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OhioTom 08-04-2009 05:35 AM

Soverel 26
I have a Soverel 26, hull #11, built in 1976. I'm in the process of a major overhaul - currently re-coring parts of the deck - and aim to launch in 2011. I'm not sure of the entire history of the boat, but as far as I know, its been on the Great Lakes her whole life. I live on Lake Erie. She was originally orange and came with a 5hp Westerbeke deisel inboard (which I'm scuttling) and a double spreader tapered masthead rig. She's been variously named: "Duet", "Sybaris", and "Seabird II". At one point she was a Sea Scouts boat.

I just wanted to get this posted here in case anyone has any experience/information on this model to share or has any questions I might answer.

Once I get a new USB cord for my camera, I'll start posting pics of the work both on this site and plastic classics forum.


razzledash 11-17-2009 09:23 AM

I have done a complete 8 month restoration on a Soverel 26 including deck recoring. Will be glad to assist. Randy Yates, College Staion, TX

DAD44 11-24-2009 01:08 PM

Do you know if there were two Soverel 26s built. I have seen ads for one with a 4.5' draft and 9' beam and one with a 5' draft and 10' beam. Could they just be errors? Thanks, David

razzledash 11-24-2009 01:20 PM

Soverel dimensions
I have seen that posted elsewhere as well. I believe it is an error. The originall racing boat had a different deck layout. Following the race other Soverel 26's were built from the molds, but with a deck and cabin more accomodating for a broader group of sailor's needs. Beam of 10' and draft of just under 5' is correct.

sailboatold 03-15-2011 11:10 AM

soverel 26
You stated you planned to relaunch Soverel 26 in 2011, where are you with your work. I own a soverel 26 sail number 20516 that has had extensive work completed over past few years, recored approximately 100 square feet from inside boat, removed keel and reinforced, rebuilt Stearns hydraulic cylinder and panel. Some new rigging and sails. 20516 does not have standard soverel 26 deck, no cockpit coamings or cockpit lockers. Would like to here more about your project

ry0056 03-15-2011 04:25 PM

Razzledash, Soverel 26 #US SAILING no.20603 hull 12
It may have been posted by someone else that they were to be finished in 2011. I have had mine sailing for about 5-6 years now after an 8 month re-do. When I aquired the boat, it had been stripped of all metal parts except for a few bolts holding the deck to the hull and the keel bolts. I went about glassing in all holes until like new. Replaced all bulkheads with mahogony ply. Replaced all clutches and blocks on deck. Replaced all internal mast sheeves and forestay foil bearings. Recored starboard deck from top side with balsa. Put deck back together with epoxy using sheet metal screws to hold tight in proper plane until cured. Then all screws removed and holes filled and faired. Glassed in a fuel locker in the starboard cockpit locker hatch that was previously open to the cabin below. Replaced all instruments. Silva Compass, NorthStar knot/depth/water temp/race timer and a Velocitec Speedpuc for heading deviation, track recording and speed by gps. I used Interllux paint sprayed and Micron CSC below the waterline. There were no blisters and no barrier coat previously, so I did not add any at that time. I hauled in 3 years and still no blisters after being in fresh water. Mast, boom and forward hatch were all powdercoated black. If you would like any photos, I have lots. Let me know. You can send me an email address to razzle.dash at yahoo dot com if you have anything you would like to see. I made a short video sailing at Thanksgiving. Just google razzledash and you will see it near the top of the results. Randy Yates

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