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Selkie60 04-08-2013 08:57 PM

10 days south of Cuttyhunk
I'll be taking a Bavaria 37 on a 10 day round-trip cruise from Marion, MA this June. I've done a few cruises around the Cape and Islands and am looking to explore new grounds south of Cuttyhunk. So I'm looking for recommendations for anchorages, mid-cruise provisioning locations and cruising guides. I use ActiveCaptain, but am always looking for other resources.

Block Island looks interesting, so we'll probably stop there for a day or two. There appear to be a lot of anchorages along Long Island and Narragansett Bay, so I'd appreciate any suggestions to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Minnewaska 04-08-2013 09:43 PM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
So what are you looking to do?

Fast and Fancy and you need to stop in Newport.

Block is great idea. Be sure to go into New Harbor. June won't be crazy busy yet, but look into the Block Island Race Week. It can be busy.

If you're willing to continue further West, think of Mystic, CT.

Point Judith is okay. Lots of room to anchor outside in the refuge. There are a few marinas up the creek.

Or, head up Narragansett Bay to Jamestown. Great little town. Get a mooring at Conanicut Marina. They also have a ferry to Newport.

Alternatively, anchor in Dutch Harbor on the West side of the island and walk about one mile on one road over to Jamestown.

Wickford, RI is a very protected harbor with many docking and mooring options.

Bristol, RI is a great town too. Herreshoff museum is great, if you like that sort of thing. Aiden's pub has never disappointed anyone that I know. :)

If you want quiet and bbq on the rail, think about Potters Cove on the Northeast corner of Prudence Island in the Bay.

From Cutty, its pretty easy to get over the Martha Vineyard. Menemsha is easy. You many even get inside with the 37. Otherwise, outside it good with southerlies. Vineyard Haven is reachable. I prefer Edgartown, but further.

Probably have a thousand other ideas. Narrow me down a bit.

HardTAC 04-08-2013 10:42 PM

10 days south of Cuttyhunk
Thanks Minnewaska,
My wife and I just bought a Morgan 382 in Warwick RI and haven't put the boat in the water yet. We can't wait to visit some of your recommendations!

Selkie60 04-08-2013 11:07 PM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
Minnewaska: Definitely not interested in the Cape and Islands. I've done a few cruises there already, so I'm looking for new anchorages SW of Cuttyhunk. The rest of your suggestions are great and give me a starting point. One thing that would be helpful would be to get an idea of how cruising NE LIS compares to Narragansett Bay.

Minnewaska 04-08-2013 11:23 PM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
I grew up boating in western LI Sound out to Fishers Island and the rare trip to Block and now prefer RI.

You may want to visit Gardiners Bay and Shelter Island. I only went last year for the first time. So so.

Montauk is fun. That's worth a shot. You'll need a slip, unless you can get way in back.

Selkie60 04-08-2013 11:49 PM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
Perhaps a more succinct question would be "What are the don't-miss anchorages within 100nm and to the SW of Cuttyhunk."

chef2sail 04-09-2013 12:23 AM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
Down the coast from Cuttyhunk
Newport- lots great restaurants shops activity
Stonington- beautiful town, great anchorage, best scallops around
Mystic- the museum/ Seaport, ships

Then over to LOng Island forks

Greenport - great city Marina (mitchel), restaurants and shops
Sag Harbor- pretty town, upscale restaurants and stores
Montaulk- great seafood, lots of fishing activity shops, beaches

Block Island- on the way back- Aldo's, restaurants, shops, great cycle tours.

I can go into detail but the anchorages are great

Minnewaska 04-09-2013 07:28 AM

Re: 10 days south of Cuttyhunk
When you say anchorage, are you being literal? No moorings? That would not be terribly limiting, but maybe a little.

Newport is probably a must. It can get busy, but its all about boating, so its fun to be part of the scene. There is a designated anchorage.

Block is a must as well. There is a huge anchorage, but the 20ft depths often go first and the closer to the channel you are the closer to 40ish feet is common. Have lots of rode.

You can anchor in West Harbor at Fishers Island. Its very quiet, quaint and little to do. Only one restaurant. The marina (nor island culture in genernal) doesn't exist to cater to tourism, but won't turn you away either. Just don't expect a 5 star experience and go about your business.

I'm not sure there is anyplace convenient to anchor at Mystic, but I would put it on my top 5 anyway. I've been to the seaport many times (although not in years) and I want to go back. A slip at the Seaport includes your access to the grounds. Good deal.

Its certainly possible that weather will cause you to want to spend more time in Narragansett Bay. Open water between Cutty and Block is typically fine, but can get pretty rough too.

If you head up the Bay, I would make Bristol a destination. Lots of boats were originally manufactured there. Large anchorage just south of the mooring field. Soft mud, easy to set, not the best holding, but winds are not typically all that tough that far north. The Hereshoff museum has moorings too, but they are exposed and rolly.

Both Potters and Dutch Harbor, mentioned above, are excellent large anchorages.

I was not a huge fan of Greenport or Shelter Island. Sag is worth seeing, maybe. It's sort of Vineyard-Nantucket-ish. Three Mile Harbor is a great anchorage and three miles from East Hampton. Although, the Hamptons are not worth it, IMO. They are strictly intended for that that are into conspicuous consumption.

You asked for a cruising resource. I like this one:

chef2sail 04-09-2013 08:21 AM

Anchorages in most of the areas already mentioned are usually not the best, especially if moorings are offered.

Suprised Minnie diidnt like Greenport ad its a place we found friiendly with a great cheap public marinia. Anchoring in Doerring Harbor across from it is a rip off . Great little coffee houses at night with music.

Stonington for the anchorage and the place where the scallop fisher fleet comes in is very quaint and quiet

Mystic seaport which we remain members of is intetesting. Anchorage requires a dinghy, but good marinas. Lots of things to do

Montauk, take a bulkhead next to the fishing fleet dock and gape at the huge fish brought in and weighed as well as dressed by the deep sea head boats.

Sag Harbor rub elbows with the hoidy toidy who have spent your TARP money. Best store Shavanios for provisions

Block just a great place to people watch or ride a moped around the island Aldos gelatos the best I have ever had. He also wakes you up in the AM with his pastries in the anchorage

Fishers I know Minnie likes as he grew up there. I found it beautiful but unfriendly .

If you wander down the Sound Port Jefferson and Northport are ca.t misses on the LI side. Greenwhich and Old Saybrooke the same on the Conn. Side

Minnewaska 04-09-2013 08:51 AM

Re: cruising

Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 1014047)
..Suprised Minnie diidnt like Greenport ad its a place we found friiendly with a great cheap public marinia. Anchoring in Doerring Harbor across from it is a rip off.

I was surprised as well, as many like it. Maybe it was "cheap", your word. I wasn't even all that impressed with Preston Ship Store. We did take an expensive mooring in Derring, as it was nicely protected and a storm was coming through as we arrived. Maybe I was just in a bad mood that day. :)


Sag Harbor rub elbows with the hoidy toidy who have spent your TARP money.
Could be that I overheard someone make a comment like this. Not all wealth people became wealthy on the backs of the taxpayer. Most worked hard or invented something. Ironically, I find the wealthy transients on Eastern LI, and in Martha's Vineyard for that matter, are quite liberal and equally critical of TARP.

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