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Sinuous 02-01-2009 04:42 PM

New owners of a 33-1
We're trying to find online specs for the 1968 and have had no luck yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated very muchly.

edit: We've checked out the site; it has plenty of info on the 33-2, none of use on the 33-1.

lbdavis 02-03-2009 01:07 PM


You should PM Katie. She just introduced herself here.

It looks like they're moving onto a 33-1.

Sinuous 02-03-2009 06:55 PM

I PM her all the time, she's my wife. ;-)

And I think we lucked out. Apparently the guy who's going to repaint the vessel name for us was watching the boat price fall, waiting to snag it. He congratulated us, and he offered to give us full specs and drawings for the boat. Amazingly cool!

lbdavis 02-03-2009 07:06 PM

Too funny. Right after hitting "submit reply" I noticed that you two were both in Knoxville and heading towards Charleston. So I thought, "Wow, what a coincidence; Two people from the same town bought the same kind of rare boat and are heading to the same new town. What are the odds?" ;)

That's great, man! Congratulations on the new boat. I wish you two the best of luck. Keep us updated.

Sinuous 02-03-2009 07:29 PM


Once we get the drawings we'll scan 'em in and I'll put them up online somewhere.

Anomaly 06-17-2010 08:52 PM

Sinuous--- did you ever get the info (drawings) on the Soverel 33 (1)? I just acquired a 33 (1) and like you am looking for more info on the boat.



Originally Posted by Sinuous (Post 442831)

Once we get the drawings we'll scan 'em in and I'll put them up online somewhere.

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