely.

Things to look for on the fin keeled Soverel 36 which are things I had to address on OPTION - all probably due to age - are: 1) the rudder which may be water logged and in need of repair or replacement; 2) the steering quadrant may be corroded and shot, and in need of replacement; 3) the steering assembly including cable, chains and pulleys may be shot and in need of replacement; 4) the windows, a/k/a/ lights, may be in need of replacement; 5) a number of the cheek blocks on deck and on the traveler may be in need of replacement; and 6) the clutches may be shot and in need of replacememt. As an addition, asymmetrical spinnakers attached to the bow or using a spinnaker pole work well.

OPTION and Moody Blue may be the only Mark Soverel designed Soverel 36s that have not, as of today, been modified. I am aware of all but three (3) of the seven (7) fin keel boats.

With her almost new Quantum sails, OPTION is undefeated in 2010 and 2011 local PHRF events. The largest regatta she has competed in is known as the Spirit Rider Regatta. It is is an ocean race that held off the beaches of Long Beach, New York which is a Long Island community. (The O'Keefe Foundation,Inc.) Her competition included two (2) Soverel 33s and other boats some of which were crewed by Navy, Army and Fordham. OPTION won overall both in 2010 and 2011 with the fastest overall time and, in 2011, beat the 2nd place Soverel 33 by a little more than a mile. She also won the Spirit Rider Regatta in 2006, with old sails, on PHRF.

The Around Long Island was considered for 2011 but the idea was scrapped due to numerous maintenance issues. Now with an AIS receiving radio installed, along with all of last year's maintenance issues having been resolved, she is fit to look at the 2012 Around Long Island. That decision will be made in March subject to having sufficient crew.

richardinhingham 11-26-2011 09:15 AM


Great to hear of all of these Soverels still sailing and sailing well. I raced my 28 this past year for the first time, and she was just fine but I was TERRIBLE in the Great Chase Race at Hull Yacht Club.

The early Soverels and the later Soverels all look so different--from the "traditional" lines of the 28's and older 30's and 33's to the rocket ship lines of Mark Soverel's designs. Great boats all!

I have a bunch of videos of my boat, a MORC II version (huge cockpit, very small cabin) sailing in some great winds this past year. THE INCIDENT Oct 16, 2011 Video 1 - YouTube

Capt.aaron 12-14-2011 02:20 PM

My Grandfather bought his 1965 Soverel 28 in 1978. I grew up sailing with him in the Bahama's and the Fla. key's. In 1991, I single handled it to Belize. I left out of Key Largo, Bay side, and sailed non-stop to Isla Mujeres, rounding the dry tortugas on the north side before heading south. For two Day's in Crossing the Fla. Straight's I had a rare 20 knt. S.W. wind. In the Yucatan Channel the wind started bang'n out of the North, pushing waves up to 20 ft. Point being, on the nose or off my quarter the boat handled like a champ. 15 years ago I took out the engine, did away with the spade rudder and hung one on the stern, and have sailed it up and down the key's, thruogh creek's, draw bridges and all over the Yucatan Penninsula/ Western Carib. That boat is a CHAMPION!!! All point's, light or Heavy, I've alway's been able to put her where I want her. Anyone has questions about the older Soverel's. I've owned mine for 22 years and Been sailing/ living on her for 33.

Capt.aaron 12-15-2011 02:35 PM

That boat will teach you how to sail her. Great boat to learn on. Great boat all around.

antonross 02-28-2012 05:24 PM

Soverel 36-2 #6, Meridian, is still in action and living in the Downtown Beaufort Marina.

I'm her captain, as well as a live aboard. LOVE her. I'll post more about Meridian, as time permits. Just wanted to quickly jump in and say HI, and wave at Option's captain!

Fair winds and following seas...
Anton Ross
S/V Meridian
Beaufort, SC

Graywolf77 12-09-2012 05:04 AM

Re: How 'bout it? Any Soverel owners?
Finally, the work on Prana has begun, a 1974 Soverel 30 MKIII. New cushions, new engine on the way. Next, rewire, new lighting, plumbing modifications then standing rgging and sails upgraded.

During the rewire I want to add new LED lighting, but keep the traditional looking brass fixtures. She has that "older boat" look in the cabin with a lot of wood. Any Ideas on the best lights for these dark boats?

I also want to replace the portlights with stainless or brass. Has anyone done this and could you suggest a brand name?

Thanks for all the advice I have received on this forum. I had three boats in mind when I came across this one. After some input from you folks and a day sail on her, I took a closer look at them all and chose the Soverel. She is a great boat.

Graywolf77 03-07-2013 01:05 AM

Re: How 'bout it? Any Soverel owners?
Engine compartment insulated, rewired, new lights and BETA engine installed, bottom job, all done.

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