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scottfree 12-02-2009 03:31 PM

Tartan 30 Mast Step
In reworking my tartan 30, a while back when I was cleaning the bilge I noticed a considerable amount of rust and scale in the bilge which I associated at the time with the Atomic 4, but maybe not. I am wondering if anyone knows what the mast sits on. After cleaning I can clearly see the mast sitting on the fiberglass on the top of the keel. I was wondering if there is a pedestal of any sort. Better to say, should there be any pedestal there. Could this be the reason for slack in my rig which is almost adjusted out but not quite. If there is supposed to be something there, what is it and what does it look like. Can I put something under the mast to raise it slightly to allow me some room for adjustment in the rig? The boat was built in 1973. Are there parts out there for those spar sections or is there a cross section drawing out there I could make something to fit?

Any thoughts, comments or ideas would be appreciated.

fordo 01-31-2010 05:41 PM

tartan 30 mast step
The mast step is a cast aluminum piece that screws onto the fiberglass and fits inside the mast so that only a small lip is visible under the mast. It can corrode, but the corrosion is white, not rust colored. If your rigging doesn't fit I would invest in a inspection by a professional rigger to see what is wrong.

Talyn 04-20-2010 07:26 PM

we have a Tartan 30 #546.

its supposed to have a mast step. every boat does.

ours is cast aluminum just like fordo says, its usually the same alloy as the mast or very close to, otherwise there would be an unhealthy amount of corrosion every season

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