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marktun 08-05-2011 09:27 AM

Maine float plan (Penobscot Bay & Mt. Desert Is.)--your suggestions?
Hi Folks,

My wife and I are looking forward to being in Maine the week of August 8th, and I wanted to share the following rough itenerary to see if it seems realistic to those who have cruised this area.

We've got the cruising guides, up to date charts, and will have a Sabre 38 to ourselves that week. Here's what we have in mind (hoping to moor in most locations--we like to maybe have 1 or 2 long days, then more easy hops of 4 hrs or less.

Most of this an easy cruise with plenty of time on the hook and in the Bay? Then perfect. Let me know what you think!



Monday: Anticipating a late (3-4pm) start out of Southwest Harbor to Somesville (alternatives: Valley Cove; or, moorings at Jock's or Abel's)

Tuesday: Somesville via Eggemoggin Reach to Buck's Harbor (alternatives: Orcutt Harbor, Horshoe Cove, or just stay over at Somesville and spend a day at Acadia)

Weds: Bucks Harbor to Camden or Rockport (alt: Heavily leaning towards Castine as a destination this day)

Thurs: Bucks/Castine to Pulpit Harbor (alt: Cruise Owl's Head, Islesboro and the Bay for the day, then to Camden/Rockport and dinner ashore).

Friday: via Fox Is. thorofare to McGlathery's or Round Is. (alt: free day of cruising Penobscot Bay)

Saturday: From McG's east via Marshall Is. past s. side of Swan Is. to Frenchboro, Long Island.

Sunday: Frenchboro to Cranberry Islands, or Northeast Harbor, or Burnt Coat Harbor, Swan Is.

Monday: Return to Southwest Harbor.

jimmalkin 03-17-2012 07:48 PM

Re: Maine float plan (Penobscot Bay & Mt. Desert Is.)--your suggestions?
Your proposed agenda is quite manageable. I'd suggest you buy a copy of
A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast - by Hank and Jan Taft and Curtis Rindlaub.
They also have a website. It's full of information on harbors and thoroughfares and local knowledge.

From many Augusts in that area, I suggest that you stay flexible with schedule and destination - come currents are quick, some days have very light wind, there is always FOG, and there are always lobster pots, lobster buoys and lobster toggles (the Cruising Guide has a good section on them.) Bring a wet suit or warm swimming "jacket" for your upper torso, fins and a mask/snorkel with a sharp cutter and a looped wrist band to keep it from falling into the depths.

Despite all my care and knowledge (and cutters on the shaft,) we have tangled with at least one line in each of 8 years and have twice had to dive and cut resulting once in pretty good hypothermia.

Belfast is a nice harbor and good walking distance to the stuff you'll need from a town; also NE Harbor (at your start or end). Blue Hill is beautiful, but well north. But the islands are the best - well worth staying to the southeast of Penobscot Bay.

marktun 03-18-2012 06:41 AM

Re: Maine float plan (Penobscot Bay & Mt. Desert Is.)--your suggestions?
Thanks for your reply....though if you look at the date of my original post, this cruise took place in August of 2011. :)

We had bought the cruising guide you referenced, which gave us the ideas for the schedule above. While we deviated from it a fair amount, a great time was had by all.

The stillness and quiet of Somes Sound.....morning coffee with harbor seals peeking up at us curiously....the professionalism and courtesy of our friends at Hinkley Yacht Charters.....great weather....all of that and more combined for a great trip. Next stop: a week out of Narragansett Bay, RI this summer.

Thanks again...


Minnewaska 03-18-2012 09:11 AM

Re: Maine float plan (Penobscot Bay & Mt. Desert Is.)--your suggestions?

Originally Posted by marktun (Post 847105)
?.........Next stop: a week out of Narragansett Bay, RI this summer.

Thanks again...


Now we're talking. If you would like any input, let us know.

We went to Maine last year and found it beautiful. Our home waters are great too, but not the same sense of isolation. Just the opposite in some places. Still, if you have 4 hrs per day to sail, you have dozens of places to go. Some do require you to be on the hook, but generally very good holding in the bay. Heading out toward the Vineyard or Nantucket are possible, with 4 hr stops along the way. Block island is a grounder, or even use it as a stop over on the way to Eastern Long Island.

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