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30Tartan281 05-03-2011 09:27 AM

Tartan 30 Mast?
I recently purchased a 1975 Tartan 30 hull #281. The sail gate on the mast was broken and I am trying to replace it. I contancted Tartan and they informed me that there were several masts that were used and refered me to rig-rite. I contacted then and all they could say is "look on our website and figure it out" So in doing so It appears as I have a Spartan Spars cd-5 mast. The outside dimensions are the same and track, also the spreaders, and steaming light look the same. I ordered the mast gate for it. When I got it it was a bit differnt from the one that was on my boat and the mounting holes were not in the same spot. I contacted Rig-Rite and the said "send it back for a 20% restocking fee and we'll send you another". Now the wont return emails and when I call just say "there busy" and "we will contact you in a few weeks" Now Thats customer service! Does anyone on here know what kind of mast is popular on the 30? and does anyone know where else I can get parts for this mast?

Jeff_H 05-03-2011 12:05 PM

In my experience, most of the mast gates that I have seen from that era were made by the spar maker rather than bought from the spar extruder. I have had an easy time making gates from aluminum angle or barstock, or else bronze bar stock, depending on the design. I usually make mine so that the slugs can pass them and get all the way to the gooseneck but the design will need vary with the actual conditions found.

If you can post a picture someone may have a better suggestion.


30Tartan281 05-03-2011 12:33 PM

t-30 mast
Thanks for reply, but dont think you understood what I said, Rig-Rite sells Masts, and parts for each brand. Tartan Yachts told me to contact them since they sell most brands of Masts and rigging. The sail gate is specific to the mast brand and model. I have found no markings on my mast to tell me the brand and model. So in comparison to the specs on Rig rites website it looks as it is a Spartan cd-5 mast 7.75x4.75 oval dimensions. On a T-30 the mast gate isabout 3 feet above the boom so a stopper isnt that practical. I'm sure I can rig some piece of metal and cover the track, but was trying to fix it correctly, and thats why I asked if anyone out ther with a T-30 knows what brand spar they have, with a oval mast measuring 7.75x4.75

Jeff_H 05-03-2011 01:53 PM

I was not trying to be dismissive of what you are trying to do but I would suspect that there is not such thing as a standard Tartan 30 track gate. Here is point that I am trying to make, when I worked with riggers (and granted this was a long time ago but it was around the time your boat was built), we would fabricate the slug opening in a mast by drilling a row of 1/2" or 5/8" slug sized holes through the track using the track itself as a centering device. We would drill 6 to 8 of these, and then grind between them, and then hand file the edge smooth. There was not much precision to that process. The slug openings ended up somewhere between 3 and 4 inches long.

Most times we used a gate that simply crossed the track and stopped the slugs from passing far enough down the track to fall out of the boom, but in cases like yours (and on my current boat), we would take a piece of aluminum angle and fabricate a gate which allowed the slugs to pass. Since the length of the slot varied, these gates would be hand made for each boat.

I made the ones on my current boat and the process to make them took about an hour, more or less, with the hard part being getting the new screw holes on the cover plates to align with the ones that were already in the mast. I did that by making paper patterns using a rubbing. Transfering that pattern to a cardboard test pattern and using those to mark the aluminum when I was confident they were right.

The trick to making gates that allow the slugs to pass easily is to use an angle and turn one leg of the angle into the slot in perfect alignment with the interior face of the boltrope track. This requires cutting the leg of aluminum angle to the right depth with a hacksaw, but of course aluminum is soft so that is pretty easy.

The other way that I have seen these made is with two separate plates, one that aligns with the track and another plate which is held back from the edge and which sits on the face of the mast. That type was often made of bronze but required that the two plates were welded, or brazed or silver soldered together. You might be able to get a machine shop to make something like that in stainless steel as well.

I'll try to take a couple pictures of my tracks so you can see what I am describing looks like just in case you can't find a standard gate.


30Tartan281 05-03-2011 06:24 PM

No, there is not a gate for a Tartan 30, but there is a gate for a Spartan cd-5, Spartan cd-4.5, Spartan cd-4, Metal mast traditional Masts in several differnt sizes. And as I said, Rig Rite sells them all and has them in stock. What Im trying to figure out was what mast came on my boat and was asking other owners of Tartan 30's if they knew what they have. You should go to, they sell spreaders, booms, mast lights gates and all hardware for most spars out there. The problem is that they lack customer service, they dont answer emails and the person that answers the phone is a order taker and does not give any insight. But if you know what part you need and what brand and model your spar and rigging is they have the parts.

30Tartan281 05-18-2011 04:24 PM

Update, still no help from Rig Rite. Its a shame they have access to all the older parts but don't want to sell it. There customer service is non existant. So looks like I will have to rig some piece of metal to cover the track instead of fixing it correctly. Which is a shame since the piece they sent me was so close to working, just a little to small. I would be surprised if they sent me the wrong part and it was for one of Spartans smaller masts.

30Tartan281 05-18-2011 04:26 PM

Plus I guess there are no Tartan Owners on here that know what mast they have.

wildgeos 03-09-2012 07:39 PM

Re: Tartan 30 Mast?
In case you are still wondering, I think its a sound spars 7747 mast section. I found it on rig rite site under "special mast steps". The Tartan literature calls it an elliptical section, and the rig rite site refers to it as an oval section.

To whit:
"Mast Step for Sound Spars 7747 Mast Section: SS 7747M-S1:
Cast Aluminum Mast Step for use with Sound Spars 7747 Mast Section. Oval Mast Section is 7 3/4" x 4 3/4", Mast Step is 7 3/4" long x 4 3/4" wide and attaches to deck or keel with (2) 3/8" bolts in 1 1/2" long slots on 4" centers. As used on Pearson 32, 323; Tartan 30, and others."

Our mast is corroded around the base of the spar. Watch out!

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