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eko_eko 09-21-2012 08:25 AM

Tartan 30 Bow Lights
Does anyone have photos of the backs of the bow light fixtures in a Tartan 30?

My original bow lights are lacking bulbs and part of the fixtures.

The fixtures themselves have no backs, so I don't know how the bulbs were originally held in place or how they were meant to be wired.

A previous owner just ran wire directly to some bulbs and then wrapped them in electrical tape. The bulk of the tape held the bulbs in place by friction until the anchor chain snagged the wires and tore it all apart.

Maine Sail 09-21-2012 09:08 AM

Re: Tartan 30 Bow Lights
You'll be best to remove the fixtures from the hull and then they can be rebuilt. The lens is glass and can be cleaned up and the socket is replaceable. There are some "slotted" set screws holding it all together but you'll need to clean some corrosion off to see them and use some PB Blaster to get them apart. The sockets can be purchased at West Marine or any chandlery and are a few $$$. Re-use the lens, install a new socket and bulb and re-install in the hull. I did this project on a Tartan 30 last year but only have one shot of the fixture. Could have sworn I took more but they may be hiding on a SD card somewhere...

eko_eko 09-30-2012 09:42 AM

Re: Tartan 30 Bow Lights
Thanks! That's pretty helpful. At this point I'm torn between fixing the existing lights and mounting a LED bow light on the pulpit.

Two reasons to go LED:
1) The new light would be mounted above deck level, providing greater visibility.
2) The wiring run up to the bow is causing a 2-volt drop already. I don't think it could properly power a pair of new incandescent bulbs. The wiring is on my todo list, but LEDs would let me run with it as-is.

Reasons to repair the current lights:
1) No need to glass over the old light holes in the topsides
2) They look so much better than the LED enclosures
3) No hassles running wire through the pulpit.
4) The side lights aren't subject to as much force when the bow plows into the next wave.

So many options!

eko_eko 11-23-2015 10:55 PM

Re: Tartan 30 Bow Lights
I finally tackled this project. While my deck was being recored a couple of years ago, I had a hole drilled under one leg of the bow pulpit so I could run wires to a pulpit-mounted bow light. For various reasons it's taken a while to get to the next step in the project.

To make the wire exit hole in the tubing, I used three cobalt bits sequentially: 1.2mm, 3.1mm, and 9.9mm to drill into the pulpit tubing. My 5.4amp keyless chuck drill couldn't move the 9.9 bit smoothly without binding. A 9A drill with keyed chuck was able to hold the bit and finish cleaning up the hole.

The base was formed from two pieces of scrap star board shaped on a bandsaw. The edges could be smoother. The lower piece is U-bolted to the pulpit.

The light mounts to the upper piece of star board. The two pieces are held together by a pair of #10 screws. The larger hole is for the wires to pass through.

Relief holes for the mounting nuts are cut into the upper piece. The middle area between the U-bolt washers was filled with butyl tape before screwing the pieces together.

Once it's all together, it doesn't look terrible and should keep moisture away from the conductors and the LED bulbs.

I used white sugru to provide strain relief, chafe relief, and waterproofing where the wire exits the star board and where it enters the stainless tubing.
The step-down butt connectors tying the light's 18ga wires into the boat's 14ga bow light circuit are encased in shrink wrap and pushed back into the pulpit itself.

The light is an Attwood 2NM LED bow light.
Some day I'll remove the old light fittings from the hull.

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