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l_lym 06-17-2011 07:23 PM

Watch Hill, Block and other questions
Heading to a few new (for us) places than in the past and have a couple of questions -
- Any problems with depth in the channel or getting into the anchorage behind Napatree Point? We draw 6'4".
- Heard that there had been dredging in Mattituk inlet. Not really on our plans but curious if this might work for us.
-What are the odds of getting a mooring at Block Island during the week after July 4?
-What's best anchoring at Fishers Island?


JimsCAL 06-19-2011 08:23 AM

You can get through the channel to Watch Hill. Just make sure you stay in the channel or you will surely go aground. Watch Hill is one of my favorite places. Great beaches, good convenient anchoring area, and charming town.

Chances are getting a mooring in the Great Salt Pond during peak season is slim. They are first come first served. One way is anchor the first night and then circle the mooring area the following morning to scout out who's leaving and grab it immediately.

I would avoid Mattituck. Long narrow channel and shoaling is always an issue. Better choices for stopping along the CT shore.

Best harbor on Fishers Island is West Harbor. They make you anchor outside the mooring area but the protection is decent and holding is good.

RobGallagher 06-19-2011 10:19 AM

Napatree, you should be fine but you might not want to go at dead low. My alarm has been going off at 6 ft at dead low, but, I'm not sure how accurate that is as I only draw 5 ft.
Block on the 4th, eek. Not a chance for a mooring IMHO. Most people come days before to grab a spot. The place is a zoo anyway.
Fisher's Island, West harbor is the best anchorage I think. Noank has a decent anchorage just across the sound.

l_lym 06-20-2011 02:25 AM

Thanks. We have a couple of weeks for exploration along CT/RI side as well as Eastern Long Island so perhaps will hold going to Block until the following week.

CBinRI 06-23-2011 07:51 PM

Block is possible, but only if you get there awfully early and patrol the town mooring field for someone leaving.

l_lym 06-24-2011 09:30 AM

Current (loose) plan is to skip Block on July 4 week, go to Narragansett Bay and perhaps Cuttyhunk & the Vineyard and try to go to Block mid-week on the way back. All subject to change.

paulk 06-25-2011 09:50 PM

We've gotten into Watch Hill with 6'9" draft, being careful to travel with a rising tide and to stay in the channel. Moorings can be sparse inside, but we anchored just outside the harbor itself, which is essentially just as well protected. Make sure to check out the carousel at the south end of town and the fine art gallery at the other end. The t-shirt shops in between are... t-shirt shops.

SOUNDBOUNDER 06-28-2011 05:21 PM

A few years ago I went to Block Island right after the 4th of July. Never again!
Even the anchorage area was packed, and boats were dragging due to limited scope.
You're making the right choice by pushing your visit back a bit.

Have fun in Watch Hill!

l_lym 06-29-2011 02:08 PM

current plan is Watch Hill to Naragansett Bay then Cuttyhunk & MV and/or further up Buzzards Bay. Any comments on Wickford RI? Looking for alternatives to what I assume will be big crowds in Newport.

Mavriikk 07-20-2011 01:19 PM

Aldiamo aldiamo

Just to update this post i would like to tell my story. I just spent 12 days on Block this year on my Hunter 25.5 and it was great. I did not care to pay for a mooring and i toughed it out in the anchorage for an extended period. I was there for the dreaded 4th and it was indeed packed. I stayed on the boat for a while to soak the anchor to feel better about leaving the boat. I did however have an over sized anchor and a good sandy bottom to hook into so once i got the confidence i started the vacation...

I did run into some people dragging through some rafts and some ignorance but for the most part even though it was packed it was doable. I would like to say this about the harbor master, great job sir. This guy handled a lot of situations very professionally and safely. I especially liked that he spoke over his loud speaker and was clear and decisive with all of his instruction.

To end this i would say cheers to the Oar and Champlins and the National and the Kitten and Poor Peoples Pub as i frequented them often. Many thanks to Aldo for delivering fresh coffee and apple turnovers to the boat every morning.


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