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HUGOSALT 10-23-2012 01:17 AM

Fall sail up Hudson River
Figured I give you Hudson River Sailnetters some advanced warning..err notice.
Friend and I decided last minute to take advantage of mild weather and will leave western LI Sound Thursday this week with return home probably Monday.
Pretty much open schedule, except may meet Mrs. and
friends Saturday afternoon/evening for dinner somewhere on west shore.
Usually anchor out, but am open to any local suggestions
regarding reasonable moorings/marinas this time of year on the river.
Always wanted to check out town of Hudson (whaling history) but think would be pushing it so probably make it
to around Beacon before heading back down.
Comments on timing appreciated...
Any suggestions on towns, Highland Falls? Cold Spring? Garrison? marinas,(if still open) anchorages, restaurants this time of year would be appreciated.
Have a idea but don't know what's still open up there
this late in season.
Would enjoy saying hell-o if anyone's around.
Thanks in advance,

HUGOSALT 10-23-2012 10:13 AM

Re: Fall sail up Hudson River
Anyone sail/tie up to West Point? Any military connections are all navy, won't go far
at the academy.
Have heard, possibly from old posts, that one may request permission to tie up at
at West Point's south dock? Possibly outdated info from a less complicated time.
Or maybe just easier to pull into Highland Falls and take a walk to West Point?

RonRelyea 10-23-2012 01:54 PM

Re: Fall sail up Hudson River

Unfortunately, West Point is off limits since 9/11. Nyack is a nice stop and you might be able to pick up a mooring at the Nyack Boat Club ... hopefully Caleb will chime in with details ... there is also a protected cove off of Bowline Park in Haverstraw ... I'm told you need to hug the south shore on entering or you will run aground.

Cold Spring is another option with anchoring north of the village.

I'd invite you to New Hamburg (just north of Beacon) but unfortunately our docks are pulled for the season. Beacon has an anchorage .... Check out JoeTheCobbler's posts about his trip down the Hudson.

CalebD 10-23-2012 07:59 PM

Re: Fall sail up Hudson River
You rang? Thanks Ron.

Yes, the NBC has cheap guest moorings at $25/night. Restaurants within a short walk. Shoreside head and showers. Limited weekend hours launch service.
If you prefer a marina and slips then Tarrytown Marina should be still in operation. The downside to this spot is that the marina is a bit tight to navigate and the Amtrak/Metro North trains run past at frequent intervals. Haverstraw Marina is likely still in operation mode - much quieter then Tarrytown as no commuter trains running by.

Bowline Point 'pond' is a great anchorage and completely out of the river so no reversing current to deal with while at anchor. Hug the south shore of the entrance or you will find the bottom like I did. If you look this spot up on google maps you will see the shoal sticking up out of the water.

There is also a small anchorage just south of the Bear Mtn. Bridge on the west side. Beautiful natural spot across from Anthony's Nose (mtn).

North of that is off my radar.

Bring your Eldridge and try to time your runs up and down the river with the current. The current can run up to 2 knots and more where the river constricts.

The foliage should be pretty much at peak.

HUGOSALT 10-23-2012 08:18 PM

Re: Fall sail up Hudson River
Thanks good information, makes sense about West Point.
Will call Nyack Boat Club as we figure on spending 1st night
at Nyack or the cove off Bowline at Haverstraw, (i see the
obstruction at entrance to cove, will stay close to south shore).
Will check out JoeTheCobblers posts and anchorages at Cold Spring and Beacon if we make it that far.
Suspect i will be may be doing a fair amount of motoring,
but seems might be a good northely wind come Sunday/Monday
on trip back down river.
Thanks again, will take you up on New Hamburg invite next time up river.

HUGOSALT 10-23-2012 08:41 PM

Re: Fall sail up Hudson River
Thanks Caleb, was hoping the doctor was in!
Will call NBC and check launch hours and Haverstraw as well as
have date with my wife and friends Saturday evening somewhere
on western shore, otherwise my preference is to anchor out when possible...have heard about anchorage across from Anthony's Nose,
thanks for reminder. Will try to make good use of it.
Been tracking the currents this week trying to familiarize myself.
Any parks/town docks where this time of year where can leave boat
for few hours and explore? Thanks again.

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